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Harley and the Hitchhiker - Chapter 5

Contributing Authors: Master_Jonathan 
Rick has Angel enter a wet t-shirt contest at the Full Throttle Saloon.

After the dust settles from the fight, Angel and I have one more drink before heading back to the hotel for some much-needed rest before the wet t-shirt contest tonight. Back in our room, I tell Angel, “Go shower, I’ll be there in a minute.” I call down to room service and order two steaks with bake potatoes and two salads. I go over and get the coffee going.

I call down to room service and order two steaks with baked potatoes and two salads. I go over and get the coffee going.

I go join Angel in the shower and take the loofah sponge from her hand. Running the sponge over her lithe young body, I make sure to get every bit of her clean. When she rinses off, Angel takes the sponge and washes me. Her hand wraps around my rock hard shaft and I stop her.

“My dear, as much as I love your wanting to please me, I think we should wait until after the contest and just rest. I have ordered dinner to be brought up.”

“Okay, Master," she says, smiling, "I am a bit tired from all that’s happened today. Thank you for such a wonderful day.” Then she gives me a sweet, thank-you-for-understanding kiss on the cheek.

“I’m happy you enjoyed yourself, Angel,” I say, as I dry her with the bath towel. Angel then takes the other towel and dries me off.

We both put something on. She puts on her oversized shirt and thong and I put on a pair of boxers. Minutes later there is a knock at the door, I hand her a twenty. “Open, slut,” I say.

Angel opens her mouth and bites down on the bill with her lips. She walks over, opens the door and the young man from before enters with the food. After placing the food on the table, I look at him and tell him, “Go ahead, take your tip.”

Angel takes him in her arms before he can say or do anything and kisses him, giving him his tip as she presses her tits into his chest. Rubbing herself against him, she runs her hand over the bulge in his pants. I allow this to go on for a bit and then say, “Young man, I do believe you got your tip,” pointing to his mouth and smiling.

Angel shows him to the door and after closing it she returns to the table.

After eating, we lie on the bed, still dressed, with me spooning her from behind. My cock is nestled happily between her butt cheeks and I have my right arm cuddling her breasts as the two of us drift off to sleep.

After a restful nap, I gently wake Angel and tell her we need to get ready. I tell her to wear her really short jean shorts and her white crop top with no underwear. I put on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. When we are ready, I notice we have two hours before the contest.

“Let’s head over to the Full Throttle Saloon and enjoy ourselves before the contest Angel,” I say.

“Good idea, Master. I could use a few drinks, I’m so nervous.”

“No need to be nervous Angel, you’ll knock them dead!” I reply.

In no time, we find ourselves having our first drink of the night at the saloon. By the time the girls are told to check in for the contest, Angel is completely relaxed. There is an announcement for all contestants to check in.

“Remember Angel, no matter the outcome, have fun,” I say as she gets up and walks over to the check in.

While I find a good seat to watch the contest, Angel gets through the registration pretty quickly and then goes backstage to wait for it to start. I settle in with my drink and take a look around. There are  a lot of people in the audience - this contest is huge! 

Finally, the announcer comes on and welcomes everyone to the competition. "Thank you all for coming out to our wet t-shirt contest tonight. This is a great turnout. We did a head count and there are over 850 of you fine folks here to watch our girls. And we have quite a selection for you - over fifty girls have signed up to strut their stuff for you tonight!" he says. The crowd hoots and hollers in response to his announcement.

"Here's how this is going to work tonight" he continues, "We are going to run this in 'heats' sending out ten girls at a time at first. Once they show off their assets, we will let you judge who we keep and who eliminate. We will keep going until we have a winner. The winner gets the $5,000 first prize and this trophy!"

Then the announcer steps in the back to explain the rules to all the girls and in a few more minutes, the first group of girls comes to the stage. They have all changed into their t-shirts and some are wearing bikini bottoms, some are in their panties. Because of the rules of the competition (and the laws) the girls have to wear some kind of bottom clothing, or they will be immediately disqualified.

The competition t-shirts aren't even really t-shirts – they are undersized white t-shirts with the bar's logo on the back. They are very tight fitting, which is necessary to give the spectators a good show when they are wet. The shirts are also very thin, white cotton, the girl’s nipples are already a bit visible even when they are dry. The length is cut high, only extending down to about halfway between their belly button and breasts. There are no sleeves in the shirts and they are cut very low in the front, almost to the bottom of the breasts, so the girl’s tits are barely contained - if they lean over their breasts almost surely spill out!

When the first group comes out, the crowd cheers and whistles as they take the stage and the music starts. Each group gets two minutes at dance and jiggle before the next group comes out. My Angel is in this second group. Each group is kept in the back so they can't look out at the crowd until they get on stage, that way they can't prepare for what is to come.

The effect the crowd has on Angel invigorates her as she looks out at the crowd from the stage. The huge crowd is pumped and cheering, music starts as they line up and a guy with a fire hose sprays all the girls, totally soaking them instantly. The water is very cold, but few notice it at the time, they have so much adrenaline running through them. Angel is pushed backwards a couple steps when she is hit, but after recovering from the shock, she just smiles widely and does a sexy little pose, moving subtly to the music and pushing her tits out as far as she can.

