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The Open Door

The Open Door

Using my toy while watching the guys play poker
Slut wife. Does any wife really want to be a slut wife? What guy would want to marry a slut? Maybe it is just in some guys’ dreams... that guys are lusting after their wives, and their wives are enjoying it to the point of letting other guys fuck her, and, with the husband’s permission... even possibly his demands!

Most women like to feel confident, knowing that they look great and no one is eying them critically. I am no different. I want to look attractive, confident, sexy (when the time is right), especially as I get older. While I don’t have the figure that I had when I was younger, I still want to feel desired and wanted. Who wouldn't want that?

As a woman, I also have my dreams and fantasies. Sometimes they are adventuresome, always romantic, and occasionally extremely sexual. That’s where this story lies...

My husband Jimmy regularly gets together with some of his buddies to play poker. They alternate different homes each time. When they are at our place, I usually help put together snacks and drinks for them, and then get out of their way so they can do their male bonding thing.

This one poker night, I left the boys and settled down in the bedroom with my laptop and coffee with a strong shot of Bailey’s. After spending time with Facebook and emails and the usual, I always finish up on Lush. There is nothing better than reading about other people’s sexual adventures and fantasies, with a lovely drink in one hand, and a free hand available for other pleasures!

I knew the guys would be playing into the early morning, so I had undressed and put one of Jimmy’s tee shirts on. My laptop was on the dresser and I was sitting on the chair. Getting more and more into the Lush stories, I lifted one leg over the arm of the chair and dropped my hand to my lap. Not even thinking about it, I had started playing with myself while reading story after story.

I started reading one about a slut wife, and it interested me enough to look for more stories with that theme. While reading, I was trying to put myself into the story, and imagine if ever I could be like that. In some ways, it was totally foreign to my thinking, and in other ways, it seemed to be strangely exciting and intriguing.

Closing my eyes, I pictured in my mind some of the stories I had just read, while my fingers were enjoying exploring between my legs. With the position I was sitting in, it was easy...and very enjoyable. I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by other guys, and I thought about each guy that was in our living room, and pictured them one at a time having their way with me. As I mentally went around the table, I eventually reached my husband. It was always good having him fuck me, but this time I pictured him sitting there watching me, encouraging me, and telling the guys what I liked so they could please me.

Now my fingers were getting more active. My clit always swells and hardens when I am turned on, and that was happening as I parted two fingers to slide up and down on either side of my clit. Thinking of the guys cocks in me made my fingers seem, well... insufficient! I went over to the bedside table and pulled out my favorite dildo.

Just looking at my Icicles Blue Spiral Glass beauty can make me horny! The glass sends chills through me when I first insert it, as the glass stays cold unless you heat it up first. Sometimes I warm it up in my hands (or my husband warms it up in his), but this night, I didn’t want to wait. I needed cock!

Rather than just thinking about the guys, I decided I wanted to actually see them. Turning off the bedroom light, I moved over to the door. I quietly and slowly opened it just enough that I could see the guys at their table. Fortunately, the hall light just above the doorway was turned off, so I knew I was in the dark, and they couldn’t see me.

Leaning back against the side wall by the door, I plunged the dildo into my pussy. I groaned and tried to muffle my sounds the best I could. No one took notice, as the guys were into their game.

Watching Jake, I thought about what he might look like naked, and pictured him, down on his knees in front of me, fucking my pussy with his tongue. After a minute or two, I looked at Ken, and imagined him lying on the floor, with me riding him. The tempo of the glass cock increased each time I moved onto the next guy.

I wanted to get in a more comfortable position, so I felt around in the dark for the stool we keep in the room near the door. I pulled it over to where I had been standing. Rather than sit, I decided to stay standing against the wall, but lifted one foot onto the chair. Leaning back, I continued my fantasy.

To see Roger, I had to open the door a little more. Looking at Roger, I pictured leaning over the bed with my feet on the floor, and Roger standing behind and fucking me. Pumping harder with the dildo, I used my other hand to massage my clit.

Having a hardwood floor in our bedroom, the stool kept inching away from me, widening the gap between my legs. I pressed up against the wall and pushed the door open a tiny bit more so that I could see Kenny.

With Kenny, I fantasized that he was lying on the floor, and I was on top of him riding his cock. As I pictured him tugging on my nipples, the raised swirls on the 6” dildo were having their usual effect on my pussy.

Now it was my husband’s turn. My fantasy started going really wild at this point. I stopped only long enough to take off the tee shirt and tossed it somewhere in the room behind me. The door was open enough that if there had been any light on in the room, the guys could have seen almost all of me.

I closed my eyes, and envisioned walking out of the bedroom naked, just like I was at that very moment. I walked up to the table, and everybody stopped to stare. With one swoop of my arm, I cleared the cards and chips off the table.

“Don’t say a word!” I ordered with authority.

I climbed up on the table. Kneeling in front of my hubby, I kissed him. Turning over onto my back, I lay down flat on the table, with my legs dangling over at my hubby’s chair and my head at Roger.

“I need your cocks!” I pleaded.

I pictured them all standing and dropping their pants. I took Jake and Kenny’s cocks in my hands, Roger's in my mouth and my husband’s in my pussy. My movements with the guys in my mind matched the movement of my hand plunging the dildo into me, and my fingers circling my clit.

With the more aggressive movement of my hands, my body was reacting as well. I could feel myself bumping up against the wall, the stool moving slightly as I got closer to chumming. My eyes were shut tightly now, as I pictured these four guys getting ready to explode on and in me.

I imagined backing off from Roger's cock in my mouth for just long enough to yell, “I want your cum! Cum all over me. Let me be your slut!”

With that, I exploded both in my fantasy and for real. I pictured four guys showering me with their cum... All over my pussy, my tummy, my shoulders and my face. I didn’t care where, I wanted it all. Against the wall, I felt my knees buckling under the immense orgasm, and the stool sliding even further.

As I slowed down my pace, I sensed something had changed. I opened my eyes slowly, to see that the hall light had been turned on, and was reflecting off me in the doorway. I also realized that the stool’s movement had been against the door, and had opened it even wider.

The shock didn’t hit me when I saw all the guys standing in the hallway, staring at me. I thought it was all part of my fantasy and closed my eyes again. When my orgasm totally subsided, I opened my eyes and the reality hit me.

“Oh, shit!” I cried out. I dropped my glass toy and tried to slam the door shut, but the stool was in the way.

Jimmy stepped over, grabbed the stool and closed the door behind him as he came into the bedroom.

“That was quite a show, Cyndy!” he said gently. “The guys will never forget this night!”

“Me neither,” I groaned. “What are they going to tell their wives?”

“I’ll go chat with them,” Jimmy reassured me. With that he went out of the bedroom.

My heart was beating at a crazy speed, as a result of the orgasm, the fantasy... and the reality! I found the tossed tee shirt and put it back on. Sitting on the bed, I waited for Jimmy to come back in.

“OK, the guys all said that there was no way they were going to tell their wives about this,” Jimmy reported. “They all said that they would never be allowed to come over for poker again, and they all joked about what you would do next time they were here.”

“Yeah, right,” I exclaimed. “Next they will want me to lay on the table nude so they could do whatever they wanted with me.”

“Now that’s a thought!” Jimmy said with an impish grin, and handed me the dildo I had dropped in the hall.

Yes, that certainly was a thought!

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