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My Boyfriend's Father and Me.

My boyfriend's father finds us fucking and makes me a proposition I can't refuse..

My boyfriend Mike and I were fucking in Mike's bedroom when his father came home early and found us in the middle of a fuck. We both freaked out when he saw us. He stood at the door and smiled.

This was not good I believed. I was petrified.

Mike had pulled out immediately and pulled the covers over us to cover our nudity. We both thought he was going to read the riot act to us. He didn’t. He was extremely pleasant. I could not believe it. Mike and I looked at each other and wondered what was going to happen.

His dad said, “That looks like fun. Just finish it off and I will talk to you both after you have both enjoyed yourselves.”

Neither Mike or I were going to finish it off, as he put it. We were too traumatised, there would be no joy in finishing that fuck. Mike had no chance of getting his cock hard again. Getting caught fucking was the end of the world as far as we were concerned.

We both got dressed and prepared to face the music with his dad. I was virtually shaking in my shoes. I wanted to run out of that house.

Mike took my hand and said, “Please don’t leave me to face the music alone.”

I liked him enough to see it through.

As we entered the lounge room his dad told us to sit down and relax. 

His dad was smiling.

“I am not upset at finding you two together like that. It's fine with me.  Don’t worry, I have been caught just like you and I know how you feel. I was young myself you know,” He said.

I wondered what was coming next. This seemed all to friendly and completely different to what I thought was going to happen.

Mike and I sat together on a lounge and he took my hand.

Mike’s dad said, “I think I know how you feel. Believe me, I have been in your shoes myself.”

Mike and I looked at each other. I was thinking, shit what was coming next.

“Let's introduce ourselves. I am Tom and you are?” he asked.

“Sarah,” I replied.

“Well, Sarah, I believe you are a lucky girl to have such a nice guy as Mike to enjoy what you were doing together. Is it the first time or have you both been doing it for a while?” Tom asked.

Mike looked at me and he replied.

“Dad, we have done it together a couple of times. We are not serious we are just good friends, probably a bit more than that, seeing you found us like that.”

“I can understand. Sarah is attractive and I know if I were your age again, I would want to be getting into her pants as well. At your age, I was doing it as well, and I got caught too. Believe me, I think I know how you feel and it is not comfortable,” Tom said.

Mike said. “Thanks, dad, Sarah and I enjoy what we do together. We met at a party and I have taken her out a couple of times and one night it just happened. We just went too far and we did it.”

I thought I could not have put it better.

“Just tell me, Sarah, how old are you and are you taking precautions?” Tom asked.

“I am seventeen and yes, I am on the pill. My mum decided I should have them just in case, as she put it.”

“You have a very wise mum. Then I don’t have any more concerns. I just didn’t want Mike to come home one day and say I have got a girl pregnant. I don’t care how often you do it together and I hope you enjoy it when you do. I am sorry I spoiled that one for you.” Tom said.

Then he said, “I am going out. You two can stay and enjoy yourselves and finish off what you started. I won't be back for dinner Mike, make something for yourself or go have a pizza together.”

Tom then put $50 on the table and left us to it.

Mike said, “I know where he is going. He is going over to fuck my auntie as her husband is out of town.

“I am so relieved. I thought he was going to read the riot act to us. All he was worried about was getting me pregnant. Let's fuck.”

We sucked and we fucked like there was going to be no tomorrow. The $50 was still on the table and it looked like it was going to be there for a long time.  We did it all and knew we were not going to be caught or chastised.

I eventually arrived home at about midnight, well and truly fucked. Mike's dad had not returned by the time I had left. Father and son obviously enjoyed the same things.

I had virtually forgotten the experience when about two weeks later I was walking home from the train station and Tom, pulled up and offered me a lift. On the way, he told me to call him Tom. Then he asked me if I had been fucking Mike or anybody else since our chat.

I told him I hadn’t as I had been having my period.

“How would you like me to fuck you?” He asked. He was so casual and came straight out with it.

I was flabbergasted. I was being asked by my boyfriend's father if he could fuck me. He would be as old as my father. No preliminaries; just straight out, I want to fuck you.

I stammered for a few minutes not knowing what to say and he laughed.

“You were not expecting that were you?” he said.

“No,” I said.

“I have been thinking about you since that day. I think you might enjoy it with a man rather than a boy. Mike may be good but I believe you will like it better with me. Give it some thought. I have had a lot of women in my life and never had a complaint,” He told me.

“I don’t believe that you are asking me to fuck you.  I can't believe this, are you for real? God, you are old enough to be my father,” I said.

“I imagine it is a bit of a shock. I really like you. I think we would be good in bed together. There is no hurry. Think about it for a day or so, and I think you will decide to try it. My cock is a bit bigger than Mikes and I think you would really enjoy a fuck with me. Give me a call when you decide.”

