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My Addiction to My Boss

I've been attracted to him since I started working here...
I sit at my desk finishing up with my work for the day. Five minutes until I can leave, and I have to leave before Damien. To be honest, I'm not sure I can risk seeing my boss today. Since day one, I have been attracted to his bright green eyes that contrast so beautifully against his dark hair. He always keeps it a little messy, but still appropriate for a lawyer.

I know all the women in the office are attracted to him, but I have the chance to see him every day as I'm his assistant. Over the past four years working for him, we've made flirtatious comments back and forth, but it's never gone anywhere. I've been having dreams about him for the past week or so; they're making me so horny I can barely make it through the work day.

Three more minutes, I can do this. I start to put my papers away and gather the forms for Damien to sign. "I'll just leave them here, so he'll see them. He usually stops by my desk before he leaves." I used to look forward to these little meetings. I'd pretend to work until after he was gone so I could see him one more time before he left. Today, however, I don't think I can trust myself not to jump him right then. If we're being honest here, I haven't been with a man in a long time... Too long, actually. I can't remember the last time I felt an orgasm. And oh, God do I miss it. I've tried to relieve this nagging ache that seems ever present; but nothing works. I need to feel a man against me, touching me, pushing me higher and higher until- No. I can't do this at work. The ache is back with a vengeance.

I take a steadying breath as I log off my computer and shut it down for the night. I can't wait to get home and touch myself. I glance at my watch and it reads "6:00 PM". I can finally head home. I slide open my bottom drawer and grab my purse, clicking my phone to see if I have any messages. Of course, there are none. My best friend has been in Hawaii with her new husband for two weeks now and will be gone for another week. I need to speak with her. She always knows how to keep my head in the game and how to keep me sane. I might just lose it without her. "Oh, Lara... I need you." I say quietly and slide my phone back into it's pocket.

I push the wrinkles from my grey pencil skirt and black button up blouse as I stand and head toward the elevators. "Bye, Jo. I'll see you tomorrow." I wave to our receptionist and she returns the wave with a beautiful smile. She's probably the only woman not attracted to Damien in the whole building; she's been with her girlfriend for almost eight years now. I've gone out with them a few times for drinks, but they can't beat Lara.

As I wait for the elevator to arrive, I check my hair in the mirror-faced doors. The brown waves surround my face as I remove it from its bun. I wipe some of the eye liner away from my hazel eyes and sigh. "Come on, come on, come on," I whisper to the elevator. The loud ding tells me it's finally arrived and I hurry inside, lean my back against the wall and close my eyes. I made it, I'm in the clear. 

"Hold on the elevator!" I gasp and open my eyes. The doors are almost closed, but he catches it just in time. "Shit," I think and stand up straight, no longer leaning against the wall. 

"Jane," he says and nods at me when we make eye contact. 

"Hi, Mr. Parker," I say and look straight ahead. It's only three floors, I can do this. 

"Have a nice day, today?" he asks as he slides his blackberry into the pocket of his suit jacket. 

"Yes, it was fine. Thank you," I murmur, trying to end the conversation.

He turns to face me, and smiles. "I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I would've told you as I left, but you weren't at your desk. I guess I'm lucky I caught you." He places his hand on my lower back, causing all of my muscles to tense. I risk a glance up at him and give a small smile. 

"It's really no problem, you know I love my job." I answer and look back at the doors. He slides his hand down slowly and hooks his index finger in the belt loop of my skirt, almost as if he didn't notice he was doing it. 

"I'll see you tomorrow," he says, his voice husky, as he slowly takes his hand away and walks forward just as the elevator stops and the doors open. With him gone, I let out the breath I didn't know I'd been holding. 

"Holy shit. Did that seriously just happen? His hands... Oh, God, his hands." I squeeze my legs together for a second before heading out toward the front doors. I wave to Rick from security and make my way out into the cool autumn air. I can actually breathe out here. The breeze feels heavenly against my too hot skin. I undo two buttons on my blouse so I can feel it better as I head toward my apartment. Luckily my office is less than five blocks from my apartment, so walking home doesn't take long. I consider stopping at my usual coffee shop and grabbing a quick cup, but I cannot take my mind off of my encounter with Damien in the elevator. What was that even about? He's never done anything like that to me before.

Once home, I unlock my apartment door and lock the dead bolt behind me before tossing my keys and purse unto the table. I scratch my cat, Clyde, quickly and kick off my heels and head to the bedroom. I climb onto my bed and begin undressing myself. Once naked, I grab my vibrator from the drawer in the nightstand and turn it on.

