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A Planned Infidelity. A true story

No one ever had made her love like that. A story about infidelity but love at the same time

I played a lot with her body, until the moment for pussy stroking, where I poked my tongue.  This made her to shake like if fucking me… but I had begun a tongue fucking instead. She moaned, a pussy getting more drenched each time.  I moved to her clit and began to lick it, pressed between my lips, I began to suck  bringing this married mature woman to moan louder; she had my head clutched against her clit so I didn’t quit.

This account is fully real. I live in Mexico City, 30 yo.,  and engaged  in this affair three years ago, in 2005. I must say grown-up women are too sensual, stunning, which always cought my attention, and have wished to get engaged with them,   walk around with mature women, especially if I’m single.  I’m 1,75 cms. tall, brown skin, slim with brown eyes. My rod is 14 centimeters long, a thick one.

Well I here wish to resume story: this lady’s name was Juana Perez, Spanish, and I happened to meet her in the Internet at a chat room.  She said she was 42 yo. when chatting, while I said I was 41, just to be accepted within the range age for this particular chat room.   If I had registered with my real age, I had bounced to another category,  oh yesss.

She provided some data like: a married woman, a mother of two  teen agers  she labored in social work at a hospital. While chatting on the internet about likes and dislikes  -what do you do in your  free time, hobbies, etc., I asked her if her husband would be bothered at knowing she had signed in chat groups in the computer;  she replied her husband ignored this completely as yet barely a month had passed since newly Internet home service had been connected. Her sons had a necessity for getting some homework assistance from the web.

She commented  was new at this, surfing the web, an amateur, not  exactly a pro, and  getting classes from one of her sons, still  trying to catch up with the computer and Internet by now. Her son has just gotten his mom a new MSN account, and while the spouse worked all day shift, and would get home late night, she had leisure time  with computer alone, without help,  in the afternoons.

We had already chat for a while and this was the moment to move into something new: I prompted to ask for her nickname account so I’d have a new contacts. She said yes, of course. It would be a good idea to chat more. She felt comfortable with me; it would be easier as yet no more contacts were added to her MSN.

Whenever this woman signed in, her photo was shown in her profile. To my surprise, Juana turned out to be beautiful, cute and a gorgeous mature;  1.60 meters tall, white, short straight hair, not a slim girl, rather fat, wide hips and big bubble ass: leggy, she looked ok! This turned out to be a hot experienced veteran milf who would do her best if I ever fucked her!!

As I saw her picture I began to compliment her, expressing admiring comments by saying she looked nice, beautiful. I inquired about her feelings, if she was charming, sweet, sincere and passionate woman. I said: “I envy your husband. He is married to an attractive woman. I wish I had a spouse like that.”

As she read this line in the chat box, she said: “Thanks” added: “We’ve been married for 19 years now, but love here is gone forever, nonexistent, more like fictional:  routine became customary here,  same stuff over and over; just ride me, then cum in a matter of minutes , while I’m begging for more  sex. I wish to have more sex on bed whereas he’s the only one to enjoy, until fulfilled. I have to masturbate afterwards to cool me down.

This confession came up as I asked her questions like: “Is your husband a good lover, he gives you gratifying sex?”

She said: “He’s responsible guy and good provider, supports the family, no monetary problems at all.”

To this,  my response came quickly: “If I had a wife like you I’d  make her love every day; find you irresistible.”

She said: “It’s ok, but… am I too old for you?”

I replied she was in her best time and I not only liked her body and features, appearance, but also her good manners. She said:

“Thanks, you make me feel good. I didn’t know I’d awake desires among young men.”

Connected through the chat in a computer like we were now was not enough for me so I said would like to meet her, see her face to face, and a best chance for we both would be to have a cup of coffee together in the business district.

Her reply came slowly, hesitant, cautions; uncertain for a few seconds she said:  “Are you sure this is what you want?”

I said: “Yes, of course.”

“It’s first time somebody talks to me like this. You’ve caught me off guard. I  accept your offer though. Where and when, what time for  a date?” she said.

“Tomorrow” I said.  “Ok” she said. “We can only chat for one hour.  Gotta take my mom to the doctor.”

“No problem” I said.  She pointed out she lived in Tlalpan, a district downtown in Mexico City, around subway station named “Virgen”.

