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Waiting for faith

Don't worry Alex; I shall take care.what a fine specimen this is.
Waiting for Faith

by alexcarr ©

I live in a block of purpose built retirement flats.

We have our own community gardens to keep us pensioners happy as well as a community room where we hold regular functions.

Not being the social animal my aim was to settle for a quiet uneventful life, believing all things sexual were long gone. Except for the looking of course and I could always imagine how it was when I was young.

But who was I kidding!

You see; there are lots of lonely spinsters and widows here. One day, there was I, minding my own business and pricking out the spring seedlings in the greenhouse - when along comes Faith. Now every time we see each other I think of Faith Donahue, there's giving away my age!

Now I know a young man's fancy turns to love in the spring but who would have thought a woman like Faith would have sparked off an older guy's fancy!?

We got talking how one does, me just being sociable and friendly with my neighbour, not thinking for one moment there would be anything more regarding her motive in talking to me. But I was soon to discover - (and to my great delight I may add, because it brought out something I thought I 'd lost forever ) -that Faith had other things in mind.

Well she was lonely wasn't she? Yeah! That's all it was. And looking back, I just cannot understand how I could have been that naive not to have recognised her intentions before I did.

I mean there she was, telling me she had to come out of her flat Me thinking; "Right, there is nothing wrong in that!" for an hour or two to take in a breath of fresh air.

But whereas primarily - I was just entering into polite conversation regarding all matters pertaining to gardening - and a few other meaningless subjects too, well meaningless to me anyway, I wasn't interested what her married son was doing in Australia was I!

I didn't pick up her body language at all, not even when, in the greenhouse, she bent provocatively over the edge of the staging to reach one of my prize cactus plants.

I was a little concerned because the mature plant had lots of sharp thorns so I told her to take care. Then I saw her wiggle that enticing hind of hers like she was doing it to music, and realised she was wasn't doing that for nothing. I had no music on or anything that perhaps would entice her to do that.

But Boy! Did it arouse me!

Suddenly I caught on, she was doing it for my benefit no doubt. And I bloody well liked it. For an oldie she had a lovely firm ass on her and not beyond redemption!

"Don't worry Alex; I shall take care, what a fine specimen this is."

"Just wait 'till you see my cucumbers" I said intuitively - and just maybe - maybe the way I said that caused her to give me that certain look which said everything, like it was an open invitation - and the sexual urge was back again, alive and very well when least expected, causing me to talk in such a way that certain rasp ain the voice when feeling the urge- then she gave me such a mischievous smile announcing I must show her.

At this time I was struggling with a growing rapidly erection like nobody's business, attempting to arrange my legs so as to camouflage it! Like I was standing there cross-legged with it firmly nudged between.

And when I did there she was, just standing there stroking the length of it. The cucumber that is!, but it was the provocative way she was stroking it and what she was saying as she did so; "What a lovely one" she murmured so sweetly and I'm sure her eyes flicked downwards when she said that.

"My prize variety" I said, I hope to win the local horticultural competition again this year.”

And then she took great interest asking me all about it, still stroking the cucumber in such a way I could not prevent the swelling rising to red alert in my trousers.

All at once I was beginning to realise and understand that just because you are sixty five doesn't mean you are dead-pan sexually. I won't deny I have looked more than once at a girl or two, perhaps with a carnal fantasy rummaging the mind cells. Well of course I have - and don't most guys my age? Where would we be without our fantasies with the way the girls dress nowadays; giving plenty of showing of gorgeous young thigh and boobs! Sometimes I'm thinking, why couldn't it of been like that in my younger day?

I was looking at Faith completely in a different way. I was thinking for a fifty nine year old she still held her feminine stance very well and that wonderful slim firm ass; need I say more? Faith knew what she was doing alright and no mistake, she had to know about my swelling unless she was blind or something, She replaced the cactus plant to its original place at the back of the staging and again I was treated to another display of sheer beauty when again she bent over, more provocatively this time.

It was like I was almost tempted to stroke the fine posture but maybe that would have been going too far, better to take it as it comes and Wow! Did I want to cum!

She wore a loose taffeta dress which did wonders for her curves and she looked every inch like a thirty year old viewing her credentials from behind - and she looked good from the front too, very ample boobs; nice and firm and enticing. All at once I knew I wanted her.

She turned again, quickly as if she wanted to catch my glance, smiling so sweetly she closed to me, then I knew she had seen my swelling, the way she brushed her thigh against me there, her lips almost touching mine.