He was so casual. He didn’t try and blackmail me or anything, There was no pressure. It was virtually a take it or leave it offer.The way he had asked fascinated me. I believe he honestly thought that I would enjoy it with him and funnily enough, I was beginning to think so myself. 

Now I was curious. I think I even surprised myself by even giving It more than a moments thought.This was crazy. Having sex with a man his age had never entered my mind before.

We were almost at my place,

“I have made up my mind. Yes. Can we do it now?” I think I had surprised myself as well as him.

I could not believe what I was saying, but I had already decided. It might just be something I may enjoy it or something I may regret. I would get it over with right now. I would know in an hour's time if I regretted it or not, and really no harm would have been done… I hoped.

Now, I would I would not be losing any sleep trying to decide. I had said yes.

“That was quick. Let's go back to my place. You have made a good decision. We can use the spare room behind the garage.” He replied.

Then we drove silently to his place. I had never made a decision that fast in my life before. I must have wanted it.

He opened the door of the garage and drove straight in and closed the door again. Nobody would see me. He calmly opened the door to the room behind the garage. He let me go in first and I could see It had a bed with a shower and toilet. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I just stood there waiting for him to make a move.

“Let's get undressed and if you like, we can have a shower before we start,” he said.

He was so casual and relaxed. It gave me a nice feeling. He wasn’t rushing me into it.

“Thank you, that would be nice,” I said.

He went to the shower turned the water on so it was warm when I got in. For some reason, I didn’t feel embarrassed by undressing in front of him.

While I showered, he undressed and brought me a towel and as I got out and he got in. I could not believe everything was so relaxed and casual. I was feeling better about it each minute. I was beginning to look forward to it. It certainly didn’t feel like I was going to fuck a man old enough to be my father.

Finally, we were facing one another in the nude. I looked at his cock which was slack and looked huge. I was used to seeing teenage boys' cocks, not men's.

He saw me looking and said,

“I think you will enjoy having that in you. How would you like to start?” he asked.

“I have only done it one way,” I replied.

I couldn’t believe I was so composed. I didn’t even feel nervous. We were now discussing how he was going to fuck me. It wasn’t rushed or taken for granted. I had never felt this way before. When I did it with Mike, we had engaged in a passionate session before we did it.

“Would you like to feel it and get it hard for me?” He asked.

“OK,” I replied.

I put my hand on his soft cock and immediately it began to stiffen. It was the first time I had ever held such a big a cock and felt it getting hard in my hand. I could not believe how big it had become. I felt really good holding it. It was hard and poking straight out in front of him and my hand covered about half of it. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen, let alone touched.

I stroked it a couple of times. I had wanked a couple of boys off using my hand but his was really thick and felt much better. I could not get my whole hand around it. It was huge. He seemed happy with me doing that.

After a few strokes, I let go and asked,

“Can we start now?” I was ready to be fucked.

“Have you ever sucked one of these?” He asked.

“Not one that big,” I replied.

“Would you like to try?” he asked.

“Shit. I never thought we would be doing it like this,” I replied.

“Don’t worry it won't bite,” He said as he laughed.

“But it might spit,” I said stupidly.

I got down on my knees in front of him and put his cock into my mouth. It felt strange but exciting. I had sucked a couple of boys off and I knew what it felt like. The first boy had cum in my mouth without telling me and I had no choice and I swallowed his cum. I knew then what cum tasted like and I wasn’t worried  If Tom asked me to drink it, I would.

I began to suck on Tom’s cock and he obviously enjoyed it and I soon got used to his huge cock. I had never had a cock as huge as his in my mouth before. It felt good. I just slid my lips up and down along the shaft for a while and he told me to run my tongue around the head of it, which I did and it felt good.

I was enjoying sucking on his cock and I could feel myself getting really wet.

After a few minutes, he asked. “Have you tasted cum before?”

“Yes, a couple of times. “ I answered.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” He asked.

“Yep,” I replied.

“Good girl. I will tell you when I am cumming.”

I sucked on him for a few more minutes and then he said.

“Get ready, I’m cumming now.”

I nodded and he put both hands on my head and held my head onto his cock.

It happened pretty quickly and I wasn’t quite ready when the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat. I gagged a bit, coughed but didn’t spit it out. Once I had control of his cum in my mouth I swallowed it as quickly as I could then I had another lot to swallow. He was groaning as he spurted. He held my head tighter as if he was holding himself up. I could not take it out if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to. I was enjoying it.

I swallowed most of his cum straight down then I held a bit of it in my mouth to feel what mans cum felt like compared to boys. Tom certainly had more than Mike did. It tasted pretty much the same.

