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One night in the libary

A sexy book leads to wet panties and a mutually pleasurable experience

I was working late on a Friday night in the university library.  Helping out at the library was my work-study job for the semester. I had been left alone to lock up because Friday was always a slow night. It was closing time and I was checking if everyone was gone. As I trudged up the stairs I noticed a girl sitting and reading on a bench on the top floor. She was wearing a pastel sundress and was engrossed in the book she was reading. As she read her legs had fallen apart and I got a nice glimpse of her yellow cotton panties up her dress. I could see they were darker where they stretched to cover her pussy. I realized that she was wet. My penis stirred in my pants and began to grow.

She startled as I came up and her legs came together blocking my view. She looked at me as I came to the top of the stairs. She had a cute mousy look that was caused by the glasses she wore and the short cut of her black hair. I noticed that the book she was reading was a romance novel. Well, that probably explained the wet panties.

"You're locked in," I said, "I'm Craig the guy who has to lock up."

"Good evening, I'm Jane. I got caught up in my book and didn't realize it had gotten so late," she said.

"I can imagine, I noticed how wet your panties are when I came up the stairs," I said sitting down on the bench next to her, "what on earth is in that book that is so exciting?"

"You saw my w-wet p-panties?" she stuttered.

"Yes, quite by accident on my way up the stairs, but it was pretty evident that you were excited. I'm interested about what was in that book that was so exciting to you." It took Jane a minute to recover from the shock of me seeing her wet panties (I guess looking up a girl's dress is not considered proper), but with a bit of prodding I got her to answer my question.

"Well, I guess I can tell you," she said, "the book is called Victoria in London and at one point the male character, John, is stroking his erect manhood for the young girl so that she can watch him ejaculate. Then the girl, Victoria, shows him her nubile body and pleasures herself while he watches."

"Which part was hotter, John stoking under Victoria's watchful gaze or the naked Victoria being watched by John as she masterbates herself?"

"Both, but John reaching satisfaction while Victoria watched just seemed so hot to me," Jane answered while adjusting her glasses.

"Jane, we are alone in this big library, would you like to see me stroke my penis while you watch," I asked.

"Yes," she answered boldly, "I would like to see that indeed."

I stood, took off my shirt, and slid down my pants. I moved to stand directly in front of where she was sitting and began to rub the front of my briefs. The outline of my penis was clear against my briefs. I rubbed up and down the shaft. "Tell me what you want me to do," I said as I rubbed.

"Take off your briefs and let me see your manhood," she said staring at my groin. I complied and my erect penis popped into view, its head pointed slightly up. Jane stared at my erect penis for a moment with her mouth agape.

"Now stroke yourself," she told me. I gripped my shaft and began to stroke slowly. Pleasure built as I looked down at Jane watching me masturbate. Her hands were flat on her lap and her small breasts pressed against the fabric of her sundress as she breathed. She watched my efforts with a singular attention. I stroked faster.

"I'm going to cum all over you, " I breathed, "is that OK?"

"Yes," she answered smiling, "do your worst."

I stroked harder and looked down at her pretty face, the glasses, the short black hair. It was so pristine and nice but, I thought smiling, it would soon be covered with my cum. My groin cramped, and I groaned loudly as I reached orgasm.

A wad of cum blasted out of my penis and spattered energetically on the left lens of Jane's glasses. I felt the second wad travel up my shaft and shoot into the air. It left a rope of cum in her short black hair. The next several wads pulsed out of my penis and onto the front of her sundress. A few drops fell into her lap as the spasms of my orgasm subsided. I breathed loudly, stopped stroking, and held my penis tight.

"Oh my god that was awesome," Jane exclaimed while wiping my cum from her glasses with the skirt of her dress. I let my hand fall to my side. Putting her glasses back on Jane studied my penis. It had a long wad of cum dangling from its tip. "I'll get that," she said leaning in and putting the tip of my penis into her mouth. I felt her suck in and pull the remaining cum out of me. I groaned in pleasure. She stood and kissed me on the mouth, the taste of my ejaculate filled my mouth along with her tongue. She turned me and pushed me down on the bench.

"Now it's my turn," she said pulling her sundress over her head. Jane had on a matching yellow bra and panties. The faint outline of her erect nipples could be seen through the fabric of her bra. The crotch of her panties was dark with moisture. She reached back and unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside. Her breasts were small but dark nipples puffed out proudly. She bent, and slid off her wet panties. I enjoyed watching her breasts dangle and move.

Jane stood in front of me nude and reached her right hand down to touch her pussy while using her left hand to cup her left breast. She pinched her left nipple and pulled as her right hand started to stroke her pussy. Her head was back and her breathing was deep. I drank in the sight of her body and the wonderful smell of her arousal. My penis quickly became rock hard and I slid down in the bench so that I could stroke it again, but at that point Jane reached orgasm.

Her body moved with the pleasure she was experiencing and she let out a loud, "Oh my god." With her eyes closed she collapsed liquidity down toward the bench on top of me.

As she slid down on my body my penis penetrated deep into her wet vagina. Both our eyes opened wide in surprise. I gazed into her pretty face, her glasses, and her short black hair as my penis felt the wonderful contour of the inside of her pussy.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me now," Jane said softly while looking me in the eye. I started to move my penis in and out of her, slowly our bodies developed a smooth rhythm that increased in urgency until my body, in orgasm, tried to expel every drop of cum I had remaining deep into her pussy.

We parted, dressed, and locked up. Jane said she might be reading another book late next Friday night.

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