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Harley and the Hitchhiker - Chapter 2

Contributing Authors: Master_Jonathan 

Rick and Angel share their penchant for the D/s lifestyle and put it into practice.


After showering, I emerged from the bathroom with the towel wrapped around my waist. It’s now Angel’s turn to stare, her eyes transfixed on the towel being pushed forward by a very erect cock in need of relief. She is sitting on the edge of the bed, still wrapped in her towel.

Rising to her feet, Angel walks over to me and kisses first one cheek, then the other and whispers, “I have taken the liberty of ordering room service for us, Sir. I hope you’re not upset with me.”

“Of course not, Angel. We need to relax and get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow.”

Angel gives me a quick kiss on the lips before she got down on her knees on the floor. Looking down, I watch as her hands pull the towel from my waist causing my cock to hit her left cheek.

I watch as she takes the swollen cock head between her hands. Looking up she says, “This is for being kind to me.” Her full lips part and she kisses the head of my circumcised cock. Still looking up at me, her mouth descends the entire length of my cock. Her mouth slowly glides back up the shaft to the swollen head, tongue circling all around as her hand fondles my cum-filled scrotum.

Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door, followed by a voice, “Room service.”

“Go answer the door, Angel.”

Helping her to her feet, she goes to the door as I wrap the towel around my waist.

"Here you are ma'aaa..." the young steward says as Angel opens the door to him completely nude.

"You can just put it on the table sweetie," she says feeling playful. She looks at me and I wink at her giving her permission to have a little fun with the poor boy. He goes and sits the tray down on the table and I hand her a $20.00 for a tip. But Angel, wanting to make the young man earn his tip, folds it in half lengthwise and slips it folded edge up between her legs so that it is just in between her lips. "What's your name honey?" she asks.

"Tommy, ma'am," he says, trying not to ogle her.

Well, here's your tip Tommy. You can take it but you'll have to use your mouth!" she says.

He looks at her then at me. "Go ahead son, if you want to the tip go get it!" I tell him, wanting to watch this too.

The young man gets down on his knees and Angel moves closer. He puts his face down to grab the bill with his teeth. "Don't be in such a hurry love, Take time to smell the roses!" Angel says. He inhales her scent, now musky, as she is turned on with this game. He takes the bill in his teeth and pulls it out slowly as Angel moans. When he has the bill in his mouth, he stands up and removes it.

"That was hot honey... maybe you could come back later and we can play some more," she says. Then Angel pulls the young man into a deep, hard kiss grabbing his hard cock through his pants and squeezing it. He leaves with a blush and a story to tell his friends about the hot woman in the hotel room!

Tommy shuts the door and Angel turns scampering back to me laughing at how she made the young man sweat. "Shame on you, Angel... you almost made that young man cum in his pants!" I say.

"I know... he nearly wet himself when he opened the door!" she says.

I reach between her legs. "Looks like he's not the only one who got wet!" I remark.

"Well, Sir, it was kinda fun teasing him like that!" she admits.

"Yes, but the poor boy was just trying to do his job. Maybe you need a spanking for being so mischievous!" I say. I pull her over my knee.

"Oh Sir!" she says. I can tell she has secretly been hoping I would take charge of her ever since I told her I was a Dom. As she lays over my knees, I take her closest arm and bend it ninety degrees over her back and hold it right in the small of her back to keep it out of the way. "Now give me your other arm. I don't want these hands getting in my way," I tell her. She brings her other arm back and I hold them both in one strong hand while using them to hold her down at the same time.

"Now then, something tells me that it's been awhile since you've had a proper spanking and I don't know you well enough to know how much you can take or what your limits are so we will start slow. But I want to make sure you get out of it what you need so I will ask you how you are doing from time to time. We will use the traffic light method - if you are okay with what is happening and want more, you say green when I ask. If it is getting close to your limit and you need to slow down a bit, you say yellow. And if it gets to be too much, you say red and I will stop immediately. Understand?" I tell her.

"Yes Sir," she says.

"Very well then we shall begin," I say and I raise my hand, smiling as she tenses up. I wait a few seconds for her to relax her guard and then I begin. Right from the first swat I keep the spanking going, a steady rhythm of a swat every second. This gives her enough time each swat to feel it and for the sting to set it a bit before the next one comes along. I work over one cheek for a few swats and then the other, then I alternate back and forth. It doesn't take long before her pale creamy ass cheeks take on a soft pink hue. She begins to wriggle and kick her legs a little working through the stinging swats and offering just enough fight to make it fun for us both.

