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Curl & Figure

"Divorced sawyer is already having a great day when a pretty little country girl comes by looking for some wood."

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I have to tell you, friends, it was one of my best days at the sawmill, for more reasons than one.

From the moment one of my forester friends sent me a picture of that log, I was certain it was going to be one of the best pieces of timber I’d ever sawed.  Black walnut, and not one, not two, but three potential crotches.  That alone would have been enough, but when I saw that picture where the bark had flaked off, revealing telltale ripples...

Lord have mercy.

Now, he knew what he had, but it was essentially cast away timber from his regular customers who buy by the truckload.  I paid a pretty penny for that log, but it was a fair price for what it was.

I had customer orders lined up, so I had to leave that beautiful log lying down in the timber yard for three whole weeks while I sawed boards and posts.  It was torture, I tell you.  Finally, I put that black beauty on the loading arms, got it squared away, and fired up the mill.

The LT40 was purring like a kitten, and that four-degree double hard blade was cutting like a laser.  As soon as I finished that first cut to open it up, I pushed the waste off and started scraping sawdust.  I could tell immediately that it was going to be everything I’d hoped for, and I couldn’t wait to see what was hiding deeper down in that log.

I ended up with three eight-quarter live edge slabs that each had three breathtaking bits of crotch figure and that sweet curl.  The rest of the slabs were wonderful, but those three were some of the best that had ever come out of my sawmill.  A furniture maker paid me right handsomely for those when they finally came out of the kiln.

I was positively giddy while I snapped pictures, and then put them up on stickers to air dry.

Of course, that’s when my ex-wife decided to call and ruin a perfectly good day.  The sound of her voice alone could suck the life right out of me.  That will happen when you come home early with a fistful of flowers to surprise her for no reason, and find her in your bed with the fella that lives down the road.

I have no problem supporting our son.  I’m doing well with the mill, so I keep up on the child support payments, and I don’t mind kicking in when there’s something he wants.  I learned the hard way not to trust her when she asked for money, though.  I put her off, saying I needed to check my finances.  Then I fought that tiny screen with my fat fingers to send a text to Dillon.

I sent him the money to fix his dirt bike instead of trusting his mother to give it to him.                                          

I convinced Dillon to talk on the phone instead of texting after a couple of painfully slow replies.  Smartphones are useful, but I’m a simple man, and my fingers are meant for holding tools, not poking at a screen.  He was looking forward to our weekend together as much as I was.  That will surely lift a man’s spirits.

After one last look at the figure on the best of those slabs, I was feeling good again.  I headed out toward the house to upload the pictures, but saw someone pulling into the drive.

I didn’t recognize the truck, so I paused by the edge of the drive to wait on whoever had come to call.  As it got closer, I knew I’d never met the young woman behind the wheel.  There was no way I could have ever forgotten a pretty thing like that.

My best guess at the time was that she was in her twenties.  Her long blonde hair flowed out from under a Carhartt cap, and rustled in the breeze from the open windows.  She was smiling, and she was stunning.

I smiled too when I saw the front license plate said Rednecker Than U in pink flowing letters, surrounded by hearts.

“Hey there,” she said as she pulled to a stop next to me, and gave me a wave.  Her fingernails were painted bright red.

Speaking of figure...  She certainly had one.  The t-shirt she was wearing looked like it was about to give up the ghost from trying to keep her tits inside.  I was raised better than to stare – no matter how much I wanted to – so I said, “Hello.  Something I can do for you?”

“Any chance I can take a look through your burn pile over there?” she asked.

“Well, I suppose.  Have to tell you, there’s not much in there that’s good for anything.  I squeeze every bit of useful timber I can out of my logs.”

She said, “I’m hoping some of the knots on those offcuts might be worth turning on my lathe.”

I shrugged and said, “Well, if you can find something, you’re welcome to it.  It’s all going to go up in smoke in a couple of days.  I did see some nice bowl blanks out of a red cedar that was all full of voids a couple of weeks back, if you’d like to take a look at those?”

She nodded.  “Sure, I’ll give them a look.  I turn spindles, but I could cut them down.”

“Well, come on down to the mill.  I’ll show you those blanks, and then you can take a rummage through the burn pile.  Name’s Bill Halt.”

