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Bringing Back the Fire - Part 2

And the flames begin to flicker...
Mixed feelings ran through me as our hotel room closed behind her. Although I had just received a truly great and satisfying blow job (from which I was still recovering), there was still a lingering bitterness. Cheryl had just walked out the door for the sole purpose of giving away what she had so long denied me, her husband whom she repeatedly professed to love so much, yet refused to have sex with. On the other hand, I understood the power of lust and the animal attraction that can grip us so tightly. I had often doubted her love for me, based on her refusal to have sex and some of the truly 'mean' things she had said. She always maintained they weren't mean at all, claiming that I only took offense due to my over-sensitive nature. Whatever; we had made this pact, and she had never given me cause to not trust her, to not go back on her word.

The thought also struck me that at no point had Cheryl brought up or mentioned her weight. This was a factor that was often thrown into discussions and excuses for why she wouldn't have sex with me (there was an entire cornucopia of excuses). She was very self-conscious of her size, and claimed that no man could find a woman as big as herself sexually attractive. This was despite my continued praise and adoration of her curves. She had often told me I was crazy to tell her that I loved her body just as it was. It seemed as though her lust for Trevor had pushed those size concerns completely out of her mind. Interesting, I thought.

I noticed that at this point it was 9:37 PM - early enough that Cheryl might be back before I went to bed at 11. We hadn't discussed that - it dawned on me that she might be gone all night, but I doubted it...Trevor had to work in the morning and might not be up for an all-nighter with his little bit of "strange stuff".

Trevor was a fairly good looking guy, a little younger than I at 57. I guess he must have stood 5' 10" and weighed in at somewhere around 200 lbs, maybe a little more. He had a bigger forehead than I (not that that mattered) with short salt & pepper hair. So, a little bigger than I in general and a little less hair. And actually, a pretty nice guy. He spoke well of his wife (whom I had not met) and was not in the habit of talking trash about women (at least not in my presence).

I needed something to occupy myself in Cheryl's absence, so I fired up my laptop and lost myself in for a while.

At 11 I shutdown the laptop and took a quick shower before crawling into bed with my latest John Sandford novel. I probably drifted off to sleep by about 11:45.

Being a light sleeper, I woke when Cheryl came in a short time later. Although the room wasn't well lit (one small lamp had been left on), I could see that she was looking a little nervous. She was startled when I spoke to her, "Well?"

"Hi, sorry I woke you."

"Come over here, tell me about it."

"I...well...'we' did it," she began. "I almost didn't knock on his door but then I figured, what the hell."

"Take your clothes off, get naked," I told her.


"Yes, get naked, then I want to hear all about it."

Cheryl grinned a little as she stood in front of me and began to disrobe. Not a shy grin but more like excitement and a sense of inner-satisfaction with herself. Undressing didn't take long - her bra and panties were both missing.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"Yes, yes, I'm good!"

Her blouse was tossed to her bed, shoes kicked across the room, jeans pooled around her ankles as she stepped out of them. I could smell the acute scent of recent sex emanating from her hairy pussy. I reached for her hands and pulled her down for a hungry kiss.

Cheryl immediately stabbed her tongue deep into my mouth with a fierce fucking motion. This woman was still hot to trot! As we kissed I used my hands to coax her to swing her leg over, settling herself above me. She reached back to find my rapidly hardening cock.

Breaking the kiss, I told her that I wanted her to sit on my face and tell me everything that had happened.

The months of abstinence were forgotten - Cheryl eagerly slid herself up my body, poising her fragrant cunt above my mouth. "Everything, all the details," I told her hoarsely, before pulling her hips down, pulling her dripping pussy to my waiting lips.

Cheryl gripped the headboard as I started to eat her. She also began telling her story. "He was so surprised to see me at the door," she said. "I told him that you had sent me...he looked confused, then surprised, then pleased. He took my hand and kind of pulled me inside, closed the door and we kissed." Cheryl paused to moan as I tongue fucked her, tasting and smelling the pussy juice/cum/sweat mixture and loving it.

Cheryl continued, "It all started out so fast and before I really knew it he had my top off and his too, then my jeans were half off and I fell onto the bed. We kept kissing," (more moaning and squirming on my face) "really, really hard kissing with lots of tongue. He got my bra off and I had my hand in his pants, playing with his cock. He was already hard. really hard! We didn't say a word, it was like we didn't need to say anything - just do stuff."