"Hope you don't think I am too forward, Alex? - but it has been such a long time since I have been with a bloke, and I do miss the warmth and comfort a man can give a woman."

I was stuck for words, all this caring and attention in the greenhouse was so lovely and good, I felt like a teenager again starting all over. Remembering how it was with my first girl called Millie with whom, ironically, I lost my innocence in a greenhouse when I was working as an apprentice gardener in a large firm, she was one of the office staff who, it turned out, had me for a bet with her mates. That first fuck was wonderful and soon I had it with two other of her mates too, I was in big demand in those days and now it seemed I still was.

But when I did start to reply to her question, her lips were pressing on mine and I was immersed in the most wonderful of delving wet French kisses most enjoyed.

Instinctively I could not hold back any longer and there I was, in my mind with Millie again, my fumbling fingers finding her beneath that silk floral skirt, that feeling so good, the succulent warmth of her moist pussy doing everything for my libido and a lot more too.

As if faith knew my disposition she whispered; "you see it is never too late to enjoy the pleasures shared between a man and woman" - that she had tried so many times to attract my attention, and that is why she felt she had to go for it, that she adored me, thought I was the most attractive guy she had seen in a long time, and longed to share some quality time with me, no strings attached, and that is what I wanted.

I felt quite honoured, Faith saying that to me, but was I taking too much for granted?, I suddenly felt quite shocked at what my sexual fervour had tempted me to do and promptly took my hand away from beneath her skirt.

But do you know something? She would have none of that, and promptly grabbed my wrist and retuned my hand to where it was. Then, eyes closed she moved her hips slowly and wonderfully as I squeezed her, toyed with her there, moving my hand beneath and behind her to enjoy those lovely firm curves and she loved it, she moaned and moaned and then I felt the absolute thrill and joy of her response when the ache I had below was being tended to with such grace and precision, her hand squeezing and moulding me over my trousers - I was in a complete reverie.

It was like a fever, I took in her scent, her perfume, the scent of woman - something I'd missed so much - I realised then.

"Want to come back to my flat, Alex?" she asked in such a matter of fact way, in a very sure down to earth way so that I knew exactly what she meant and what she wanted.

I nodded to the affirmative (as if I wouldn't!) - she said that if I didn't mind she'd go first and I could follow in five minutes , just in case prying eyes were looking.

She was prudent too, which suited fine and there was something about watching her walk off, I was looking at her on a way like never before, she was really something and my carnal vibes were reeling very deep and enticing sexual thoughts, that soon I would be inside her skirt again and seeking the gem of woman's mystery.

I don't think I quite waited for the five minutes, more like three when she left me at the greenhouse door, whispering she would get me a coffee after because she thought I wouldn't want one before!

It was so cosy in her bedroom. She'd decorated it all in burgundy and even the bed linen matched, a woman's touch - then I wanted her touch in more ways than one! I sat on the bed like she asked me too, feeling the bulge throbbing inside my pants.

"I think we need to remedy that and pretty darned quick," she said chuckling like a teenager - and before I knew it her hands were busy delightfully undoing my shirt, my trouser zip and all. I had forgotten the last time I was with a woman naked but it was a very magical experience, she seemed delighted enough when she saw my all and wasn't slow to go down on her knees beside the bed and , after some wonderfully gentle and teasing massage, she took me into her mouth like a wild thing, it was easy to see she was so hungry for it.

I'd ripped her skirt off to see what was beneath, her wondrous charms so tempting just waiting to be caressed. For a woman her age she was so wonderfully unwrinkled and soft .

We both worked ourselves up into a sexual frenzy and got up onto the bed each knowing what the other wanted and taking the sixty nine position, I did what I had fantasised to do with a woman for so long - pushed my face between her gorgeous thighs, wanting her to smother me with her beautifully primed pink wet pussy, I was in my element then feeling her deep suck of me as I sucked her, discovering her wants, her secrets as she spurred me on. Holding each other so tight, tasting her and so enjoying the need of woman again, it wasn't long before we could bear it no longer, we wanted the waterloo to gratify our sexual encounter, and like it had all happened before several times, I was deep thrusting inside her, no holds barred and we were as one, enjoying the absolute ecstasy of each other's deep fuck.

And I knew we would be sharing so many more, and I was alive again, so anyone who tells you, you are done for after sixty five refer them to me, I surprise myself every morning now with a very sound hard-on just waiting for Faith.

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