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An Affair to Remember

My first lover is my Sister-in-law

Hi readers! I am back with another story to share with you. This incident took place when I joined intermediate science and she was newly married to my cousin brother Sumit. Let me write something about her. Her name was Sunayna (Nick name Sony). At the time wedding, she must have been 25 years old with sandal complexion. Her height was 5.4" and gifted with a gorgeous look. She had a nice and sexy figure of 38-30-40 size. Honestly speaking, I had developed a soft corner for her. I must add that her gorgeous ass was a great asset. When she walked it was a great pleasure to watch her undulating backside, rolling like tidal waves which gave me so many naughty and lewd thoughts of what I could do with her ass if an opportunity I would get. My mouth always stood open, ready to bite into her hips, when her bulging hips swayed back and forth in front of me. The sight truly made me very horny. Saliva rose freely to my lips when I fantasized just opening those buttocks with trembling fingers. I always thought to bury my face in her ass if I availed a chance and never come up for air. Her balls are very pulpy firm and very nicely round-shaped. Her enormous well-shaped breasts showing no signs of sagging multiplied her beauty. They always seem like they are about to split open, if she breathed too hard. They are too huge in such a way that they left my mouth wide open and my hands tempting, trembling in a futile wish to touch them at least once before my final demise. She almost resembled Tamil actress Namitha. To be precise, she had well-endowed body with right curves at right places.

I was compelled to stay with them since I knew nobody in the town. It had been a couple of months after their marriage when I approached them. Sumit had got a job in merchant navy and used to remain off his house for 4-6 months. Sony got desperate for my brother. I would spend a lot of time with her returning from my college. At first, I never used to think of her in a sexual manner. Once I found Sony gossiping with some of her friends when I returned from college. Sony introduced me to each of her friends. I talked to them for a while and went back to my room. Initially I didn’t pay heed to their tete-a-tete. But within a few seconds, I couldn’t help resist listening to them. Sony was telling them about her ill-fate that she had been dying to get fucked by Sumit and had wait for 4 months for the same. One of her friends told her, “Your hubby is such a pansy guy. Why don’t you try out Ravi and make him horny? You are sexy. Make use of him.” She also suggested Sony that it would never be disclosed since Ravi is your brother-in-law. Their vulgar talk was making me somewhat sick and somewhat horny. Now I had to admit Sony was really a sexy lady. From that day onwards, I used to eye her sexily. I would stare at her ass in the sari when she walked past me. I would also get to see her balls and the valley between her breasts when she would bend down to sweep the room. They were enticing and shook with opulence when she would sweep the floor or collect some stuff from the floor. As time passed on, we began to get freer with each other. Even I began to masturbate in her name at night.

One day it so happened that I was watching TV with her in the living room in the afternoon. It was serial which was based on “men without women”. In that serial, the hero avoided his wife because of another woman.  Suddenly the peace was interrupted by Sony with rude voice saying, “All men are alike. Even your brother remains far away from me.” I was shocked to listen that and abruptly said, “No Bhabhi! My brother is not like them. He loves you.” Sony got angry with me and told, “You are advocating for your brother. You must be like him.” I commented, “How do you know?” She made a face and said, “Then why do support him?”. She added, “He is never at home when I need him.” I asked her, “Bhabhi, if you have any problem, you can express to me. Maybe, I can help you out.” She burst into laughter and then made a serious face, “Of course! I have my personal problems! But you can’t solve.” I got irritated and asked her to tell her problem frankly. Sony naughtily told me that I would know after my marriage. I was totally perplexed to understand. After a tea break, she sat beside me and requested me to answer her question honestly. Sony asked me, “Ravi! What will you do if you are left alone with a beautiful girl? I promptly said, “Simple! I would love her.” At that point, she asked, “What more you can do with her?” I thought she expected me to reply wickedly. I assembled courage, faced her and boldly replied, “I would fuck her all the ways!” She became happy at my answer. Then once again, Sony asked, “What would you do if I were the girl?” I got the point and answered, “If it was you, I would have never left you alone. I would have spent time with you in bed with my manhood completely inside you. I would love to fuck you day-in and day-out until and unless you get pregnant.” She looked at me with love and said,” I wish your brother was like you”.

