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Sung Hee's New Job - Part One

Sung-Hee takes a job and gets more than she bargained for.
I was my third day on the job. I'd noticed the handsome guy in the cubicle next to me and we'd flirted a little. Maybe this job wouldn't be so bad after all? I hadn't finished that third day when I received an email on the company account they had set up for me. There was no subject, but when I opened the email it simply said:

Go to the bathroom. Take off your panties and throw them in the trash, return to your desk.

I was suddenly overcome by memories of my junior year at UCLA. I was a nice 21 year old Korean American girl from the SF Bay Area. I could have gone to Berkeley but didn’t want to be that close to home. I decided on UCLA. It was far enough away that my parents would not be driving down regularly to visit and check up on me. LA is an easy one hour flight from San Jose and San Francisco but my folks rarely flew and preferred to drive most places. I knew LA would give me distance and provide me with some space for more freedom. Lord knows I didn’t have much of that in high school. Home by midnight, even when I was 18!

I was your typical Asian American co-ed. I studied hard and did well in my classes. I finally lost my virginity my second semester of my freshman year with my boyfriend Bryan. Bryan decided he wanted to be a winemaster that summer and transferred to UC Davis. I dated another guy, Ed, most of my sophomore year. He seemed to be a sweet guy until my friends told me that they saw him at a bar with some buxom blonde. At least he didn’t lie about it. He admitted he was with her and he said why – her tits were bigger than mine. Shit. What an asshole! Being a pretty typical Asian girl, my 32B cup couldn’t compete with her 36C’s. I told Ed I hoped he liked his big-titted girlfriend because she could have him. I was pissed but I was also reminded of my own insecurity about the size of my boobs. It seemed almost every other girl at UCLA had bigger boobs than me.

Shortly before finals my sophomore year I was at a party with my friend Yi-Mung when I met Tom. Tom was a big strapping guy with curly dirty blonde hair from Las Vegas. He was so unlike any guy I had ever dated before. He grew up in Vegas and was a complete party animal. He had a wicked sense of humor and was so much fun to be with. A little wild too and consumed his fair share of alcohol and drugs. That summer he was back in Vegas and I went home to Cupertino, but he called me regularly and would dare me to do these crazy things he suggested! At least, at that time, I thought they were crazy. He dared me to go without a bra for a whole day; then two days, then a week! In that way I was lucky that I didn’t have much up top because I was not that noticeable bra less. He’d dare me to pee in the woods. I even took off my top outside on a walking path one night in the dark on a dare. I still remember that night. My nipples had never been harder!

Back at school my junior year, I saw Tom a lot. His dares for me got bigger and bigger and I got bolder and bolder. I remember waiting for what he would dare me to do next and feeling my pussy get wet in anticipation. I wore a miniskirt to the library one day with no undies because he said I was chickenshit and wouldn’t do it. I remember one guy looking up my skirt in the library. I didn’t know whether to run away, to cry, or to get up and slap his face. I did know though that my pussy was getting very wet, so I just sat there and let him look while I pretended to read about the embryology of mammals. I did things I would have never thought I would do just to please him and show him that I was strong and not afraid. Later that year he was busted for selling cocaine and was thrown out of school and went back to Las Vegas.

Go to the bathroom. Take off your panties and throw them in the trash, return to your desk.

It was the kind of message I would get from Tom, and those messages never failed to get my interest and soak my little pussy.

After sitting in my chair and reliving my junior year at UCLA for awhile, I snapped out of it and looked again at the monitor. I didn't recognize the sender's email, but it was from within the company. Could it be the cute guy in the next cubicle? I could already feel the wetness between my legs. Tom, you shit! Fuck, that had been ten years ago, but the memory and the power of that memory was as strong as ever. Maybe even stronger, since I had never done anything like that since then. I was in my early 30’s now, married, and with two young girls. My husband made a good living – a very good living, truth be told. But after 9 years of marriage, I wanted to do something different. The girls were in school now and I was bored at home. I was tired of having lunch with my girlfriends. My husband had a job, had a career, had his circle of acquaintances. I wanted mine too. I didn’t really need the money; what I wanted was stimulation.

