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Short Stay Cafe

Sometimes love is not in the first place, but sometimes it is
A street light flickered fiercely above Dean as he stood silently on the dark pebble street. He could hear a wave of cheering and the thump of bass coming from just down the road. Dating was not something he was used to, nor was he used to nightclubs. But tonight he planned to break out of his comfort zone and jump into the deep world of social gatherings and sex. He hoped.

For years he'd been visiting various local cafes, hoping for his true love to wander in and speak to him. He was incredibly shy, lost in his own mind of worries. Whenever a beautiful woman walked into the cafe, he'd freeze up. He would not even be able to eat his purchased food.

At one point he noticed a beautiful girl catching the same bus at the same time every day. Her hair a flowing brown with curls through.

She wore a short sleeve top and short skirt revealing her arms and legs to the world. Her eyes were shaded with mascara as she sat calmly at the front of the bus, always on the chair that faced the rest of the passengers, mostly smiling to herself. Dean never learnt her name, he caught the same bus at the same time for over a month. He hoped every morning he'd pull up the courage to introduce himself.

But alas, this never occurred and the girl's friend caught on. She gave him some verbal abuse during a bus journey. The public glared on as she shouted, "You've been fucking following her for weeks and staring at her so fucking back off!"

Dean was since curious as to whether the girl of his dreams saw it like her friend, like he was some kind of stalker. But her occasional smiles back at him told him different and he left the story with that in mind.

Dean lived alone is a small apartment, it was a bit grotty but he'd given it a great amount of character. The walls were covered with TV and Film posters, lined from top to bottom and if you looked hard enough you'd see a cuddly toy or two.

There was never much to Dean's days, he would mostly sleep cosy under his covers. Then, at whatever time of the day his lazy eyes widened, he would slide his left hand under the covers and take hold of his manhood. Images of various women would appear over his eyes, sexual scenes he recalled from pornographys or imaginings of making love to the girl of his dreams. His penis just lightly touching the underwear covering her vagina. Pressing his lips against her nipples, the feel of her soft bum under his hand. When finally the moment got closer he'd pull back the covers and his hand would push the last sensation outwards. He'd breath hard, with a heated body as the liquid lay over his chest, and drip down his hand.

At all times, Dean would have beside the bed his mobile, a laptop and a toilet roll for such occasions.

The music got louder as he stepped closer to the nightclub. A very different atmosphere, a whole different world he was walking into. He did not drink and never really liked loud noise.

He had joined up to a dating site recently, finally giving up the chase. Dean was always against them in a way, he never really knew why, but he was against them. Something about not naturally meeting someone was like giving up his fight with anxiety. He was not going to break the shy bug this way but his thoughts were getting wilder every day.

When he was not horny his mind would jump from cafe lunches and conversations to marriage and living together. Then when the time would come he'd see women slowly taking their clothes off, revealing at a pace, their beautiful assets. But with no real experience he could only imagine. Porn and staring weirdly at girls on the street could only get him so far. He was concerned about his mentally and jealous of everyone else out there living their lives.

Her name was Lottie, the girl on the dating site. Her picture showed off her brown eyes and cute face. She had short black hair and dimples. She was extremely beautiful and so he instantly decided to contact her.

Her interests were vaguely similar to his. When it came to films, she liked rom coms. Dean also enjoyed rom coms, but only the good ones. In his opinion, most of the ones she listed on the site were pretty terrible.

She did enjoy blogging though, putting a link to her blog on the site. This was something Dean could relate to well, he'd always blog various different posts about his life and some of the books he'd read. Her blog jumped from dream shopping experiences to philosophy's of the world. An example would be at one point she was speaking about whether she believed destiny existed, and her inner thoughts on that. Then the next post would be asking for help on choosing some new high heeled shoes.

Either way she was obviously very attractive and relatively interesting.

She took a day to reply.

"Dear Dean,

It is really nice to meet you. I had a look at your profile and I love that you love movies! You also went to the primary school my friend went to! I'd love to talk more, do you want to talk on here first or meet?


He had nothing to lose, they organised to meet in a nightclub.

The music was pounding and the lights flickered purple and green and whatever colours onto the pebble street. A stern looking bouncer stood at the door glaring at him. "ID please." He mumbled. Dean held out his passport, without a driving licence it was the only form of ID he had.

The bouncer moved aside and Dean entered the terrifyingly loud nightclub experience. But his whole mood changed when he saw all of those dancing bodies, girls grinding up against their men or women, or strangers, who knew.