Thereafter I reached and caressed her face, hair and asked her, “How many times does Sumit have sex with you after marriage?” She replied, “It could be twice or thrice.” I moved my hand across her neck and shoulders. I said, “I would have made love to you endlessly.” Then I caressed her thigh over her sari in a circular fashion. It was so wide and soft. I started getting an erection. I knew I had to have her and she was also in a mood to get served. Sony didn’t stop me. I knew her married pussy must be itching for a big cock. I pressed her right breast gently over sari. Her eyes opened wide as I cupped it. The hem of the sari came down and I saw her breasts straining to get out in the tight blouse. They were a feast for my eyes and she saw me looking hungrily at them. I then slowly brought her close and put my lips on her soft pink lips. Her lips were very soft and the way she responded to my kissing was mind blowing. I just slipped my tongue in her mouth and swirled it around. Umm.. puch.. mmm.. ahh.. I locked my mouth with her and licked her pink lips one by one. She also responded me with the same energy I had. It went on for 5-6 minutes until our saliva got exchanged.

Meanwhile I opened her hair-band and freed her hair. While kissing, her hand got busy with my tool and my hands were exploring her firm and round butts. I licked and kissed her nostrils, eyelids, forehead, ears, and cheeks one by one to make her hornier. When I stopped kissing her, I saw her face wet with my saliva and was shining. Her face and eyes had already become red and she was breathing hot. My hands were busy roaming over her breasts. I knew she had become needy. So I concentrated on her red blouse. Her blouse was low cut and was showing cute little cleavage from it. I just undid her blouse-buttons one by one and drew it out along her hands. She was wearing black bra beneath the red blouse. Though her breasts were huge, they are perfect round and firm. I tried to put my face on her cleavage. I started kissing her cleavages. Her breath was getting hotter and her passion was mounting. Sony hugged me tightly in excitation. We began to kiss again and my hands traveled to her flat belly. She shivered and started kissing more passionately. Soon my hands were moving on her womanhood giving her more passion to kiss. Slowly I started moving her sari up and kissing her legs. The moment my hands reached her thighs she said, "Ravi, Make me wilder. I want to have the best sex of my life right now". I said, "Don’t worry! You will experience a new feeling." and continued kissing and licking her thighs. Her tender fingers were moving in my hairs to encourage me. I could clearly see her red panty and wet patch on it. I started moving the tongue slowly on her panty up and down letting her cry with more great pleasure. The first touch of the tongue in her life on her pussy brought a deep cry from throat Aaaaahhhhh! I let the sari fall over my head hiding me under it. I placed my hands on her butts giving the support. I moved tongue to lick the thick cum over her panty and let it cum free thereby helping Sony to attain her orgasm. I just moved aside her panty. Wow! I had not seen a real pussy in my life. It was for the first time I was looking at those pink colored vertical lips. I moved down and planted a kiss over it directly on the skin. Sony uttered Uffff... and spread her legs to let me play with it. The tip of my tongue soon explored the lower limits of her lips and I ran the tip up and down their edges without parting them. Then I pushed the tongue just a little inside. She moaned “Oh God! Wow! Maaaa... oooohhhhiii... iiiissss...” and her legs fell further apart. Her hands on my head urged me onward. I moved tongue in a circular fashion on pussy lips, which brought more pleasures to Sony.

