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Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 1: The intro plus the daughters

Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 1: The intro plus the daughters

One Saturday night, two young ladies find out a secret their mothers have been keeping from them
Here's a story of two MILFs and their two teenage daughters. The MILFs names are Valerie and Gina that are 44 and 42. Both Valerie and Gina had a daughter. Both daughters were 18 and they were named Julie and Tessa. Julie was Valerie's daughter and Tessa was Gina's daughter. Tessa and Gina were brunettes and Valerie and Julie were blondes. Unfortunately their dads had passed when they were young, but Gina and Valerie had a secret that they had never mentioned to their daughters. That secret was something huge, and one Saturday night, Julie and Tessa would find out. They had double sleepovers almost every weekend and this time it was at Gina and Tessa's house. The teens were in Tessa's room in their pajamas chit chatting as they had no idea what their moms were doing in Gina's room.

"Do you know, one thing I've never thought of doing before?" Tessa asked Julie.

"I have no idea," Julie replied.

Tessa looked around as if someone could be listening.

"Have you ever used a dildo to masturbate?" Tessa whispered.

Julie just ginned a bit.

"What?" Tessa asked.

Julie slowly got up and walked over to her suitcase. She went to the back pocket and slowly pulled a dildo out.

"Do you mean one like this?" Julie asked.

It looked like Tessa's eyes were about to fall out. Julie slowly came over to the bed with Tessa and sat on the opposite side of her.

"I just loved it my very first time, it was magical," Julie said.

Gina and Valerie met first when they were in their mid 20s and their daughters met shortly after that. So they had been best friends since they were toddlers. They were really close, but one thing they hadn't dove in head first into, was the whole sexual world with each other. They had talked about a few select things, but that's it.

"Holy shit, I wish I had a big one like that, whether it was real or not," Tessa said.

"You wanna give a whirl Tessa?" Julie asked.

"What, you mean right here?" Tessa asked.

"Yes, we're both ladies, there aren't any men to stare at us," Julie replied.

It was like a dare, Tessa had never tried it before, so she went for it. She took the dildo from Julie and just slowly pushed her bottoms down a bit along with her panties as she got down on her back. Julie just watched as she was on her knees.

"Just stick it in slowly for your first time," Julie said.

"OK," Tessa replied.

Then Tessa very slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy and soon after that she pushed out a small moan.

"Oh, that feels good," Tessa said.

Of course Julie wasn't attracted to women, but she definitely liked what she saw literally only inches in front of her. They had seen each other nude a few select times, but neither one of them ever saw each other this close before though. As she saw Tessa slowly thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy, she began to drool just a little bit without even really realizing it. Tessa couldn't notice it due to the fact that she had her eyes closed. She had never felt so good in her life.

"Oh shit, no wonder you never seem to have a boyfriend, if I had one of these, I'd be single forever," Tessa said.

Tessa just continued to masturbate with the dildo as Julie was watched her ever so closely. Julie couldn't fight the temptation for another minute by then, she laid back on the bed and slowly put her right hand into her panties. Tessa still couldn't notice that, but she'd probably like it if she saw it. So both young ladies were on the bed masturbating, every guy's fantasy to see. Julie was a lot more experienced in masturbation, so she knew how to get herself off a lot faster, even without a dildo. She let out a few soft moans and even moved around a bit too, but Tessa was completely in her own world and didn't seem to notice at all. Julie came on her hand and got her panties wet just before she sat up and watched Tessa finish.

"Oh shit," Tessa said.

Tessa came all over the bed and got the sheets rather wet, which both of them thought was hot. About 30 seconds after Tessa's orgasm, she actually opened her eyes and saw Julie eyeballing her.

"Sorry, I guess I just really got into that for a little while," Tessa said.

"Don't worry about it, don't worry about it at all my good friend," Julie replied.

Tessa took the dildo out of her pussy, pulled up her panties and bottoms and walked over to put the dildo back. She got back on the bed and Julie was just cheesing at her.

"What?" Tessa asked.

"Nothing," Julie replied.

Julie just had some new found attractions, and she didn't know why she had them. She only knew she liked them and liked Tessa in a whole new light too.

"You look like you just had your first orgasm and Brad Pitt told you that you were a million times better than Angelina," Tessa said.

Julie just grinned again and said nothing. Of course Tessa thought that was weird but dismissed it for the time being.

"How old were you when you lost your V-card?" Julie asked.

"Do not tell my mom, but it was when I was 16, and I lost it to Jeff," Tessa replied.

Julie just laughed a bit.

"You let that asshole take it? Hell, I would have taken it for you, and I think I would have been a much better candidate to take it than him," Julie said.

"Well, in my next life I'll call you up, and you can eat me out," Tessa replied.

Then all of the sudden they heard a noise.

"What was that?" Tessa asked.

"I have no idea," Julie replied.

So both of the young girls got up and looked out the door. They heard nothing and were about to go back in the bedroom when they heard it again.

"Did that come from your mom's room?" Julie asked.

"I think it did," Tessa replied.

So they had to investigate, they slowly made their ways to Gina's bedroom door to listen a bit.

"Oh fuck yes Gina, eat me out and let me cum all over your face, you know you want it," Valerie said.

"Holy fucking shit," Both young ladies mouthed to each other.

Julie slowly turned the door knob and opened it just a crack. They were no way prepared for what they were about to see with their own eyes. What they saw was Gina's face buried in Valerie's pussy as they were both naked. When they saw that, they were repulsed on the outside anyway, so they quickly ran back to Julie's room.

"Holy fucking shit, what the fuck were they doing?" Julie asked.

"My mom was fucking your mom," Tessa replied.

They both just sat down on the bed and tried to process what they just saw, and Julie wasn't so turned on anymore.