These girls were wearing their night out dresses, shiny and tight, or short shorts revealing their smooth legs. They bounced up and down, their breasts following on.

Lottie had been standing close to the door, waiting for him to enter. She stood there staring at him, half her face disappearing every so often as the lights shot across the room. "DEAN???" She seemed to scream.



"YES!" He smiled awkwardly, so did she.

Lottie grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the noise. Her touch on his hand shocked him, so smooth and cold. He'd not been touched by a girl in too long.

They entered a room a lot quieter and found a booth with a table. They both slumped down on the booth. "You want a drink?" Lottie smiled, finally he could hear her. She had a sweet voice to match her cute face. The dimples were very visible, as well as her thin dark eyebrows. She was wearing a shiny lipstick but no mascara. Her black hair was short and curled today, unlike her profile picture, she was looking spectacular. "Um.. coke, I'll get a coke. I'll come with you."

He had a smile stuck on his face, partly because of how lucky he felt but mostly because of how scared he was.

First failing of most nightclub dates, when they realize you don't drink alcohol. Dean placed his sparkling coca-cola down on the booth's table. Lottie sat down next to him with a bottle in hand.

"Okay, first, nice to meet you!" Lottie was smiling, rather relaxed.

"Nice to meet you too!" He drank down some coke as he shook.

Lottie was grinning, "You're cute, you ever been here before?"

"Nooo.. noo, I don't really do nightclubs." Dean was so thankful that he could hear his own thoughts. Lottie's grin got smaller and became more of a neutral look, "Oohh, where do you go then?"

"Just, stay home most of the time. A bit of a.. uh.. you know, a mole or whatever. I do like cafes though."

"Cool, cool. You not drinking tonight then?"

There it was. Unfortunately most sexual antics came from the confidence given from alcohol. Dean rarely ever wanted to drink, he always felt concerned that he would not have full control of his own body.

"Sorry, I don't..drink " He thought the coke was doing it though, as he found himself staring wide eyed at her cleavage.

She shifted on her bum a little, noticing and obviously not minding. She leaned forward on her elbow, her eyes so beautiful."Do you want to dance?" She asked, her smile returning in false hope.

Through the doorway Dean could see the movers, the dancers erotically swaying from side to side and up and down to the music, 50% anonymity as the lights shot from the faces and only left darkness. But what went on in that darkness? Hands touching places forbidden, body parts grinding against other body parts. After noticing Lottie's cleavage, breasts squeezed into that dress, Dean decided it was worth the shot.

"I would love to dance."

He sat up from the booth and she held her hand out. He felt so lifted as she grasped hold and pulled him into the furious noise.

They chose a corner with a few steps of space and began to laugh and jump to the fast beats of pop. Her dimples occasionally appeared as the light flashed past her, and her eyes literally twinkled. As Dean moved closer in, he saw the curves of her breasts bouncing slightly in the dress as she moved.

He made a slight plan and began to move his arms above his head to the beat, then follow it with slowly placing his hands on her waist. If she found him attractive, this should get her a little less tense and a little more involved.

Before he could do anything else she grabbed his arms and pulled him in closer. Suddenly the whole front of his body was pressing against hers, her breasts pressing against his chest. Their noses touched lightly as she stared deep into him with those alluring eyes. His hands moved slowly down and slid over her pelvic area before changing root and sitting on her bum.

Her hands lowered from under his arms. Slowly over his shirt downwards until one hand was pressing fingers against his dick. A rush of excitement shot through Dean.

He knew nothing much about this girl, but what he did know was she was as horny as he was. She whispered in his ear, "Don't be shy."

Shy was his middle name, but in the darkness of the club, no one could hear his hunger. He had a woman dancing up against him. Her fingers sliding against his jeans.

While her lips were still in range of his ear, he noticed her delicious neck hiding under her short curled hair. He lightly kissed it. She felt the sensation and placed her lips on his. In a succulent manner their mouths moved together as her hands stroked through his hair. His fingers drifted up her back as they made out in the flashing lights.

Dean felt a slight bump on his side, he pulled his lips away slightly and looked down to see another female backside rubbing against him in a tight dress. She had long, swaying blonde hair, she turned away from the shadowy figure she was dancing with and joined us in dance.

Dean felt a little uncertain at this point as of what to do, but his hard on was at its largest point. The girl screamed through the music, "LOTTIE! HI!"