Soon I was bold enough to run the tip of my tongue around her vagina just pushing on the edge. Then I worked up to the base of her clitoris. It just peeked out from the lips with a pink tip. I tongued the base on the left first, then over to the right. Then I tried circling the base. Her clitoris began to twitch, her hands were pressing a little firmer, and her louder moans iiieeessshhh... oooohhhh... aaaahh... indicated I wasn’t off base. Soon I ran the tip of my tongue from the base up to the tip and then flicked over the tip from left to right, right to left. Her fingers tightened in my hairs and she started rhythmically pulling me to her. As my lips circled her clitoris and I started sucking deeply, while flicking the tip with the tip of my tongue, I eased my right hand up her left thigh on her gorgeous buttocks. They were soft, smooth silky and soon I could get down the crack to her ass. I continued raising her to climax and releasing her load. She was about to fall but I supported her butts. I continued till her panty became clean again. Sony was breathing heavily. She said “You really brought pleasure to me today.

Meanwhile my index finger just found her arse hole and started to gently circle it on the outside along with my sucking of her clitoris. She was getting very wet and I was waiting for that subtle change in flavor as her special glands secreted their fluids around the base of her clitoris. That was the signal that she was about to orgasm and I wanted to see if she could get up to a true plateau and hold that orgasmic sensation for 10 minutes or more. I alternated sucking hard and deep and pressing firmly with my tongue on the tip of her clitoris with backing off and blowing down the clitoral shaft, gently massaging her anus, and reaching up with my left hand to feel her breast. I circled it with one finger and then gently squeezed it with three fingers in time with sucking her clitoris. She began arching her back and her pelvic thrusts grew more vigorous and faster. She was sighing deeply and her hand relaxed a little on my hair indicating I shouldn’t drive her through her fourth orgasm. After 3 or 4 minutes her clitoris started twitching and I knew she was entering her orgasm and so backed slightly off and ran my tongue between her clitoris and vagina. Soon her hand urged me back to her clitoris and I sucked vigorously while picking up the pace with either hand. Her moans, arching, bucking, and hand in my hair soon showed that things were going well and her orgasm. I shifted up and started kissing her lips. She urged me to fuck her hard. Then I removed her sari folds and released her petticoat pulling the g-string. Now she was left in bra and panty. She was looking extremely sexy. I began biting her belly and breasts. She was enjoying the foreplay. With closed eyes she was feeling my teeth all over her body. Just imagine a very cute and fair lady only in her black & red lingerie!!! It was enough to propel my desire to fuck her brutally and tear her sweet pussy off.

Then I got up and just removed the zip of my pant and she saw my erect snake slithering its ugly head out in my underwear. She looked at it and said, “Ummm... It seems to be very large!” She removed my T-shirt, slowly popped my buttons open, pulled my jeans and proceeded to pull down my underwear and reached down into my boxer. As she removed my brief, my shaft sprang out and hit her face. Sony inspected it for few minutes and then kissed, said softly, “It is really a big one to love.” She softly ran her hand from the head of his cock down to my sack, caressing the soft flesh before pulling gently back towards the head. Slowly she started to wank me. Slowly the flesh began to fill out and harden. As it reached full length, and she allowed her hand a final stroke along my thick shaft. I suggested her to move to bedroom as I got impatient to feel her physically. While we were moving into the bedroom, Sony gently stroked my cock and I was busy smooching her breasts. When I entered the bedroom, I made her to sit on edge of the king-sized bed and stared at her boobs. Her cleavage was rippling through her black bra. I began to open the clips of her bra and then her beautiful boobs popped out as if they were waiting for me. I was astonished and lusty to see her brown areole covering her 1/4th of her flesh. Her breasts were so beautiful that they were really perky looking alike two cute melons. I began to squeeze one softly as I ran my tongue through her neck. She closed eyes and moaned softly “mmm...” Then I put her on the bed and lay beside her. I began to suck her right nipple as I pressed her left ball. Then I changed and sucked on her other tit while I pinched her left nipple. Sony moaned, “Hmmm. unn... ufff...” Then I licked her entire left breast while I fondled her right breast. She was reaching down to feel my hardness. As she did that I started to suck on her right nipple with full pressure as if drawing milk from it. I was kneading her left breast as I sucked. I derived pleasure from sucking her butter-cup, milky white, jumbo tits. I savored her nipples and big boobs for 15 minutes. When I finished with her breasts they were shining with my spit. Her nipples were swollen by my oral attack. She smiled at me and said, “None had pressed and sucked my breasts like you. You just keep on pressing them harder.” she offered her breasts to me. I began to caress them again and began to suck them one by one. She moaned, “oiiii.. Maa... unnnngh... Press harder!” I wanted to give Sony all the pleasure possible. I really played heavily with her breasts.