After he had finished cumming he pulled his cock out and I stood up.

“That was really good. You did that well. Let's see if you can fuck just as well.” He said.

“Sit on the edge of the bed and while I am getting hard again I will give you a little bit of what you just gave me,” Tom told me.

I did what he told me and before I knew it he was on his knees and he spread my legs apart and then put his head between them and licked my cunt. God, that felt good. I had never had that done before. I was glad now I had showered. I spread my legs wider for him and I lay back on the bed and this let him really get down and ready to eat me out.

He looked at my cunt and said, “You are nice and wet, I am going to enjoy this, and I hope you do too.”

He spread my lips apart with his fingers and licked the cunt juice that was leaking out of me. I was really wet.

“It doesn't only look good it tastes good too. You have the real scent and taste of a woman.”

Then he put his finger into me and curled it up and touched something inside me which gave me a great feeling on my G spot. His finger was bigger than the boys who had fingered me and it felt a bit like the boy's cocks.

He also seemed to know where to touch me to make it feel good. At the same time, he was licking and sucking on me and soon found my clit and was rubbing and licking that. I was hot and ready for sex. I felt like a woman, not a seventeen-year-old and about to be fucked by my boyfriend's father.

He was an expert and I was ready to cum in about three or four minutes. I sat up with the sensation of his tongue licking my clit. I couldn’t control myself and I came. 

Tom got up and stood there while I got over it. I was breathing a bit faster and he asked, “Did you like that?”

“It was amazing.I loved it.”

“I know Mike has fucked you but how many other boys have you fucked?”

“Four including Mike, and all this year. The first boy got my virginity, I was happy for that to happen, but I was scared because he didn’t use a condom and I wasn’t on the pill. He said you can't get pregnant the first time. I was silly enough to believe him but luckily it didn’t happen. Then there was another boy and after that, his brother. Mike was the fourth. He and I have done it a few times. Now, I am doing it with you. You will be number five.

“Tell me about your boyfriend and his brother. Tom asked.

“It's complicated,” I replied.

“Tell me I am curious.”

“Sally is my best girlfriend and had a boyfriend called Tony. We were all together at Tony’s place one night and Tony and Sally decided to fuck together. I asked Tony’s brother, Dave, who was also there, to fuck me. After our first fuck, Sally and I decided to swap brothers and see what it was like. We all had a great time having a bit of an orgy.

"Sounds like fun," Tom said. "When you are ready, I am ready for you. Just tell me when.”

Tom said this as he stood back looking at my naked body. He had his now hard cock in his hand stroking it.

"You are a beautiful girl. You are going to make a lot of men happy doing this with them.”

“If they are as good as you, then I won't mind,” I said as I laughed.

“Let's fuck,” He said.

I had a feeling this was going to be really good. I could see his long hard really thick cock standing out straight in front of him and his ball sac hanging down. They were huge too. I had never seen another cock as big as his. The head of it was really big. I was used to seeing boys cocks.

Tom’s body looked nice and strong and firm like his cock. He was obviously fit. I knew he didn't have a wife as Mike had told me they were divorced. I was happy doing this with him and I was actually looking forward to having sex with a man rather than a boy. Looking at his cock really made me horny.

As we got ready to fuck he said, “I think you will enjoy it with me. You won't regret it.”

“Let's see and I will tell you,” I told him.

I lay back on the bed and Tom got up and I looked down and he was holding his cock in his hand and I had my legs back waiting to feel it go in. I could feel how wet I was and thought how lucky I was as his big fat cock would go in easily.

“Your cunt looks good. You haven’t shaved your hair off yet? I know it tastes good so I hope this is as good for you as it will be for me,” Tom said as he put the head of his cock into me.

I felt it touch my cunt lips and then he pushed it in and I could feel the big head on it pushing into me. It felt great and better than any of the boys I had fucked. I watched it going in and him pushing it up into me. Once he had the head of it inside me I could feel my cunt lips tight around his cock as he pushed it into my tight cunt. It was big and it felt great.

I felt good and it looked amazing watching and feeling it go in. It was by far the biggest thing I have ever had inside me. I could feel it going all the way up inside me and touch my cervix. I had never had a cock as long as his in me before.

“Can you just leave it there for a minute?” I asked. “I want to enjoy the feeling of it in as far as it is and how thick it is.”

Tom just lay on top of me. He was bigger and heavier than any boy that had fucked me and I felt really like a grown woman, not a seventeen-year-old teenager. It was a wonderful feeling, being nude and having a naked man on top of me and his cock inside me as far as he could get it. This was something I was really enjoying and it had only just started. I had not realised being fucked by a man could be so different.

