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A Private Pleasure

A Private Pleasure

An exploration of one man's self pleasure
I must have slept for fourteen hours that night. The week before was very tough and my schedule was completely out of whack. By the time Friday night rolled around all I wanted to do was sleep. It was 11:00 am Saturday morning by the time I woke. By then, I felt as fresh and rested as I had in weeks. It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for a man.

I rolled over onto my back, enjoying the morning sun that filtered through my blinds. I stretched out and before I consciously realized it, my hand discovered the almost throbbing heat of my fully erect penis.

Morning wood can be a problem when I'm in a hurry. Dealing with an ultra sensitive and equally persistent erection can actually be painful when I'm running too late to satisfy my body's carnal demands. Luckily I was in no particular rush to do anything that morning. With nothing but time and my rampant cock in my hands, I snuggled back into the warm sheets and slowly started stroking the ridged length of my delightfully throbbing cock. Truthfully, had I been with a lover at this point I might have become quite the pest in my burning desire to plunge my hardness into a wet pussy or mouth, but being alone I had no other option but to enjoy the moment in a lascivious act of solo in flagrante delicto.

For me, self-pleasuring can be approached in many ways. It can be anything from little more than a quick wank meant only to release sexual tension, to being a purely illicit response to an attractive woman who managed to catch my lustful gaze. Either way, such moments are usually very enjoyable, but they never come close to those rare times when I can truly relax and allow myself to slowly build up into the full bodied arousal that makes stroking myself to orgasm an art of its own. This morning was already proving to be one of those special moments.

With my right hand still lightly gliding up and over the pale and taut skin of my cock, I reached for my iPad and logged on to Lush for some added stimulation. The last thing I wanted to do at that moment was come too quickly, so I kept my touch light, not actually pulling on my cock but more caressing its warm flesh with my fingertips. My erection grew even more stiff and urgent as I touched myself, and I felt my arousal coiling in my stomach as I enjoyed some of the photos my friends had posted on my wall. The mere sight of beautiful women striking sexy poses made my body tingle, and I swallowed hard in response to my growing lust.

I'm left handed, but for whatever reason I tend to use my right to play this most personal of games. By then I was gently fondling my balls and drawing my fingers up and over the slightly curved underside of my shaft. I used my palm to roll my cock against my pelvis several times, and then brought my hand up to flick and rub my tiny but distended nipples. My body was fully in heat, so when I noticed that one of my favorite authors had just posted a new story, I eagerly clicked on the link and snuggled more deeply into my bed for what I hoped would be a breathtaking sexual journey.

The story was a tale of make-up sex and proved to be every bit the excellent read as I hoped and expected it to be. The erotic scenes were very well described and incredibly vivid. I stopped caressing the tingling skin of my cock and ran my palms over my chest as I read, trying to control my arousal and willing myself not to cum. I struggled deliciously against my raging need as the woman in the story received the man's cum and I was trembling breathlessly as the story ended. I was immersed in sexual tension and I quickly chose another story that had been recommended by a friend.

This one too connected with my mind and by the time I was finished, I was stroking my cock with a much tighter grip. My hand was moving up and down over my length and stretching my reddening skin until it folded over the spongy purple crown of my cock. My breath was coming more deeply by then and my hips felt the telltale urge to thrust upward into my hand. My eyes glazed as the urges grew, and I could feel myself turning the corner toward a very potent orgasm.

The almost burning friction on my glans heated my blood and my mind focused intently on the pleasurable sensations my hand was causing as it traveled up and down the length of my straining cock. I was caught up in the current and almost certainly would have rode the tide to a tremendous climax but for the little black box of an incoming online message that suddenly popped up on my screen.

I immediately recognized the name and as I read the happy greeting, I groaned in bemused frustration. For a long moment I considered just ignoring the box in favor of achieving the release that had literally been in the grasp of my hand, but it was a fleeting impulse. This was a woman whom I was quite fond of as a friend, and one I was not accustomed to being less than respectful to. Our chats were invariably enjoyable but completely innocent conversations about writing and other equally casual subjects, so with a deep sigh, I responded to the box.

The conversation that ensued was the normal type of talk we shared, and other than mentioning in passing that I hadn't gotten out of bed yet, nothing that matters to this story was said. The fun but mundane nature of the conversation cooled my heated state until I could breathe again, but my cock stubbornly remained hard and I absently stroked myself whenever I wasn't actually typing on my screen. As we chatted, I clicked over to her page so that I could send her a new online messages while I waited for her responses.

