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My Spanish mother in law, Veronica

My dream ever had been accomplished: didn't believe my eyes while seeing her bubble buttocks

Hi, buddies. You enjoy reading erotic stories, don’t you? I’m ready to chat about my mother in law. She´s a mature, 1.50 mts. tall, a little overweight, round, a granny with splendorous curves, though. More precisely, I’d say her features are not too beautiful indeed; small breasts, big black nipples.

She has marks in her waist and her tummy is rather bulgy after she’s a mother of two. Her best fascination I may say consists in a pair of asscheeks, hard and firm, that stand out,  -standing erect.  Her legs also draw men’s attention:  well formed, like those of a woman who has spent years exercising at gyms, but natural legs, well cast thighs, even bulky.  She has some beautiful toes in her foot. As I’m writing this story,   I’m really having a hard on now, ha, ha, evoking these events.

She’s always in a good temper, easy going, really kind, simple and naive.  In fact a hearty woman but maltreated by a troublemaker like her husband is. He’s ten years elder and I figure out, the old guy can’t fuck her either. I’m married to her daughter who is quite “smart”… enough to fuck me!

This marriage is not working too fine these days and this has made me to turn to my mother in law looking for some support.  I’ve gotten along  with her pretty well, since time back. I’ve courted Veronica   -That’s my mother in law’s name- since years now, fascinated by her appearance. She has a charm, some delight that makes her deliciously, lusciously nice. I’m sure matures are the ones who fuck the most lusciously at their age, more than ever, and that’s why I used to fool around about her goodies, she never would pay attention, though. Sometimes she replied to my courtship.  I peeped out to contemplate, gaze at her low neck, staring at her ass, especially at occasions when she wore tight pants if I had a chance.

On one occasion, I visited her while she was doing housework, dressed in shorts with the only exception this one short was diminutive and undersized; half transparent and too tight, enough for anyone else to find out she had no panties on.   I got turned on at seeing this, having a magnificent hard on instantaneously.

My mother in law owns an apartment at the famous resort Acapulco in Mexico, known for its beautiful beaches. We used to spend some days vacationing there, sometimes would spend  the whole week here, along with my wife, mother in law, and father in law.

On this new occasion, they had gotten ahead, without me, as I had to finish some business at the company I run.   I tried to rush this so I’d catch up with them for dinner time, but it was useless:  I wasn’t able to get there on time and made it there at about 6:00 p.m.  As I got there, the apartment was deserted so I suppose they were taking a walk around the beach, or had gone to the mall to shop. I stripped off my clothes, drank two beers and headed for the bath room to take a revitalizing shower.

I got out of the bathroom and decided to lay down on the bed, naked, enjoying the fresh air coming out of the air conditioner. I had no plans to sleep but a minute later I was snoozing.  I was sure I’d be awakening by the clatter and noise they made as they arrived here.

Suddenly, I felt a hand touching my shoulder and… God!  She scared the hell out of me! I reacted quickly, embarrassed at realizing I was totally naked. It was my mother in law: she was uncomfortable seeing me naked and said: “Oh, Marcos, you’d better go get dressed in the bathroom.  Can’t be here like that.”

I still can’t tell  for how long my mother in law had been watching me exposed, but figure out she had gazed at my dick enough as to comment:   “You’re bigger than my husband.”

To this huge surprise I was astounded, wordless: obviously she referred to my manhood meaning: “Your penis is bigger than my husband’s.”

This gave us an idea to initiate a chat on sex topic. We were alone at the apartment, with no more company, so this would be an opportunity to buy her a beer which she accepted cheerfully. We continued to have small talk, until I asked her about this people and she informed were traveling to a popular eating place where they’d buy sea food. This restaurant was a far distance away -about 30 kilometers- along the seaside.

Out of the blue, my cell phone rang, indicating an incoming call. It was my wife who informed they were stranded in a remote road where traffic was impeded, slowed down, by army troops hunting for criminals in this zone. The only way out of this mishap would be to stay overnight at a palapa  -cabin.  My wife said this on the phone:  next morning arrived back to Acapulco to join us. It was now as I realized I’d spend the night with my mother in law by ourselves.

I was now more stress-free and invited her to have a walk by the beach. This I thought would be a first step to keep close to her and begin to achieve confidence. I didn’t want to rush things, especially if I counted on the whole night to try different approaches. It’s worthwhile to mention here that a good approach would be to make this woman feel she worth more than a piece of meat.

