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My wife and her holiday adventure

My wife teases too much and pays the price!
Every Summer we rent a caravan on the coast for a fortnight and I leave my wife there all week and go back at weekends. Normally we get the same neighbors, a family with kids, but this year there was a retired couple there. I thought nothing of it when I dropped Jenny off, but when I got back did she have a story to tell.

I am twenty years older than Jenny, who is 32. She is a tall brunette with a half decent tanned body that she doesn't worry too much about showing off, so I suppose I should have known something would happen one day. She has a habit of getting up late and then wandering around in what she slept in until she has a shower, which can be late afternoon and when it's hot weather she will go outside dressed like this as well.

Well, the day after I dropped her off she tells me it was a scorcher and when she got up she opened the door and sat on the porch having a coffee, just wearing some silky cream loose panties and a thin and short gown. She said she just got a glimpse of the old guy next door watching her through the bedroom window and after a couple of minutes she realised that he was wanking! Jenny said her first thought was to go inside, but being the tease she is it didn't take long for her to decide to stay where she was and lean forward so that her gown spread open and her tits slipped out. As she did so she looked up and the old man had given up trying to hide and he was in full view at the window, his slacks open and his hand round his cock and pulling as hard as he could while he stared at my slut of a wife.

She said that she then leant back again with the gown open and let her legs fall apart and she stretched her feet out, so that her pant opened to one side and her pussy with its tuft of dark pubic hair would be clearly visible. That was too much for the guy and she said she almost felt him cum as he disappeared from the window, just as his wife arrived back at their front door, giving Jenny a dirty look for not being dressed at such a time.

I thought that would be the end of it, but Jenny is never happy unless she's playing around and prick teasing, so she then decided to choose skimpier and skimpier outfits to wear when she went out of the caravan. By the fourth day she said that all she had on was a white thong bikini and she was sure that the guy was spending all his time at the bedroom window waiting to see her and satisfy himself. In fact once she heard his wife shout at him to come out of that bedroom.

Anyway, early on Saturday morning it seemed Jenny got a surprise that she didn't expect. There was hard knock on the door and as she thought it was me, she shouted that the door isn't locked and come in; she's still in bed. She then heard the door open and close and when she turned over to look she saw the wife of the old guy looking her up and down from the edge of the bed and the guy sheepishly stood behind her. Jenny sat up with a start and feign shocked, drawing bed sheet around her naked body. She smiled and knew what was coming.

The old lady snatched the sheet away and said "There's no point trying to cover yourself up now young lady, after parading your body in front of everyone all week and getting my husband so excited I thought I would give you something to remind you of me before we go home. You've certainly given me something to remind me of you, my husbands pants are filthy from him getting thrills from seeing you, you harlot!"

At that the old lady sat on the bed and pulled Jenny right across her and held her down with one strong arm and wrapped her legs across Jenny's. She then spanked my wife's bare butt as hard as she could, making Jenny scream out! It seems this went on for a few minutes with the old lady muttering about filthy minded sluts tempting older men with their tight bodies, while Jenny's butt got hotter and hotter.

After a while, the old lady let Jenny go and she fell onto the floor holding her butt with a devilish smirk on her face, not caring that the old guy was wide mouthed and staring at her pussy. The old lady glowered at Jenny and then pushed her husband out of the bedroom and they were gone.

This experience sure did make my wife think. But, not in the way that you would expect. While the old lady is probably telling all her old cronies how she taught some young slut a lesson she'll never forget all Jenny wants me to do now is tell her she's a bad girl and spank her naked butt!!!

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