In a second the mystery blonde was kissing Lottie. The kiss was passionate but short, their lips parted in a glow of colour. "UM, HI!... I'M JUST..." Lottie pulled her arm up and pointed at Dean repeatedly.

The woman smiled in understanding, leaned in to give Lottie another peck, and then disappeared into the mosh of people.

As if to distract Dean, Lottie threw herself at him, kissing him closely, pressing her body against his. Her hands once again drifted down to his jeans, this time to delicately pull down the zip. Her hand slid in and lightly touched his penis through the underwear. Then, she corrected her position and placed her hand inside the underwear, grasping hold of his thick, hard cock. She began thrusting up and down slowly. Joyousness shot through Dean's body, his hand drifted down her backside again. He wished she was not wearing a dress, he wished it was easier to access all areas.

He put his hand under her dress and felt along her smooth, sexy legs, up and up until he felt the fabric of her knickers. His fingers drifted over them lightly, enjoying every touch he came across. She continued to wank him, gradually getting faster. The smell of cum drifted through the air, he did not know whether it was his, or someone else's... but it was sexy. He leaned over and kissed her neck again, then lightly hovered down kissing lightly as he went, until he reached her breasts. He pulled the top down lightly revealing a nipple. He licked it once, twice, three times delicately. Then began to lick fast and faster and she played faster. Below the dress, his fingers slipped under her fabric knickers and he felt a light brush of pubic hair, sexy. His fingers admired the touch of the hair and she waited, on the edge, for him to touch her vagina.

His fingers lightly touched her most delicate areas, slyly cruising over them, rubbing her clit lightly. He sucked on her nipple and then went in, fingers sliding deep inside her. She was so wet, she was so easy to slide into.

Her mouth opened and her eyes closed as he began to play faster, her thrusting hand on his cock slightly slowed down as she began to enjoy her own pleasure. His finger moved faster and faster, deeper and deeper, sliding against the g spot.

She pulled her hand out of Dean's jeans and pressed her fingers into his shoulders as she breathed heavily in his ear.

In one movement she grabbed Dean's arm lightly and suggested he stop. Dean was a little shocked, had he hurt her? He had not done this much before but...

"Lets go your place."

Dean fumbled to find his keys in his pockets, among mobile, wallet and various bus tickets. Lottie stood next to him, with his coat wrapped around her dancing in the moonlight.

"Quick," she giggled as the door swung open. Dean walked in and followed through up the stairs before he came to his apartment.

Dean closed the door behind him and turned to see Lottie staring at the tiny room. He was concerned she might be disappointed. "I like this room, it's very you... I think." She smiled.

Dean laughed in reply, "You think!" They both smiled towards each other.

Dean paused and looked over this curvaceous woman standing in his room, with her short black curls and cute dimples. They grabbed each other in embrace and locked lips. Her hands swayed along his back, his hands along hers. Their lips merging, her tongue lightly entering the kiss, followed by his. They touched half way, a feeling like no other.

She pulled away sharply and pointed towards the double bed. Dean did as she wished and went to lay, his head pressing into the pillow. His body vulnerable.

Lottie slowly grasped her dress and pulled it upwards. As it slid off the higher region of her legs became visible, then her knickers, small and black, with lace patterned edges. Her belly button appeared as well as her smooth, sexy stomach. The dress rose higher and her red, lace bra was in view, her breasts squeezed into it.

The dress swooped off of her head, flicking her hair. She dropped the dress on the floor and delicately placed her fingers at the rim of her knickers.

Dean's hard on was screaming to escape as she slowly pulled down the lace. The knickers fell lightly down her smooth legs and patted around her feet. She stepped away from them and revealed her beautiful bush to Dean. Before he could take it all in her bra hit the floor and his eyes were on those perfect curves and succulent nipples. The full beauty of this woman, stood naked in front of him was the best feeling he'd ever had. She wanted him, and he wanted her.

She climbed onto the bed slowly, her arse facing the door and breasts hanging beautifully. She leaned over him and pushed her lips against his. His fingers stroked her naked back and lead down to her bum. He could feel her nipples just lightly touching his chest as he lay back making out. Her hand moved down to unzip the jeans once again and she whispered, "I'm the best."

Lottie shifted Dean's jeans and underwear down his legs to reveal his hard, throbbing cock. The head was popping out of the rolled back skin in excitement and it stood up facing Dean. He wanted to get a good kiss of her soft boobs but before a chance she placed her mouth around his cock. Her hand holding on as she thrust her lips up and down. He watched her hair move as she did, he saw her lips closed in tight around his cock moving up and down.