She often left her office at 4:00 o’clock and I   proposed Bridge Station  near to Tlalpan would be a great, for those living in this city are familiar with this locations. This would fit me, as well: only lived a few blocks away from the luxurious restaurant called VIP’S  where we’d meet. She responded to my proposal immediately: “Yeah, I know what you mean, and I’m familiar with train transfer in this area too.” I said:

“4:30 p.m.  at passageway Virgen Station   -doorway.” She agreed. Next day I was waiting at this subway station to distinguish her, as suddenly I recognized a woman with her features getting off a car. My blind date! Short hair and white uniform.  She looked around to spot me, came to me and said hi, by kissing me in the cheeks. We got into the restaurant and the chat began among us, after ordering coffee.  Juana admitted was a little nervous, anxious.  First time she dared for a meeting like this with strangers,  but  she was more comfortable now after minutes of progress into the chat  -how was your day at work-  and dared to venture to hold her hand and begin to rub it while she did the same, fascinated in response. She said:

“Oh, we’re crazy here, for I’m married someone. If my husband new about this, fuck,  hell would break loose!! 

I said: “It’s something you shouldn’t worry about. Your marriage is not that good, I may say.”
She was now hesitant, like a timid woman,   and said: “Yeah, you’re right, but I’m feeling a strange sensation, never been an adulterous or disloyal in my life time. Nevertheless I’ve given it a second thought and I’m certain I had  to see you here.” She said.

“I’m scared about being caught cheating. I need my family. A love affair isn’t just exactly what I’m looking for… want more emotion, feeling and passion; I’m after something serious with you here.” She said.

She wanted to start a new relation with a new couple that sprang her up to life again, but a discreet one, prudent and cautious.   I agreed.  Since she was sitting across from me at the table,  in the cafeteria, I asked her to move next to me.  This idea made her smile while looking around for possible acquaintances that would recognize her, identify  her in that restaurant.  I hugged her and we kissed keenly. She said: “Oh, I must be crazy, doing this in a public.  Am I nuts?  However I feel so comfortable with you now.”

She looked at the time –almost 5:30- she said: “Sorry, time to go.”  We called the waiter saying: “Check!!”  and got out of there quick, holding hands. I asked: “Do you smoke?” Yes, she replied. We lighted a cigarette and she proposed to take a back road en route for the subway station,  so avoiding gathering on Main Street and not be spotted. We began to plan ahead for future meetings.  As we were progressing pretty good into our plan to meet again, she made this remark:

“My husband is off on Mondays and Tuesdays,  so I  can be with you  on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I can’t on weekends, too busy with family and husband. He returns home early from morning shift at factory. I’ll arrange everything on those days by saying either gotta work time extra, or attending courses. This shouldn’t seem strange to them or get suspicious for they know I always do this kind of stuff.”

Half way to the subway station we kissed again, hugged to end up in a passionate deep kiss. Next time  I thought would make my day,  to fuck tongue her if she ever was naked on the bed.  She enjoyed this, moaning and saying: “Oh, fuck, I like the way you kiss me. Nobody ever kissed me like that.

My rod was stiff as blue steel now and this woman felt it in my pants. “Oh, darling, you are having a hard on now, perhaps. Oh, it’s really hard, come on!”

She stroked my dick over my pants. Juana looked sideways and away to check for incoming cars, just to resume her touching and stroking my penis. We said good bye and boarded a passenger van, heading home to  pick up her mom and take her to the doctor.  We’d meet next day, same place as we had settled. She had made the proper arrangements: a co-worker substitute, or  reserve,  who had failed to go on that day –not in attendance.  She asked: “So, what plans?”  I replied:

“Oh, I’m taking you to a hotel room and make you love there. Fuck your brains out!”  She said: “Oh, what a good idea this seems to me.  I’m getting condoms myself. They’re free at the hospital and can get as many as I wish.”

I asked her: “Do you like to wear miniskirts?”  She was wearing pants and a top along with a small robe similar to those wearing hospital personnel, dressed in white. She replied: “Oh, yes, it’s kinda uniform here. Pants are a comfortable outfit at sanatorium. Want me to wear a skirt tomorrow?”

I replied: “Yes, my sweetheart. From now on you’re gonna dress up the way I wish. Got that?”
She said: “Oh, I love to dress like that, but my husband prohibits me to use immoral, iniquitous skirts.”

