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Life after June

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Enjoying the fruits Louise could give me
Life after June CHAPTER ONE

Being with Louise was like all my unhappy past times with June had severed for good.

June, only 59 died last year and left me a shattered wreck. She was my everything and after an innings of nearly thirty years it did seem she was part of me, the wedded bliss had lasted that long.

Yet, oddly all that was now in the past and meeting Louise was like a breath of fresh air, and- this may sound couth and I hate to say it - but it is as though I have just discovered my true sexual leaning, because June, bless her heart, was very prude in many ways and refused my sometimes incredulous advances as she called them.

I was simply attempting to add some new zest into our bedroom with a few sex toys and things, but she maintained that was unnatural and if God had wanted us to use toys instead of the wonderful elements provided naturally - he would have done so..

Come to think of it I cannot imagine God coming armed with vibrators and sex play stimulants!

The thing is she was deeply religious, I knew that from the start but the thing is, I loved her and I thought that could beat all.

Well it did to a certain extent, and I relented to our occasional Saturday night excursions into the very dark chasm, rarely being allowed to keep the bedroom light on even after all those years, so for me I was willing - because I loved her- to keep my fantasies to myself and be satisfied with small mercies.

True I did have an affair once with a charming young man when I discovered my bi-sexual tendencies, but he soon gave up on a guy twenty years his senior and I could not blame him for finding someone younger and perhaps more virile.

I am glad he did now because in finding a new woman in my life has steered me back to heterosexual ways. Although the latter was a great learning curve -but was doomed to fail simply because I like butter with my bread and jam - or putting it in a romantic mode, I needed the love element to bond with a woman.

I needed the love I had lost with June and inadvertently discovered much more in being in a brand new relationship - discovering my new adventure with Louise was altogether different.

And almost every time we sleep with each other is a new and fresh experience. There I go again, Just how outdated is that? At one time we would never be so bold as to say we do a lot more than merely just sleeping with each other - and thank heaven for that!

But I honestly don’t think June would be very happy with that at all. Seeing how primarily passionate she is. But only with the right man she ensures.

I guess I am fortunate to be that ‘right’ man and am now very much enjoying the fruits she can give me. June is not just a mere lover, she is an animal! And I mean that in the most loving and very contented way.

I guess that all comes because we have both shared a similar past love. Louise’s partner was killed in a car crash just two years ago and it was not until our relationship grew, that she confided in me just how much she missed the warmth of a man’s body to hold and snuggle at night. And when she told me that, I was thinking that sounds like a woman, emotionally starved and that’s it, the sex was secondary. But I was so besotted by this new dark haired and very attractive slim 55 year old in my life I felt I would have just been happy with that.

If the sex came all the better, but I would not push it - I had discovered with June hoe to hold back and doing that had seemingly become standard so I was not about to force myself on sweet Louise.

But then a new learning curve was about to begin, Because I discovered that one cannot generalise when it comes to the opposite sex. It was Louise who was doing the pushing and taking me to task for being backward in coming forward.

It was time to change and exert the true feelings within. The passion that had been locked away for so very long and was simply aching to come out.

And Louise would see to that!

From now on this true story could be a double X certificate so you have been warned.

And I wanted Louise to know about my affair with that guy because she was so important to me, I didn’t want for her to find our by any other means. But I needn’t have worried because that part of me Louise would eventually quench and with the most delightful and joyful compassion.

She would show me just how that part of me, that which she called the female part, contending that we all have a bit of the other sex in us come what may, even though we may not all readily know it until something happens in our life that steers us to it.

“It is those hormones are the reason why” grinned the former pathologist wfo seemed to know and understand all about it and from that moment forward I lost all those inhibitions and felt much better for it.

Imagining how June may have reacted if she knew about this other guy. Heaven forbid!

But no worries with Louise, she made me feel warm and comfortable and complete - and all along, before I met Louise, there was me thinking I had been leading a normal life with June.

Life is funny and has odd and unexpected ways of showing you what you really are despite the habits of a lifetime. Now was the time to be rid of those habits and discover just how relishing, thrilling and wonderful it could be with sweet Louise.

“Remember you don’t ever have to put on an act with me Pete. You will do fine just as you are!”

Now that was a compliment to be sure and raised my confidence no end! And those gorgeous deep set eyes that seemed to see straight through me, Oh! This was so good and all due respect to June, bless her, I realised just what I had been missing. Now was the time to make up and enjoy life to the full, whilst one had the ability to do so.

Talking to Louise about the secrets of my past, I mean those times I had with another guy, she quite categorically told me in no uncertain terms that if June had of found out - she may have realised it was her own doing.

“Why” I asked puzzled.

“Because she should have put more effort into your sex life together. A man needs that if a woman wants to keep him on the straight and narrow, he is a red blooded human being who needs gratification big time, if he is a real man. I aim to restore that real man in you Pete. I can see it in your eyes, how you have been deprived.

