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Ms Marca My Best Friends Dad part 4

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I love it when it rains, I said giggling it always makes me so horny.


Ms Marca        My Best Friends Dad


Part 4



It was just after 9 AM and the second day of the trade show was to open at 10 AM , I had to be at the booth at 9:45 to get marching orders from Bert. I was dressed in the same short outfit and looking like a hot sexy brunette with a chest that made every guy in the place stop and gaze up on them.


I walked past the lobby just as Loire was coming in and she waved and it seem she had been out all night or got up early. She smiled at me. “Hey Marca how was your night?” I looked around and whispered.


“Thank god he was tired, he didn’t make it to 11, and I got a good night sleep.”


“Wish I could say that, my old dick was horny all night long, did give me a good tip. I may make a few bucks this week.”


We walked into the big convention hall where the trade show was being held and to our company booth. Bert had the salesmen around him giving them some info on what he wanted to go on that day. Loire and I just stood off to the side and when he was finished with the men he turned to us.


“Morning ladies, how was the evening?”


Loire spoke up. “I think you got a happy customer in Mr. Ortega. Man was very happy when I slipped out this morning.”


Bert nodded and without looking at me said to Loire. “I want you to work the after noon shift, why don’t you go back to your room and a Mr. Barrow will be up to see you about 11, he is in need of some TLC.” Loire just nodded to Bert and turned to go to her room and she winked at me.


Loire walked off and Bert than turned his attention to me. I was still a fish out of water, was I doing what he wanted me to do, not sleeping with that geek all night screw things up?


“Marca how was your evening?”


“Will I might have messed up, I didn’t stay all night with him, and did I fuck up Bert?”


“I had breakfast with Rodger early this morning, you were very good from what he said, he was a happy customer, you’re doing great baby, in fact when Loire come down this afternoon I got a client I want you to spend the afternoon with and dinner.”


“Bert dad and mother call me at 11 every night; I can’t mess up and not take that call!”


“Tonight just dinner, you get to be nice to him physically this afternoon. You better go hand out the papers and let these guys see that big chest of your.”




Just after 2 Loire was down at the booth and talking to one of the salesmen and she was giggling about something. All the company guys were hitting on her, but they never made a move on me, later I found out that Bert let them know I was off limits to the staff. I don’t think they knew he was poking me.

Than I saw Bert come walking up with this guy, wow nice looking dud; Bert was going over stuff with him about the company and after 20 minutes they shook hands, than Bert looked over at me and motion for me to come over.


“Marca I want you to meet Mr. Pate.” I put my hand out and he takes it and Bert continued with introductions.


“Marca honey I can’t get away for lunch, but will you take Mr. Pate to lunch?”

The first thing that hits me is, oh fuck, is the salad fork the big one and is it on the outside, why didn’t I pay more attention to mother. I smile and stick out my chest. “Oh I would love to.”


He was still holding my hand. Mr. Pate looked at Bert and said. “Hey I’m taking her to lunch and it may be a long one.” I giggle as we walk off and Bert just nodded. He had a limo out in front of the convention hall and we got in it and 15 minutes later we were at a nice French place. On the drive over he told me to call him John, Mr. Pate sounded old to him coming from someone as young as me. He than took my hand and asked me two questions.


“Marca, Bert said your 19, you been working the trade shows long?” I knew you had to be 18 to do this, something about company rules.


“Yes, I’m 19. I was 19 last April, I do more modeling, you know runway things than trade shows.”


“Will my dear, I need your card, my company can always use a nice looking girl to help close the deal. Bert said you were very good at closing the sale.” I think Bert told him I was a good fuck.


I give him that ear to ear smile. “Bert should know.”

He chose a table in the back of the restaurant where we would have some privacy for some teasing and naughty talk and the man did not want anyone to see him with me, after all the guy did have a wife some where. I had on that short black skirt, black top. I had also included one of my sexy bras so that my boobs were pushed upwards and enough cleavage to make a dead man turn over in his grave. When I entered the restaurant at first the maitre' d seemed to enjoy the view I gave him.

As he led us to the table and pulled my chair from the table to seat me, I made sure my skirt rode up my thighs. It's such a turn on for me knowing I excited him

John sat down across from me with his back to the rest of the room as I was facing it so I could scan the room and see what guy I could make squirm. As I sat, instead of keeping my thighs together I parted them with my heels flat on the floor. He ordered a drink; I had a glass of wine.


“Marca lets get to the business than enjoy lunch; Bert said your high end material, is this true?”


What the fuck did he just say? “I guess Bert thinks I’m high material.”


“So you got any little thing you like to do that most girls don’t?”


I put my hand up to my mouth to find it so no one can see what I was going to say. “I’m open to it all; what did you have in mind?”


“If I hire you for a few days, your expenses will be covered, and I’ll go 1500 per 24 hours, max 4 days.” Mother fucker, did he say 1500, fuck going to college, I can’t believe he just said that.


Just than the waiter showed up with the salads and I remembered which fork. What do I tell this guy I was under the impression I was going fuck him. I acted like I forget he said that to me or if I didn’t hear. We started eating and he kept looking me over and I would smile when I made eye contact with him, after a bite or two.


“Damn girl you are one fine woman, so what will it take to get you to work for me when I need a hot one like you; Bert did say you were the best he ever had at giving head!”


This was a big spender and the 1500 for the night he got whatever he wanted. “So tell me Mr. Pate, is this my job interview?”


“You might call it that my dear.”





Before the main course was served I excused myself and went to the restroom, while in the restroom I thought I'd give John a trill so I removed my panties. As I got back to our table I discretely dropped the panties in his lap. The smile on his face was priceless.