“Much obliged,” she said as she shut off the truck.  “Tracy Lynn Willis.”

She climbed out onto her side step, and then grabbed a chainsaw out of the bed.  She was just a little slip of a girl, but she hopped down with that chainsaw like she’d done it a thousand times.

I had to stop myself from staring again when she walked around the front of the pickup.  The cut-off jean shorts she was wearing weren’t quite Daisy Dukes, but they were close enough, and fit her just as tight as her t-shirt.  I turned toward the mill and pointed in order to take my eyes off her.

She fell into step beside me, and I asked, “You from around here?”

“I’m over by Washington.  I just picked up some wood from someone down the road, saw your burn pile, and thought I’d stop.”

“Washington?  You know Ron Jenkins?”

She laughed.  “Oh, I know old Ron.  I get most of my wood from him.”

“He turned me onto a black walnut that I just finished sawing.”

“Oh yeah?”  We reached the point where we could see into the building, and she remarked, “LT 40.  What kind of blades are you running?”

I answered, “Four degree double hard.”

She let out a whistle.  “Those go through like butter, don’t they?”

“They surely do,” I said with a smile.  It was always nice to talk to someone who appreciated the work of the man they were dealing with.

“Can I take a look at those offcuts from the walnut too?” she asked, pointing to where they were beside the open side of the building.

“Sure thing.  That was a beautiful piece of timber.”

“Nice figure?”

Yes, yes it is, I thought when I looked at her.  She was sure a hot little thing.  “Three crotches and curl.”

“Three?  I’ve got to see that.”

“Well, come on in,” I said, more than happy to share my good fortune with that log.

It was a new stack, so those slabs were only about knee height, and easy to see.  Tracy walked straight over to them. 

“Whooee.  You weren’t lying,” she said as she sat down her chainsaw and admired the top slab.

I chuckled and said, “If I’m lying, I’m dying.”

“How many are that good?”

“Three, and the others aren’t too shabby either.”

“Bet those don’t last long once they’re dry.”

“I’m going to post a few pictures once I head back into the house.  I’m betting I have them sold before they even hit the kiln.”

She turned toward me, wearing that brilliant smile, and brushed her golden locks back over her shoulder.  “How bad did Ron beat you up on this one?”

“Oh, I had to haggle pretty hard, but I think it was fair.  How’s he dealing with you?”

“The truth?” she said, and let out a little laugh.  “He’s sweet on me.  I usually bat my eyelashes at him and he lets me have whatever I want.”

“Yeah, that’s Ron alright.”  As long as I’d known him, he was a sucker for a pretty face.

“Well, there’s no way I can afford this, so where are those red cedar blanks?”

I led her over to where they were, and she made a beeline toward the biggest one.  It was about a foot long, eight inches high, and six inches wide, with some beautiful color.  I dealt with some folks who liked those big blocks, so whenever I saw an opportunity, I tried to keep a few on hand.

“What you have on this one?” she asked.

“Oh, I could go $25 on that one, I suppose.”

“Sold,” she said without hesitation.  “I’ll get four good blanks out of that, and if I find anything on the pile, I’ll make out like a bandit.”

“What do you turn?” I asked.  “I like to have some nice pieces around the house, so I barter with a lot of the turners, carvers, and makers I deal with.  Wood for finished pieces.”

She bit her bottom lip, giggled, and said, “I don’t think you’d be all that interested.”

“Well, you never know,” I suggested.

“Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you,” she said with a little girlish, sing-song in her voice.  “I make wooden dildos.”

Yep.  I did a double-take on that one.  She laughed at the look on my face, which I knew was colored full-on red from how hot my face was.

I cleared my throat, looked away, and said, “Yep, you’re right.  Don’t think I’d want to explain that sitting on the shelf.”

“You could always give one to a special someone,” she suggested.

“Not really anyone like that just now,” I responded, still fighting against my burning blush.

“Oh?” she said.  Before I could respond, she picked up her chainsaw and changed the subject.  “So, let me see if that knot on that walnut might be worth turning.”


We walked around the mill and then around the side of the building to the opening by the loading arms.  My eyes nearly jumped straight out of my head when she bent over to look at that offcut.  The way her butt looked in those tight shorts ought to be illegal.