Like most on Lush, her wall was covered with some very erotic photos and I, unknown to her at the time, continued to play with my stubbornly persistent erection. Feeling my arousal grow again, I went to her stories list and decided to read over one of them during the pauses that always ensue during a chat through those annoying black boxes.

The story I chose was written from the point of view of a woman masturbating herself to a fantasy. It was expressed with such an honest and believable feel that I could not help but be aroused. It was incredibly poignant and beautiful, and I was captivated by its personal and intimate mood. I began to imagine how she might look and feel during such a private moment, and before I realized it, my desire began to heat up and burn once more. My fingers were tracing circles around my sensitive nipples and then moved downward and over my cock. I began stroking myself as I read, and my need to cum begin building as her narration described her powerful orgasm.

I thought it beautifully confessional and I complimented her on its very well written and erotic nature. I have to admit that I knew it would embarrass her a bit to know I'd read it, but I was feeling very horny by then and couldn't help myself. She was so cute as she wrestled between being flattered and the knowledge that I was actually reading it while we chatted. She was flustered and adorably embarrassed, yet very pleased that I had enjoyed it. Her reaction was so honest and naturally appealing that I couldn't help but being further aroused.

I mused that watching or hearing a woman pleasure herself was incredibly erotic and that it was such a shame that there was generally so much less interest in hearing such stories from a man's point of view.

It was then that she turned the tables on me.

"You're still in bed right?" she wrote.

"Yes, I am. I have to admit your story really turned me on." It was an honest response, and although I had begun this as nothing more than good fun, I immediately feared that I had gone too far. Fortunately, she chose to accept my indiscretion as the compliment it was meant to be and moments later, my fear was relieved by the next block message she sent.

"Do you mind if I ask if you came?"

I felt a sudden rush of excitement and began stroking myself harder. "Not yet, but I am masturbating. I hope you don't mind."

"I don't mind," she wrote back. "I'm always fascinated by watching men touch themselves. How they like it, softer, harder, faster, slower..."

I swallowed hard as I realized where this was going and despite my better judgment, I eagerly responded. "I started very lightly, but now I'm squeezing my cock more tightly. My hand is moving faster now."

A blushing face appeared, followed by the words, "Tell me more. Do you touch anywhere else, or just the shaft?"

My eyes glazed as my heart pounded in my chest. I was struggling to keep my movements in check, but the soft, slightly wet sound of my hand flowing over the head of my cock began to fill the room. I don't often engage in cybersex, but I have at times. I knew well how good it could be when the mood was right, and while I hadn't meant for it to happen, I could already sense that we were headed toward something special.

Reluctantly, and with a deep breath, I stopped stroking my shaft so that I could type. "Okay," I wrote. "Right now I'm very hard. Your story really got me excited, and the pictures on your wall did too. I'm letting my hand glide up and over my skin without pulling on my shaft. The friction feels wonderful. Now I'm being more rough with myself."

I knew this was new and dangerous to our relationship, but I also knew it was too late to stop. A moment later, her next text appeared. "Do you use anything? Lube or spit?"

"Sometimes," I wrote. "But I don't usually need to. Right now I'm just using my bare hand. I flick my fingers under the crown as I stroke. It sends chills through me each time I reach the head."

"Nice. A slow build. I'm getting rather hot myself." She added a winking smiley and I actually groaned out loud. As I said, I had never meant this to become a truly sexual conversation, but it was already becoming one of the best cyber chats I'd ever had.

I quickly typed again. "I flick my nipples once in awhile and then sometimes just run my fingers over my balls." I reached down and fondled them again after hitting send and gave in to my urge to thrust my hips upwards as my hand once again encircled by aching cock.

"Does it feel tight?" she asked. "I've always wondered. When you are hard, do you squeeze it harder?"

"Yes. Damn I'm really hard. Now even my fingertips feel hot on my head and shaft. I'm using an over hand grip at this point. That lets my fingers brush that sensitive spot underneath. My cock can handle quite a lot of pressure now. Rough is good at this point. Sorry, I'm getting really close."