“You are nice and tight. I love the feeling of being inside you. I cant remember being inside a tighter cunt before.” Tom said as we lay there and enjoying the feeling of his cock up inside me.

“I am glad you like it,” I told him. “I haven’t felt anything like this before it feels really good.”

“When you are ready just tell me and we can start fucking,” Tom told me.

“I think I am ready, that feeling of you up inside me feels really good, I want to see what it feels like to be fucked by such a big cock now,” I said.

Tom didn’t say anything he just pushed himself up on his arms and began to fuck me with his big long thick cock. I knew what fucking is all about and I love it. The thought of being fucked and a man cumming inside me didn’t worry me anymore. I knew what I was doing.

I could feel the head of it rubbing inside me and the thickness pressing against the walls of my vagina. As he pulled back it felt great and I thought he might pull it out but just as I thought it would pop out he pushed it back into me. I had never felt anything like it before, Mick’s cock was only about half as thick as Tom’s and not as long. I loved it when Mick had fucked me but this was so much better. I could not believe how much better it was with a man, particularly Tom who was so nice to me.

Tom fucked me for about four or five minutes and we were both really enjoying the feeling.

Then he asked me, “How many ways have you been fucked?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well there are more ways than one to fuck, is this the only way you have done it?”

“Yes,” I replied. It was a little lie as Mike and I had fucked many ways but I didn’t want to go into too many details. I didn’t want him to think I was a slut.

“Would you like me to show you a few other ways to have a fuck. I told you I could teach you a thing or two.”

“Are you going to cum doing it like this first?” I asked

“No. I want to be able to get it in and if I cum it will be a while before I can get it hard again.” Tom said.

“OK. What do we do?” I said innocently.

Tom pulled his cock out and it felt like somebody had drained the bath and let all the water out. His cock really felt good in me and I was enjoying having his big thick cock in there. My cunt felt empty after he took it out.

“Roll over and get up on your hands and knees.”

I did what he said. It felt different with my tits hanging down and my bum in the air. Then he slapped my cheek with his open hand.

“Ouch, what did I do to deserve that?” I asked.

“Nothing, my sweet young lover. That was just a slap to let you know how beautiful your ass is.  You have a lovely ass.”

“What happens now?” I asked.

Tom slipped his hands down and rubbed my pussy lips and found out I was really wet and I was ready for him to do things to me again that I had not done before. I sighed with the touch of his finger slipping between the lips of my cunt and then he slid it into me right up again like he had done before. That rubbed something that felt rather spongy inside me. I just loved the feeling he was giving me. I could cum just doing that. 

“You like having your G spot massaged do you?” Tom asked.

“I love it,” I told him. Now I knew what it was.

“Get ready. What I am going to do is slip my cock into you from behind."

I was fascinated. Then Tom spread the cheeks of my ass and told me I looked beautiful in that position.

“That’s a cute little asshole of yours. We can play with that later.” He said and I was very curious as to what that meant.

Then he kissed my ass hole. I would never have believed I would ever be doing what we were doing together.

“You are not going to put that up my ass are you?” I asked.

“Not yet. I could later if you wish.”

I didn’t answer. I wouldn’t be wishing for that, not with a cock that big.

I could not believe I was doing all these things with a man, and a man twice my age and obviously with lots of experience. The more I got to know him the more I liked him and was glad he found Mike and me fucking. He and I would never have been doing this if he hadn’t.

With one hand he held my cheeks apart and with the other one took his cock and rubbed it over my asshole, then I could feel it between the cheeks of my ass as he put it into my cunt. Once again, the feeling of his big cock head going in felt wonderful. I could feel it going further and further up me as it had done before but in this position, it felt different. I have never enjoyed being fucked with a cock like his before. The feeling of his cock inside me felt quite different from the way he did me before. It felt nice.

“Oh God, that feels good,” I said as he pushed it into me right up as far as he could go.

“Every woman loves it like this.” He told me.

Then he began to pump his cock back and forth inside me and once more the feeling of his cock inside me was doing wonderful things to me. He put his hands on my waist and he used them to pull and push me in unison with the way he was fucking me. It felt awesome, I knew I was going to enjoy this way and I hoped he would cum inside me this time.

“Oh Sarah, I have never enjoyed doing this with anybody as much as I am with you. This feels amazing. You have the most wonderful cunt.”

I thought, 'does he tell every woman he fucks that?'

“This feels amazing. You have the best cock I have ever had inside me, and certainly the biggest. I love it.”

“You would have to be the best fuck I have ever had too. No girl has been as tight as you are.”

“How about your wife?”