When the meal was severed I was being my regular naughty self, the man loved it.


"So Marca how did you get that name, it seems to fit you?"


"Marca, I was named after my two grandmothers. Mary and Cathy, so my father took MAR from one and CA from the other, they both were happy!"


"Will, of the two who did you get your good looks from?"


"I got the good genes from both, my height from my father side, my tits from both sides!"


"Just what size are they?"


"I'm 5'10", 140#, 38D x 22 x 36…! I think I’m getting bigger in my boobs, I may need to go to a 40 here soon.”


"I was told you were something special, so for everything I was told has been true!"


"So do you get into Fort Worth ?"


"I get in every 3 months, board meeting and two days of business; you need notice a day or two to see me when I come in?" Oh fuck what do I say?


"Drop me an email as soon as you know you're coming in and I will make time for us!"


Two hours later we end up back at my hotel room


We had already been in my room for about half an hour, enough time for a drink when I told him to make himself at home while I slip into something different. I went to the bathroom and took off my dress, thong panties, bra, but kept on my garter belt, stockings, 5 inch heels and slipped on a sheer black gown, god I looked hot, horny and ready.

When I opened the bathroom door he was holding a bottle of white wine and two glasses with a smile on his face. The kind of smile that told me he was happy to see me and he knew it was going to be a good afternoon and maybe evening.

He came in and I told him to take a shower while I would get the wine opened and ready. I turned on some music, and closed the blinds to make it dark in the room. When he was done with his shower he came into the bedroom and when I turned to him, he was standing there with the towel around his waist just low enough for me to look at his abs and pelvic muscles dripping with shower drops.

I ran my hand down his chest and handed him a glass of wine. He pulled me close to him and kissed me. We sat on the bed and drank some wine in the atmosphere I set for us. We looked at each other in anticipation, he was wanting what we both new would be coming up next.

We started kissing and the taste of his lips was not bad for a guy his age, he had to be 35 / 38 years older than me, mid 50's. I went for his towel and undid the tuck exposing his rock hard cock. It stood up about 6 inches, not very thick; in fact it was just your average size cock. I stood up and slipped off my gown and pulled back the satin sheets, damn you slip all over a bed with them on the bed. He looked at me and said.


"Damn you do have big tits; I love a woman who shaves her pussy! I've wanted to fuck you all afternoon!"


"Oh I hope you can fuck me all night long!" I look down at his cock, the cute thing and suck in some air as I say … "oh I want that big cock of yours in me!"

He laid me down and slowly crawled on top of me pressing his cock on my stomach. I opened up my thighs giving him access to my pussy. He began to tease me with the tip of his cock on my clit. I wanted him inside me so badly but I knew, like most customers, he had other things in mind.


"Fuck baby you look good enough to eat!"


"Oh you know what makes a girl want it; I love to have my kitty eaten!"

He turned himself over to lie on his back and asked me to straddle myself over his face. Once I was on my knees with my pussy above his mouth, I took my glass of wine and slowly pour it down my chest.

I began to pour it down the front of my neck, it ran between my tits, down my stomach and then down my pussy. His mouth was pressed up between my pussy lips and he began to drink the wine from inside me.

It felt so fucking amazing. The cold of the wine and the warmth of his tongue at my pussy, my clit began to swell up with excitement. My knees were getting weak and I felt him press up on my ass cheeks with his hands to keep me upright. He moaned loud into me. I felt his thumb move to my rosebud, oh yes, stick it up there, do it butt fuck me with you thumb.


"Oh yes baby eat my pussy, suck the wine from it, eat my pussy, lick my juices, oh your good, more baby eat me more!"

When he released my ass, he slid me down his body and guided his cock inside me. I was so wet and he felt so good. The music was putting us in a trance and I rode him to the rhythm of the sounds. Grinding him inside me deeper I felt him pulsing against my walls. I look down and saw that look on his face as my tits bounced with each hump I made on his cock, one more satisfied customer.

He turned me over onto the bed, had me roll over on my hands and knees and began fucking me from behind like an animal. I look back at him with a big grin and tell him how much I love it. "Oh your so deep, I love it doggie, oh yes give it to me, give it all to me!"


If he had 3 or 4 more inches and a little thicker he would be good, poor guy he was no bigger than some of the guys in my high school class, if he only knew. Than he was pulling on my long jet black hair like it was his rein. With every pull of my hair he pulled himself deeper inside me. Moaning and slapping my ass to feel the sting. I pull my head up and back and cry out.


"Spank me, oh yes spank my naught butt, make my ass turn red, spank my ass baby, spank me hard!"

He grabbed me from behind and sat himself down. He made me sit on him with my back to his chest while he squeezed my tits and fucked me. He said he was ready to cum and needed me to cum with him. He put his fingers between my pussy lips from around my waist and began massaging my clit while still inside me. My body started to shake and loose control.


"Oh baby is my pussy good, is it what you expected, is it the best you ever had?"


"Fuck yes its good, I want it more, I want it all, and I could fuck you forever!"


"It's your pussy whenever you want it!" as long as you hand over 1500 big ones, it's yours. He grabbed me hard and thrust inside me one final time and said "Fuck...yes!" he was coming inside me and I could feel him fill me up and I began to cum so hard. I screamed "Oh my God...Yes!"

I fell asleep after he dressed and went to his room. He was to call me after he talked to his wife. I bet he couldn't wait for me to come to his room to see what was in store for him then. I went to his room at midnight , slipping into his dark room and into bed with him he said to me.


"Damn, it looks like it's going to rain again, may all night?"


"I love it when it rains," I said giggling "it always makes me so horny."



To be continued…..

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