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Team Spirit 1

A hot and sexy cougar is rescued by her son's best friends who fix her car and more..
Team Spirit

Don Abdul©


Their popularity didn't stem from their parents bank balances but from
their athletic prowess, as they were all members of their high school's
football team. They were fondly referred to as the "Gang of Four".

After their last football match as the walked back to the locker-room,
they made a pact "All for One and one fall all". Ricky, Jim, Paul and
Miguel, they promised to look after each others interests and keep the
Team Spirit alive.


Although Leslie had been a single mother all her parenting life, she was
finding things rather difficult since her only child Ricky left home.
She wouldn't ever admit to it but the loneliness was getting to her,
the transition from having a handy son around the house to spending
endless lonely hours everyday hadn't been an easy one for her. To fill
those hours though she had sought the comfort of younger men, whose
youthful energy she often used to obliterate her wanton desire for
sexual gratification. That was part of the reason her son moved out six
months before he joined up and subsequently got posted to Iraq.

She often wondered if he didn't just join up in order to escape her and
her "slutty reputation". She sometimes felt guilty that she embarrassed
her son but what could she do? She is what she is, a slut pure and
simple and what's more she happy being one.

She looked sadly at her crippled car by the side of the road thinking,
‘regardless of what he might think of my sexual conduct, if Ricky was
here at least I could call him up and he'd come right away and fix this
car problem up'. She starred into the horizon with a tinge of regret in
her eyes.

Just as she checked her cell phone battery again to see if by some far
fetched miracle it had come back to life, a car drove past at top
speed, then several yards down the road, the car stopped and reversed
to where she stood. The doors opened and the four occupants of the car
disembarked. They were all tall well built men in their early twenties.

"Hello Ma'am, what happened to your car", Miguel asked as he approached
Leslie with a warm friendly smile on his face. "Oh my God, Miguel I
didn't recognize you!" She said excitedly, happy to see her son's old
friend and then recognizing the others she called out their names as
they exchanged greetings.

She explained quickly to Miguel how her car gave out and wouldn't
restart, and he asked Paul to pop the hood open. After a brief check he
figured the problem out and explained that it would take a little while
to fix it. Paul volunteered to stay back and give him a hand while the
rest of the guys carry with their journey.

Half an hour later Miguel and Paul had the engine turning over nicely,
although they were all greasy and dirty from the grease and motor oil.
Leslie thanked them and since it was almost lunch time, she offered to
cook them lunch and show her gratitude by also throwing in a shower.

‘Wow!' Paul thought, 'she's always so nice'. Miguel on the other hand
knew from experience that Leslie usually has other naughtier reasons
for being so nice. He gave her a quick look out of the corner of his
eyes and smiled mischievously as he waited patiently to see how her
scheme would play out. On the drive back to her house Miguel's mind
wondered back to his first encounter with her years ago. It was around
4:30p.m on a sticky, windless afternoon in June. He had gone looking
for Ricky not knowing that his friend had traveled out of town to visit
his dad. The front door was open so he went in calling out to Ricky, he
heard the shower going, so he assumed his pal was taking a shower, so
he sat on the couch and waited.

When he heard approaching patter of feet he looked up from the sportsillustrated he had been reading and his heart almost stopped. There was
his friend's mom in all her naked glory. She was tall and slightly
chubby, probably about 5'8" tall and 125 pounds. The ceiling light
overhead bronzed her smooth skin and set fire to the ends of her auburn
curly hair.

Miguel's mouth hung open as he was completely awed by her voluptuous
heart-shaped ass, and the rich auburn hair that matted her sexy mound.
Being the popular high school athlete, he had seen girls in the nude
before, but those were just too skinny, with unnaturally small butts
that look like a boy's. This mature woman's body was just perfect. Her
Luscious breasts were full and her nipples delightfully erect.

It wasn't until she said "Oh wow! Look who's here..." that Miguel
realize that he had stopped breathing all together. His sharp intake of
air seemed to be her perfect cue as she moved seductively towards him,
her ample breasts jiggling with each provocative step. He ogled her
flat stomach and her flared hips which tapered gracefully into a pair
of long, toned legs.

He rushed to get to his feet but she pushed him back into his seat, and
then he started to apologize for invading her privacy. She put her
finger to her lips and said "Shhhhh!" Miguel's flushed face blushed
crimson as she reached for his tented crotch. She laughed seductively
at his embarrassment and unzipped his fly.

She took his rigid youthful cock in her hand and licked the precum from
the tip of it. She swirled her tongue about the head of his cock
teasing him and hinting at the prospect of so much more. Miguel scooted
forward and she took his cock deep into her mouth. "Ohhhhh!" he moaned
as her head bobbed up and down as she sucked on his throbbing organ.
Miguel threw her head back on the head rest and moaned away as he
reached out and sank his fingers into her hair and caressed her scalp.
She moaned as she felt his finger tips work her scalp which for some
reason turned her on so much.

She reached in between her legs and began to pleasure herself. The more
she rubbed her own pussy the faster her head bounced up and down as she
sucked on his cock. They were now moaning and moving in perfect sync.
The slurps and slushy sound of their super- charged sexual drama
forming the notes of a sweet symphony of lust. The intensity built up
to an earth moving climax for both of them, and it was Miguel that went
first, as Leslie's throat tipped him over the precipice. He screamed
out as he shot of volley of cum straight into her hungry mouth and she
swallowed every last drop of it as if her life depended on it.

Meanwhile when she sensed him tensing up, she slipped a finger into her
hole and fucked it furiously as she rubbed her clit with her thumb thus
multiplying her pleasure many fold at one go. She had barely swallowed
the last drop of his copious cum when her own orgasm hit. She pressed
her thumb down on her clit hard as she pussy walls clenched tightly at
her finger. Her body was awash with a million sweet sensations.

When their tremors subsided she took her hand to his mouth and he licked
her juices off of it......

"Where here!" Leslie enthused, snapping him out of his reminiscence. She
looked over at him as Paul was getting out, and she could see that
Miguel had a raging boner pushing at the crotch of his pant. "Oh!" she
said half challenging, half teasing, as she alighted from the car, and
walked towards her front door. Miguel soon followed, his eyes trained
on her ass, he marveled at how little she had changed in all those
years. As they walked into her living room, he looked over at Paul who
seemed totally oblivious to what they were about to walk into. ‘I
definitely would love to see how her game of seduction would play out
this time' he thought as he concluded of her hidden agenda.

To be continued...

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