I decided that if it was the cute guy next to me, I would do it. I deleted the email and walked to the bathroom. When I closed the door on a stall, I realized how insane this seemed. Would I get fired for this? The emails had to be monitored. But if I didn't respond to them, there was no paper trial, right? No one could pin anything on me. Besides, I hadn't ad sex in months. I wanted to feel that excitement again. I reached under my skirt, pulled down my thong and on my way out of the bathroom, threw it in the trash. Who would know anyway? Harmless. And truth be told, I kind of liked feeling naughty at work.

I spent the rest of the morning filling out forms and submitting paperwork for clients, but before lunch I checked my email. There was the address again, and a new email. I opened it:

Good girl. Meet for lunch in executive office, top floor. Secretary will show you in.

My heart pounded. I would not only be fired, but reprimanded by management before I left? Shit. I could just leave, not come back. I grabbed my purse and prepared for the worst as I pressed the top floor button on the elevator. I was flushed, my heart was racing and I was walking into an even more humiliating situation. How many higher-ups knew about this? Shit, shit, shit.

When the elevator door opened, an older uptight woman with graying hair stood up from behind her desk and waved me to a door. She looked me up and down and shook her head before sitting back at her desk and looking busy.

The office was typical; heavy, dark furniture and black leather. One man was seated behind the large desk. He stood and shook my hand before motioning for me to sit facing him.

"Sung Hee." It was a statement, not a question.

"Yes, sir." I thought my formality would save face a bit. Plus, I had been taught by my parents to respect those persons in positions of authority.

"You received an email today. You obeyed the instructions."

"Sir, I can explain."

"Explain? No. I would rather you listen." I felt my face light on fire with embarrassment and waited for my termination. "Sung Hee, my name is Rick. I'm the VP. I'd like to sign you on to special position in the company, if you're willing to accept."

"Special position?" I was shocked. I had been ready to be let go.

"I'm in need of an .... assistant of sorts. You have proven yourself a worthy candidate, willing to follow instructions without question."

"But Sir, if you'd let me explain ..."

"No need. I'll make the offer, you tell me of you can meet my expectations." He raised his eyebrows in my direction with such an authoritative air that all I could say was,

"Yes, Sir."

"I like your formality." He smiled and put his hands behind his head, "The job is simple. You do as you are instructed thoughout the day, I give you the title, "Assistant to the Vice President" and you're given a healthy salary with full benefits. Today."


"It's a one-time offer. I have a simple contract for you to sign, privacy policy and such. But it's only valid for today."

I was confused. But working with one of the executives at this company…my husband would be impressed ... and he wold probably be proud of me. "May I see the contract?" he threw the paper on the desk in front of me. It was short, as he'd implied. The salary figure was outstanding, the benefits were amazing ... and the only thing I could see that I was agreeing to was not to divulge any information about my work within the company. I wanted to speak to my husband about the job first, but I knew he was in an all-day client meeting and couldn’t be disturbed. It seemed fine to me. I signed my name. I could always quit later if I didn’t like it.

"That was a quick decision. No questions?"

"The money is good. There’s nothing dangerous about this job, is there?"

"Your safety is our top priority, Sung Hee, I assure you." He took the paper and tucked it into my file. "Your cubicle is no longer where you will be working. Your office is at the end of the hall, clearly labeled. Follow me there now, please." He rose from his chair and started for the door.

"Yes, Sir." I followed quickly.

My office was plain, black furniture and black leather. The computer and keyboard were black, the coat rack was black. There was a couch, vertical blinds into the hallway and over the large window with a city view, all black. It was very warm, though, and I much appreciated the refrigerator.

Rick was watching me observe my surroundings, "You seem to approve."

"Yes, Sir."

"Any and all changes made to this room will go through me first, of course." I nodded. "Now. Down to details. You have a private bathroom, just over there." I hadn't seen it at first, but there it was. All black, of course. "For now, answer your emails. All of them. And quickly. You go home at six. Oh, and your dress code. We'll see how it goes, but I only want skirts or dresses worn to the office, understood?"

Had I stepped into the 1950's? "Yes, Sir." I was not doing this for the money, but truth be told, I do enjoy some nice things, and I especially enjoy buying nice shoes. This salary would permit me to buy whatever I wanted to buy for my dainty little feet, and some handbags to match. Rick left the room and I enjoyed the view for a few moments before I peeked into the refrigerator to find something to snack on. A beautiful salad with a half bottle of champagne was waiting for me inside, and a note from Rick, "For Sung Hee"

I finished eating, all the while enjoying my view. The champagne made me feel a little light-headed, but I didn't care. My mind was already at my favorite shoe store looking at the selection of footware and deciding on that very cool and sexy high black stiletto pair of heels I had been looking at last week. I remembered that I was to check my emails, so I moved the mouse to see my new desktop. Black with white icons. The email was already set up with my own account information and I had three new emails. I opened the first:

Close the blinds to the street. The webcam is on, and I am watching. Click the link below and press play. Do not stop the video, watch through to the end.