While walking, we chat, and touched her hips gently inviting her to walk to my side; she acceded kindly.  We got back to the apartment and I cooked a dinner for my mother in law. Shellfish would be a great idea, along with white wine as aperitif, or appetizer, so she would not be inhibited, too shy.  She was not reticent anymore and kept on joking about how aphrodisiac shellfish would be for men, while I agreed: “Oh, lady, your daughter is gone. You’ll  take over here, won't you? 

I began to have images of hers, my fantasies ahead of time, with  this anal virgin, and  I saw her in my eye, screaming, while I forced my large cock inside her.  Probably she was too tight and had to oblige my penis more into her than the ordinary. I was day dreaming this shit, like a truly depraved and wondered if this horny mature slut fucked so hard to make her pussy squirt.

She has a nice pair of big natural tits, and you really imagine her jiggling and wiggling while she gets fucked hard by a big dick guy!  I came back to reality and found out we had run out of wine so I got to the liquor store to buy more beer and drink it in the balcony together, enjoying the wonderful view of the bay and ocean on that hours of daylight. As I got back, my mother in law had changed into   a long under shirt, which she would wear as a nightgown to go to bed. I asked her: “Oh, are you bored, ready to go to bed?”

She replied: “No, I’m not.  I’ve just changed into this outfit to get comfortable.”

I changed into new clothes too, wearing only a short. As we continued to drink, I realized my mother in law was already under the influence o alcohol.  I figure out I’m drunk so was she, especially if she wasn’t used to alcohol.  I could tell because she was too smiling and pleasant and no longer worried about her daughter and husband’s whereabouts.

I had been aware about an ankle problem she had, which troubled her producing some pain when walking.  This would be my chance I thought to recommend her a massage there.  I laid her feet on my lap, still sitting on the balcony bed, and began to make good progress at getting closer to her as I had to embrace more of her legs rubbing them.  One of them strokes my thighs getting me more excited. I had a visible hard on above my pants, but I didn’t care at all nor felt embarrassed if she noticed this.

Suddenly I was seized by a rage, kind of rapture and took her toe into my mouth, beginning to lick it. I was unable to foretell what would be her reaction at this point: probably she would get hopping mad and left?  I was moved by her words instead:

“Oh, I’ve ever longed for this.”

She had given me a hint, so I took advantage, and I proceeded by grabbing her legs and spreading them apart, not getting straight to her mound first, but moved to her mouth where I kissed her passionately, while touching her body. She reciprocated. I lifted her long shirt to find out she was wearing a thong, no bra. I had guessed this as seeing the hard nipples while chatting. I applied myself into sucking the black nipples, as well as touching her legs and backside. I didn’t yet want to meddle with her pussy and would rather wait until she begged me: “Oh, Marcos, come on. Fuck me now, please. Can’t wait!”

Once I was sure she was hot as hell, I went down to suck her cunt. She clutched my face with her legs. I lifted her thong a bit and realized was wet, with a major surprise here as I realized her cunt was totally shaved!

I had made a comment recommending her to shave her cunt, weeks ago, while staring at the clean shaven cunt. She said: “Oh, didn’t you want to see me like this, Marcos?”

I began to give her pleasure by licking the clit, massaged it with my tongue, sucking her labia, fingered her and touched her “G” spot.  With my free hand, I either touched her nipples or teased her little virgin asshole. 

I had begun to imagine, seeing her juicy ass cheeks wobbling around while taking my big dick in doggy style position, riding my fat cock!!  She attempted to push me out-of-the-way wanting my cock instead, an unmistakable sign she was about to cum. Reluctant to retire, I stuck to the pussy, so exquisite and wet. I kept sucking until noticed her breath interrupted and her orgasm washed my face. I felt as she gripped my head against her, legs clutched me and foot twisted for pleasure. I figure out she’d disappear, regretting what she had just done, considering this was morally wrong, but stayed instead. She just was catching up her breath.

Again, this mature pushed me onto the bed, full of lust.  She slid off my short and tried to put my dick between her boobs, doing the best performance ever doing me a splendorous blow job afterwards.   I stared at her, giving head,  bent over with her bubble ass high in the air.  She sucked on my balls like her candy and then took my dick as deep as possible down her throat!  Veronica had just proved that she is a fucking good dick sucker!

I didn’t believe my eyes, a fantasy that had just come true at last.  I still recall my mother in law clearing her face off hair for me to see how well she gulped my rod, stroking my balls, gripping the rod with the other hand.  As I suddenly felt I was going to cum, I made her ride on top of me in a 69. What a pleasure to have her cunt on my face, and the  warm mouth on my rod at the same time, with this mature so inspired, giving the best pleasure each other.