"Don't be sorry," she wrote. "It sounds like when I am squirming and about to cum, biting, or even slapping is good...I LOVE to have my nipples bitten."

Her words made my head spin and my cock throbbed in excitement. "Me too. If someone touched my nipples I'd cum right now... I'm using my fingers up and down my shaft and I can feel my thighs burning. I'm caressing my balls, trying to prolong this. My hands are shaking now."

"When you are hard, and you touch your balls, how does that feel?"

I had to think about that and I squeezed my balls as I contemplated how to describe the sensation."It's hard to explain." I finally wrote. "Cooler, less sensitive but just as arousing. Squeezing them slightly feels great but pushes down the need to cum."

"Do you like to have someone touching your thighs? If I straddled your legs, facing you, while you kept stroking, would that be okay?"

I swallowed hard as I re-read her words. I knew she wasn't at her home and thus couldn't actually join me, but hearing her want to become more active was like pouring fuel on my fire. It was becoming more and more difficult for me to stop touching myself long enough to type. "Yes." I finally wrote. "Get nice and close. Feeling you touch me anywhere is amazing now. I can feel my hips and thighs tightening. I can't hold off much longer."

"I'm getting to that point where I have to cum," I added in another box.

"Can I put my lips down there? Lick the head while you work the shaft?"

'Oh my god!' I thought as I read those words. My heart pounded in my chest and I struggled to type with my left thumb as I held the iPad. "Oh fuck yes. I'm turning my grip over. Now I'm squeezing tightly... put your mouth on me..."

"My lips move over the tip, tongue stroking, sucking and moving with your hand."

"Your hair on my skin feels so silky..." I answered quickly. It was a sensation that existed purely in my mind, but at that point it felt totally real. My hand flew up and down my length, and an intense heat formed in the head of my cock.

"Ohhh shit, here I go!" I managed to write with my left thumb as my right hand stroked furiously over my shaft. A moment later the heat spread from the head of my cock down the shaft and exploded into my balls. A delicious cascade of sensations boiled outward from them as they drew up, and it raced through me so powerfully that I was growling out loud as a hot, pearly white cum erupted from my straining body.

The first ropey spurt slipped past my fingers, arching through the air and splashing thickly on my heaving belly. I caught the next in my palm and it rubbed over the super sensitive head of my cock. My jism drooled over my hand, coating my skin so thickly that it lubricated my grip. I shuddered hard and smeared the cum up and down my shaft, leaving me coated with my own fluid as the shock waves of my orgasm began to diminish.

"Oh my god," I wrote when I could. "I just came so hard!"

"Damn, I'm all wet now and I can't do anything about it. That was really hot," she wrote back with a blushing face.

I laughed to myself as I thought about her plight compared to my own. I could smell the strong odor of my cum and as I rubbed the sticky mess between my fingers, I smiled at the irony. "I'm sorry for you," I wrote. "But I have to admit the thought makes me smile."

"Oh that's nice. Next time I'll send you dirty pictures while you are out. Then we'll see who's laughing!" The note was followed by a winking smile.

"I would deserve it," I admitted. "I'm sorry though. I didn't mean for this to happen. I don't make it a habit of seducing women into this sort of thing."

"I don't usually do this either, but it was fun," she wrote. "You really should write a story though. It would be very exciting to read."

We signed off shortly after that, and as I cleaned up I thought about what had just happened. I regretted being so forward with her, but in all honestly I have to admit it was incredibly exciting. Even more so was the thought that she became so aroused by just hearing me describe the act in detail while we chatted. I began to believe that maybe I should take her advice and write just such a story. That was the genesis for this confessional.

I say confessional because I decided that if I was going to write about something so very intimate, I would do it with as much honesty as possible. I knew I could never hope to express how my arousal built, and the intricate facets of my self pleasuring if I tried to hold back the personal details that inspired me to the bliss of orgasmic release. To that end what follows is as true as I can write it. There are certain aspects that I am forced to dramatize, but I intend to draw as complete a picture for the reader as I possibly can.

When I thought about how it actually feels to bring myself off, how each sensation grows in strength and merges into the next, I found myself at a loss as to how I could explain it. It occurred to me that I don't usually think about how my orgasm builds and how it feels. It's a powerful and instinctive act, and to be honest at those times I'm far more focused on the radiant pleasure as a whole then on its individual facets. I smiled to myself as I realized that I would have to relive the experience and focus on every sensation and every subtle motion of my body if I was going to effectively put it into words. To that end I set my plans for the day aside and opted to spend the time in illicit pursuit of those words. Sometimes a writer just has to make sacrifices for his craft you know.