My cock was throbbing and badly needed to do some fucking. I didn’t want to make things messy the first time with her by fucking her pussy. So I put 2 pillows beneath her head propping her up so that she could directly see my shaft resting between her tits. Then I held her big tits from the side and enclosed my dong with her soft tits and started fucking her tits. I told her to open her mouth, which she obediently opened as wide as she could and when she did it, I pushed my hard tool through her tits and the rod head went straight in her open mouth. She freaked and turned her head sideways removing my penis from her mouth. So I held her head with both my hands and shoved my thick thumb in her mouth and told her that she would love to suck my lollypop and that she should try it. Again obediently she opened her mouth and this time I slowly pushed my cock head into her mouth, as I held her head. My foreskin often got pushed back with her teeth. It was moving into her moth like the needle of a sewing machine. She was looking down at my thing as it entered her mouth and just held my cock-head inside not knowing what will happen next.

I then lifted her hands up and began to sniff the delicious sweaty kinky aroma of her armpits. Sony reached behind and lifted the tousled hair and now her looked disheveled and sexy. I then began to give love bits in her armpit while I pressed her breasts which were uplifted. I did the same with her other armpit. Then I got on top of her and licked her face and her neck. She began to seek my lips. As I caressed her breasts sensuously our lips were locked in a sensuous kiss. We were chewing each other’s lips and sharing spit. Then I began to go down and splashed wet sucking kisses on her belly. I began to put my tongue inside her belly button. She had a lovely circular belly button which looks really sexy on the little swell of her belly. I licked her belly button thoroughly. Then I tried pulling her red panty down. Sony lifted her hips and slid her panty. Her thighs were so plump and shining. I finally saw her sex temple, the dripping cunt.

I looked at her pussy with so much interest and caressed it lightly as I ran my finger lightly through her soft downy hair. She pinched my ear, “After completely stripping off, you are calling me sister-in-law? Just call me Sony, you big boy!” I said, “You are just my sister-in-law now! Once I finish my fucking, you will become completely mine, my bitch.” She smiled sexily and told, “Alright Ravi! Do what you feel right.” I began to run my finger through her wiry pubic busy. As I did so she lifted her hips sexily to offer me more and squirmed her whole body. I spread her thighs and settled my face on her grand cunt. I just pushed her hairs to one side to see her cunt. There she was with a very soft and tight pussy! I felt like turning her ass over and watching her ass was also a great pleasure; but I thought after I have her cunt I will fuck her ass. Sony turned her face over and looked at one side as she was embarrassed as someone was inspecting her private part and that also her younger brother-in-law. I sniffed her cunt. It smelled musky and sexy with piss. The piss smell along with her cunt’s natural sweat smell was so heady and arousing that I was inhaling her pussy. I brought my self on her pussy and began to lick along the side of her cunt flap. Her cunt was tightly closed. Normally a regularly fucked/married woman would always have her cunt flaps coming towards out because of the continuous fucking she gets. But in case of Sony, even though she was not a virgin, her hole was like of a virgin girl. Her labia looked thin even though they were wet. I pushed one finger in her hole and she groaned “OOOOOOO...” I murmured “Oh God! You are really tight.” I knew I had to really eat her cunt and make her hole big to receive my cock. It seemed my cousin had never sucked her pussy. I just spread her lips open and saw her pinkness. Then I pushed my tongue in and licked inside as I wiping her pre cum drops. She grunted “Hmm.. Uhhhh.. Yessss... Umm..” I began to lap her cunt lips and then sucked on the other lips. Then I smooched her cunt lips briefly.