The announcer comes out and stands beside each girl one at a time and if they get a big cheer, they are kept, if not, they are eliminated. Angel is very pleased to get a good enough response and she is pushed through the first round.

The first round consists of the girls getting on stage and just standing in a line as they get sprayed down. They can shimmy and wiggle, but they have to stay in one spot. This round eliminates half the girls in each group.

For the second round, the remaining girls are broken into two groups and they are wet down again, but this time they walk down the catwalk like a fashion show. They can make a little bit more eye contact with the crowd and give them a little more wiggle and show off more. Again, half of the girls in each group are eliminated. Angel was one of the girls who make it through this round as well.

That leaves twelve girls for round three and the girls do the catwalk again after being sprayed down. Each one makes another plea to the crowd to be spared as they display their wares. But half once again are eliminated. And again Angel survives the cut.

For the final round, six girls remain. As they wait backstage, the announcer comes out to talk to the crowd: 

"Okay, this is the final round. Three of the six remaining girls will be eliminated and first second and third place will be determined. But let's spice things up a bit. This time the girls will be allowed to remove their tops for you once they get on stage and really perform for you. Unfortunately they can only be topless - the law says they can't get completely undressed. But we have to leave a little for the imagination don't we! So let's bring our girls out one last time and let them wiggle their asses for you see who wins this thing!"

The six finalists come out on stage and as soon as the music starts, they all strip out of their tops to the delight of the crowd. The girls all take up a spot on the catwalk in front of the crowd and begin dancing and grinding and showing their best dance moves. They squeeze their tits together, pretend to lick their hard nipples or pinch and pull them, and rub their crotches over their bottoms. Angel takes it a step further and unbuttons and unzips her jean shorts, shoving her hand under and then pulls it out, pretending to lick her juice off her fingers. That gets her a bunch of catcalls and she thinks she has it locked at that point, but the other girls see that getting raunchy works, so one decides to go for broke and drops her bottoms. She is immediately disqualified, much to her chagrin. 

After the music stops, the girls line up on stage and the announcer comes to stand behind each girl. Everyone in the crowd applauds for their favorite girl and they are judged by the crowd's applause. 

It turns out that Angel takes third place in the competition - she feels bad that she didn't win for me, her Master, and when she gets dressed again and comes to find me, she is disappointed in herself.

"I'm sorry Master, I only got third place in the competition. The other girls were just too pretty and too well built. I tried, I really tried, but I-" she says.

I cut her off with a finger to her lips. "My sweet slut, you may have gotten third place in some meaningless drunken competition, but you are number one with me. You are always number one with me," I tell her. 

"Oh, Master!" she says throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me passionately.

We decide to call it a night and are about ready to head out the door and go back to our hotel room when Suzie calls Angel aside. I sit there waiting for her and watch as they talk. I can see something isn't right by Angel's reactions and then she comes back in a very sour and sad mood.

"What's wrong Angel?" I ask.

"Please, Sir, can we just go back to the hotel now? I don't want to be here right now," she says. Being married for a number of years, I know well enough that when you ask a woman what's wrong and she doesn't tell you, you don't want to push the issue. So we left FTS and headed back to the hotel in silence. 

Upon entering the hotel, Angel goes straight back to the bedroom and shuts the door without a word. Sensing something is very wrong and wanting to be of some comfort (even though I don't know what's wrong or how to help), I decide to draw her a nice hot bath. It has been a rough day - with the gangbang, the bar fight, the wet t-shirt contest and whatever the hell happened afterwards, I figure she could use some relaxing and pampering.

So I draw her a nice hot bath using some of the scented bubble bath liquid supplied by the hotel. When it's ready, I go to the bedroom door and softly knock. "Angel? Come out here please," I tell her. A couple long moments later the door cracks open and I see a tear stained face peeking out from behind it.

"Come into the bathroom, I have a nice hot bath waiting here for you full of smelly girl bubbles!" I say trying to get her to smile.

"Oh Master, I really don't feel like a bath..." she starts to say.

"Are you refusing to do as I say, slut?" I say feigning sternness. "Now come on in here and do what Master says, young lady!"

She reluctantly follows me into the bathroom and I help her get undressed. Actually I undress her as she wasn't much help in disrobing. But once I have her undressed, I help her into the tub. Then I undress and climb in behind her and facing her back.

Wrapping my arms around her and holding her to me we cuddle for a few minutes. I feel her start to loosen up and relax finally and I give her a couple more minutes. I take the loofah sponge and pour warm water over her and gently caress her as she calms down.

"Now tell me, Angel, what was all that back at FTS? What happened with Suzie?" I ask.

"Oh Master! It's terrible! Suzie said I had the job bar tending there but after the contest she told one of the girls that had worked there a couple times before showed up and wanted to work again. Being the new girl I got bumped. Now I don't have a job, I'm hundreds of miles from home, and I don't have any money! What am I going to do?" she says.

