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Sexy Sunday

Loving My Girlfriend
I awake and turn around in bed to hold her. Ummm. It's Sunday morning, so we have the day to ourselves. She moans contentedly, still really half asleep, and wriggles her little bottom into me to let me snuggle her. You've guessed it.

My semi-hard morning wood cock stiffens immediately and suddenly I am a man with a purpose. Gently, (she's not crazy about being fucked first thing in the morning) I kiss her shoulders under her blonde tresses. She gives a little "mmm" of pleasure, happy to be cuddled, not yet aware that that's not going to be enough. I continue to kiss her shoulders as my hand reaches to cup her full breasts. At first I just hold and stroke her, but, after moments, I begin to play with each of her long nipples in turn, the pink little berries hardening under my fingers. She gives a kitten-like mewl. 

What she means is that she's not yet fully awake, that she would be quite happy to just be held as she dozes, that she knows I want her but would prefer if I waited. Yeah, right. Still, there's a way to do this.

Still very softly, but slightly more urgently now, playing at her nipples, I drop one hand down to her belly.

At first I just cup her curvy little tummy with my hand, but after a time I run my fingertips into the waistband of her panties. I'm still kissing her shoulders but now I also gently nibble at her there with my teeth. I move my hand between her legs and stroke her slit through the cotton. She sighs and obligingly parts her legs, almost unconsciously. More firmly now, I rub her muffin through the fabric.

Anne has learned that I love to undress her. She knows that even after I fuck her, I like her to put her panties back on and indeed, last night we did and she did. By now she can feel my cock pressing into her gorgeous ass. With a little moan of surrender she turns and lies on her back, eyes still closed. I'll take that as a yes, shall I?

I move and open her legs enough so that I can lick at her little panties. My morning bristled chin rasps at the creamy flesh at the tops or her thighs as I kiss and softly bite her pussy. Now she moans a different kind of moan and raises her knees for me. She's such a good girl. The scent of her is intoxicating. I pull her panties to one side with my fingers and tongue her slit. She's still a little cummy from last night in truth, but that's fine. In fact, it's going to make the next bit easier. I lick up her slit as far as her little button which, after a few licks with the tip of my tongue, I suck between my teeth. 

She "unhs!" and I feel her body tense under my attentions. She could still do without this, you understand, but her little bod has other ideas. I take her knickers off and place my cock at her entrance. She feels the hot heat of my cock tip and mewls once again. But I know my little one well. This time the little moan doesn't mean she doesn't want it. It means she does.

Very slowly I move into her and am rewarded by a low animal moan as she feels me inside her. I move further in her and she gives a little "Oooh!" I pause, so careful of maybe hurting her. I'm large and the little one's pussy is as dainty as the rest of her. Delightfully, she raises her hips off the bed to welcome me deeper inside her which is all I need.

"Alright then, missy," I smile to myself. Firmly but slowly, I start to fuck my girl. She's tight, even after the workout I gave her last night, just hours ago in fact, but as I move in her I feel her get hotter and wetter. I quicken my thrusts now, raising myself off her so I can look at my doll.

She's so fucking cute. Her tits bob like waves as I take her, her pretty face, eyes still closed, screwed up at the sensations I'm giving her. Screwed up is right.

I bend my mouth to her breasts, still thrusting in her. I suck at her raspberry nipples in turn, rewarded by another moan of pleasure from her. Now I fuck the baby in earnest, my balls slapping against her ass as I do.

"Do it, Annie love..." I whisper.

She wails, and if you know her as well as I do, that wail means, "I didn't even want to be fucked but you better not stop now, you fucking Irish bastard."

So I don't stop.

I watch her hand sneak down to the top of her pussy as I take her. She rubs her button as I fuck her. Luckily, she makes herself come just as I flood her with a growl of my own, creaming her belly. Jesus Christ.

After we both settle I hold her. She's so cute.

"You're so cute, miss," I say.

She gives me the laziest of beautiful smiles. She still hasn't opened her eyes. I snuggle her and she rewards me with her "I've just been fucked!" purr. My little kitten.

We both drift into a doze as we hold each other. Later, I get up, put on some coffee, make her scrambled eggs and buttered muffins and bring her breakfast in bed. Afterward she says, "We should really get up..."

I say, "Why the fuck should we want to do that, love?"

She giggles.

And then I tell her to get up on her hands and knees on our bed.

She asks, "Should I put my knickers back on first, hun?"

But this time I tell her no.

She scrambles up and presents for me, looking over her shoulder.

 "Come on then," she whispers, and I do.
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