"How are you doing, Angel?" I ask after a few rounds of swats.

"Green Sir," she responds. I continue with more swats. Her ass is turning pinker and I can feel it begin to warm. Angel is squirming a bit more and softly moaning now.

"How are you doing now Angel?" I ask again.

"Still green Sir," she says. "Sir, you can go harder. I can take it."

"Well my hand is wearing out - I haven't given a spanking like this in a while. Go get your hairbrush and bring it back here," I tell her.

"M-my hairbrush, Sir?" she asks, a little concerned about this latest development.

"Yes, you heard me. Fetch me your hairbrush now," I command her. She gets up and goes to bring back her wooden hairbrush. I had noticed it sitting on the vanity and saw that it had a nice wide flat back on it... prefect for subbie spanking!

She assumes her position again and I waste no time in picking back up where we left off - this time using the hairbrush though instead of my bare hand!

"Oh Sir!" she cries when the hairbrush begins landing. I keep the same once a second rhythm going and her ass responds much quicker now, becoming more red than pink. Angel is squirming with purpose now and moaning and whimpering as the spanking settles in.

"Oh, Sir! Please Sir, I'll be good! Oh! Ohhh!" she cries. But in her efforts to convince me, I notice a familiar and welcome scent... the scent of a woman aroused! I swat her ass a few more times before pausing.

"How are you doing, Angel?" I ask.

“Green Sirrr," she moans out.

"Spread your legs," I command. Angel parts her thighs a bit and I reach between them. Just as I thought - Angel was sopping wet!" "You are enjoying this spanking aren't you, Angel?"

"Oh, yes, Sir! Please, please spank me harder! Harder please, Sir!" Angel moans. She is getting close and she needs a little more to push her over the edge.

I want to see her cum again as well as get my own needs taken care of. So I gather myself and get a good grip on the hairbrush. Then I give her the "push" she is asking for.

Bringing her hands down a few inches, I paddle her ass harder and faster, alternating sides and spanking her at double the rate I was before. Angel squeals and raises her ass up to meet the hairbrush as she reaches her climax. Then just as she goes over the edge, I add a new trick - I shove the thumb from the hand holding her wrists into her ass as I continue to spank her with the hairbrush in the other!

"OHHH, FUUUCCCKK SSSIIRRR!" Angel screams out as she erupts, pouring her juices out onto the linoleum floor. I turn loose of her wrists so Angel could grab my leg and hold on. I shove two fingers into her drooling pussy and finger-fuck her as she cums, making it more intense and drawing it out for her.

Even before her orgasm has completely left her body, I stand up, dropping Angel to her shaky, unstable hands and knees. I grab her long brown hair and make her crawl over to the bed, half dragging her because I am moving so quickly. I haul her to her feet by her hair and bend her over the side of the bed with her flaming ass facing me. Without warning or preparation, I pull her sore ass cheeks apart and shove my steel-hard cock full length into her wet pussy and begin fucking her like I had a time limit.

"Oh God, Sir! Oh yes! Fuck me, Sir! Fuck me hard! Ohhh!" she cries out as I bury my length in her wet, warm sheath. I hold her hips and slam into her hard and fully making her grunt from the force of my thrusts. I pound into her mercilessly until a few moments later I can feel my balls signaling me. As I get close to cumming, I pull out, shoving her to the floor and as she kneels there with me holding her face up by her hair, I spray my hot sticky cum across her face and into her waiting hungry mouth. I shoot a massive load onto her pretty face and she licks and sucks up as much as I give her mouth.

Finally, I am spent and she licks and sucks the last of my cum from me. Seeing her sitting there panting on the floor, I stand and pull her to her feet, marching her over to the mirror in the bathroom.

"Look at yourself, slut! Look what kind of cock-loving cum slut you've become. Are you a cum slut? Are you?" I bark, shaking her head.

"Yes! Yes, I am a cock-loving cum slut, Sir!" she cries, still wobbly and fuzzy-headed.

"That's right. Now whose cock-loving cum slut are you?" I ask, shaking her head again.

"Yours, Sir! I am your cock-loving cum slut, Sir! Please, please let me be your slut, your whore, Sir! Please!" she cries.

