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Nurse Practitioner Makes House Calls - Part 2

Tags: couple, sex, teaser
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional
My Nurse Practitioner Sherry and I were standing in my bedroom totally nude and admiring each other. My cock was rigid and pointing at her and I could see a bit of wetness dribbling down the inside of her thighs. Her nipples looked as hard as stone and were pointed at me. As she winked at me, she said, “Now this is more as it should be”.

Then Sherry remarked that it looked as if I was ready to start my treatment.

"It looks as if you're ready to treat me" I replied.

Sherry said there were a few details to complete before starting.

First, she told me that she is training a young lady to become competent in administering her type of treatments and that this lady couldn’t make it here this early, but that she will be here later to assist in my treatment.

Attempting to appear stoic, I inwardly smiled at myself as my cock twitched rapidly and copious amounts of pre-cum were expelled from it. When Sherry saw that she licked her lips in anticipation and more of her love juice ran down her thighs. She winked at me, and I winked back to her.

Then she told me, as she reached into her bag and brought out a blood pressure cuff and her stethoscope, that she needed to check to see if I were physically fit to accept her treatment. She said that if not, the deal was off….. at least for today.

Then she showed me a small container which she said contained an experimental form of Cialis capsules, which, when swallowed, would take effect almost immediately and be effective for hours. She said, “I don’t think you will need this, but with two of us treating you today I brought it along just in case you do”.

Then (you know the drill) she took my blood pressure, checked my pulse rate, took my temperature, and listened to my heart beat with her stethoscope. She said that everything seemed to be normal, except that, surprisingly to me and her, she said my heart was beating a bit slower than she would have expected of me in my sexually aroused state. Then Sherry leaned over and kissed one of my nipples…..listened to my heart……and then sucked on my other nipple and listened to my heart again. Finally, she reached down and tenderly stroked my hot nuts, and after listening again to my heart beat she said she thought I was fit for her treatment because my heart was now beating rapidly.

That goes to show how beneficial a tender touch can be.

She reached in her bag again and brought out some small bottles, which she said contained oils which stimulate the body when they are massaged into it.

Sherry jumped into the middle of my bed and said, “Let the games begin!”

I jumped in right next to her, eager to play whatever games she had in mind.

Sherry reached over and turned my head to face hers. Then she kissed me tenderly on my eyes, cheeks, neck, and finally on my lips. When, in return, I kissed her on her lips they opened and allowed my tongue to dance sensuously with hers.

The games were on!

Her hands and fingers seemingly explored every inch of my body, pausing here and there on certain more sensitive areas along the way. My hands were responding on Sherry’s body. There were times when one of us would cause the other to shiver in delight.

Being the life-long “tittie-lover” that I am, I caressed Sherry’s glorious breasts and feasted on her throbbing nipples as she moaned with pleasure.

She whispered to me that I might make her cum if I didn’t stop that instantly.

I said, “Hon, don’t you want to enjoy an orgasm?” and she said, “Yes, but not yet you horny bastard. Let’s play longer and make it more enjoyable”.

I enjoy long sensual sex sessions as much as anyone (although “quickies” serve a purpose at times).

So I stopped concentrating on Sherry’s lovely delicious rack, and moved one hand down to her pretty smooth unshaven mound which I felt pulsating against the palm of my hand.

When she felt my hand over her twat Sherry began to hump my hand while at the same time grasping my manhood and rapidly stroking it. I guess she didn’t want to cum until my cock was ready to explode cum volcanically like Mount Vesuvius.

Sherry whispered to me, saying that this treatment would do the most good for both of us if I fucked her NOW.

Don’t despair, Dear Reader, because this is to be continued later.


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