Closing my eyes, I imagine Damien walking into my room, clothes left at the door. He starts to crawl up the bed, kissing my skin as he goes. He leaves small nibbles every few kisses, keeping me on my toes. As his lips reach my clitoris, I lightly press the vibrator there. My hips come up to meet it as my breathing quickens. "Damien..." I whisper and run my fingers up my stomach to my breasts. I imagine Damien's hands are my own, and I pinch and pull on my nipples. I hear him whisper my name in my ear as he begins to kiss and suck on my neck. I can feel the throb deep inside me build as I press the vibrator harder into my clit. This is what I've been waiting for. Damien is getting me there, pushing me to where I want, more like need, to go. I can feel my orgasm coming, it's so close my toes begin to curl. I moan loudly and call out his name as it starts to hit, but it stops instead. I fall, and not in the way I'd like.

I try to figure out what pulled me from my orgasm and I hear my phone ringing from the kitchen. "Fuck," I say and hop off the bed.
"Right when I get there, Clyde, someone has to call me," I say as I pass him sitting on his perch. I grab my phone from my bag and smile when I see Lara's name.

"Hey, babycakes," I say through my grin. "I should kill you for what you just did to me."

"Oh? Well I was just calling to tell you how much I missed you and how I needed to hear your voice... but now I guess I should ask why you're killing me. What's up, lover?" she asks, my pet name making me grin even bigger. 

"Oh, nothing... you just stole my much needed orgasm. But fear not! You'll hear all about this when you get home. I'm still picking you two up from the airport next Thursday, right?"

"No fair! I can't wait until Thursday to hear about this much needed orgasm! But yes, I still need you to pick us up. I miss you."

"I miss you too, more than you know. My life is falling to pieces without you," I say, the sadness in my voice only played up slightly. I really do miss her.

"I know, sugar tits. I'll be back before you know it! Shane says hello, by the way. But we're heading off in a few to go scuba diving. Hopefully I won't drown!" I hear Shane's laugh in the background and can't help but laugh myself. 

"Lara, you've been diving for years... you'll be fine. I'm glad I got to hear from you. I needed it." I walk back to my bedroom and grab my robe, leaning the phone against my shoulder.

"We'll go out for drinks when I get home, I promise. Later, lover!" I hear her smile and shake my head.

"Later, babycakes. Be safe. I love you." I end the call and toss my phone on the bed. I need to make something for dinner, but nothing in my house sounds good. Maybe I'll order a pizza. 

I grab Clyde's food from the fridge and scoop it into his bowl, maybe this will stop his constant meowing. I pat his head and make my way toward the couch. I plop down and turn the TV on, hoping to find something mindless as I wait for my pizza to arrive.

The next day, I head to my desk, giving my usual waves to Rick and Jo before sitting down. I beat Damien here, unfortunately. Now I'll have to see him as he walks into his office. 

"Hello, Jo. Did you cut your hair? It looks lovely," he says as he strolls in. I glance up just in time to see him run his fingers through his hair. I wish I could do that... I clench my legs together tightly under the desk. 

"Hello, Jane. I need to speak with you about a few things. Follow me?" he asks as he breezes passed my desk. Oh. no, I can't go in there...

I get up and pull down the bottom of my black dress and tuck my hair behind my ear. I take a deep breath outside his door before walking in. "Yes?" I ask and he leans up against his desk. 

"Shut the door." His straight face gives nothing away. "Sit." He motions to the chair in front of him once I've shut the door. I cross my ankles once I've sat down, and look up at him.

"Why are you so weird around me, now, Jane?" His presence is intoxicating. I can't breathe.

"Oh, umm... I didn't... Umm. I didn't mean to offend you, Sir." I stammer. Come on, Jane. Hold yourself together.

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I want you to be able to talk to me. If something I'm doing is bothering you, then I need you to tell me." His face is still unreadable.

"No, Sir," I whisper, I cannot take my eyes away from his. He slowly leans off the desk and bends down in front of me, placing his hands on either armrest of my chair. His face is inches from mine. 

"Are you sure there's nothing I can do to help you?" he breathes. His proximity, his scent, it's clouding my mind. I can't focus.

My lips part slightly and I see his eyes dart down to them.

"If this," he grabs himself through his pants,"will help you... you have to tell me. It can be yours," he whispers. "You just have to say yes."