"Then go get cleaned up and then come back in here, we need to talk about this," I tell her. She immediately goes into the bathroom to do as I say. A few minutes later she comes out cleaned up with a towel around her.

"I'm done with my shower now. You wanted to talk about something?" she asks.

"Yes, I did Angel. You asked me a few minutes ago to make you 'my slut, my whore', did you mean that or was it just something said in the heat of passion?" I ask her.

"A little of both, to be honest, Sir. I would like to be your slut your whore for the time we are together. I do miss being owned. And yes, I said it in the heat of passion as you said, but it took that for me to work up the courage to ask you. That way, if you refused, I could just say it was my lust that made me say it. It gave me a way out without too much embarrassment on either of our parts, I guess," she says.

"I see," I say, pausing there to think about this offer. I did enjoy this woman very much, but we would only be together for a short time. Hardly enough time to really do anything more than play a bit. Still playing with her was fun and she seemed to enjoy it as well...

"Angel drop the towel and kneel down," I tell her. She drops the towel from around her and kneels, naked on the floor in front of me.

"I accept your offer, Angel and I will consider you my slut for as long as we are together on this trip. You will call me Master from now on except when we are around other people. Then you will call me Sir. Understand?" I say.

"Yes, Master. Thank you," she says, smiling a little.

"Now there are a few other rules you need to know, now that you are mine. First off, you will not touch a doorknob while in my presence. Opening doors is my job and when we come to a door, you will wait for me to open it and hold it open for you," I tell her.

"Yes Master," she says.

"Secondly, when it's mealtime you will wait with your hands folded in your lap until both of us have our food and then wait until I have taken the first bite before eating yourself. This was an old custom back in the Middle Ages. The man would take the first bite to make sure it was good to eat - not spoiled, or rotten, or even poison - before allowing his family to eat," I tell her.

"Yes Master," she replies.

"You already ask before being excused which is good so we will continue that, as well. And since we are riding a trike you won't be wearing many dresses so the no panties thing is kind of a moot point. However, when we are alone like this, I want you to be available at all times. If you wear anything, make sure it isn't... complicated - do you understand?" I ask her.

Angel smiles and blushes a bit, "Yes, Master, I understand. How about my over-sized sleeping shirt and no panties?" she asks.

"That would be fine. It gives you enough clothing to meet the hotel steward without giving the poor boy a heart attack every time and yet it's sexy enough for me!" I say.

"Master, are you going to be taking advantage of my 'availability' often?" she asks, a hopeful lilt in her voice.

"Yes, my slut... very often," I assure her.

"Oh, thank you, Master! Thank you for accepting me and thank you for everything you've done for me so far! You are the best Master a slut could have!" she says.

I reach down and pull her up into my lap and she puts her arms around my neck, pulling me into a sweet passionate kiss. I sit there with this beautiful, naked, submissive woman in my lap, thinking it can't get any better than this!


The next morning, we get a very early start. Angel looks amazing in her pink tank top as she slips on the leather jacket. Leaving Wichita, we get on I-135 N. working our way to Pierre, South Dakota. After five hours of riding, we make a stop in Greeley, Nebraska to grab a bite to eat and gas up the trike.

Five hours after leaving Greeley, Angel and I arrive in Pierre. I head straight to the Baymont Inn & Suites. Parking the trike, I get off and looking at Angel, tell her, “You did great today. I’m so proud of you. It was a long day, but tomorrow will be a much shorter ride.”

Taking her hand, I help her off the trike and then grab our bags. It is five in the afternoon when we finally check in and go to our room. We are both exhausted from the long ride and I tell Angel to go shower while I order room service. Emerging from the bathroom, Angel is wearing her blue tank top and matching blue thong.

“I’m going to take a quick shower and if room service should arrive before I finish, you will answer the door as you are, Angel.”

“Yes, Master.”

Just as I emerge from the bathroom, wearing a pair of blue silk boxers peppered with small white polka-dots, there is a knock at the door. Without hesitation, Angel walks to the door and opens it. The young man enters and places the food on the table, his eyes nearly popping out of his head at the sight of Angel.

Showing him the door, she kisses his cheek and says, “Thank you, young man” and squeezes his obvious bulge before closing the door. After a delicious meal, Angel and I snuggle in each other’s arms and soon fall asleep.


We wake up mid-morning, still in each other’s arms and lay there enjoying the moment as we kiss. Angel looks at me and asks, “Master, shouldn’t we start getting ready to go?”