I again pushed her lips apart and began to lick her piss-hole. I began to push my tongue in her hole as I began to push my finger in her anus. I saw her clitoris swelling from the top and it was standing. I pushed the foreskin down and began to suck on her clitoris. As did so I forcibly inserted two fingers in her hole. I kept on fucking her with my finger as I lapped her clitoris and cunt hole intermittently. Her breathing was heavier now and she was moving her waist to adjust to my fingers maneuvering her cunt lips. Sony pushed my head on her cunt and I was drowned in her cunt. I ate her cunt till she pushed her hips and came on my face. She was screaming when she climaxed, “ohhhh! Hmm! Aaaaa” I immediately removed my face and looked at her. She was just going to fuck my face with her cunt juice. Her nostrils were flaring somewhat and her lips looked swollen. Her pussy was slick. I licked her hole again and before she could say anything I really sucked her clitoris. It was looking like a small boy’s dick now. She looked at my face wet with her cunt juice. She licked it from my face. She looked really satisfied. As I caressed her face she said, “I have never experienced such a feeling!” As I got up she eyed my dick. Sony said, “It looks like a black cobra! I am dying to get fucked.” Thereafter she held my erect penis in her hand and moved it up and down. She uttered some words praising my dick like “Your tool is very thick. I mayn’t take this inside.”

Sony then caressed my cock and began to suck it with interest. As she began to suck it I felt that I was in heaven. Then she pulled the foreskin gently she saw my pink cap. With the care of a lover, she began to lap the tip of my prick and licked the rim of it. I began to hum “Oh Yess... mmm... ahh...” It was a real pleasure as she deftly gave warm caresses to my prick tip. Sony tried to swallow my whole length thereby I reached her almost her throat. She moved her head continuously along my shaft. She licked it just like popsicle. She began to lick my cock up and down and then began to suck on it as she fondled my balls. As she sucked my penis, I began to massage and squeeze her marvelous boobs. My shaft was wet with her saliva and I was about to cum. I took my cock out of her mouth and ejaculate on her beautiful face and I moaned “Oh Sony! I feel elated.” She smiled wickedly and went to wash basin to clear her face. As she was washing, I stared at her bums facing me. O man, I felt aroused. I went near her and kneeled down. I began to kiss her buttocks lustily. I even slapped them playfully and she moaned. Then I parted her ass cheeks and began to probe my tongue in her shit-hole. She could not control her self and told me not to be very erotic as I licked her anus thoroughly. She looked at me and said, “You dirty boy! You know better how to seduce a woman. I think your wife will be very lucky.” She smiled at me and like a whore she parted her ass cheeks stretching with her hands so that I would lick her anus more properly. Smelling and licking the most private place (anus) of grownup lady like my sister-in-law was so erotic. As I did so she played with her clitoris and masturbated her. We continued this for 15 minutes.

