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Dirty Dancing Part 2

The story continues
We had got back to my hotel room and Paula and I were laughing about our close encounter on the stairwell, I still had her panties in my pocket...

"I believe these are yours?" I said to her, reaching in to my pocket and pulling out her panties, white ones made of a thin nylon gauze that allowed the contents to be seen.

"How do I know they are not yours?" she answered, smiling.

"I guess you will never know," I replied

I brought the panties to my face and inhaled the aroma, smelling her sex where her juices had oozed earlier. The smell was intoxicating, making my cock begin to stiffen again, the thought of how turned on she must have been earlier adding to the thrill. Paula could see my jeans begin to bulge and smiled coyly.

"You seem to be enjoying sniffing my panties cowboy, how about the real thing?"

She headed towards the bedroom and lay on the bed, spreading her legs as wide as her skirt would allow. I followed her into the room and knelt down on the floor before the bed. I leaned in towards her and kissed her knees, then the inside of her thighs. Paula quivered as my head moved up the inside of her thigh, planting kisses along the way. I reached the hem of her skirt and pushed the material up. She lifted her bottom to accommodate the material being pushed up. There was a trail of my semen on her leg that had dribbled out of her pussy, I licked it up before moving on.

Now her waist was exposed before me in the soft lamp light of the room. I could see the neatly trimmed patch of dark hair that surrounded the lips of her pussy. The lips were dark pink in colour and were covered in a mixture of her juice and my cream that was inviting to be licked up. I lowered my head to her pussy and again smelled her aroma, this time much stronger as it also contained my scent, musky and erotic. I ran my tongue along her lips before lowering my head so my tongue probed her more deeply. Paula gasped as I found her clit and began to lick it steadily and firmly.

She tasted so good, bitter and sweet at the same time. Her thighs clamped around my head as I worked her, her body trembling with pleasure. After a few moments, I came up for air. I moved up her body to kiss her, feeling her full breasts compress against my chest as I did so.

Our tongues dueled as we kissed, I wondered what she thought of being able to taste her self as well as my cum and if she liked it or not. I broke off the kiss after a couple of minutes so I could undo the buttons of her blouse. As I did so, her white lace bra became visible. It matched the panties in that it too was made of a nylon gauze that was semi transparent so her large, dark nipples could be seen straining at the material. I lowered my head to the material and sucked on one of her nipples, my saliva making the material wet. Her nipples hardened even more as I nibbled and sucked on them, first one and then the other.

As I was attending her nipples, my hand returned to her pussy and I slipped a finger in to it. She was so turned on and her pussy was slippery with our juices. I worked her clit again, building a steady rhythm. Her whole body was moving now, in sync to my finger. She was gasping.

"Oh god baby, I need you inside me, now!!" Paula growled.

Obediently, I moved myself so my cock was level to her pussy. I could feel the heat of her as the tip pressed against her pussy lips. With one quick push, I was inside her, sliding all the way home until I was fully buried in her pussy. She gasped as she could feel me filling her up. The heat and dampness felt so good as her flesh surrounded my cock. I held it still for a few moments, enjoying the sensation and closeness of the situation.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me hard!" Paula ordered.

Again, I obeyed and began to move inside her, pulling all the way out until my cock rested just between her lips before plunging back in. Paula's legs wrapped around my back, holding me tight to her as she matched my stabs, clenching her pussy muscles for more pleasure. The bed creaked beneath us as we moved, lost in the moment. I felt so in control, we fit perfectly and she seemed to feel the same way as she gasped and begged me to fuck her.

We moved faster and faster, my cock slamming into her over and over again, heading towards the point of no return. Paula cried out, letting me know she was about to cum. Her body locked rigid as she came, her legs like a vice around me. She screamed as her climax hit her and a string of words spewed forth from her as she gave herself completely to the orgasm. Moments later, I felt my balls tightening as they prepared their cargo for release. Red heat seared along my shaft as my seed raced along it, finally exploding into her waiting pussy. Jet after jet pumped into her writhing body, spasm following spasm.

I collapsed onto her heaving body, sticky with perspiration, kissing her until our bodies stopped moving and we began to relax, enjoying the closeness.

"Next time, you should take your boots off cowboy," she teased.
To be continued...

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