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A boyfriend and girlfriend finally give themselves to each other...
Amy and Brendan laid in bed, sleeping soundly as morning broke and Brendan held his college girlfriend tightly in his arms. They had been going out for about two years now, and both were absolutely in love. Brendan loved Amy's sweet blue eyes, her wispy blonde hair, and a smile that melted him every time he saw her. Amy loved how safe she felt with Brendan, and she loved that although she had made a commitment to wait for sex until marriage, Brendan accepted this and never pushed her.

Brendan felt Amy stir underneath his arms. They had spent the night together, kissing and cuddling, but no sex. While Brendan was occasionally frustrated by Amy's determination to wait until marriage, he respected her choice, and didn't push her. He knew that this was the woman he was going to marry someday, and he knew that the sex would be amazing once it finally happened. What he didn't know what that it would happen that very morning.

Amy woke up in Brendan's arms. She loved how he made her feel, how safe she felt being wrapped in his arms, how his sensual kisses made her feel loved, and wanted. She knew that this was the man she was going to be with for the rest of her life. That is why, unbeknownst to Brendan, she was becoming more and more tempted to lose her virginity, and give up her promise to wait until marriage.

Amy turned over and looked over at Brendan, who was still holding her.

"Good morning baby", he said softly, kissing her tenderly. She responded by kissing back, and touching his face lightly with her hands.

Her hands then trailed down to his chest, where ran her fingers all over him as she kissed his neck. Brendan held her tightly, kissing her neck, causing her to moan softly.

Amy then found her fingers tracing the edge of his boxers. Brendan looked at her and smiled as she started to massage his cock from outside of his underwear. While they never actually had sex, Amy would still give Brendan the occasional hand job , as a way of relieving him from his pent up horniness.

Amy slowly pulled down his boxers, touching his cock gently before she held it firmly in her grasp, massaging his thick shaft, feeling it pulsating underneath her fingertips. She had gotten very good at giving handjobs over the years, and Brendon felt himself moan in pleasure.

Brendan slowly caressed Amy's breast from underneath her shirt as he felt his cock start to fill up.

" I'm coming"

Amy suddenly started to slow down her hand movements, and, looking at him sensually, began to bring her mouth down to his cock.

Brendan was shocked, Amy had never given a blow job, though he had never asked. She seemed uncomfortable with the idea of putting her mouth around anyone's cock, but Brendan quickly realized that his girlfriend had no problem with this at all anymore, as she put her mouth completely around his cock, enveloping him, and pumping him with her mouth.

Amy was surprised by how much she enjoyed the taste of Brendan, as she wrapped her tongue around his shaft and started sucking him sensually, her innocent blue eyes looking up at him occasionally as she moved her mouth up and down his cock. She even caressed his balls with her fingertips as she started to suck harder.

Brendan moaned, not sure if he was going to be able to hold it any longer. He told her he was going to cum, warning her so he didn't shoot his semen into her mouth. But to his surprise, Amy didn't take her mouth off his cock, and when he finally came, he shot his load into her mouth, as she continued to suck him dry, taking in his whole load as she sensually cleaned off his cock, and then, when she was finished, lifted her mouth off of his cock and looked at him, smiling as she swallowed his seed.

Brendan was shocked that she let him come into her mouth, and was even more shocked that she swallowed.

"You dirty girl", he joked as he wrapped her into his arms once again, kissing her sensually, his arms wrapped around her body, holding her tightly as he moved her onto her back.

Brendan looked deeply into her eyes. "Time to return the favor."

He trailed kisses down her body, removing her shirt slowly as he kissed her stomach, taking in the sweet scent of her body. He then moved his mouth down to her underwear, where he slowly pulled them down, coming face to face with her pussy

Brendan looked at her, and she nodded, knowing what he was going to do. His tongue came inches from her pussy as he took a deep breath, taking in the fact that he had never tasted her before, nor had any other man before him.

His tongue slowly and sensually lapped at her pussy, as he searched for her clit. Amy moaned loudly, he legs wrapping around Brendan's neck as he rolled his tongue around her pussy. When he finally found her clit, she screamed out in pleasure, her fists grasping tightly onto the sheets, as his mouth massaged her pussy, his tongue teasing her clit, making her come.

Brendan tasted Amy's sweet pussy as she grew more and more wet under his lips. He took in her sweet taste as she moaned sensually, so turned on by Brendan's tongue. It was then when she decided that she had to have him, all of him, that she was done waiting and was ready to finally give herself to a man.

As Brendan finished pleasuring her, he looked up at her as he rose back up to her, kissing her passionately as he ran his hands all over her body. Amy grabbed at him, her hands finally resting on her shoulders as she felt Brendan's hard cock press against her.

Amy took her hands off of his shoulders, touching her hard cock, and looking at him as she guided it towards her pussy.

She looked at him deeply. "I'm ready."

He looked at her seriously. "Are you sure?"

She smiled at him. "As sure as I'll ever be."

Brendan slowly entered her, his thick cock filling Amy, but she felt him stop at her hymen.

He looked at her intensely. "This is going to hurt, but I'll be right here, okay?"

She looked at him and nodded, as he thrusted into her for the first time, breaking her hymen and causing her to cry out in a sharp pain. Brendan held her face in his hands, his lips inches away from hers, whispering into her ear, "It's okay baby, I love you so much."

A tear ran down her cheek. "I love you too."

He kissed her gently. "Are you ready?"

She smiled. "Yes, baby."

And with that, he started to thrust inside her, feeling her tight pussy massage him as they grew accustomed to each other.

Brendan started gently, not wanting to hurt her any more, thrusting himself into her slowly as he kissed her cheek, looking into her deep blue eyes as she wrapped her arms around him, her legs wrapping themselves around his back, encouraging him to keep going.

Brendan started to thrust a little harder, and Amy moaned, loving the feeling of his thick cock filling her pussy completely. He kissed her deeply as he started to thrust harder, feeling her moan into his mouth.

"Oh, Brendan", she moaned loudly, "The way you make me feel..."

He kissed her passionately once again, feeling his cock grow even harder inside of her, and her young tight pussy massaging his cock to the brink of cumming.

Amy felt her nipples harden as she looked up at her strong boyfriend, taking her to such a beautiful place, making love to her so sweetly, and making her feel like she had never felt before.

Brendan felt Amy's pussy milking his cock, and he knew he didn't have much time left.

"Baby, it's almost time, are you ready?"

Amy didn't answer, just moaning loudly in affirmation. She kissed him hot and hard as Brendan felt himself start to cum.

Brendan started to pull himself out of Amy at the last minute, but Amy pulled him down.

"No", she said. "Cum inside me, please. I need to feel it."

Brendan complied, as he gave one last thrust into her, feeling his seed spill into her, filling her up with his cum. Amy moaned as she felt herself cum with him.

Brendan looked at Amy for a few precious moments before kissing her tenderly, and rolling over to her side, wrapping her tightly in his arms.

Brendan kissed her gently. "That was beautiful baby", he said lovingly.

She smiled. "It was worth the wait."

He brushed a strand of hair away from her eyes. "You don't regret this, do you?"

She shook her head. "Never."

Brendan kissed her tenderly, wrapping her tightly in his arms as he moved his mouth to her neck, and then to her breasts, where he kissed her beautiful, firm breasts, and kissing around her nipple, which was growing hard once again.

Brendan looked up at her. "Ready for round two?"

She smiled as she touched his cheek, and kissed him. "Let's stay in bed all day together."

And they did, and never looked back.

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