I stood and closed the blinds on my view and clicked the link Rick had included in the email. Employee instruction video? As the website loaded, I was shocked. It was an expensive adult video site. My computer was logged in and a movie was ready to play. I glanced at the web cam and thought only of that new paif of heels as I pushed "play." Two men were rubbing oil on a beautiful tanned woman with long dark hair. She seemed shiny and slippery by the time they were done. She rubbed oil on their bodies as well, focusing on their rather large cocks. One man lowered her onto the other man's cock and rubbed her breasts from behind while she got her rhythm. Then slowly, he pressed his own cock onto her from behind. My mouth hung open and I couldn't stop watching. I'd heard guys talk about double-penetration but I'd never seen it or given it much thought. But as I watched this woman being rocked off of one cock and onto another, I couldn't help wondering what it would be like. She seemed to enjoy it. By the time they had both cum inside her and the camera had angled down to show white goo leaking out of both of her holes, I was wet between my legs and wanting more. I closed the window and opened my second email:

The cupboard in the bathroom has one item in it. Find it.


I walked into the bathroom, all too aware of the wetness beginning to spread down my inner thighs. I shut the door behind me and opened the cupboard. Inside was a small black dildo-like item, but standing up on its own. I read the card folded next to it, "This anal plug is part of your new uniform. Lubricate with your own slickness and insert. Return to your desk." I always thought anal plugs were more intimidating, but this seemed almost cute. I sat on the toilet contemplating the new toy. Maybe an inch wide at its widest part? The shape was beautiful, widening and slimming, then widening and slimming ... uneven bulbs but all I could see that would be inside of me was about four inches total. I lowered my pussy onto it first, covering the plug with my own slippery juices before I attempted the inevitable. Then, ever-so-slowly I pushed the black probe into my ass. It was painful and I cringed several times but once it was all the way in and all I could feel was the base, I barely knew it was there. Until I stood up and tried to walk back to my desk. My ass felt full and slightly uncomfortable. To my surprise, it didn't bother me so much as turn me on. I smiled at this. Back at my desk, I read my third email:

You will wear this to and from work. Click on the link below, you will find an empty blog ready for your first entry. Describe the events of the day, barring the use of any company information that would so much as hint to the nature of the business. Use no names. I want to know every detail of how this experience makes you feel. I will be reading.


I did as instructed and found that recounting the day's events made me even more excited. My wetness had soaked through my skirt. Shit. My computer dinged at me that I had a new message waiting:

I trust you've enjoyed the first day of your new position. New rule. You will not engage in any activity that brings you to climax. I alone will now control your orgasms. Let's see how much self control you have, shall we?


It was six. Time to go home. I turned my skirt slightly so that it appeared I had spilled something rather than creamed myself. As I left the building with my anal plug prodding at me, it felt as though everyone who saw me knew what a horny slut I was. I couldn’t wait to get to my car.

I got home and hopped in the shower. I couldn't seem to get rid of the wetness between my legs. When I tried to put the day's events out of my head, the thoughts only popped back in and aroused me again.

Hubby was not home yet and I started making dinner. During dinner and afterwards, my head was full of what had happened at the office. Shit! It was like a porn movie was playing in my head! That night in bed I was all over my husband. I found myself bouncing on his cock so hard it hurt, but I couldn't stop. He made comments about how turned on I was, noticing the neverending wetness seeping from my cunt. When I heard him groan and cum inside of me, I quickly got off of him and went into the bathroom to clean myself up and get ready for bed. I had promised not to cum. For some inexplicable reason, I wanted to keep that promise. I was determined not to lose control and pleasure myself. But as I considered it more there in the bathroom, all I wanted was a fat cock filling me up. Frustration was a powerful thing. As I stepped out of the bathroom, I knew that if my husband wanted to fuck me again, I’d let him, and I’d probably cum the second time. As I slipped into bed, he was already asleep. So much for satisfaction tonight.

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