I managed to tear my eyes away before she straightened and turned around.  “Was this going to the burn pile too?”

“If you want it, it’s yours,” I answered.

Maybe I’m no better than Ron, because I thought it was a small price to pay for a good look at such a hot little lady.

I’ve got to admit that I was impressed when she fired up that chainsaw and went to work.  She handled it like she was born with one, and she obviously kept it sharp.  It went through the end above that knot in nothing flat, and a second quick, professional cut sent it tumbling.

I was liking her more by the minute.

Since she obviously didn’t need any assistance, I said, “Why don’t I take this one and that cedar block to your truck for you while you take a look through the pile?”

“Well, I haven’t paid you for the cedar yet, you know?”

“I don’t hardly think you’re going to run off with it.  I’ll meet you down at the pile.”


Lord in heaven, that girl’s smile could turn a man’s knees to jelly.

I gathered up her walnut knot while she turned toward the pile.  I couldn’t resist another peek at that perfect butt and those smooth legs before heading inside.  That cedar block was anything but light, but I hefted it and braced it against my hip to carry it to her truck.

About the time I was sitting it in the bed atop the wood that was already there, I heard the chainsaw fire up.  She was cutting a second knot off when I made my way down to the pile.

“That should keep me busy for a while,” she said as she shut the chainsaw down.

“I’ll get these too.  That way you can keep both hands on the saw.”

“Meet you at the truck, then.”

I deposited her two pieces in the bed next to the others, trying to ignore her standing on the step, leaning into the truck with her perfect little butt wiggling a foot or so away.

“Here you go,” she said when she emerged with the cash.

“Thank you much.  If there’s anything special you want, I can keep my eye out for you.  I have some pretty good contacts with the local foresters and log buyers.”

She hopped down, setting those tightly bound boobs into a hypnotizing jiggle.  “I’ll keep that in mind.”

The next thing I knew, she had stepped in practically on top of me.  Then she reached up and started twisting the tip of my beard around a fingertip while looking into my eyes.

Her voice was a sultry almost-whisper when she said, “You know, I can’t believe you don’t have anyone to give one of my toys to.  That’s just a crime.  Come to think of it, there is something special I want.”

I was just plain thunderstruck. I couldn’t fathom the look in that pretty little woman’s eyes being directed at me.  I was damn near old enough to be her father, and the beard she was toying with had more than a few streaks of gray.

Tracy pulled off her cap and gave it a toss into the truck.  She pushed the door closed while shaking out her hair, and then asked, “So, want to go inside?”

I don’t remember thinking about nodding, but I surely did.  She slipped a hand up around my neck, stood up on her tiptoes, and pulled me into a kiss.

Friends, there’s no words to describe that kiss.  It damn near knocked me off my feet, and at the same time, I felt like I was going to take off flying.

“So, take me to bed,” she said when our lips finally parted.

Something about hearing her say that made it more real, and my conscience reared its ugly head.  When she took my hand and tried to pull me toward the house, I stood my ground, and asked, “Are you sure about this?  I mean...  Me?”

“Yes, you.” she answered without hesitation.  “Older men and nice, big beards turn me on.  I’ve been wet from the moment I saw you walking up from the mill.”  She then affected a pout and said, “You’re not going to leave a lady in distress like that, are you?”

That’s when my conscience punched out for the day and kicked back in its rocking chair.

“No Ma’am, I surely ain’t,” I said as I let her guide me toward the house.

It’s all a blur from there to the bedroom.  I remember directing the way once we were inside, but that’s about it.  She put another one of those amazing lip locks on me once we were beside my bed, and guided the hand I put on her back down to that tight little behind of hers.

She wasn’t shy.  That’s for sure.  Tracy let out a sexy growl, pulled away from the kiss, and sat down on my bed.  She’d barely settled before she grabbed the tail of her t-shirt and yanked it up.  Those firm young breasts tumbling out were a sight to see – I can tell you that.  It had been a dog’s age since I’d seen a pair so nice, up close and personal like that.

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Hell, I don’t know that I ever had.

She gave her shirt a toss, those tits a squeeze, and then lifted her left foot.

“Get these boots off for me?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered as I slipped a hand beneath that smooth-shaven calf.  I gave the knot a yank, loosened the laces, and slipped off her boot.  When she wiggled her toes, I slid her sock off as well.