While one hand was grabbing hold, the other was placed on his chest, moving lightly around as she sucked. He breathed harder and harder, he saw her breasts jiggle as they hang. That was it, the feeling was rising, it was becoming the best thing in the world.

As it got closer he patted her on the shoulder slightly while breathing in pleasure. "What is it?" Her lips parting the head.

"I'm gunna, you know." Dean replied.

"Oh." Lottie smiled loudly and lightly licked the head of his cock. "Ok." And so she pressed her lips around his cock once again and began to suck faster, harder. "Hey.." Dean said breathlessly, concerned.

But she continued, and the more he spoke the faster she went, sucking and sucking until the pleasure ran through him, ran to the top. The feeling shot through him and released erupt, his cock still sheltered by her mouth.

She pulled away and opened her mouth giggling, cum dripping from her tongue. She ripped a toilet tissue from the side, spat a little and wiped her mouth, then threw the scrunched up paper at the wall. "You like that?" She asked with lustful expression. Dean was lost in a heavenly feeling, skipping along clouds in another world.

He opened his eyes and noticed her lying next to him staring closely, admiring his emotions. He smiled and stared down at her naked body. In a second he'd pulled himself up and was kissing her neck. He thrust a little, reminded how close his penis was to her vagina. The sexual feeling rushed through him again, even if a little exhausted.

His lips lightly pressed against her right nipple with a kiss. He followed this with gradual licks, building up her sensations once again. He squeezed her breasts a little and kissed them all over, then began to lick her left nipple. He licked faster and faster, lightly, but a good pace.

Her eyes closed in pleasure as she leaned back relaxed. He passionately kissed her nipple again and flicked the other lightly with his finger.

Then, as his pleasurable plan all along he slowly drifted downwards kissing lightly every where in his path. He kissed her breasts, then her stomach, he loved her smooth stomach. Most likely because it led to his two favorite places.

She felt his lips kiss her bush and his hands lightly holding both of her legs. He delicately pulled them open to reveal her delicious slit. The lips were dripping wet, tiny liquid droplets sat nested in her bush.

Dean held Lottie's legs up around his head and went in to pleasure her. His tongue began lower and lightly moved upwards, then, when he felt the clit under his tongue he rotated it, over and over, up and down, all around. Colourful feelings stormed through Lottie's body, from her clit, up. Dean used one of his hands to finger her nipple as he continued to lick delicately but fast.

She began to thrust herself towards him as his tongue shot one way and then another, her clit rapidly patted by his tongue. She thrust harder and harder, Dean slid his hands under her bum to hold her closer, he felt the sweat of it, the heat. She pressed her vagina up against his mouth harder, grinding against his tongue. He continued and she stopped him.

"Hold on," she leaned up in a breathless rush. "Get inside me."

Dean paused, he wanted nothing more than to put his cock inside her. "I.. do you have any condoms?"

Lottie frowned suddenly, "Of course not, I was wearing a dress. You don't need one. I'm on the pill."

"Ahh.. okay, I'd feel.. better with a condom though." Dean was anxious.

"Are you fucking with me?"

Dean felt unnerved all of a sudden. "Sorry, I'm just over anxious. Sorry."

Lottie thought for a moment and sighed, "I'm sorry, okay, well I've always wanted to try 69. What do you think?"

Dean weakly smiled, "Yeah."

The sun shone brightly through the apartment curtains. The two naked bodies, covered vaguely with a soft blanket lay peacefully asleep.

It was Saturday morning and the birds sung brightly outside, awaking Dean and Lottie. Her naked body glazed in the morning light, the light hairs along her skin shone. Dean could see every detail on her skin, on her nipples. He kissed her lightly on the lips, then sneakily crawled down to kiss her slit lightly. She didn't much appreciate it, but he did get a sunny morning few of her delicious pussy.

"So what do you do in the mornings?" Lottie smiled, her eyes sleepy.

"Sometimes I go to the cafe down the road for breakfast, do you want to go?" Dean pulled himself up and chucked a shirt on.

Lottie's hand had found it's way to his penis, she held it for a moment, feeling it's tip. "Yea, sure."

Lottie and Dean found a seat in a charming local cafe. It was quiet and the walls were showered with old posters and mirrors. There was even a small stage with a keyboard sitting quite lonely.