So there I was. Alone for the day with the sole intent of inducing the most intense and satisfying orgasm I possibly could. I already had one powerful orgasm that morning and between that memory and building desire to feel another hot load of cum travel up my cock, I was aroused enough to look forward to what lay ahead. First things first though. I wanted to pamper myself a bit, so I got up and spent the next hour or so swimming and relaxing in my pool.

I swam laps for awhile, letting my muscles stretch and my body relax. Then I just soaked up the sun, enjoying its warmth as it penetrated into my body. By the time I re-entered my house, I felt comfortable and serene. After a warm shower I patted myself dry with a thick towel and then returned to the comfort of my bed. I know many men enjoy masturbating in the shower, but as nice as the soapy water feels as I use it to lubricate my shaft, I prefer to be laying down when I stroke my cock. There's no real reason for it, I just prefer to be relaxed during such intimately pleasant pursuits.

With my thoughts on the pleasure to come, my body was reacting with the same lustful anticipation it would have to any other form of sex. By the time I reclined, completely nude on the bed, my penis was already becoming hard. I began to caress my rapidly growing erection and as my shaft grew longer, I considered my options for further stimulating my mood.

I don't keep men's magazines on hand anymore. The Internet and my iPad bring me an unending supply of whatever pornography my mood desires, so there is no longer a need for old standbys like Penthouse, Hustler or Playboy. The same holds true for video tapes. The myriad of free adult video sites have more than enough varied content to fill my erotic fantasies. Lastly, Lush itself has become my favorite. Reading erotic stories inflames my desires more strongly than other media, and Lush happens to be the best. I don't say this because I post stories here, I post stories here because it's simply a fact.

So it was that my quest of exploring my most intimate of moments would be inspired by my fellow authors. I really don't know how many of you actually get off on these stories. I usually don't get all that worked up if I'm simply reading casually, but in those moments where I'm seeking the rush of arousal, some of those stories can make my blood boil with excitement.

My tastes vary with my mood, but Reluctance and First Time stories are my favorite, especially those first time stories that include a woman's loss of her virginity. Taboo, Gay Male and Female Masturbation attract my eye at times, but lately it's been the BDSM genre that has been ruling my fantasies. I have learned that there is a strength of will in a woman's submission, a belief in herself that she can prove her devotion to her man, and an unspoken demand that he be worthy of it. There is a nobility in the lash and a purpose to her pain. It can be intoxicating, and it was just such a story that I settled on that afternoon.

That decision made, I opened a few more tabs to visit a number of profile pages. The walls on the member pages often have some very sexy gifs and pictures, and I set up my iPad so that I could easily flip from one tab to another. In this way I could easily move from the story to a picture when I felt the need to gaze upon a beautiful woman in the throes of passion.

As I said earlier, I rarely use lube. Water based products often don't stay moist long enough to suit me and frankly can become a distraction as they dry. Fumbling with a bottle to apply more can be equally frustrating, so I have taken to pouring some in a small bowl so that I can easily dip my fingers in to keep my skin as wet and slick as my mood desires. Arousal is, after all, a multi-sense experience, and I intended to immerse myself in it until my lust glowed as red as heated metal.

I felt comfortable and relaxed. My desire was fully awakened and I felt the delicious stress of sexual tension building in my body. I lifted my iPad in my left hand and flipped through the pages I'd selected. Just viewing so many images of beautiful women being fucked, or posing seductively in the nude made my cock rock-hard. I curled my right leg back, letting it fall comfortably against the sheets. This position not only exposes my penis, but allows me to more comfortably fondle my balls whenever the need arises.

I softly flicked my nipples and caressed my almost hairless chest as I began to read. My mind drifted into the world of the erotic and in time my body followed. Soon I was embracing the fantasy and the touch I felt seemed less my own. I read of a woman bound and eager to prove her love, and as I imagined it was I who controlled her fate, my hand enclosed the hot and turgid length of my cock.