"I sure as hell didn't expect that," Julie said.

"Yeah, no shit," Tessa replied.

They just stayed silent for a few minutes, but they slowly got less and less repulsed as they put it in perspective.

"Well, I guess some women just prefer pussy over cock, and our moms are two of those women," Julie said.

"Obviously, I've never seen anything like that before," Tessa replied.

"Me either, well, I guess that's not completely true," Julie said.

"What do you mean?" Tessa asked.

Julie grinned again and just hesitated a little bit to tell Tessa, but she eventually did though.

"Well, a couple of months ago, when my mom was out, I went into her room to just watch a movie. I just turned the TV and the DVD player on and there was a DVD already in the drive. It was a lesbian adult DVD," Julie said.

"And you watched it?" Tessa asked.

Julie stayed silent for a minute, Julie didn't quite understand it herself.

"Yes, but just for a few minutes, and it was just different from a woman with a man. There was no cock, it was just two women eating each others pussies," Julie replied.

Tessa felt different after hearing that, and it made her wanna see more. So she just got up and went back out to the hallway. She went to her mom's bedroom door and opened it again. She saw Valerie and Gina scissoring each other. She hadn't seen her mom naked in years and she seemed to like what she saw. Her right hand went down into her panties. Julie didn't come out to see what Tessa was up to, on account of she was masturbating with her hand in her panties too. So for the second time, both teens were masturbating at the same time. Tessa was masturbating to the moms fucking and Julie was masturbating thinking about the moms fucking. It didn't take long for Tessa to get off this time, as she saw her mom begin to eat out Julie's mom, it had just become too much for her. She came all inside her panties and got her hand wet too. She came over to her bedroom and caught Julie masturbating.

"Damn, that was hot," Tessa said.

Just then Julie came, and she took her hand out of her panties. Tessa got on the bed with Julie and got really close. They cuddled for a few minutes, but eventually Tessa moved her lips very closely to Julie's.

"You are gonna have to move your lips just another inch or two if you are gonna kiss me," Julie said.

They kissed each other for the very first time ever. The kiss lasted for about 40 seconds, and they both loved it. Neither one or them had ever kissed another woman before except for their moms. They both liked it so much that they made out for about 2 minutes before anything was said.

"Our moms must really like this," Julie said.

"I think we do too," Tessa replied as she leaned up.

She slowly took off her pajama top with her back to Julie. Tessa was not wearing a bra, so as you can imagine, Julie's panties were as wet as an ocean. Then Tessa slowly began taking off her bottoms too, and let Julie see her panties. As Tessa was just in her panties, she got up and looked at herself in the mirror. All this did was make them both hornier, so Julie got up and got right behind Tessa. Julie slowly wrapped her arms around Tessa and put her hands onto her small A-cup boobs. Julie slowly caressed Tessa's boobs for about 5 minutes until Tessa turned around to kiss Julie once again. They made out for a minute, and then Tessa's hands went down to Julie's bottoms. She pushed them down just a little for Julie's panties to be exposed.

"You know, I'm not a lesbian, but after seeing our moms fucking, I think you are hot Julie," Tessa said.

Tessa kissed her again and then got down on her knees pulling Julie's bottoms down further in the process. She stood back up and pulled off her top as well. Julie didn't let Tessa have the opportunity to take off her bra, she did that all on her own. Julie had B-cup tits, and then they pressed their boobs together.

"Damn, how the hell do you have B-cups, it's not fair," Tessa said.

"Well, I'm just enjoying your boobs right now, so enjoy the feeling my dear friend," Julie replied.

As both young ladies were just in their panties, they just pressed their boobs together and loved the feeling. This was all new territory for both of them and they just seemed to be liking it more and more as time went by. Eventually Tessa pushed Julie onto the bed, Julie was surprised, but liked it. Tessa just got down on her knees and came towards Julie. She put her hands at the top of Julie's panties and slowly pulled them off her, leaving her completely naked. She didn't even take a minute to admire Julie's naked body, she just leaned down towards Julie's pussy and began eating her out.

"Oh Tessa, yes," Julie said.

They both immediately got worked up and sweaty, it was a whole new world that just opened up to both of them all of the sudden. Tessa spread out Julie's pussy lips as far as they would go right away and stuck her tongue deep inside her best friend's pussy. She was merciless with Julie, she was loving eating her pussy and she couldn't get enough to save her life. As Tessa was discovering just how much she liked pussy, they got an audience. Valerie and Gina were just in their bra and panties watching them.

"I guess it's mother like daughter," Gina whispered.

"No kidding, your daughter definitely knows how to eat pussy," Valerie whispered back.

They had no idea that their kids were fucking, but they were not surprised at all. They figured they probably left out too many signs, so it was gonna happen sooner or later. Suddenly both mom's hands found their ways into their panties. They were just inches apart as both of them masturbated to their daughters having sex. Tessa reached up and put her hands onto Julie's boobs, she loved the feel of her rack. Valerie and Gina kissed each other numerous times in the seconds before Julie began screaming. She moaned as loudly as she could and sprayed Tessa's face with her womanly juices.

It was drenched and so were both Gina's and Valerie's panties, that was when they closed the door and went back to Gina's room. The young ladies had no idea their moms saw them, they were in their own world. Tessa climbed up on top of Julie and laid her lips on Julie's. They made out for about 5 minutes before they could possibly get out even a single word, but they didn't need to actually say anything. They were saying everything by making out with each other. They both had their eyes closed the whole time, but they eventually opened them and broke their very long kiss. They both just looked at each other for about a minute, and then actual words came out of Tessa's mouth.

"Holy shit, I think I'm in love," Tessa said.

"I think the feeling is mutual my dear friend," Julie replied.

They kissed again, and stayed close.
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