I started sucking Cheryl's clit and humming - I knew that would get her off quickly, she could never hold back. I also knew that she was getting off in telling her story.

"Oh fuck yes, baby, suck that pussy! He got my jeans off, left my panties dangling from one ankle then stripped off his jeans. I was so fucking hot for him! (Oh fuck yes, right there!). He stood there for a moment, his cock was standing straight up. I didn't know what to do so I started pulling my nipples. He liked that a lot and he leaned down to taste me. I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!" Cheryl's ass was bouncing up and down as she came, grinding her cunt against my mouth. Her juices flowed hard, flushing out the remnants of Trevor's recently-deposited load. I sucked down what I could, moaning with my own excitement.

Soon Cheryl stopped me by rolling off and onto the bed beside me. We both took a minute to rest before she resumed her tale. "Yeah, so he got between my legs and started to lick me. It was different. Not bad, but different. He just licked and licked at my clit, not like you do."

"I was too hot to lay there and take that," she continued. "I actually pulled him up by his ears - he got the idea quick, and lay on top of me. He started playing with my tits, squeezing them, sucking my nipples. He did that good! He didn't fool around when I pulled my knees up though - I grabbed his ass and pulled him down. I was s fucking wet that he slid right into me. I guess he's a little thicker than you, but shorter too. And as soon as he was in me I came. I came really loud too, the neighbours had to have heard me! He fucked me really hard and really fast...bang, bang, bang. It was crazy-wild! It's been a long time since I've been fucked that hard - sorry, honey."

I chose to withhold the remark in my head about it having been a long time since she had been fucked, period. I'm nice like that.

"Anyway, as soon as I reached under him and tickled his balls, he came in me. He came lots and lots. Then he kinda collapsed on me before he rolled off. He doesn't make as much noise as you do when you cum. So that was that, we did it. Oh, and I left a puddle on the bedspread."

"That's it", I asked? "You were gone three hours and that was it?"

"That was it for awhile. We talked after a bit. I told him about the 'deal' you and I made. He thought that was really cool. Said his wife would never go for that. He said he thinks you are a really lucky guy but I told him that I am the lucky one,"

"So...did you fuck again? Did you suck his cock?" Certain that more had transpired, I wanted her to give me more details.

"Yes, but we talked for awhile, just everyday stuff, you know... Oh, and he wants me to go to Fort Saint John with you next week. When we talked about that part, I got horny again, I guess, because I started to kinda touch his cock."

"Oh come on now, you kinda touched his cock?"

"Well, yeah, I was touching it and stroking it, you know. And then I sucked it. It really had a lot of stuff on it but I cleaned it up good." Cheryl smiled at this.

"It was a slow sort of blow job. More for me than for him, I think. Maybe not. He was fun to suck. He jumps and moans like you do. I took my time because I knew it was too soon for him to go again and besides, I was enjoying it."

"I must have done that for at least half an hour, maybe even longer. I only stopped because my jaw was starting to ache. It's been a long time since I sucked a cock," she explained.

"Tell me about it," I said, rolling my eyes.

Cheryl slapped my shoulder playfully, then said, "never mind, you are going to get all you want from now on, right?"

"Yes I am and so are you, Darlin', now tell me what else happened."

"We fucked again. This time not so crazy though. First he fucked me all normal, like...missionary, you know? Then he fucked me like a dog," she said, biting her lower lip and reaching for my cock.

"And then I got on top and I fucked him. I came those two times and I came again when he did me doggie style again a bit later."

"Did he cum again?"

"Yes, the last time. The second time he did me doggie we came together. That's what you tasted when I sat on your face." She bit her lower lip again - telling her story was turning her on!

"Then he said he needed to sleep and it was late and you guys have to work in the morning. So I put on my clothes and came back here. So that's what happened."

"Did you leave your underwear up there in his room?"

"No, no, it's right there in my purse."

I kissed her deeply, slapped her naked ass and told her she had been a good little slut. I rolled over and went to sleep but not before I heard her say, "goodnight, sweetie, I love you! Thank you!"

To be continued...

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