Holding my shaft so that it lay over my thumb, I caressed the gentle curve of the underside with my middle and ring fingers. I squeezed gently as I massaged the growing tautness until I was hot and fully erect. Then I smoothed over the head with my palm. The softness of my hand rubbed delightfully over the spongy crown, and I wet my lips as my body responded to the direct stimulation of my cock. I realized I was writhing slightly into the sheets as the sensation built. It was a subtle movement and one I hadn't noticed before, but my torso twisted and my hips flexed to the side, bringing the center of my masculinity ever closer to my hand.

I pictured myself standing before the woman in the story. In my thoughts, she sat high on her haunches. She stretched toward me with her arms tied behind her back, and I began feeding my throbbing cock into her willing and hungry mouth.

I squeezed and caressed my scrotum as the wantonly erotic scene was described in vivid detail. I imagined her slender body straining against her bindings as she struggled to accept my full length into her throat. I felt her thoughts and her rising passion as related by the author and they connected deeply with my own. My mind focused on the scene and my hand slid up and down my hardened cock, keeping perfect time with the wetness of her imagined mouth.

Soon the scene moved on until she was on her knees, and I took my place behind her. I squeezed my penis hard in my grip and stroked it quickly, dragging my hand over the silky smoothness until the friction ran hot over the pulsing hardness of its inner core. I swallowed hard as she was taken from behind and then licked my lips as I slowly began to fuck the tube my fingers had made around the turgid rawness of my shaft. My hips were flexing rhythmically, driving forward and sliding my length into tightening grip of my palm.

When the man came inside his slave, I exhaled deeply, and bringing my hand to my chest, I rubbed my small but distended nipples under my rough and calloused palm. My entire body felt flush. My nerves danced under my skin as the sensations of intimate physical contact cascaded over me.

My fingers actually trembled as I punched the Safari tabs until I found a gif of a beautiful brunette sucking a man's thick cock down her throat. The scene cycled over and over, as if she were forever caught, ready to receive his hot load of cum. I licked my lips as I watched his saliva-covered penis push into her throat again and again. The scene set my blood on fire and I began jerking myself in earnest.

I was completely rampant and the stretched skin of my fully engorged penis began to feel wonderfully raw under my tightening grip. Lustful memories of lovers past flew through my mind and I dropped the iPad onto my bed, no longer needing simple images to stoke the fire.

The telltale pressure of my release began to build, and I dipped my hand into the bowl of lube. The clear fluid shimmered on my hand as I let it cover my fingers. I grasped my hardness again and it glistened erotically as I spread the lube over my throbbing shaft.

The sudden sensation of the slick moisture cooled my burning flesh, but also heated my arousal. My fist slid up and down, creating a suction that wonderfully mimicked the feeling of a lovers mouth. Droplets oozed onto my balls and I let my hand slide down to fondle them until they too shined from the almost phosphorescent glow.

I could feel my body racing toward its moment, and I began stroking wickedly. The wet sounds of my skin being massaged by the lubricated softness of my hand filled the room. My grip tightened considerably, choking my thick shaft until my skin was pulling up hard over the pulsing interior of my cock. Pressure began to build in my lower body and my legs grew taunt and stretched out straight until my toes were pointing south.

The tightness spread out over me, causing my glutes to clench and bunch up. It was in that moment that the boiling heat of orgasm ignited under my quickly stroking hand. The pleasure burst from my penis like a shockwave through my body, and my hips flexed upward as my fist raced up and down over the length of my cock. My teeth clenched tight and then I growled in feral passion as my cum exploded from my body.

Hot and thick, it shot upwards and then fell back on my stomach. Ropey streaks of semen flowed back onto my hand and mixed with the lube as I worked it into the slowly softening but incredibly sensitive head. I realized I'd been groaning in time with each spurt of cum as it was pumped up and out of my body. I was covered in sweat, cum and lube and I continued stroking until I became so tired I could barely lift my arm.

I lay there for a time as my body basked in the afterglow. My breath slowly returned to its normal cadence and my racing heart slowed to a steady beat. I felt relaxed and so very much at peace. Anxiety and the stresses of the previous week seemed to melt away and soon after I pulled the cool sheets over me, I surrendered into a placid and peaceful sleep.

The author wishes to note that the cyber scenes were fabricated for dramatic affect.

After multiple requests from those I respect, I have removed the necessity to comment. I truly never realized how much this annoyed some readers. Please forgive my ignorance on the matter.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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