I should be running, I should at least be saying no. But how can I when he's here, willing to take me? I've been needing this for far too long. I look down at his hand as he slowly drags down his zipper and undoes the button of his slacks. "Say yes... please." He leans closer to me, letting his breath tickle my neck. He frees himself from the confinement of his boxers and begins to stroke himself. He's already hard, and still growing. It's massive. 

I lick my lips and look up into his eyes. His breathing has changed, and his eyes are shaded.

"Yes," I say softly and he presses his lips against mine before I can finish the word.

"Yes, yes, yes," he murmurs against my lips. "Dress off. Now," he says as he quickly undoes the zipper down my side. He leans back against his desk and continues to stroke himself as he watches me undress. 

It's turning me on so much to watch him play with himself as he watches me. I take my time undressing for him. With my dress on the floor next to me, I slowly spin in a circle, allowing him to have a look. I run a hand over the edge of my red lacy thong and let it travel upward, joining my other hand as they massage my breasts. His lips part and his hand begins moving a little faster on his cock. I slowly reach back and unhook my bra, letting my full C cup breasts free. I mentally thank myself for always wearing my best underwear to work. I hook my thumbs into the side of my thong and start to slide it down, but pause when he starts shaking his head. 

"I want to do that," he says, his voice rough. "Come here."

I walk over to him and take his outstretched hand. He slides the papers from his desk onto the floor and he lays me back, my hips barely on the desk. He stands between my legs, holding my ankles. He slowly slides off each heel and brings one foot to his lips. He kisses my big toe, biting softly. The muscles deep inside me clench and I groan softly. He smiles at me and begins kissing his way down each leg. "Holy shit." I think,"This is just like my fantasy from yesterday." I watch as he hooks his fingertips into the thong against my hips and slowly rakes it down my legs and into his pocket. 

"I'm going to keep those... Memory's sake," he says softly and slides his tongue against my clit. My hips flex up in response. "Shhh," he whispers. "I'm going to fuck you hard, Jane. And you'll have to keep quiet." I nod and bite my lip, anxious for his cock. He slams into me quickly, and pulls out once before slamming back into me. I moan loudly and grab the edge of the desk as he begins thrusting into me. I moan out his name loudly, too loudly, and he clamps his lips on mine to stifle my cries. 

"Jesus, Jane," he murmurs as he pounds into me over and over. I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him into me, meeting him thrust for thrust.

"Yes, Damien. Yes. Harder." I moan against his lips and gasp softly when I feel it. The quickening deep inside me as it starts to build. I feel it in my toes as they curl. He's pushing me higher and higher. I can feel it coming, and I need this orgasm. I need him. He moves down to my neck and he bites me hard, sending me over the edge. I free fall, reality shattering as I orgasm around him. I hear his grunts as he stills, releasing his cum deep inside me. I cannot move, still falling and falling.

I'm vaguely aware of his licking and sucking on my nipples, pushing me farther and farther away from reality. I clench myself around him, hoping he'll give me more and never let me come back down. He slowly pumps into me, but not with the heat of before. This has an emotion behind it that I'm not sure of. He kisses his way up my breast to my neck where he whispers my name. 

"Come back to me, Jane." And I am back. I open my eyes and gasp for air I didn't realize I needed. We're both shining with sweat and he slowly pulls out of me. 

"That was... wow. That was great." I say, still trying to catch my breath.

"Yeah, that was," he says and kisses me softly. "Jo's going to wonder where you are..."

I sit up quickly. " Oh, God. I forgot. I have to go!" I say and hop off his desk and start getting dressed. I smooth out my hair and adjust my bra as I head to the door.

"Hey, Jane?" he calls and I look back at him. "You should call me Damien, more. I like it," he says and and sits down at his desk, no longer looking at me. I smile and mentally hug myself as I head out to my desk.

Throughout the day I can smell him on me. He's everywhere. I can still feel him inside me and I wish it would've lasted all day. At the end of the day, I wait. I don't hurry out like I have been lately. I pretend to file a few papers and I wait for him to come out of his office.When he does, I look up at him, and smile. 

"Hey," I whisper and he pauses at my desk.

"This is for you..." he says quietly and hands me a folded piece of paper. He looks up at Jo and when he sees she's concentrating on her computer screen, he leans down and kisses my forehead. He looks at me for a second, takes a deep breath, and walks away. When he is out of sight, I open the paper.

"You are beautiful, intelligent, and so amazing.
 Tomorrow morning, 8:00 AM, my office.
 And Jane, don't wear any panties."

I gasp and press the note to my chest. Tomorrow morning? Yes.


I hope that you've enjoyed my story. If you let me know that you want it, I'll write part two.
Thank you for your feedback! 


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