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Office Aunty

The office dragon breaths fire into a young man's loins
Back in the seventies, you just left school and found a job. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and after a couple of jobs I didn’t like, I started working for small printing company. It was a family run business, the owner was Mr Davis, but he wasn’t in the office much. His son, who preferred to be called Rod, ran the day-to-day things. Then there was their secretary Rita Robertson, she was the sort of middle-aged woman whose word was law and nobody dared to argue with.

I had been working there about five months before we had the company’s Christmas outing. It was going to be dinner, a night drinking in the city and a hotel stay. It sounded great and I would be an adult for the night.

At seventeen, you think you can handle alcohol, but I drank a bit too much during the meal. I thought I was fine, but then we hit the town and after a couple of pubs, I was feeling very unsteady.

Rod decided to we should go to a strip show and we all lined up outside the club.

“He’s not eighteen, he can’t come in.” The bouncer eyed me up, I swayed as I tried to remember what my birth date should be if I had been old enough.

“It’s alright Rod; I’m not a great one for strip joints. I’ll go back to the hotel with him,” Mrs Robertson had spoken. I felt like I was back at school and she was the headmistress.

Sitting in the hotel bar Mrs. R. ordered two Irish coffees. This was new to me, the hot coffee and strong whiskey burnt my throat. She seemed more relaxed in the bar drinking her coffee; stretching her long legs out, she almost lay in the chair. I started to notice her large breasts as they heaved with every breath; my eyes kept drawing to them. Then, as she shuffled in her seat, I caught glimpses of her stocking top and creamy white thigh. She was at least my Mum’s age but I still found her very sexy.

“Time you went to bed young man,” she commanded. I finished my coffee and dutifully followed her. We walked up the stairs to the first floor of the hotel and I turned to climb the second flight to my room.

“Not so fast young man, I want a word with you in private.” I knew she had caught me taking an eyeful of her thigh and stocking tops, and I probably hadn’t been too discrete about looking at her cleavage as well.

She took hold of my tie and led me towards her room, then pushed me through the door in front of her. I knew I was in trouble.

“Now young man, you have spent this evening trying to see up my skirt or look down blouse. Now it’s very rude…”

I started to stutter an apology, but she silenced me with a finger held to my lips.

“It’s very rude to do that and not to say how attractive you think the woman is. Kevin, do you know what an Aunty is when she is not a relative?” I didn’t.

“Well, it’s an older woman that teaches a young man like you about sex. I know what girls your age are like, they won’t do this or don’t like that. Now, I’m an experienced mature woman who doesn’t mind sharing her experience with somebody younger.”

I was dumbfounded I had expected a telling off, or even a warning from the boss, but not Mrs Robertson wanting sex with me. I was excited and scared at the same time.

“So Kevin if you promise never to tell anybody about tonight, I’m going to become your Aunty and I’m giving you a big green light to do what you want. Since you have spent the evening looking at my breasts why don’t you help me take my blouse off, then you can hold and enjoy them.”

Rita started to undo the buttons on her cuffs; my fingers fumbled the buttons at the front. She let her blouse fall from her shoulders revealing her breasts as they spilled from their cups. Placing a hand behind my head, she coaxed me down onto them. The smell of her perfume intoxicated me with lust. I kissed one breast gently to see what she would do. She pushed my head closer into the valley between them, then taking my hand and she placed it on one of her soft white mounds.

“You play with that Lovey,” she coaxed me. My girlfriend breasts were so much smaller and she only let me touch them if she was in the mood. These were warm, soft globes with rubbery nipples waiting to be sucked.

I heard the noise of a zip being opened and a swish as her skirt fell to the floor. Then she gently pushed me away, Aunty stood in front of me in stockings, suspender belt, bra and knickers. It was like a page I’d seen in my mum’s home shopping catalogue that was entitled ‘For Those Special Nights’. My mother always tutted and hurriedly turned the offending pages over when she got to that part of the book. Now here was a woman my mother’s age wearing these cloths and offering to teach me about sex.

“Let’s get these cloths off you shall we Kev?” Aunty said starting to undress me, in moments I stood naked except for my Y fronts conscious of my stiff dick making them bulge. Stunned and terrified, I was hornier than I had ever felt in my life; Rita cupped my balls with one hand and peeled the waistband of my pants down with the other.

Her soft fingers bounced my balls gently, “When did your girlfriend last empty these for you?” She asked. I told her that my girlfriend was frightened about getting pregnant, so I had to wear a sheath, but not allowed to cum in her.

“Well Lovey, that’s not a problem for me.” She gripped my cock in her hand and rubbed her thumb over my piss hole.

“You’re leaking already, you’re not going to last long are you Lovey? Better give Aunty Rita a treat first. Do you know how to French Kiss? I nodded.

She pushed me gently onto the bed and pulled my pants off, laying on my back my stiffy stood out like a flagpole from body. I watched as she unclipped her bra and let her tits swing free. They were two of three times bigger than my girlfriend’s and those nipples were so long. Next, she slid her knickers down and smiled at me; still wearing the stockings, suspenders and the high-heeled shoes, she climbed onto the bed beside me.

“Well you go down there and French kiss me.” Aunty pushed my head between her legs. I had never kissed a girl there before and wasn’t sure what to do. The two girlfriends that had let me see their pussy’s had lips that always seemed to be squeezed together, but these were big and wide open. At last, I understood what men in the pub meant when they talked about beef curtains or saddlebags.