She had her toenails painted red, to match her fingernails.

It’s a good thing I didn’t need to look at what I was doing, because I couldn’t take my eyes off her leaned back and teasing one of her nipples while I worked on her other boot.

She sat up as her sock fluttered to the ground, and hooked her fingers under my belt.  As soon as I stepped in, she popped my belt open, leaving the buckle hanging and jangling.  Something was definitely not hanging when she unzipped my jeans.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned while running her fingers over the bulge in my drawers.  “Take ‘em off.”

I lifted a boot and yanked the laces while she lay down on the bed.  She unzipped her shorts, revealing red, white, and blue panties peeking out from between the parting teeth of the zipper.  You can bet your ass that I was standing up and saluting for that.

She was wriggling out of her shorts and panties at the same time I was dropping my pants.  I froze for a moment when I saw it, while I was kicking my jeans away.  Just like those slabs earlier in the day, she had some curl to go with her figure.

I’ve got nothing against a woman who shaves, but there’s something about a nice, thick, nest of curls between a woman’s legs that gets me going.  She’d shaped it into a wedge, but where she let it grow, she left it long and untamed.



She kicked her shorts off her left foot, and the denim pulled a ringer on the footboard post.  She didn’t even give me a chance to take my shirt off before she popped out of the bed, wrapped her fingers around my dick, and kissed me hard.

I couldn’t help but run my hands all over that sweet young thing’s body.  I knew she was turning me, but I wasn’t paying that thought much mind when I grabbed a double handful of her tight little behind.

Yes, sir, she caught me out good when she gave me a shove.  With my legs pushed up against the bed, and my brain all afire with lust, I went down like a felled tree.  The springs screamed and the headboard whacked the wall as I sank into the mattress.  Little Tracy Lynn climbed straight in after me.

She nudged and tugged, and I scooted in response until I was right on the bed, with my head on the pillow.  She gave a flip of her hair, and dropped down into my lap.

Lord, the way that little lady used her tongue had me growling and squirming.  The whole time, she was looking up at me, and grinning like a possum in the persimmons.  Those big titties were resting on my leg, and her butt looked as pretty as a picture wiggling about.

Tracy looked up at me with her eyes full of mischief while she slathered her tongue all over the head.  Then she took it in, gave it a suck, and let it pop back out.  I expected more of the same when her warm lips slid over me again.  Instead, she swallowed me right down to the root.

“Ah, lord,” I grunted in disbelief.  That little slip of a girl bobbed her head in my lap, taking all of me without the slightest fuss.  Her golden hair danced and caressed my legs – and not just the hairs on her head, either.  She straddled my leg and started grinding that wet, hairy pussy against me too.  I couldn’t do much more than grunt, growl, breathe like a bellows, and claw at the quilt.

Tracy Lynn chuckled around me, never missing a beat.

It didn’t take long for me to start squirming.  Even when my hips would buck up, and I could feel her bottom lip against my balls, she barely let out a croak.

Now, it had been more than a little while for me, and that hot mouth of hers was getting me there fast.  I’m not as young as I used to be, and I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take to get another rise if she sucked me dry.  Truth to tell, I didn’t have enough of my wits about me to do anything about it, though.

It just so happened that I lurched hard enough to finally gag her.  She yanked away, trailing thick strands of spit and coughing.  Even though her eyes were misted up and she was sniffling, she gave a hard swallow, pushed her hair out of her face, and tried to get right back down there.

I sat up lickity-split because it wasn’t going to take much more of that for me to go off like a geyser in her mouth.  I caught her under her arms and said, “I want a taste of you.”

“Well, I ain’t gonna argue with that, honey,” she said and started scooting forward as I sank back down to the mattress.

It was surely one of the prettiest things I ever did see.  She had to be soaking wet from the way the hairs sparkled around the pink peeking out between.  I took a good, deep breath of her musk, grabbed her butt, and pulled her to my lips.

The squeal she let out was music to my ears.

“Mmm!  Get in there and get some,” she said with laughter in her voice as I licked her.

There’s nothing quite like wallowing your tongue through the brambles to get to the prize inside.  She tasted sweeter than cherry pie.  I lapped up her honey like a starving man, because I surely was with that sweet young pussy in my face.