When Sony could not bear it any more, she said "Ravi, I can’t control anymore. I need your hard cock badly inside". I asked her to lay flat on bed and fondled my cock for a few minutes to wake it up. I slept beside her and then I parted her legs to let her guide my cock inside her wet and hungry cunt. By this time, I could feel the heat that was building between her legs. She opened her thighs a little wide to allow my legs to get pressed harder against her crotch. I could feel the tightness of her cunt while inserting my cock inside. My prick penetrated her soaked hole with ease, and it was all Sony could do to prevent a gasp of pleasure from escaping. Slowly my cock reached the distance it could cover. My thrusts were slow and gentle. As it pushed my fat head inside stretching her lips around my shaft as it edged deeper in, the muscles in her hole contracted involuntarily as she felt a wave of pleasure course through her, but the tightened passage only made her yearn for penetration more feverishly. I pushed down heavily the remaining few inches, and this time a gasp escaped as my full length drove inside her. I was trying to prolong orgasm. But she was in no mood to allow that. She started matching my thrusts by moving her waist. My thrusts soon gathered speed and I was fucking her wildly. Intermittently I was biting her tits and kissing. She had turned her head to one side and had clenched her lips tightly shut and was grinding her teeth and making hissing sounds like ‘iiissssshhhh... iiissssshhhh...’, every time I drove in and out of her. She had already clasped the bed sheet. I carefully started massaging her massive tits, pinching and tweaking her long nipples, while pumping her faster now. Sony was now readily allowing me to rock her with thighs wide open and legs in the air, allowing deeper penetration. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang ….. Slap, slap, slap, slap went my dick and balls on her pussy. The iiisssshhhh sounds had now changed to iiiiissssh……uuuunnh….iiiisssshh ….uuuuuhhh. She was constantly wetting her lips with her tongue. I too was unable to control now and began pumping deep and strong. Then she said she is about to reach the climax and asked me to me shoot my load deep inside. I increased the tempo and in the next few strokes she erupted into a wild orgasm, beating my chest with her fists sometimes, scratching me on the arms and back, thrashing wildly, making guttural sounds. I myself wanted to cum so I pumped even harder, banging my rod hard and fast into her pussy and then cum making guttural sounds myself. She reached orgasm and after two three deep thrusts I also exploded inside. I made her to squirt finally when I took my dong out of her wet pussy. After Ejaculation I fell on her wet and sexy body. We both were breathing heavy and felt exhausted. They both kept banging each other for another 2 minutes till I just fell flat on Sony, both breathing hard. It took a few minutes to recover and I rolled aside and lay beside her.

Then I asked Sony to go for doggie fashion. She could know my intention and readily crawled on top of the bed on all fours and said with a lustful tone "Take me here on the bed now." With that invitation I relished her sexy fucking ass and wasted no time in thrusting my hard cock into her pussy and slouching on top of her from behind. As I pushed my fat penis, she yelled, “ohhhhhhhh... aaaa... huuu...” and whimpered, "Uhh.. huh.. Yeah.. Give-it-to-me ummm...” I pressed her balls and played with her nipples so that she would get pleasure. She moaned, “Get deeper!” I liked to talk dirty, “Yes you bitch.. How do you feel my python? She happily replied, “Hmm.. Hhhmm.. I like your fatness.” I varied my stroke and gave it to her from angles. "Oh yes Ravi" she moaned. It was that hot animalistic sex. We were fucking like two wild dogs in heat, Sony on her hands and knees and I slouched over her body pounding her like a jack hammer. Her pussy was real tight but wet and I felt that she was holding my cock tightly with her cunt. As her orgasm coursed through her body, she dropped to her elbows and grabbed the sides of the bed with her hands. She then arched her back and gasped for breath as the orgasm reached its peak and she climaxed flooding my cock with her sweet sticky cream. "Aahhh... Don't stop baby," she hollered. "Pound me like a whore!" I continued to hammer her hard and fast and she was really getting into it. I fucked her until we both came and soon I groaned and came in her cunt.

We rested for 30 minutes. When Sony looked at my soft flaccid penis, She kissed me and said, “Did you lost your vigor?” I took her in my arms and replied, “No Sony! I need to love you more.” And I started fingering her cunt again. She stroked my cock and it started to grow again. I told, “Sony! You buttocks are so sexy. Let me fuck you there”. She became embarrassed and smiled and said, “Shut up. Please”. I said, “Okay then seal my mouth with your lips”. We sought each other’s lips and smooched for 3 minutes. After that she sensed my urgency and again posed for doggie fashion presenting her ass for me. When her ass was towards me, I tenderly stroke each globe of her big bums. Then I moved my fingers toward the crack between her ass cheeks and parted them to look at her hole. Her anus was looking like brown eye looking and winking at me. I put my tongue in and tasted that sweet shit pit of my lovely Sony. She was looking at me and watching the weird things I was doing to her asshole. I told her, “Sony, You have really possesses great buttocks. I swear I am gonna fuck your brains out. I will give you pleasure like you never felt before.” I spat on the hole to lubricate the crack. Then I licked her ass cheeks to make it wet all over. Her ass became very slippery and shining.

