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Special Bond

A Friday night ritual has become a satisfying experience for both.

She used to tell me how much she missed me. And how she could hardly sleep when I was away at school because the house seemed so empty and eerily quiet. She would have strange dreams of waking up and not knowing where she was; of being unable to tell if she was dreaming or awake. She would speak of our ‘special bond’ and how much I completed her life.

It was not very different for me. I was younger and my dreams were often sexual in nature, leaving me with a mess in my pajamas. Then I had to get out of my warm bed to clean myself and change pajamas. I found myself hurrying home each Friday after classes, knowing that she was waiting for me and, if all was right, she would be as eager to see me as I was to see her.

It had become a Friday evening ritual, not always the same but a great disappointment if it did not happen. I would arrive home to her warm greeting, followed by a nice dinner, washing dishes, then some conversation. She would usually have a couple of drinks as we chatted, her telling me about her week and me telling about mine. By now I had learned to watch for the simple clues that our evening would become ‘special’. Usually if she seemed talkative or wanted to cuddle against me, I knew it would happen. If the television was on and she was quiet, I was out of luck. Once she went upstairs to take a bath, it signaled that we were in for a pleasurable evening ahead. The moment she would stand up and move toward the stairs, the nervous excitement would start to build within me.

All week long, alone in my room, I would struggle to keep my mind on my studies and away from her and what I hoped she would once again do to me. The memories of our past Friday nights would often intrude, leaving my face flushed and my stiff cock begging for release. It was a struggle to control myself. Rather than taking the obvious action of masturbating myself to a relieving orgasm, I wanted to save up the lust that filled me. If and when she finally made me cum, I wanted that shattering orgasm that would send my semen surging forth from my convulsing body. Each time before, I had become light-headed and felt like I might pass out, a sublime feeling that would add yet another delicious memory to carry with me.

We chatted back and forth with the television droning on in the background. After she went to the kitchen and made her second drink, she sat beside me on the couch. Just feeling her next to me started my hormones raging as I squirmed to try to make the bulge in my pants less obvious.

The television program changed and the 9:00 program started. Right on time she put her drink down and stood up. “I need a bath.”

YES! Thank you! I knew what that meant. If things happened as they had before, she would come back downstairs wearing her robe. My excitement began to build. This has been the longest week. I need it SO bad! I sat staring at the television as my mind began to reminisce about Friday nights past. It seemed an eternity before I heard the water draining from the tub. A short time later she came down the stairs wrapped in her familiar robe.

"I feel so much better. When you get home, a bath makes me feel like I have washed away the week. It’s like a fresh start.” Her eyes seemed to be brighter and I could detect just a trace of perfume. Instead of sitting, she picked up her glass and walked to the kitchen.

“My turn. I can use a quick bath too.” I heard he mumble an answer from the kitchen and the sound of ice cubes being broken loose in the ice tray. My head spinning, I stood and headed up the stairs.

We did not have a shower in our old house. It always felt strange to sit there naked while waiting for the tub to fill. When the tub was full enough, I shut off the water and stepped in, grabbing the side to lower myself into the warm water. I preferred a shower as there was in the rooming house where I stayed during the week, but soaking in the tub still felt luxurious. The warm water seemed to melt away the tension in my body and left me feeling clean and relaxed. At least most of me. My hard cock stuck up out of the water as if begging for attention. I had to snicker, now fully expecting that my cock would soon get all the attention it craved.

I hurried to finish, gathering up my clothes and putting them in the hamper before wrapping a towel around my hips and going to my room. There lay my ‘weekend’ pajamas on my bed, all clean and neatly folded. I put on just the bottoms and started down the steps.

The room was now illuminated by only the lowest setting of a table lamp. She sat on the end of the couch in just her nightgown. As I approached, she picked up one of the cushions from the end of the couch. She smiled at me and put the cushion in her lap, patting it several times. I sat down, then stretched out with my head on the cushion, facing toward the television. She began to stroke my hair.

“It’s nice having you home. There is always something to do here but the quiet evenings sometimes make me feel lonely. Once you are home it’s like everything changes and the house becomes warm.”

I rolled onto my back to look up at her. “I miss you too. Those weeks at school seem to get longer and longer.”

She bent down and kissed my forehead. Before she could lean back, I pulled up and kissed her lips. Just a quick kiss that ended with both of us smiling. I turned my face toward her, pressing against her nightgown and the breast beneath. Slowly I rubbed my face against her feeling the softness beneath her robe. She emitted a low sigh and held my head against her. I pulled myself up slightly and began to rub my face again, this time at her other breast. I could see her smile.

“I’ve started to enjoy our Friday nights together. At first I felt guilty and wanted to stop, but each time seemed to get better and better. I feel so relaxed and so connected to you that I don’t care anymore. I just want to enjoy these times with you and hope that you do also.”

“I do like it so much. All week long it’s all I can think about. I love you and what we do is no one’s business but ours.”

Smiling, she bent forward and kissed me. As she straightened up, she slid the strap of her nightgown off of her left shoulder, then slid down the other. I rolled back slightly to give her room to push the front down.

There they were, the breasts that I had come to crave. They were not overly large, just average but nicely shaped. I adored them! I loved the sight of them, the feel of them, the taste of her nipples, everything about them. They had become my personal fetish, the memory of them remaining with me from one lonely week to the next.

