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weekend fantasy, chapter 3

Tags: affair
the weekend continues
We had spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon playing in the hot tub. Your hands tantalized me bringing me to climax several times. Using your hands, your mouth, and your tight love canal we exhausted ourselves in the tub.

Now naked in bed we just lay in each others arms gently tracing body lines and touching in a loving tender way. The knock at the door reminded me I had ordered champagne. Our young desk clerk friend gave a fiendish grin as he said he wanted to deliver it personally but had waited until clocking out.

When I opened the door a bit wider he came in with the magnum of champagne and, interestingly, three glasses. He smiled with a silly grin and introduced himself as Rob. Somewhere in my thoughts I could not help but believe that you had robbed Rob of his virginity this morning.

It was you who looked at me and winked before asking our young friend if he would like to stay. His eyes gave us the answer. You told him to sit in the chair across from the bed. Then you asked me to uncover you. As we watched you moved your hands all over your body. You wet your fingers in your mouth then touched your nipples. Slowly fingers went in your mouth then into your love canal. Rob squirmed as he watched you begin to masturbate.

Pausing in your performance you told him to rise and slowly undress. Each time more of his youthful body became exposed you touched yourself exciting him still more. Commanding him to sit back down you again began to play with your nipples and clit. Beckoning me to the bed you had me begin to work your clit with my mouth as you commanded the vibrator now inside you.

Beads of sweat and your pulsating body gave hint to the massive orgasm you were about to have. As you pulsated you called Rob to the bed.

Taking him in your arms you told him you were going to teach him to make love to a woman. Holding him tightly you kissed him and moved his hands to those special spots I know so well on your body. He almost quivered with each new place he learned to touch. His expression was indescribable as you put his fingers in your mouth then into your love canal.

My hands rubbed your back, butt and thighs as you tutored him. Then without warning I laid you flat,,,spread your legs wide and slid my hard yearning cock deep into you. Moving your legs onto my shoulder I paused only long enough to position his hand on your clit and his head against your breasts. Pumping ferociously I came inside you as you screamed and pressed your pelvis to me.

Now I said and Rob entered you. As he thrust within you I let you kiss my cock. Cleaning me of all our juices you managed to again suck me to hardness. As Rob pumped within you I felt the joy of your mouth squeezing yet more from me.

The three of us collapsed on the bed. You and I kissed deep and long as he laid tightly against you. I was fighting but somehow I was hoping he suddenly got an urge to touch me.

I awakened with a start. You were still in my arms but the feeling was that someone was exploring me. Kissing you I looked down and found Rob running his hands up and down my thighs. It felt so good. I laid flat on my back you leaned over me and kissed me. Moving you knelt above my face. My tongue darted and moved on your clit, the more Rob excited me the faster my tongue moved on you. Suddenly he had my cock in his young hands, my body tremored as he touched and kissed then took me in his mouth. As my body pulsated in pleasure and expectation my fingers opened you and began tasting the sweet nectars of the day long lovemaking. The combination of him having me in his mouth and you in my mouth was spectacular.

Pulling loose I stopped my young friend who now was as hard as I was. Gently positioning Rob slid inside you. Jelling you lotion I slowly slid into your other love opening. Very slowly we both went all the way inside you then started moving in unison. I caressed your breasts and nipples from the rear, Rob played with your clit as we both moved in and out of you. In unison we three orgasmed, in unison our juices mixed so good it felt so complete.

Softening in you we all pulled free. May I again fill the hottub dear heart?
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