"Well for starters don't worry, you are with me. I guess if you don't have to work that leaves more time to spend with me!" I say trying to make her smile.

"But Master, I don't have a job... I don't have any money!" she argues.

"Listen Angel. You are with me. Don't worry about the money thing Don't worry about anything. I will take care of it. You just enjoy yourself and give me the same smiling beautiful Angel I had a couple hours ago, all right? That's what you can do," I tell her.

"But..." she starts to say, and I cut her off.

"I said I will take care of it. No more buts okay?" I say.

Angel turns around in the tub to face me, kneeling in the tub. "Rick, I can't ask you to pay for everything. I was supposed to get a job and at least help with the expenses on this trip. I can't let you foot the whole bill," she says.

"Angel sweetheart, you didn't ask, I'm telling you I have it covered. And you aren't letting me foot the whole bill, I am just doing it. I have a very good retirement, honey, I have plenty of money - I wouldn't be here if I couldn't afford it. So you just sit back down here in Master's arms and let me take care of you. Believe me love, you take good enough care of me!" I say.

"Oh Master!" she sits back down and cuddles into my arms. This is the Angel I want to see, and I wrap my arms around her while she lays her head back on my shoulder. I take the loofah and pour warm water over her chest and play with her tits a little and soon, she is purring like a contented kitten once more.

We spend quite a long time in the tub, I am enjoying playing with Angel's amazing tits and then I move my hands down a little lower and begin playing dangerously close to her pussy. She lifts one leg up, putting it on the edge of the tub so her legs are open wider, an invitation if ever I saw one! My hand moves between her thighs and she gasps as my fingers find her clit. 

"Oh Masterrr..." she coos as she feels me fingering her and rubbing her hard button. The warm water must feel nice on her open pussy as well because she reaches back with her hand and brings my head forward turning her so she can kiss me while I toy with her. 

Angel starts getting back to her old self and as my hand rubs across her clit and my fingers dive into her pussy as far as I can reach, she starts moving around - restricted as she was in the confines of the tub. She pushes back and moans as she feels my hard cock between her ass cheeks and she rubs up and down it a bit.

Finally she can't stand it anymore. She moves my hand from her pussy kissing and licking my fingers then stands up. She offers me her hand, Master, please take me to bed..." she says looking so fucking beautiful I can't refuse her. She helps me up out of the tub and we quickly dry off and she leads me by the hand to the bedroom and crawls into bed. With her legs open and her arms outstretched, she smiles and I crawl into bed and over top of her. She puts her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist in a full body hug.

"Rick, my Master, I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I'm sure glad it was you that picked me up back in Oklahoma," she says then she pulls me into a kiss like I have never had before or since. 

Her lips are like the heaven she must have come down from and her body feels so warm and soft... if I die right now, just like this, it would be perfectly fine with me, I think to myself.

My cock twitches in readiness and like a heat-seeking missile, it finds its mark; pushing past her already wet lips and sliding into her all on its own with no help from either of us. 

"Ohhh yesss...!" Angel moans as I slide home inside her. I begin pumping in and out of her sweet slick pussy like she was custom-made for me - which at this moment I think she is! 

"Oh Master, your cock feels so wonderful inside me. Please fuck me! Fuck me and claim me as yours! I want to be your slut, Master! I want to be yours completely!" she moans as she holds me like she never wants me to leave.

I pump in and out of her faster and harder and the more aggressively I fuck her, the more she wants. Soon I am giving her everything I have and she is giving right back. She is moaning and squirming and humping back up at me, fucking back at me just as hard as I am fucking her. At this pace I won't last and I tell her so.

"Angel baby, I'm going to cum soon!" I tell her. She pushes me off her and gets down on the floor on her knees. I know what she wants and I stand up in front of her. She takes my cock into her mouth, savoring the taste of her pussy on me and sucks like I shoved a dollar up my ass and she wants to suck it out through my cock!

I can feel the cum boiling in my nuts and feel it rise slowly up my shaft. I start to swell in her mouth and I know the time has come. I pull out and with Angel kneeling there, mouth open waiting to be fed like a baby bird, I jerk the last couple strokes.

"Please Master! Please give me your cum! Give me your cum! she says softly over and over until the first spurt splashes across her pretty face. She opens her mouth and I deposit my load on the talented pink tongue. She takes every bit of it, save what I had already shot on her face, and she holds it in her mouth until I am done emptying my balls into her. She opens her mouth to show me she didn't spill any, then swallows the huge load in one gulp. She uses her fingers to wipe what was on her face off, spreading it on "the girls" for their taste, then licking her fingers clean. She takes my dribbling cock back in her mouth to suck out the remaining drops of cum and then kisses it before standing up.

Laying in bed together a few moments later, she has her head resting on my shoulder while twirling my graying chest hair in her fingers. I kiss the top of her head gently," You know, Angel, a guy could get used to this real easy!" I say.

"Mmmhmm... so could a girl," she agrees. 

We fall asleep, happy and satisfied, in each other's arms.



Stay tuned for Chapter 6


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