I fingered her asshole and licked it so much that her asshole parted and looked bigger and deeper now. Her anus was very slick with my saliva and ready to take my cock. Taking a hint she spread her ass further so that she could allow my dick to fuck her bums. She looked at my cock which was erect. She made it wet with her saliva. I shivered with delight as her hand stroke my cock. Now my cock was real slick. She sucked it a couple of time and said, “Now bang me Ravi. Don’t delay.” Then I moved behind her and pushed my dick towards her ass. I positioned it towards her anus and pushed it in. She moaned huskily as my tip went inside her hole. She grasped the pillows as my cock went further in. Her ass was so hot and tight… my god what pleasure. She was moaning and screaming, “Slowly and gently ahhhh” I squeezed her balls and gave another stroke. Sony pushed her ass towards me to fuck me back and take more cock in her. It was slightly painful to me but we were enjoying now. My cock slipped from her ass now and then because it was slick. Then I would try again and push it in her ass. Sony would laugh at times and moan as I pushed in her ass again. And I pushed more and more till the head and a quarter of my shaft was in her ass. We were doing it slow and steadily. I pushed more and she pushed back till my elongated rod was in her ass almost fully. I increased the strokes and she would enjoy every push and fuck. Sony started moaning... hm ahhhhm o ohh. The cheeks of her sexy bums rolled on my cock so sensuously that it felt her bums were milking my penis. The room was reverberated with the facch facchh. I continued fucking her ass for about 15 minutes and then I felt I was about to come. I told her softly, “I am coming”. She arched down and playfully squeezed my balls. I screamed, “ohhhh Soneeeeee” and began to fire my cum drops in her ass. I was pumping for about 20 seconds as I released all my lava in her favorite ass. I never had imagined that my fantasy would turn real and I would get to fuck her nice, fat round and sexy ass.

Lastly she longed to ride me. I was amazed to hear that; but I hoped it to be more pleasurable than any other position. I just welcomed her. I lay flat on the bed with my tool heading the ceiling. Sony spat on rod and gave few strokes to make it sexy. Then she sat just on my tummy keeping her legs beside my thighs. I wanted to first insert into her pussy and fuck her. So I just caught hold of her butts, separated her pussy lips and with a heavy thrust I pushed my dick into her pussy. In one stroke it went inside and got struck in her pussy. Sony also threw her whole weight vertically to take me inside. It ran inside very tight and her pussy pressed my dick all around. My dick was sandwiched in her pussy walls. I felt a heavy pain on my dick for some time; but it was amazing for me. She started to move back and forth to roll her cunt lips along my shaft. Gradually she gathered her momentum driving me into the heaven. I was caressing her butts and slapping them gently to double the pleasure. She was pressing her boobs and simultaneously licking, twitching her tits. I at times kneaded her bouncing boobs and fingered her asshole to give her utmost pleasure. She was moaning, “O God! Ooiii maa..  Ufff... Ummm... oooohhh... Ahhhhh... it is niicccee... really very nice…I lliikke ittt vveerryy mmuucchhh...” This time I discharged my cum in loads and loads for about 3 minutes. I confirmed that she had taken till the last drop of my cum and I pulled my cock out of her pussy. A moment later, I felt my engorged head completely explode inside her, the warm spurt of my cum filling her hole. Again, she felt her climax nearing and she threw back her head and thrust her pussy lips down as hard as they would go until every inch of me pounded into her. "Oh fuck... "Yeahhhh, oh God, yeahhh,"  She groaned shamelessly as the flood of ecstasy swept though her.