“She was good when we started but after we had Mike her cunt got bigger and it wasn’t as good. I hope the guy who is fucking her now is enjoying her. We didn’t do it a lot before she left me. I started to fuck a girl in the office and she was ok but then found a guy she wanted to marry so that was that. Now I have you, it's like I won the lottery.”

“It does feel nice inside me. I like it better than missionary.”

“I have fucked a lot of girls and even my wife was not as good as this. Her sister was better.”

“You fucked your wife’s sister?” I asked incredulously.

“I fucked her before I fucked my wife,” Tom replied.

“I am glad I am getting it like this now. I am loving it. Am I doing it right?” I asked.

“You are doing it perfectly.”

“I want to do it like this again. Your cock feels better in me like this than before and I didn’t think that was possible. Oh, shit this is amazing. You and I are perfect together. I am glad you are enjoying it as much as I am. Do I feel any better than other women?”

“You are so tight. You are the best fuck I have ever had.”

“I could do it like this forever with you,” I told him.

I won’t be able to last much longer. Will it be alright to cum in you?” he asked.

“I can’t wait. I am safe, so go for it. I am pretty close myself so let’s see if we can cum together. I have never done that yet.” I said.

Tom didn’t answer he just began to fuck me faster.

Tom was really pumping his cock into me now and was going really fast. I could feel his big cock head rubbing my insides. The feeling was just amazing. The sound of our two bodies slapping together filled the room. The rapid movement of his cock suddenly increased the sensation inside me and it became intense. I knew I was about to cum.

Then I began to shudder as my orgasm began. My whole body jerked three or four times with each push of his cock back into me, my clit had become extremely sensitive, as it does when I cum and his cock rubbing it really made the feeling so intense. My nipples hardened just with the feeling of him doing it.

I shuddered and my whole body was shaking.I was gasping for breath. I could not remember ever cumming so vigorously before, it was his cock rubbing the insides of my cunt and that had really turned me on. My tits were bouncing around under me.

Then I heard Tom moan and his hands grabbed the cheeks of my ass really tightly. I could feel his cum filling me each time he spurted. I had been fucked many times but not like this. I have never enjoyed a fuck doing it like this before and we were both cumming together. I was fucking a man more than twice my age with his big fat cock and feeling his cum going into me.

This was the epitome of fucking. I could not believe how good this was feeling and I could feel and hear Tom fucking me and cumming inside me. I had never felt so good in my life.

When he finished pumping his cum into me he leant down and lay on my back. I could feel and hear he was breathing as heavily as I was and I could feel his cock still inside me.We were both exhausted from the experience we had both enjoyed. I had never enjoyed cumming like I had this time ever before. We were both fucked - literally and practically.

“It's not stuck in there is it?” I asked.

“No, but I want to keep it in you for as long as possible. That was the best fuck I have ever had. You were amazing.” He told me.

I was sure he told every woman that.

“Just let me enjoy the sensation for as long as I can. It will slip out in a minute when it softens. It won’t get stuck in there I promise.”

The two of us just stayed joined together with his cock still inside me but nowhere near as hard as it was before. Then his cock slipped out and I could feel his cum begin to leak out and drip onto the sheet. I took a tissue from the bedside table and put it into my crack to stem the flow of his cum. Then we both sat up on the edge of the bed. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled my head onto his shoulders. It was then I realised we had never kissed.

“Sarah, I have never enjoyed fucking a girl or a woman as much as I enjoyed that,” Tom said. “That was the best fuck I have ever had. I thought this would be just a one-off, but I really want us to do this some more.”

I said. “Surely when you were married you had good fucks and you have told me you have fucked a lot of women. Surely I can’t be that good to be the best fuck you ever had.”

“Sarah, I have never fucked a girl, or a woman, like you as a boy or a man. Not even Joanne, my wife’s sister. I promise.”

Then he stood up and took both my hands and he kissed me gently on the lips. I wanted to be kissed more than anything right now. I forgot that he was as old as he was and kissed him as I would have kissed a boyfriend. He was a little surprised when I used my tongue when we kissed and he soon followed.

What we had done together was something I had never experienced in my life before. The feeling I had felt as he pushed his cock right up inside me was amazing. The feeling of our tongues entwined in our mouths was almost as sensual. Not only did I enjoy having his big cock inside me but I also loved the feeling of the weight of his body on top of me.

The sensation was far more than just pleasure. I was becoming emotional. I hugged him to me as if he was my father and we were just embracing as father and daughter, not lovers.

It was a feeling I had never had before. I just loved the feeling of him, his big body and his big cock. We had been joined together and doing what he told me I would enjoy. I did more than I could have believed. I was enjoying every moment of being with him. I had never felt like this before with anybody.