“I won’t deny that I am as in need as you to get involved in a real loving relationship again and all that goes with it. And I believe in you I have found that guy.”

I was lost for words, unlike me - but just the thought of being with another woman again gave me ructions. It was going to be one of those instant recipes I just knew it was. Love at first sight and all that sort of thing? Well it seemed like that.

I am sure it wasn’t just the sexual attraction because for me, Louise had it all and more! And yes my lust was playing carnal games and to be blunt, the longing to get into that gorgeous tight fitting black taffeta skirt which adorned her figure beautifully was tantamount.

And she knew it, of course she did. She was an intelligent woman and I guess she could tell the signs.

She smiled so beautifully and, placing her hide on the settee so provocatively, and patting the seat next to her, indicating her invitation to join her, I already felt like putty in her hands and at that moment of time I was willing to do anything with her, the way she sat crossed legged, showing those attractive knees, those curvy legs wrapped in sheer black stockings. Me imagining - as ny healthy guy would, that she was wearing all the business beneath like suspender belt and frilly black of red panties.

Flashing through my mind ; pictures of stocking tops and pure white thighs above as I joined her, feeling a nudge in my groin. Something was stirring to show me I still had it and, being so close to Louise,

taking in her scent and feeling her natural warmth, I was again reminded that the boring past had gone and the new and exciting future was beginning.

I could hardly have wished for a better starter than the feel of Louise’s lips brushing against my left cheek

“Pete you are such a dear man, I feel so very lucky to know you and I so want to have you” she murmured looking so beautiful.

“I closed my eyes and then we enjoyed our very first kiss, her lips moulding with mine and warming my whole being as we indulged deeper into the kiss which was lovely and burning and contagious.

If ever I needed a woman I did then, I had never felt that way before, not with anyone, not even in the early days with June before she became so unwilling. And not with the other guy either with whom I had shared so much.

Not a word was spoken for a while after the kiss, I felt her finger tips doing something with my shirt as, eyes closed, I was still enjoying the ecstasy of that kiss.

“You are a real hunk of a guy” she whispered undoing my shirt buttons and starting to gently tease and touch my chest with her fingers. Then another kiss, this time in the turn f my neck, feeling the sensation of a woman’s warmth and touch, there is absolutely nothing like it and just to know that Louise was enjoying our first snog was everything

It was just beautiful and beyond words.

“Like me to sit on your lap” she asked in a very lustful tone, standing up before me and straightening her crinkled skirt. I loved the creases in her skirt as she did that, somehow creases do it for me. I wondered if beneath she did have a suspender belt and nice frilly undies. My imagination was running away with me and now there she was, planted firmly upon my lap as if to announce; “ you are not going anywhere buddy until I have finished with you!”

I felt the shuffle of her beautifully rounded bum as she nudged into me and then I felt the warmth of her lips press into mine one again, this time opening my mouth with hers when I felt the most wonderful intrusion of a very busy tongue seeming to want to get inside me but more likely: she wanting for me to get inside her.

That notion was beginning to manifest more than ever as I felt the nudge of her hind once more, like she was trying to start something, but more like she knew she had already started something because now there was a distinct lump in my groin whish somehow she seemed to have found and was eager to manipulate.

Still the kiss, the gorgeous feeling of her tongue in my mouth, tantalising mine accompanied by the sound of a woman wanting what a guy can give her.

Well I knew I could and no mistake, I had never ever before known a woman that could give me a full erection just by sitting on my lap.

She must have known what she was doing to me, soon I would be wanting gratification big time, no more holding back or wondering if my partner would approve.

Unlike June, Louise was for it and Boy! She was going to get it, but with the full package of course because I knew than I loved the woman, through and through. I needed to bond in every way and to lodge so wonderfully in her chasm - she paused and I took in some air. That kiss was truly something. Her eyes were half closed and her face was flushed with the look of a woman who wanted her guy full package.

But as I was abut to discover she would be the dominant partner and somehow that seemed okay with me. In fact, if anything, it enhanced my libido for her and when she ordered me to stand up I sort of did without hesitation.

She sank to her knees and kneeled on the carpet facing me. I knew I had a very large bulge there but made no effort to turn or hide it. If there was any inhibitions or uncertainty in my expression she put that to rights, simply whispering for me to relax and just enjoy, because that is what she aimed to do!

Was this truly happening, was this real?. Yes it was, it was live, I was live and so was Louise, still the nectar of her perfume tantalising my nostrils as she touched me there. So gently at first but significantly, like she was an eighteen year old discovering for the first time the attributes of sex.

Flashing through my mind, the realisation I remembered way back when I had my first girl, during a country walk by the river. I remembered her look the first time she saw my presentation and how instinctively she just touched me like it was an everyday thing, and how I so enjoyed that first time with a girl.

My mind still shudders with the thought, just as it was shuddering with the finite touch of Louise, sweet Louise was unzipping me, She stopped halfway for a moment and I thought she’d changed her mind, but that look, she looking up and her eyes focussing on mine, said everything

She was gently touching me there, sighing and murmuring, Then squeezing and I felt a spasm shoot up my spine. My heart pounding, my mind asking: would she, would she?”