I took my cock out of her pussy and told her to lay still on her stomach on the bed with her ass pulled up and sticking out showing her ass-hole and pussy. Sony was lost and didn’t know what I was trying to do. I told her to relax and loosen her ass muscles which she tried to do. I slowly started shoving my little finger in her ass. This did not hurt her at all and she didn’t seem to mind. So I took it out and shoved my middle finger which was much thicker slowly in her ass. This was making her uncomfortable and she said, “Ravi! What are you doing? It hurts me.” I just told her to relax her ass and muscles and kept 2 inches of my middle finger in her ass and then stated moving the finger in and out slowly. In a minute, she had got used to this. And just to keep her hot, I massaged her clit a little, which again she enjoyed and made some nice appreciative sounds. Now I took out my middle finger and slowly shoved my thick thumb in her ass. While doing this, I used my rod to massage her clit which she liked and though she must have felt some pain with my thick thumb in her ass, she didn’t object. I now knew that Sony was ready for as ass-fuck. So I started flicking her clit making her pleasure increase. While doing this I positioned my penis head at her ass-hole and held the head with one hand and gave a small push. It wouldn’t go in and slipped upwards. So I changed position a little and again this time held her hip with 2 hands and pushed again, harder. My sahft head, with some harder pushing went inside and she wailed, “Ouuuwwwww, shit Ravi, what are you doing? My ass is paining badly….. Please take out your finger.” Little did she know that my dick was in her ass! I told her to relax and then again started massaging her pussy and clit. She was not happy and kept wiggling her ass sideways, which was pleasurable to me but resulted in more pain to her. My dick head was nicely lodged in her ass. Sony was probably concentrating on my clit massage and closed her eyes. I increased the tempo of my clit massage and she began to relax and enjoy it. Sony was making guttural sounds now and I knew that she would cum soon. I pushed a little and my boxer went in a little more. I was amazed as how much more flexible her ass was. Sony had also taken some of the pain well and hadn’t complained too much. She was now moving her ass and hips in jerking movements as she was drawing closer to probably her first orgasm. This movement was allowing me great pleasure and slowly I had pushed my tool about 4 inches into her ass. So I decided that instead of trying to kill her by pushing the thicker part of the rest of my rod, I would start fucking her ass with the slimmer first 4 inches only. In the next 2 minutes I increased the clit massage tempo and she started jerking with sharp and short up and down gyrations. She had cum. While she was cumming, I stopped my clit massage and held her hips and started and slow in and out movement with the top 4 inches of my dong. Her ass was like a vice around my rod and the feeling could never be compensated by any pussy fucking. The cum was spreading now and allowing a fairly easy ass-fuck. I held her ass tight and increased the fucking speed. I realized that I was out of control now and that with every thrust my penis seemed to be going deeper into her ass. Now with my shaft moving hard and fast in and out of her ass, about 6 inches were going in. Sony seemed to be moaning or crying I was not sure. She was yelling ahhh... hohoooo... and saying ahhhhh... fuck me hard ohhhhh... ahh.. oohhh... please fuck me. She moaned loudly oh.. ohhhhhh.. You bitch fucker! Fuck me and told I am cumming ahhhhhhhhha... and she came. I was far from cum. So I continuously fucked her. She continued moving fast aahhhhhh... oahaohhh... hhh! Woow! Aaaaamm... aaaam! I was close to cumming and was fucking her ass like a piston now. Lastly I ejaculated in her arse hole with a loud scream “Yeahhhh... Ohhh...”.

Then we settled in each other’s arms and rested to catch our breaths. We were sweating. Her ass and my cock were wet with semen. Sony looked at my cock and told me, “Let me clean your rod”. She sucked my love burger topped with sperm and cleaned it with a hanky. I wickedly said, “This was to happen before you married my cousin; but as you were older than me, I didn’t dare to provoke you.” She told, "But the gradual build up of my thought in your mind would not have occurred. However, you are perfect in executing your plans and it was the time to implement it with all our sincerity and passion". It lasted for more than 2 hours. And I never missed a chance to fuck her whenever both of us were free. I left no stone unturned to make each night a divine honeymoon. I hope you appreciate the story. I welcome the comments of the regular readers of Lushstories. Now if any horny women or gal want to meet me, rush your mails to .

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