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A New Day

This fantasy story about me was written by a female friend of mine in Australia
It was still cool as he stepped outside the house. The heat would come later when the sun was up higher in the sky. Now it was just a hint of orange on the horizon, the dawn light enough for him to see his way to the vegetable patch.

He liked to get out into the garden early. He had his routine. Some would accuse him of being set in his ways, but he found it just made his life easier.

Life wasn’t real easy these days. He was in almost constant pain and some days even the simplest things were difficult.

After another sleepless night, he had given up tossing and turning and made himself a coffee, read his papers and smiled as he chatted to a faraway friend. Feeling the need to stretch, he excused himself reluctantly and grabbed his stick and basket.

It had been a good year for okra; he was pleased with the crop he had so far harvested. A few each day, along with tomatoes, butterbeans and bell pepper meant fresh vegetables on his plate each night.

So, focussed on his chore of selecting the ripe produce, he was startled when he felt the cool hand on his shoulder, slipping and falling heavily to the ground.

A voice like music behind him called his name, “Don, let me help you.”

Expecting to feel pain as he started to rise, he realised that there was none. “That’s it. I’ve gone and died out here in my veggie patch,” he said in a loud surprised voice.

“No, Don. You are a long way from dead,” the voice replied.

Turning his head, Don could see a beautiful lady, dressed in the same shade of green as his okra. She held out her hand so he might grab it and helped him rise from the damp ground. Her touch was warm, and he felt a surge of energy between them.

“Must be dead, no pain, and you look like an angel.”

“I’m no angel,” she laughed. “But I am able to take away your pain for a while. I am part of the earth you care for. I have come here this morning to give you a gift; in repayment for the respect you have given this garden each day, despite the pain it sometimes causes.”

She had green eyes, large and flecked with gold and hair in the shades of autumn, brown, reds and gold. Her skin was almost luminous in the early morning light. She was nearly as tall as he was, and he was able to look her directly into those beautiful eyes.

Lifting her hand to his face, she traced the lines around his eyes and the edges of his mouth.

Unable to move, the surprise of the situation keeping him still, he held his breath as she continued her exploration of his features. A tingle passed though his body and he gasped as he felt his pants tighten slightly. This was something that had not happened for many years, not since his battle with cancer. He had no idea how it was happening but he was becoming aroused.

Her hands moved down his neck to the collar of his shirt. Then taking his hand, she led him down a path that he had never seen before.

The trees seemed to close around them in a hug of green. As they walked further, Don realised that he had left his stick behind. And, for the first time in many years, he was walking straight, no limp, no pain.

The trees opened up to a clearing. A small cottage Don had never seen before stood before them. The front door opened as they came up the path and he followed her inside. The room seemed to be filled with warm sunshine.

Without a word, she turned to him. Again lifting her hand to his face, a look of wonder in her eyes as perhaps, she too was experiencing this for the first time. Hesitantly, she bent her head towards him, her scent like spring flowers, and kissed him lightly.

The sudden surge of energy woke him from his stupor and, taking her in his arms, he kissed her passionately in return. Every nerve in his body was zinging, but not from pain. Like an electric shock, the healing energy surged through his body and suddenly he felt as though years had fallen away from him.

Stepping slightly away from him, she quickly removed his shirt, tossing it to the floor and, taking the cue, Don dropped his trousers, releasing from the restraint of his clothing, his born again erection.

She did not appear surprised that he wore no underwear. And. as his pants hit the floor to join his shirt, her dress seemed to simply fall from her body, like autumn leaves drifting to the ground in a light breeze.

She was petite, her body firm and smooth. Her breasts were pert and a lovely size. Nipples dark against her light skin and. like him, she wore no undergarments.

Allowing himself to gaze at her, his eyes followed the contours of her body, tracing paths from her elegant neck down across her breasts to finally look admiringly at the gentle curve of her stomach and, below that, the soft curls covering her mound.

She held herself still for his inspection, not shy or faking modesty, comfortable in her femaleness.

Then, taking his hand again, she led him to a large soft bed in the corner of the cottage, soft as goose feathers and made up with crisp white sheets.

As they reached the side of the bed, Don scooped her up in his arms, surprised by how light she was and laid her gently on the bed.

Kneeling above her, he started to explore her body again, this time with his fingertips and then his lips. She laughed lightly as his soft beard tickled her skin, but did not push him away. Instead she arched her back and then moaned softly as he took her nipple into his mouth.

Don took his time. It had been quite a few years since he had been with a willing woman and he was in no rush to leave her. Suckling gently, his tongue worked her nipple into a hard little nub and then moved to the other one. Again, teasing and tasting, his touch brought goose pimples to her skin.

Looking up at her, he could see she had her eyes closed, an expression of wonder on her face as he created new sensations with his touch. She opened them as she realised he had paused, and, smiling at him, she drew his head up to hers to kiss him.

It was her turn to touch him now and as she moved her hands across his body, Don felt an excitement he had long forgotten. Stilling her hands, he rolled her on top of him so she sat straddled across his hips.

From this position he could gaze at her beautiful body and run his hands down her sides, lightly tickling as his fingertips grazed her skin.

Lifting up onto the balls of her feet, her knees bent, she carefully guided his manhood to the entrance of her secret place. Then, carefully and slowly, she lowered her weight onto him, taking him deep inside her hot tightness.

He felt her velvety wetness wrapped around him and took a deep breath. He needed to make this last, to enjoy every moment of this magical experience. He was sure he was hallucinating. This surely could not be happening for real.

Grasping her hips, he guided her rocking, her weight a pleasurable pressure against his balls. As she moved her body, the rhythm increasing in speed. Her breasts bounced lightly, making him smile. A flush started to cover her skin as evidence of her pleasure and her breathing started to quicken.

Grinding against him, he felt her heat and a slight quiver of her pelvic muscles as she surrendered to the building of the erotic pressure in her body. Her moaning became louder and she threw back her head, almost gasping for air as pleasure exploded within her, her body quivering with sensation.

Don smiled as he watched her, her pleasure arousing him even further.

Rolling her over onto her back, he then started to slowly work his cock in and out of her pussy, each stroke a little deeper and firmer than the last. Wrapping her legs around his back, she rose to meet him. Her fingertips dug into his shoulders, the slight pain reminding him that this was no dream.

Harder and faster he fucked her. She was wet and hot and tight around him. He could feel the pressure build inside his groin and her beautiful body beneath him, in perfect harmony.

With a gasp, he could hold back no longer, emptying his seed deep inside her. Holding him tight, she continued to rock against him, until she gasped again, little spasms echoing his pleasure.

Holding her tightly in his arms, he kissed her, more gently now. The warmth of the cottage and their activity made him sleepy. He looked over at her to see she was already asleep and, taking his cue from her, closed his eyes.

It was the feeling that something was missing that woke him. As he opened his eyes he was still in the cottage, but she was gone.

Getting up from the bed, he dressed. He could not remember when he had last felt so energised. He went to call her, but then remembered he did not even know her name.

Leaving the cottage, he started to follow the path back to his house. He stopped to take another look behind him, but the cottage and the clearing had gone.

Reaching his yard, he picked up his basket and his stick. The stick would be more use in the fireplace as his pain had not returned. Walking now up to the house he wondered how he could explain his sudden recovery. He did not understand it himself, perhaps when he fell?

Reaching his room, he switched on his computer, and then glanced out the window at his garden.

The sun was now up and peaking from his okra, bell peppers and tomatoes was a tall flower he had never seen before.

It was stunningly beautiful with red, brown and gold petals.

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