“You’re right Angel, let’s get dressed and go have some breakfast before we head out. It’s just over a three hour ride to Sturgis.”

“That sounds good Master, I’m starving.” Angel says, jumping out of bed.

Once dressed, we check out and head to the nearest diner. I help Angel off the trike and she takes her rightful place, a step behind me and to my left with her head down. Opening the door, Angel walks in and waits for me. The hostess seats us and brings us coffee to start.

Looking over the menu, I tell Angel, “You will be staying with me, in Sturgis. I have a reservation at the Best Western Sturgis Inn. At this time, do you know your work schedule?”

“Yes Sir, I am working the evening shift for the first five days of the rally only.”

“That’s good, it will give us time to take in the sights and attend some of the concerts, take a bike tour of the area and of course go to a few of the other drinking establishments and see what events they have.”

The waitress comes and takes our order. “Angel will have the cheese omelet with hash browns and Texas toast, buttered. I will have the Mexican skillet, sunny-side up, on the eggs and Texas Toast, buttered.”

“I’ll put that right in and come back with more coffee.”

“What are your plans for after the bike rally, Angel?”

“Well, I have several thoughts on that. I might stay in Sturgis, maybe go to Rapid City and tend bar there, other than that, I haven’t really decided what else I’d like to do. It depends on what happens in Sturgis.”

Sandy, our waitress, returns with more coffee.

“Sir, may I be excused, I need to use the restroom.”

“You may, but remove your bra before returning and carry it by the strap so everyone can see what you have done.”

“B-but, Sir.”

“No buts, just do it and never hesitate again when I tell you to do something.”

“Yes, Sir.” Angel replies, softly as she gets up from the table.

Everyone watches as Angel walks back, carrying her red shelf bra. I remember her wearing it back at the hotel, the bra barely covered her nipples. The men smile appreciatively as well as some of the women. Just as she sits down, the food arrives. Sandy notices the bra as she places the food on the table and says, “I’m wearing that exact same bra.”

It’s time for us to hit the road. We hop on US-83S and make our way to Sturgis. A little over three hours later, we arrive and go straight to the Full Throttle Saloon so Angel can check in. We sit at the bar and I ask one of the bartenders, “We would like to talk to whoever is in charge of hiring.”

“Did you fill out an online application?” The cute bartender asks, looking at me.

“I’m not the one, Angel is the one you want to talk to.” I tell her, while glancing over at Angel.”

“I’m Angel Mendoza, and yes, I did fill out an online application, back in February.”

“Okay, follow me Angel and by the way, my name is Suzie.”

Angel returns fifteen minutes later and I order her a beer. She informs me that she starts tomorrow on the second shift as she told me before. The rally starts tomorrow, but there are already a large number of bikers here. We decide to ride around Sturgis for a while before stopping for a bite to eat.

After placing our order, Angel says, “Did you ever see so many bikes in one place, Sir?”

“No, I haven’t, Angel.” I reply as our waitress brings our food.

Soon, we find ourselves in our room at the Best Western Sturgis Inn.

“Let’s freshen up, relax for a while and go back to the Full throttle Saloon.” I say to Angel.”

“That’s a wonderful idea, Master.”

Angel walks over and pulls up my T-shirt, pulling it over my head and tossing it to the side. Kissing her way down my chest, she unbuckles my pants and the sound of the zipper fills the room. I watch as she hooks her fingers in the waistband of both my pants and boxers. With one swift tug, Angel slides them and looks up at me.

Standing there naked, I pull Angel’s tank top over her head and watch her full breasts jiggle as they are released from their confines. I unbuckle her belt and hook my fingers in the waistband of her jeans and thong. Pulling the down, her sweet scent permeates the air. I look into her beautiful brown eyes and tell her. “Let’s shower, relax and then go to the saloon.”

“If that’s what you wish, Master.”

“It is, Angel.”

Two hours later, we find ourselves at the Full Throttle Saloon. As the night wears on, the rowdier it gets. Angel and I are taking in the atmosphere of our surroundings and that’s when she stands up, removes her T-shirt and I hoist her up on my shoulders. The crowd whoops it up as Angel gropes her tits, all too soon, I see security approaching and I bring her down, “Quick, put on your T-shirt.” I say, and Angel does as she is told. We make a beeline for the exit and the trike before security can catch up.