As I turned toward her, her arm cradled my head and brought my face to her breast. I opened my lips and used my tongue to locate her nipple. With her nipple now between my lips, I drew hard on her. She gasped and held me tightly against her.

“Oh baby how I’ve missed you. In my mind I can feel your lips on me and your tongue teasing me the way you do. Baby Friday can’t come soon enough for me anymore.”

I loved hearing her say that. It was the same for me. All week long the memory of her soft breasts haunted me. I could taste her fleshy nipples and feel her arms clutching me against her. The sounds of pleasure and desire that she would make echoed again and again in my head. My rigid cock pressed against the thin fabric of my pajamas.

I suckled her hard, then released her nipple and teased it with her tongue. I could feel her body tense and hear the sounds that spilled from her open mouth. She softened her embrace and I switched to her other breast. She gasped again and I felt her begin to squirm.

“Oh GOOD!” Her back arched and she again pressed me tightly against her.

I loved the feel of her nipples in my mouth. They were soft, like chewy gum drops, but when I sucked hard, they would get hard. It was such a treat to lightly nibble on them and feel her body twist as she cried out softly.

She released my head and pulled the cushion securely under my head. Her body was twisting and I felt her arm reach between us, moving me outward slightly. She slumped down against the couch and pulled up the hem of her nightgown. Her hand fell between her legs and I could feel the movement of her arm against my chest. My mouth freely alternated between her breasts.

She was writhing now, jerky gasps interspersed within her heavy panting. I felt her arm, then her hand slide down along my body. Her smooth touch started at my chest and moved slowly downward, rubbing as it went. My body jerked as her hand slipped into my pajamas and grasped my rock-hard cock. Now I joined her, gasping and panting as her cool, silky hand held me, squeezing and gently stroking me.

It was hard to concentrate when her hand started to push my pajamas downward. I lifted my hips and the pajamas slid easily down and almost to my knees. As her hand came back, she paused to rub my balls. She had such a light touch, teasing yet exactly what I craved. I opened my legs and she reached under, lifting and gently bouncing my balls. My head was swimming, the excitement and raw pleasure carried me away. Then her fingers trailed up and again closed around me. It felt magical with her hand holding me and softly squeezing. It was so incredibly much better than anything I could have ever done for myself.

I could feel her arm pressing against me, her hand steadily moving. Her head lay back against the back of the couch and her mouth hung open. As I continued to suckle her I could feel her body squirming more and more. He cries became louder and she no longer stroked me. Instead she held me, her grip tightening as her body became more and more rigid.

With a loud cry her body stiffened and she almost lifted me up. Several times her body stiffened as she cried out. Suddenly I felt that she had abandoned me to go to a world of pleasure. I moved to lift my weight off of her as the pulses that shook her began to fade. She released my cock and reached over to pull me tightly against her. I could feel the last few ‘flutters’ that shook her body before she sat quietly. When I looked up there were tears coming from her eyes. We were both silent as I listened to her panting to regain her breath.

When her eyes opened, she pulled me tightly to her. “Oh my God baby, that was so good! Baby I love you so desperately.”

“And I love you,” I reached up to kiss her. She held me until her breathing slowed. Then she smiled. “I do love our Fridays.” She bent down and kissed me.

I felt her lessen her hold on me just before her hand again tightened around my cock. She pushed the cushion tightly under my head. “I want you to just relax and enjoy what I do.”

She began to stroke me slowly. I felt her grip loosen until her fingers barely touched me. I could feel just a light touch, like multiple feathers petting me. She brushed me with the palm of her hand, then she stroked my cock head bringing her fingers down from the top like picking a mushroom. I began to squirm and moan.

Then she began to hum softly. Some old song I could not recognize but she filled my ears with her soft, loving sounds. I closed my eyes, swept up in the sensation of her hand, the warmth of her body, and her soft sounds. It was hard to imagine a more complete sexual experience. She was so gentle, and so loving. There was no rush as she patiently stroked me with her silky fingers.

It became as if I were separated from everything around me, my only focus being on my cock and her skilled hand. I remember the head of my cock feeling warm, then my whole length feeling numb. My cock began to tighten and I could feel something beginning to happen. Like an engine trying to start, my cock began to pulse, with small quivers at first and gradually increasing. Then my cock began to tighten as my orgasm started. It was so different from my usual, self-induced experienced. From between my legs my body stiffened and began to shake. Wave after wave slammed through my body as fluid finally began to shoot out. Again and again it hit me and I could feel warm wet spots on my chest and chin. My body convulsed beyond my control as my eyes were filled with white light. Then slowly the pulses passed with several aftershocks leaving me feeling drained and exhausted. I lay there panting when I felt her kiss me.

“I guess it was a long week for you also.”

I struggled to regain my composure. “A very long week.” I opened my eyes to see her staring down at me with a smile. Then she fumbled in the pocket of her robe and came out with a washcloth. I could feel her daubing and wiping my face, chest, and belly as I slid my pajamas back up.

“It’s time for bed.” She helped me sit up as she pulled the top of her nightgown back up. It took us just a few minutes to pick up and turn off the lights. At the top of the stairs she paused and turned to me. “Everything is so much better when you are home.” Then she kissed me and we went to our separate rooms.

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