Tracy squealed and whimpered as I ate her up.  My beard and her bush got all tangled up, and they were both soaking wet in no time at all.  I cut my eyes up at her, and saw hers were as big as saucers.  Even though her mouth was wide open and she was breathing hard, the corners of her lips were still turned up into a smile.  Her face was getting mighty red, too.

I latched on and sucked her little clitty hard.  Tracy Lynn yelped, jerked, and then screamed, “Yes!”

There was nothing more I wanted in the world at that moment than to make that beautiful woman come so hard she couldn’t see straight.  I sucked and tongued her button with everything I had.  I could feel her twitching and trembling.  Hearing her holler was like the sweetest music.

“Yes.  Just like that.  Don’t stop,” she cooed.  “Oh, you’re gonna make me come so hard.  Lick it.  Lick my little pussy.”

When the last word changed to a squeal, I felt her go all stiff.  I sucked her clitty hard and tongued it like my life depended on it.  I heard her suck in a noisy gasp, and then she screamed.

Tracy Lynn lurched forward and grabbed onto the headboard as she came.  I dug my fingers into her butt and held that sweet pussy against my lips.  Her honey dripped onto my chin while she jerked, twitched, trembled, and wailed in ecstasy.  I growled around her little bud, and kept on sucking.  She just kept coming.

I felt like a million bucks with that pretty little thing writhing in orgasm on my face.

It must have got to be too much for her, because she let out a yelp and yanked her pussy away with strength the likes of which I never would have imagined.  I ended up with her hairy puss sitting on my forehead and dripping into my hairline, while she gasped for air and whimpered.

I was all ready to drag her back to my lips, but her breathing sounded ragged enough to make me think better of it.  When she slipped down off my head – probably slicking my hair down – I sat up and turned around.

Her face was beet red, but her knuckles were white from holding onto that headboard.  She was still shaking, twitching, and fighting for breath.  She let out a frightened whimper and weakly tried to pull away when I slipped and arm around her.

“Here.  Lie down,” I whispered, and felt her relax.  A moment later she jerked and whimpered from an aftershock.

Once the jolt passed, she let me help her slump down, and then roll over.  She was breathing a little better by that point, but not by much.  Tracy grabbed my arm and pulled me down next to her.  Once I settled onto the mattress, she scooted over and rested her head on my shoulder with a moan.

I stroked her hair and caressed her side until she stopped panting.  Let me tell you, I felt damn proud of myself.  Couldn’t stop smiling.  If that had been the end of it, I’d have been straight-up content.

“Lordy,” she finally muttered.

“Got your breath?”

“Barely.  Damn near made me fly apart.”  I felt her shudder.

“That was just...”  I trailed off, words failing me.

“Uh huh,” she agreed, and laughed.

Tracy Lynn half sat up – still looking a little weak – and turned to face me.  Her smile almost immediately turned into pursed lips, and she snorted.  Then she reached up and ran a finger through my pussy-soaked beard.

“Look at the mess I made,” she said.

“Love it.  I can still taste you.”

Her eyes rolled up in her head and she whimpered.  “And this is why I want a man.  All the boys my age are just that – boys.  Got no idea how to lick a pussy right.”

“More where that came from, darlin’.  Climb on up here and take another ride.”

That sweet darling shivered and let out a growl when she heard that.  Her hand slipped under the tail of my t-shirt, and she let out a surprised moan.  That moan deepened as she slid her hand higher, running her fingers through my chest hair.  She lifted her arm, letting my shirt slide up it, and I got the hint.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned as I pulled my shirt up and off.

I tell you, if I wasn’t already on my back, I would have been when I saw the look in her eyes.

“I’m aching.  I need you all up in me,” she said in a sexy, breathless voice.

She wasn’t beating about the bush either.  Those words barely passed those pretty lips before she straddled me, stood my dick up, and sank down on it.

My goodness, that pussy was tight.  I had to fight to keep my eyes open from how good it felt sliding down around me.  Tracy’s eyes rolled up in her head and she gasped once I was about halfway inside her.  Her head lolled back and she trembled for a few seconds.

Let me tell you, there was no holding back the growl that come out of me when that pussy of hers squeezed even tighter.