We head back to the hotel and as I close the door, Angel is all over me. She drops to her knees, unbuckles the belt to my pants and reaches for my zipper. Keeping her eyes locked on mine, I watch as she slowly pulls my zipper down, a mischievous smirk on her face. She reaches in my fly and fishes my cock out, giving the tip a little kiss, then sitting back a bit as if waiting for permission.

"Go ahead, my little slut," I tell her, smiling.

Angel wolfs my cock down like she's in a hot dog eating contest, taking me all the way down right off the get-go. She begins bobbing up and down on my cock furiously. It's almost as if she has someplace to be and she's running late!

"Hey, slow down there! Where's the fire?" I say, pushing her back off me for a second.

"Sorry, Master, I just really need you inside me. You see, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and taking my shirt off at the bar really got me hot! I just love showing off to men and women!" she explains.

"I see. Well, it's lucky for you that I'm a bit of a voyeur and I love watching exhibitionists show off their hot young bodies!" I say with a smirk of my own, "Especially when their show becomes a hands-on demonstration!"

"Oooh, I think that can be arranged!" Angel says. She takes me back in her mouth for a few more bobs, then once I'm good and hard she gets up, pushes me back onto the bed, straddles my legs, and climbs on top of me cowgirl style. She raises up on her knees and guides my cock into position, then lowers herself until I am just at her entrance.

Angel bites her bottom lip and she slowly slides down my pole. "Ohh, Goddd!" she moans out as she feels me filling her, stretching her as she slides further and further down. She takes her time, enjoying every inch, every bump and ridge, until finally she settles all the way down on my hard, fat cock. She begins grinding, rotating her hips, as if doing a belly lap dance. The feeling of moving around inside her tight, hot pussy is incredible!

"Oh fuck Angel! Your hot slutty pussy feels so good!" I moan out. Angel smiles, leaning over to kiss me and she grinds even more.

As much as I would like this to last forever, she has gotten me so hot and so aroused, I can feel the end of the party fast approaching. I grip her ass, reaching around to rub a fingertip across her brown star and she moans, loving the feeling.

"I'm getting close, my sweet slut, I'm getting very close," I tell her.

"Me too, Master! Please, please cum with me! I want to cum with you! I want to feel you cum in my slutty pussy with me!" she says.

Angel begins bouncing up and down faster on my cock as her orgasm builds. I can feel the cum in my nuts boiling and reaching the critical point. It's now a race to see which of us cums first. Angel is bouncing madly up and down and I am trying my hardest to hold back until I know she is there. I want to cum with her as well, and I am waiting for the tell-tale sign... when her pussy clamps down on me.

Suddenly that sign comes on hard. Angel's pussy walls clamp down on me like a warm, wet vise and I feel the rippling as her orgasm comes to the surface.

"Oh, Master! I'm cumming! Oh, fuck, I'M CUUUMMMINGGG!" she screams out. I feel the flood of her warm juices surround my cock and her pussy spasming as it hits her. That's all it takes. Her pussy action, the warm bath of her cum, and the delicious sounds she is making all combine to push me over the edge as well.

My cock explodes, sending powerful jets of hot sticky cum shooting out and splashing against her walls, further exciting her and intensifying her own orgasm. I pull her down against my chest as we go through our orgasms together. Angel digs her fingernails into my shoulders as her world comes apart, and I hold the shaking, writhing girl close to me as I pump my seed deep into her.

We lay there on the bed, her on top of me and me holding her, until both of us finish cumming and are back in reality again. She has her head on my shoulder as she feels the last spasms leave her, then she raises her head. I can see her eyes are wet as she looks down on me.

"Oh, Master, thank you! Thank you for being so wonderful and giving me so much pleasure!" she says. I pull her into a kiss, assuring her that she is giving me just as much pleasure.

It has been a long day and we are exhausted - both from the trip and from the sex - so once we get cleaned up a little, we head for bed. She is first in bed and as I come out of the bathroom, she is lying naked under the sheet. She holds it up for me, smiling, and I slip under the sheet and into her arms. She lays her head gently on my shoulder and plays with my graying chest hair before drifting peacefully to sleep. I listen to her soft breathing for a bit before sleep overtakes me as well.



Stay tuned for Chapter 3



The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


I want to thank Master_Jonathan for his collaboration on this story and without whose help it could not have been written. His patience, ideas and inspirations are greatly appreciated. I have enjoyed working with such a talented writer.




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