This felt different. The feelings I have had before were just the feeling of having a good time and a good fuck. I didn’t want to think so but I believed it was the first sensation I had ever had of loving a person. Love from the heart or mind. The age difference was inconsequential, I was loving a man making love to me and he was more than twice my age.

I had never enjoyed being fucked like that ever before. I loved him. No boy had ever made me feel like this before. The kiss was so passionate, and we kept it going for ages before we were both out of breath. When the kiss ended we both knew that we had just made love, not just fucked. I felt embarrassed. We stood there silently for a few minutes with our arms wrapped around each other. I gave him a peck on the lips every now and again. He made me feel something really special.

I did not want our embrace to end. The feeling of his warm body and breath made me feel so adult.

“Sarah, please don’t take offence at this but I have never felt like that with another woman ever, even my wife,” Tom whispered in my ear.

Why we were whispering I have no idea. Nobody could possibly hear us.

"I loved it too,” I replied softly. “It was so amazing. I am so happy that we have done that. I could not believe that you could ask me, and I could not believe I had said yes. Now I know why. We were made to make love together. ”

I held him tightly to me. Our naked bodies pressed together and my head on his shoulder. I could feel his big soft wet cock against my pubic hair. It was a feeling I didn’t want to end.

“That fuck was the best fuck I have ever had. I have never enjoyed being fucked as much with anybody as we just I did. I can't express how wonderful it was, Tom I loved it and I love you for doing it with me.”

“I know… I felt it was special for me too.” Tom said.

“Now we have done it once would you consider being my lover?” He asked.

“Yes. But you have to remember our age difference is far too great to be seen together. You are older than my father,” I whispered.

I didn’t want to admit it but I would have been his lover forever if we made love like that every time. I would never admit that to him.

“I have to have boyfriends too. My age. I am prepared to do this occasionally but not regularly, not like every week. It will have to be when I want to be with you. We can discuss when and where but you cant ring or text me every day. Somehow we will work it out but believe me I want to do this with you again and again, but it has to be very private.” I made it clear I was very serious.

Tom asked, “Will you still fuck Mike after we have fucked each other?”

“David and Mike are my best friends. I don’t want to spoil that relationship. I am sorry. I want to be able to continue to do that. Doing that won’t interfere with the two of us doing it. It might happen though that you may catch us again.  If I stop fucking them they will want to know who I am fucking, and I don’t want anybody to know we are lovers,” I told him.

“I will just have to live with that. We will just have to work out ways of us getting together without anybody knowing.” He said.

“That will be hard because I want to be fucked by you every day. I love it with you.” I admitted.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, I think he had ideas of me being his mistress. That would never happen in view of our ages.

“Ok, I want you to learn other ways of doing it. I want you to do it to me with you on top now. My cock is ready again.” He had broken the silence.

I was ready willing and able and I was learning. I now knew two ways of fucking it and I was about to learn another.

Toms cock was rock hard again. I was anxious to get it up inside me again.

He said, “OK, next lesson.”

Then he lay on the bed and I stood beside him and as he lay back he held his cock straight up. I didn’t need to be told how I was to put it in. THAT was obvious. Before I got up on the bed with him I put my mouth over the head of his cock and licked and made it really wet. I was wet myself just thinking about having him fuck me again but that would make it doubly wet.

“Sarah, you are a princess.” He said as I got up on the bed.

I stood up on the bed and then squatted down onto my knees. Positioning my cunt just above his cock. I leaned forward and put my hands each side of his head. Tom licked each of my nipples which were virtually rubbing his nose. Then Tom held his cock upright and could see down under me and where everything was. I positioned my cunt at the top of his cock as he held it up ready to penetrate me.

I put my hand down and replaced his hand with mine and guided his cock head just between my pussy lips. Then I pressed down gently. When his cock head was inside me, I could feel the ring of my cunt gripping the shaft of his huge cock I lowered my body down and the full weight of my body was pushing his cock up and into me. I could feel every inch of it going up to me. The feeling of his cock head forcing its way up and into me again felt awesome.

It felt quite different from when he was pressing it into me when we were doing it missionary. I was now sitting up straight. It was as far up and inside me as it could possibly be. My cunt lips were right down on his balls. This was the third different way he had got his cock into me. I could feel the big head of his cock deep inside me again and touch my cervix.

It was right up into my tummy I could put my hand on my tummy and feel it inside me. I could not believe how far up me it was. I held it there for a few seconds just to enjoy the feeling. I had put things up inside me when I masturbated but nothing as thick as Tom's cock and nothing felt as good as this.

Tom looked at me and smiled. He knew I was enjoying every moment with him and I could tell he was enjoying having a seventeen-year-old girl with a tight cunt impaled on his thick rock hard cock. He was educating me in all the ways to enjoy sex. I would never have learned as much as I have with him, or Mick, or any of the boys who fucked me. He was explaining everything and I knew we were both having a wonderful experience together.