Dean sipped his morning drink of orange juice, "So, are we going out now?"

Lottie smiled, then became lost in thought. "I don't know. We really don't know anything about each other."

"Oh... Yeah." Dean appeared to remember their non existent conversations.

"Okay you start, tell me about yourself Dean. What did you want to be when you were at school, what is your job now? Um, what hobbies you got? Ahh.. What kind of girls you into?"

Lottie smiled, then sipped her tea.

"Okay, when I was at school, I wanted to be a film maker."


"Yeah, and... my job now, I'm unemployed. I'm living off... savings from a previous thing I had. Door to door thing you know."


"Hobbies, I love watching films. Love it. Have you seen Elemental Love?"

"No." Lottie frowned.

"Okay, it's a great film, it is a romance. But it's indie, and a bit twisted at times. It has some really good shots and cine..." Lottie's face began to drop. He could not work out whether she was bored of him, or still a little tired.

"And I'm into you. Girls like you." Dean smiled.

Lottie glared, "No, really, before you met me. What kind of girls you into?"

Dean sat lost in thought, he sipped his orange juice and then thought some more. He could hear the clanging of cutlery coming from in the kitchen and the bubbling of the coffee machine in the background.

"I don't know, someone a bit quiet like me. Someone who likes art and films. Cool films you know. Someone sexy and beautiful. You're sexy and beautiful." Dean laughed to himself them coughed up on the juice.

Lottie looked over at a couple sitting at the other side of the cafe. They were making uplifting conversation and laughing.

Dean and Lottie sat through an awkward silence. "I'll tell you about me, Dean. When I was at school I wanted to be a model. Dean. I work in a shoe shop, I fuck for a hobby. I fuck men and women for a hobby. I love it, and... yes, I wanted to find my true love. I am looking for them but... What person am I into? Well I don't know, because no one has clicked with me. Not properly, not long lasting enough..."

Dean sat in silence. He put his hand lightly on hers as she reminisced.

"We did okay though, I think we're good."

"Dean, I hate films. I fucking hate watching films, except rom coms with Jennifer Aniston in. I want to spend my time fucking drinking and fucking drowning my life away because it makes no fucking sense."

The lady at the counter turned to their table, shocked at what she was hearing.

Dean lifted his hand and leaned back in his chair saddened.

Lottie spoke once again, "I like you, You seem so sweet. I just don't think we're going to work."

A depression ran through Dean's body, a sense of loss and rejection suddenly, "But we..."

"You're a good fuck," Lottie smiled. "But we are not clicking."

Lottie stood up from her chair and slid it back under the table. She then turned away and walked out of the cafe. Gone, forever.

A lost and lonely Dean sat in his favorite cafe. The lady at the counter walked over to his table and handed him a fresh croissant on a plate. "That was harsh. On the house," She said and sat down on the chair in front of him.

Their eyes suddenly met and Dean recognized this was the girl from the bus. His dream girl. The mascara. "Thanks..." He said stunned.

"Do you remember me?" She said,a huge grin on her face.

"Yes. Well, yes I guess I do."

"I was on the bus, all those years ago?"

Dean smiled weakly.

"I'm sorry I never said hello," Dean said glugging down the rest of his orange juice.

"It's okay. I thought you were really cute, but was unsure that you actually liked me. I thought maybe it was just coincidence you caught the same bus.. heh, silly. But when Georgia shouted at you and you never caught the bus again... I dunno."

"Yeah, she was horrible." Dean laughed, bringing up the past.

"Yeah, she's a bitch haha, well I mean, she was just trying to be a good friend."

"Mm... I was catching it to see you. I had a big big crush on you." Dean paused, "It's okay, it's gone now though, heh heh."

The girl from the bus' smile faded.

"No, well I still think you're pretty. Very pretty. You know you were my first crush!" Dean smiled brightly and so the girl from the bus followed suit.

"First crush! I feel special!! So... shall we introduce ourselves now?"

"Yeah okay..... Hi, I'm Dean. I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever ever seen in my fucking life and have always compared every girl to you since I saw your face the very first day I caught that bus."

"Hey, language in the cafe, come on I'll get fired."


The girl from the bus pushed the croissant towards Dean, "Eat up. That was very sweet. My name is Ingrid, and um... my favorite movie is Elemental Love."

Dean and Ingrid shared the croissant.

Short Stay Cafe

Written by Sophia Fleet

Help from Sam and Alex

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