I pushed my tongue into her hole not knowing quite what to do; I expected it to be disgusting, but it tasted slightly tangy and felt slippery on my tongue. I liked it and pushed my mouth deeper onto her slit letting my tongue explore this new way of giving pleasure.

“Go on Lovey that’s it, you move it around in there,” she encouraged.

My tongue touched a little bud at the top and she moaned. I kept pushing my tongue against it until she grunted and I felt her relax.

“That was nice Kev, now let’s deal with that stiffy of yours,” Rita pulled me up the bed until I was lying on top of her. I felt a hand grip my hard prick, guiding it between her legs.

“Now push up Lovey, as deep as you can get, you won’t hurt Aunty.”

My cock slid easily up this sticky wet tunnel, the heat of Aunty’s body flooded into my cock.

“All right Kev, take it gently to start with and try and last as long as you can.” I nodded and pushed my hips back, then thrust into her again. The slick tube gently gripped me. My bell end was teased and tickled by her soft wet flesh as it tunnelled into her. I felt my foreskin sliding back along my shaft with each thrust.

Aunty lay on the bed absorbing the force of each thrust with a moan. I felt her hands touching my bare back, thighs and across my arse, I gripped her warm fleshy buttocks and tried to ignore the wonderful feelings fucking her was giving me.

“That’s good Kev, now don’t hold back any more, you empty those heavy balls into Aunty,” she told me. That was too much; I gave into the feelings and let my cock shoot deep into her. I was the most intense cum I had ever had, after the three of four great squirts my cock just seemed to twitch forever.

I lay panting on Aunty, my prick inside her stinging from the effort; sweat gluing us together, this was how it ought to be. I felt like I had had sex for the first time.

I rolled over and lay beside her and we talked for a while. Reaching across I stroked the breast beside me, its nipple rose under my fingers. Rita stroked my cock gently then leant across me and took into her mouth. She didn’t seem to care that it was sticky from being in her, the warm wetness of Rita's mouth felt so good around my dick that it quickly began to recover.

“Now you show Aunty how much you love her by getting back between her legs,” Rita coaxed.

This time I had lost my fear, I rolled on top of her and pushed my stiff dick into the entrance of her sticky vagina, it went up into her so easily; this was sloppy seconds, another thing I had heard talk in the pub about. As I pumped Aunty’s fanny I kissed her neck, I knew it turned my girlfriend on so I thought I’d try it on her.

“Oh yes Kev I like that, but no biting, I have to go back to my old man remember.” Suddenly Rita’s legs curled around my back, I felt her stockings rubbing on my hips and her heels against my bum. Gently she started to control the speed of my thrusts by pushing with her heels, she moaned into my ear and told me how big and stiff my cock was. I knew I would last longer second time around and the pace that Rita set was quite slow.

“That’s it Kev, give Aunty a good sorting, she likes a nice hard cock in her,” her dirty talk was turning both of us on. Now I had this new confidence, I was balls deep in this woman that I had been scared of since starting work.

“You want some more of my stuff Aunty?” I said starting to quicken the pace; Rita’s heels pushing against me to deepen my stroke.

“Yes Kev, yes Kev, that’s good,” she let out a loud grunt and her vagina tighten around my dick for a moment then she relaxed. I kept going, pumping harder and deeper, after a few moments I watched her mouth open like a silent scream and her eyes stared through me.

Rita’s whole body stiffened, then everything about her went limp apart from her tight muscles still gripping my shaft. Half a minute later, I was spilling my second load into her. I lay on her sweat-soaked body in a trance. Her kisses smothered my lips. The next thing I remember was Rita was shaking me gently, “Kevin, you have got to go to your own bed now.” I kissed Aunty like a lover. She smiled and told me to get dressed.

“Now go and have nice dreams about me, then enjoying your morning stiffy.”

I blushed at the thought of Rita knowing that I would do.

“Oh Kevin, all men do it; us girls do it too you know. Does your girlfriend keep her hair brush beside her bed?” I nodded.

“Does it have a nice smooth handle like this one?” She held up her brush. I nodded again. Aunty slid the handle into her body. “Well Lovey it probably keeps her happy at night time, but it won't be as good as your stiffy.”

I left her and sneaked to my room.

The next day Aunty and I tried not to catch each other’s glances, but everybody else seemed the worst for the night before and looked too ill to notice.

The minibus the firm had hired took us on a tour of the city and local countryside then home. As always, Rita seemed to have organised this. I was dozing on the trip back and woke when the bus braked at another halt; the last little group got off leaving Rita and I sitting at the back and the driver at the front.

“OK Kev, there is one last think I want from you.” Her hand reached across and undid my trousers. “Pull them down Lovey,” she whispered.

I lifted my body in the seat and Aunty slide my trousers down to my ankles; it was dark in the bus and outside, but I was still terrified somebody would see. Then Aunty’s head went down and her mouth closed around my dick. She had gotten me stiff again in her mouth the night before, but this was different. Her tongue swirled around my helmet, up and down my shaft then along my piss slit. Her mouth closed around me again and she bobbed up and down my length, sometimes pushing me into her throat.

I stifled a cry as I felt my cum welling up out of my balls and jetting into her mouth. I expected her to stop or spit into a tissue or something, but I heard Aunty swallow. “I owe you that for last night Lovey,” she whispered. “Better pull you trousers up. It’s nearly your stop.”

As I stood waiting for the doors to open I looked at Aunty, she was licking her lips and preparing to put more lipstick on, she smiled at me then stared back into her mirror.

I stepped onto the pavement. I had been a youth, that had been waiting on that spot a day and a half before, but after being between Aunty's legs, I felt very different.

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