It felt like I was having sex with a schoolteacher only better. At no time did I feel I was doing anything wrong. The both of us were completely naked as I felt this added to my enjoying everything we were doing together. What we were doing was completely uninhibited. We were both enjoying the pleasures each of our bodies was giving the other person. It wasn’t just a guy fucking me to make him cum.

I was right down on him and had his cock right up to me and pressed against his balls. The feeling of his hair around my cunt lips was wonderful. My cunt was spread as wide as I could get it and I then put my hand down and spread my lips even further to get the feeling of him right up hard against them. I was in heaven as far as the sensation of him being in me was concerned.

“Wow, This feels even better than before. I don’t know which way is better, doggy or this.” I said.

“This is called ‘cowgirl’ as it gives you the opportunity to ride me and work me off. I don’t think you need to be told how.” He laughed.

I had learned another new way to fuck.

I didn’t need any further encouragement. I began to fuck him as he fucked me when he was on top. This was a bit different and I took a minute or two to get the rhythm right. I went up too far a couple of times and his cock popped out. He quickly held it up and I got it back in within a second or two.

He suggested a couple of ways for me to position myself over him and each time it felt good and I was soon beginning to work out ways to make it feel good inside me myself. By adjusting my position I could get his cock right where I could really feel it and when I went up and down on it the feeling of his cock head rubbing the walls of my cunt was amazing.

I believed I could get myself to cum any time I wanted to do it like this, but I didn’t want to cum in a minute, so I adjusted my position to just be able to feel the thrust of his cock as I pushed down on it. I realised that in this position I had control of everything.

Tom was enjoying it himself as I could tell by his face that it was good. He didn’t need to tell me. Between the two of us, we worked in this position for a while until I believe I had tried it in every position and where I could feel his cock in different ways inside me.

Tom put his hands up and fondled my breasts and tweaked my nipples. That gave me a lovely sensation inside me. I loved having my nipples played with. I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. I was making love to a man almost three times as old as I was and I felt great.

Then Tom said, “Now without taking it out, I want you to turn around so you are facing away from me,”

I slowly turned making sure that his cock didn’t come out. Because I was so wet my cunt just slid around his big thick meaty cock. It felt good. Once I was facing away from him it felt different again and more like a doggy fuck. The feeling of his huge cock inside me really felt great.

Then I started to rock on top of him and enjoy the feeling of having his cock rub me up in this way. For a girl who had only fucked a couple of boys who only did it missionary, I was having the time of my life. I was becoming a sex maniac I was loving it so much.

“You are a natural. You are as good as any woman I have fucked and they had done this before. It's just so wonderful being in you. I am not telling a lie, you are the best fuck I can ever remember.”

I replied. ”I think you have a lot to be thankful for too. The women you fuck must love it too. That cock of yours is so amazing. It is so tight inside me. Does it feel tight to you?” I asked.

“I can feel it virtually grabbing me when you move and tighten your muscles down there and yes, it feels really great,” he said. “Fuck me you little vixen, make me cum again.”

Tom was really enjoying me fucking him as much as I was fucking him. I began to fuck him doing it in reverse cowgirl as he had called it. I would never have imagined I would have ever been in the position of actually fucking a man myself, this was wonderful.

I fucked him like this for about three or four minutes and I loved it.

“You are going to make me cum any minute,” Tom said.

Without asking I turned around and once more managed to keep his cock inside me. I was still on top but now facing him. I put my hands on his chest and then squeezed his nipples between two fingers on each hand.

“I want to see you cum,” I said.

He didn’t say a word and began to fuck me from underneath me. I was bouncing up and down as he thrust his hips up and down. I just lifted myself up a little bit to give him more room to thrust. He did the rest and just fucked me. My body was bouncing as he thrust as well and my tits were bumping up and down. I thought we might break the bed. I have enjoyed every moment of him fucking me, but this feeling was amazing.

This was even better than at any time before while we were fucking. I was on top and I could see feel everything that was happening to us. I just wanted to feel everything that was happening to me and I didn’t feel like I wanted to cum. Well, not yet.

I fucked him for a couple more minutes and we fucked in silence. The only sounds were the slapping of our bodies as he thrust his body into mine.

Then Tom came. He didn't say anything. I heard him grunt and felt his body jerk. He stopped fucking me and lay on his back with me on top and his cock up me as far as we could get it. I could feel his cock pumping his cum into me, it was that tight inside me.

I could feel his cum flowing out of the eye of his cock into my hot body. He was filling me with so much cum. This feeling was just so wonderful. The sensation changed with his cum filling my insides. I rocked myself on top of him virtually milking the cum out of his cock.