I went ahead and wet my finger in her juices, then poked her little tight asshole with the finger tip. I got a response to this seeing her squeeze her sphincter, and would loose it up for my finger to go to the second knuckle.  I couldn’t hold it anymore and jet a spurt of semen into her mouth while doing a 69, but her reaction wouldn’t be one of disapproval or disgusting: and kept sucking stronger while gripping my rod with both hands to milk me utterly.  

My mother in law began to wiggle, squirming: a signal she’d cum again soon… until I saw her climaxing. I neither got away from her clit, nor removed my finger off her asshole. It was so exciting by this view of her beautiful asscheeks clutched together… we were now two people still doing a 69, however motionless, one on top of the other, resting.

We got off the porch bed and headed for the bathroom to clean. Although I had washed my hands and mouth, my mother in law’s pussy scent continued to stick to my mouth. My mother in law returned to stroke my rod which made me to have another hard on. No problem, I was ready for the obligation here, yet I had accomplished what I wanted ever: my dream and been accomplished, fucking my mother in law in a hotel by the beach, watching porn. I was familiar with this scent in my mouth, as I had spent years sniffing her panties after I took them off  the clothes line. I had cherished that bubble butt, and now was happy I’d no longer jerk off having fantasies with Veronica.
As I was lying on my back, she spread her legs wide for me and buried herself my rod with one stroke. She began to shake her hips so wonderfully like a skilled belly dancer, back and forth riding my penis inside her.  Hell! My Veronica was fucking me like a pro. I touched her boobs and nipples, trying to reach at them to suck and play. As I was plotting to change to a new position and made this more interesting, her shaking increased becoming more relentless, crushing my rod powerfully. 

Suddenly, this ceased and I felt the interior of her vagina eating me, grinding my dick. Her muscles had contracted, squeezing my dick, and she began to spurt her juices and squirt over me. She continued to squirm, quivering. She was now a passionate woman fulfilled by my manhood while I was proud to have made her get to this limits. I still recall her words:

“Nobody ever made me feel this... oh my God, so delicious!!”

This mature was aware I hadn’t yet cum so learning this fact was important to her, since this implied she could fuck once more, and adopted another position style: doggy, her favorite. She was on her 4’s now,  to the edge of bed suggesting:  “doggy” come on, fuck me now. I stood there turned on by the scene: buttocks high in the air that seemed to beg: “come on buddy ain’t continuing fucking?”

I struck my fancy and began to eat cunt from behind, my best trophy: her buttocks  were now offered to me. I fucked tongue her asshole, which she tightened each time my tongue made a new pass. Veronica reached out to take some stuff off the dressing table. To my surprise, it was a lube. She said: “Ok, buddy, you’re gonna cum within me, into my ass. My ass is virgin but you can take it now.  How did you like this surprise?” 

I accepted the lube tube and put plenty of it around her asshole, considering   we’d have difficulties if ever tried to fuck a virgin asshole like this one before me: she had never been fucked all of her holes.  It had been a good idea to work on her ass so getting her prepared an relaxed, not only  fingering her but tongue fucking the pussy as well.  

She sat on me astride and jumped on my dick. I began to poke slowly, moving softly inside her, until my dick entered her completely. I began to move in and out, very slowly. I speeded up my pace until we both match a good rhythm. She was so excited that began to talk dirty to me saying: “Enjoy, Marcos, I’m your favorite bitch.  Come on, fuck the damn ass, fuck the shit out of me, now, darnit!!”

She continued: “Squeeze my ass cheeks, darling!”

I felt a tickling sensation on my back, then back to my abdomen. I gripped my legs and felt how cum spurts was jet inside her ass, which she kept shaking obstinately. She was still cumming I continued to bang her though.  She tightened her sphincter to grip my rod so I’d feel it more deliciously, while stroking her clit, moaning aloud like if having an orgasm.  It’s something you can’t forget.

As I finished to hose her,  got together to the bath room to take a shower. We never made any comments while in the shower because it’s supposed we had been longing for this since time back.  We sensed an atmosphere of peace and harmony while lying on the bed, with no worries or fears. I began to strike her hair and legs.

My wife and father in law arrived early next morning. By this time Veronica had gotten up and taken a shower. She had begun to cook breakfast and cleaned off the mess from the night party: can beers and all this stuff. She whispered this to my ear:  “Starting from today, I’ll be your mistress.   I won’t love anybody else, or my husband.” 

To date, we’ve been dating, whenever if any chance comes, and I’ve fallen in love with this lady more than ever,  my mother in law; I love her  more than I love my wife.”

                                                                   THE END

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