Next day I was there ten minutes before time set waiting for stunning Juana. At exactly 4:30 I saw an elegant lady getting off a taxi. It was hers in white mini skirt above knee, gorgeous hips and big bubble ass, with big ass cheeks.  Oh what a tight pussy. Her pants marked through skirt; a pink top and rob. Her white socks showed wonderful legs. She wore slippers like sandal. Definitely, this was a tremendous milf! my passion for horny aging women grew more now at this vista. I was welcomed with a fabulous kiss from hers and she asked me “Where to now?”I replied: “Let’s go to a hotel by Portales Subway Station (that name in English: “Big Gates”).  She said it’s ok, come on go!”  We boarded a taxi and chat during the ride about how was work today, also about her tensions for being here with me.  She whispered to my hear she didn’t have the nerve to fuck me.  Our taxi dropped us at Portales and we headed toward hotel Portales, on foot. 

We had to go into a small grocery store first to pick up something to drink, like soda. Afterwards we got to the reception desk to register. Our kissing continued on the elevator.  Walking along the hall, I grabbed her asscheeks to which she replied, laughing: “Oh, looks like you’re horny as hell today. I love this!”

We stepped into the room; I went to the bathroom to wash hands after turning on radio and TV. As I got out I saw her sitting on a chair watching TV, looked like tense. I lighted a cigarette for us both and began to chat about unimportant themes, to give her a chance to relax.

“Get comfortable; let me help you take off that rob.”  I said.  I was suddenly kissing and licking her neck and found out this was precisely what would turned on her  more,   a woman hugging me strongly while she moaned  and sighed, exhaling air nosily.

“Oh, I see you’re a hot lady” I said, while I took a glimpse of her undies.   She replied: “Oh, yes, my darling, too much. I love blow jobs and a man eating my pussy."

She got up and I asked her if she was going  to piss. She said, yes, can’t hold it anymore. “I’d like to see you pissing.” This made her laugh, while still smiling, she lifted up her skirt and bent over, without sitting completely at the toilet. I could see a spurt of urine coming out her cunt while she laughed. She then switched to the bidet to wash and  the good pussy  be clean and fresh.  I passed a towel through her to rub a cunt dry, then I sat on the bed to rest. As she got out of bath room, I continue to kiss her like before. She moaned “Oh, yes, I like it, oh a pro like you, hell boy!” I said:

“Can I see you naked? Take that skirt off!”

She stood up and began to slide off her top and skirt at the same time wearing only a bra and panty now. “Please, walk, showing off around room.” This made her laugh and she agreed by lighting a cigarette first and began to strut, a sensual body, I imagined her tight ass.”  Oh, you’re so charming” I said. I thought I wasn’t attractive anymore.”  She replied.

It began to fondle  her pussy over her panty and I felt her juicy scent of liquids. She said: “yes, like that, oh, my pussy feels so delicious, oh, my gassh!!” moaning in approval.

I took off her panty,  got her on her back on the bed, spread her legs wide to see a mound with scarce pubic hair. Throughout my stroke I finally found the clit where I massaged, she wiggled, sighed strongly. She opened her eyes saying:  “Oh, Marcos, what are you doing to me?”  I spread her legs wider and began to fuck finger her but had to part the cunt lips first. This cunt was too wet now and my progress in the vagina produced a splash. She said: “Oh, baby, this pussy is too wet now. I feel your dick entering me” while rotating her hips. I pulled out my finger, stirring liquids. I began to lick and suck my finger with a honey flavor like. I poked my finger again within her and made her suck as well.

“Oh, Marcos."  she uttered my name for the second time: “My vagina is pulsing now, tongue fuck my pussy, coz I fell like I’m cumming.  I wanna suck your dick too, just give me a chance.”

I rushed to eat her cunt, first licking hair at pubis bone slowly at first, then got down to the vulva. Yes, she was already climaxing, her pace quickened: “fuck, fuck me harder!”

I finally started a real tongue fucking on her, relentlessly, then I saw a clit evidently leaping, engorged, a throbbing clit. It was an orgasm. She moaned loudly, I gripped the clit with my lips, starting to suck.  Juana clutched my head against her cunt so I wouldn’t quit. She said: “Oh, yes, darling, you’re so good at this!”  she said: “No one ever fucked me like that, oh, yes, oh yesss. Be my lover forever, don’t you stop, yes, go, go, I’m your mistress!”

A minute more she started to feel an agitation, like convulsion,  and I could hear her screaming louder, her hips wriggling on the bed and finally, stammering:  “Oh, god, I’m cum… cum… cumming!”

I yet don't know why she got off the bed and  was now  going around babbling like she slipped her trolley.  She then got back to the bed to lay down  there.

I laid next to Juana watching how she twisted, and slowly calmed down. Opened her eyes: “Oh, baby, this cum was terrific. I’ll never let you down. Take my body and soul, it doesn't matter what you’ll do to me from now on!!”
This story to be continued...

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