“Time to drop these now” she grinned and automatically I unfastened my belt and let her down them, down to my feet and me lifting each foot as she pulled them away, crumpled them in her hands and held them to her bosom in such a loving way.

Then she looked at me again, I was bulging dramatically beneath my boxer shorts but Louise seemed quite happy about that.

She touched me again , sniffed me there, saying she adored the male scent, like she was discovering something new and very fragile. I was throbbing for God’s sake! And I could not help it jerking.

She laughed heartily and said I was beautiful and then, dropping my boxer shorts, letting it all and sundry hang out she perked her lips and kissed it at the end.

“You are not circumcised - that is nice” she whispered. “Now just stand there and let me enjoy - and I know you will too Pete.”

She took time to rub the palms of each hand up the front of my thighs and I felt the sheer thrill of her wanting, I was so hard and erect and she told me just to stand with me legs slightly apart and push myself forward for her. I was a lot more confident now, her touch seemed to work wonders and before I knew it, her hands were grasping the side of my buttocks and her mouth was finding my erection - and she simply sucked me, gently at first, eyes closed and so enjoying, her head bobbing to and fro with each motion and the feeling I had was so wonderfully soothing and right, her suck became more firm and I felt like she was eating me as then her fingers cupped my balls making me feel like this woman really wanted me.

Eventually, like which seemed an eternity of bliss and heaven she released me. Looking up again her face looked warm and pink.

“Pete, just open your legs a bit more huh?, you really are something, just let me pamper you a bit more, it has been a long time, then if you want you can have me I promise”

I nodded positively and adored the extensive spoiling. “You have a lovely cock Pete, do you mind me calling it that?”

She smiled and I returned her smile with another nod.

“Sometimes it is fun to talk dirty huh?”

“I am fine with that” I returned. It was just so sumptuous to be there for her like this, to enjoy the feel of a real woman again.

“I have dreamt of your fuck for a long time Pete, do you know that?” she whispered teasing back my foreskin with her fingertips and gently teasing my p-hole with the tip of her tongue.

“I want that. MMM! what you are doing to me, you’ll never know?” I said.

“Good Pete?”

“Better than that, it is beyond words.”

“I love your taste, your cock is so wonderful to feel, so warm and supple - it is perfect”

She was still on her knees massaging me, licking and sucking too. Then she stopped and stood up.

Raising her skirt I saw that sure enough she was wearing all the gear.

“Well guys like this don’t they” she said moving her hips in the most delightful way She looked good and everything a woman should look, red laced panties and all. Now I wanted her.

I wanted some of the same like she had been enjoying me for the past hour. I was crazy for her all and when she asked me what I would like I told her.

She laughed more and that somehow made all the difference, that we could still humour each other.

“Then lay down stretched out on the carpet and let me enjoy you enjoying me like you want” she replied and here was a woman who was going to do something I’d always craved for with June, but whowould never submit,

As soon as Louise stood over me, allowing me to peek up her skirt, she like me, felt the electricity and when she started to crouch, opening those gorgeous thighs so wide and kneeling each side of my head I was in my element.

I’d fantasised so much wondering how it would be to be smothered by a woman, Now that it was happening it was for real, I enjoyed her scent, the scent of a woman as she gently., so wonderfully gently, manoeuvred her hips giving me the most wonderful access to her femininity.

She whispered; “It will need some working, Pete - it has been a long time there may be a few cobwebs” and I could hear her chuckling again as she placed her skirt over my head and we really enjoyed a great and wonderful time. I was a goner, I was in my own world as I felt her grow moist and wet. I wanted to give her all the pleasure she had given me and more if possible and moving meeting inside her was a real tease, she groaned and grunted and plied for my fuck soon.

As I moulded her warm firm breasts in my hands, I felt her warm lips embrace my cock again and we both enjoyed a lot of oral sex until we were smothered in each other’s juices.

I’d cum sure enough, I told her I would if she didn’t stop, but she seemed to want that. It was the most intimate way we could share our love and passion for each other until the ultimate which we both now wanted so much.

Still laying on the floor she moved down over my body and still sublimed with the taste of her, she was now eager to have my fuck. She told me so. Grasped it firmly and guided it into her chasm.

It felt warm and beautiful did my fresh sucked wet pussy. We were both soon away in a frenzy of movement, working our bodies this and that way to enjoy the fullness of a wonderful deep and thrilling fuck..

Afterwards we just relaxed exhausted but very happy.

“Next time..” Louise started.

“Next time?” Interrupted, “So you want this to be a lasting thing?”

“You big ape!” she yelled. “ Next time I want your ass.”

“The mind boggles” I teased.

“What we were talking about earlier” she said. “I shall be shopping this week and will present you with something very special next time, the best Ann Summers can supply!”

Indeed there was life after June by the name of Louise….

To be continued…

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