Tracy Lynn’s head snapped forward, and it was her turn to growl as she sat straight down on me.  She leaned forward and groaned once I was all inside her – root to tip.  Her hair cascaded down in front of her face, and the hair between her legs tangled up with mine.

I could have died and gone straight to heaven right then and there.

She moaned as she straightened over me.  “Mmm hmm.  So deep in me.”

Friends, there are no words to describe how good she looked perched up on top of me like that, and it was just the beginning.  She leaned forward onto her hands, bringing that smile and those firm young titties even closer to me.

“Lord, honey,” I groaned as she wiggled, making those tits and long curtain of hair sway in front of me.

“Tell me if you’re getting too excited,” she said while rocking her hips, stroking me in that tight little pussy.  Then she chuckled and added, “Or if I’m about to break it off.  Can’t have that.”

The way she moved was like the waves on the lake in the early morning.  She bent her back, making those titties jiggle right in my face.  Her moans had me all broke out in goosebumps.  I got myself a double handful of her tight butt and bucked my hips when she hit bottom.  The way her eyes lit up and widened – and that little squeak she let out...  Pure heaven.

“Feels so good,” she moaned.

I responded, “I ain’t even got words.”

Her smile turned a little crooked and she suggested, “How about make that pussy come for me?”

I growled and said, “Make that pussy come for me, darlin’.”

Tracy gasped and sat up straight over top of me again.  She put one hand behind her, the other between her legs, and set to riding me hard.  My old bed’s springs were screaming and the headboard banging against the wall in no time.

I grunted and clenched my teeth, because she was right close to making good on that warning about breaking it off.

Those firm young tits were bouncing, and her fingers were strumming between her legs a mile a minute.  I could feel her honey running down my balls and see it creaming up in the hair around her pussy.  She was yanking my old bone around but good.  Worked out in my favor, though.  I don’t know how long I could have lasted all up inside her if she wasn’t bending it every which direction.

Her face turned red and I could feel that pussy squeezing even tighter.  She was whooping and whimpering loud enough that I was half afraid the neighbors would hear her, even though they could barely hear my mill when it was running.  I was barely holding on myself.  She had me growling like a bear, trying to keep my cum down.

“Oh!  Oh!  Oh lord!” she hollered, and went plumb wild on top of me.  Next thing I know, that sexy young woman threw her head back and let out a scream that I’m sure damn to near broke the windows.

Tracy thrashed around like a sapling stuck in a tornado when she come up.  Got to tell you, I didn’t get to enjoy that much at the time, because I was fighting for all I was worth to keep from shooting her full.  She was riding me, but I was the one who wasn’t going to last the eight seconds.

No sweeter words were ever uttered than when she screamed, “Come in me!  Fill my pussy up!  Fill it up!”

And I surely did.

I sowed my seed like I ain’t never felt before.  Must have felt like a cow pissing on a flat rock hitting the back of her pussy.  We were both flopping around like we’d just grabbed onto an electric fence in the rain.

She fell down on top of me, and we were both breathing like a bellows.  Those big firm titties were all slippery with sweat against my chest, and I could feel my cum dripping out of her.

Took us both a good while to catch our wind after that, I tell you.  When she finally did, she let out a giggle and snuggled in next to me.  I knew right then and there that I wouldn’t have a finer day before the good lord called me home.

I was wrong as wrong could be.

Damn me if I know what good I’d done in life to deserve it, but I’m married to that pretty little woman now.  We share all the chores, and we both got our own trades right here at home.  We can sit and get to talking so long that we look up and realize the sun’s long gone.  Tracy Lynn still has Ron wrapped around her little finger, so I get my logs a damn sight cheaper nowadays.

A man couldn’t ask for a more perfect wife – or mother.  I’ve got two boys now, and I’m damn proud of both of them.  Our Jacob is only five, and he’s already taking on chores without a fuss.  Dillon comes by and helps me at the mill whenever he’s got the chance, and he can’t wait until Jacob is old enough to go riding with him.

My sweet pea is still a wildcat in bed, too.  Quieter with a youngun in the house most of the time, but when he’s off with his grandparents...  Whooee!  She’s looking to have a girl now, so I’ve been getting run plumb ragged in the bed.

That there’s one chore that I surely don’t mind getting worn all down to the nub for.

Written by RejectReality
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