As I slowly pumped it up and down inside me. I had fucked him and made him cum. Then I began to feel his cum beginning to leak out of me. He stopped squirting and I could feel see and hear him gasping for breath. His cock was still up to me and still fairly firm so I leaned forward and maneuvered my cunt until I got his cock onto my clit and I fucked him for all I was worth.

His cock had softened a bit but it was still hard enough and thick enough for me to be able to feel it. I soon felt the spasms inside me, now I was about to cum. I was virtually masturbating myself with his cock like a dildo.

I kept going for as long as I could bear the sensation of his cock rubbing against my clit. I was having another strong orgasm. My body was jerking with the spasms in my clit and my tummy muscles were twitching with each spasm. My whole body was involved in what was one of the best orgasms I have had. I had never had one fucking in this position but it was a good as any of the others I have had with Tom and a bit better than any I have had with the guys or masturbating.

I would never regret my decision to let Tom fuck me now. My curiosity had led me into a relationship I would never forget. I was having the time of my life and learning so much about having sex. I did not regret agreeing to have sex with a man three times my age. I would be continuing to see Tom a lot more in future and if it could be like this, I might never want to stop doing it with him.

By now I was completely exhausted and Tom had almost recovered from his orgasm. I lay down on top of him and we kissed. He still had his almost limp cock inside my cunt and we had our tongues in each other's mouths. Our bodies were virtually joined in two places and the feeling of our bodies so close together and the sweat we had generated between us as we fucked was as intimate as I could ever imagine.

I had never felt this way with any other man or boy in my life. I believed that I loved Tom in a way that I shouldn’t but he had done something with me I could not have enjoyed more and the feelings I had for him are more than just being a friend.

I loved my parents and my brother but this emotion was completely different. I knew I was crazy for thinking like this but if he asked me to marry him at this moment I would be saying yes. My feelings for him and the pleasures he has given me were overwhelming.

It wouldn't happen so I have no fear of making a fool of myself.

After we had recovered, I climbed off him and his cock slipped out and lay on top of his balls and was shining and covered in the mixture our bodies had generated, and his cum. I took his cock in my hand and I licked the head of it and got the taste of our bodies on my tongue.

Tom said, “Kiss me – I want us both to share that.”

I then sucked the top of his cock and got a bit more of our love juice and then kissed him. The mixture of our bodies coming from inside my cunt was transferred to our mouth’s.

To many, that may seem disgusting but we had shared our bodies in a way I could never replicate. Now we had sealed it with a kiss of love and share the taste of our bodies as well as the feelings we had generated for each other.

I sat on the bed beside Tom for ages talking to him and telling him how much I loved making love with him and describing the feelings I had when he was fucking me. He had his arm around me fondling my breasts which I enjoyed. I fondled his soft and floppy cock. Our lips met just for a touch occasionally. I really liked him, whether I loved him or not I don’t know. The age difference was too much for us to be partners but we could still be lovers.

We both agreed it had been wonderful and Tom said that we could meet again and do the same things as often as I wanted to. He told me there are a lot more ways to make love and he wanted to show me as many as he could.

I wanted to learn so there were going to be a lot of Tom and Sarah suck and fuck sessions.

It was now getting late and I should have been home a couple of hours earlier. I knew those hours had not been wasted and I enjoyed every minute of them.

We were done. It was over – for today. We both showered and got dressed.

Tom drove me to the end of my street. I kissed him gently on the lips and then walked home. I did not want my neighbours to see me with an older man. I wanted to walk that couple of hundred metres alone to absorb the images and memories that I had of those couple of hours of unforgettable experiences I had enjoyed with him. The air was cool and fresh and I could not have felt better. I felt so refreshed in every way. I could have walked home naked, and felt no shame.

I asked myself if I had done anything wrong and I convinced myself I hadn’t. I just fucked a guy a bit older than me. A lot older. I had experienced the most exciting and most wonderful time of my life. I could still feel where is huge cock had been and given me so much pleasure. As I walked I could feel my pants getting wet as his cum continued to leak from inside me. I could not have been happier that he had filled me with it, and the ways he did so.

I knew that would not be the first or the last time Tom and I would spend together in that room. As I walked alone thinking of the past couple of hours, I wondered how long it would be before I texted him and made another date for another lovemaking lesson. It would not be long before that big fat cock was filling me up again.

My other concern was to work out a way to keep Mike happy without letting him know he was only second best now. His cock was nowhere near as fulfilling as his father's. Both would provide me with the way of life I wanted. A boy to keep me company as a teenager and a man that could fulfil every sexual desire a woman can endure and fulfil.

There was going to be a lot more quality fucking in the life that I could have never have imagined.

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