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Office Fun

Office Fun

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I walk down the corridor at work, my heels clicking the floor with every step. Listening to my iPod, my walk matches the beat of the music. I may be dressed like a professional lady but the pink headphones don't really match that look. Having to work New Year's Eve is disheartening but I hope to get away early like I did last year. 

As normal I walk past your office and I feel your eyes on me as I saunter by. A little grin appears on my face as I reach my office, just a few doors down from yours. 

I take off my warm winter coat and I'm dressed in black heels, black knee length skirt, dark purple shirt and purple matching underwear, silky of course. I brush my long dark blonde hair and check my makeup, looking in my little mirror at my blue eyes. I notice the time and then sit at my desk and switch on my computer.

Just before lunch time my phone rings. "Hi, Angie speaking, how can I help?"

"Hello Angie, how's my naughty coworker today?" says the seductive voice at the end of the line. Just hearing you makes my knickers start to become moist. I know that you are few doors down from me, so close but yet so far. 

I smile as I reply. "Matthew you know you shouldn't be phoning and saying such things to a coworker. It's not correct and you’re the naughty one!"

A soft laugh emerges. "Oh Angie, don't think you’re little miss innocent. Do you remember sucking me off in the cupboard, hearing people walk past as I filled your mouth with cum? Or even that time I fingered your pussy and had to cover your mouth to stop you moaning so loud in pleasure?" 

I feel my face redden the more you talk and my free hand covers as much as my face as possible to hide my embarrassment.

"Matthew, will you please stop. Someone might hear you. Look we agreed we wouldn't do those things anymore, we’re both married and we're going to get caught if we do!"

Before my last word has left my lips you whisper, "I said we will stop once my cock has slipped into your soaking pussy!" 

Just then my colleague, Sue, walks into my office so I stop the call abruptly. "Thanks for calling. Talk again soon. Bye."

Replacing the handset, I start chatting to Sue about something work related while sitting in my wet knickers. My mind is fighting, saying that I can stop this now and nothing happens and yet somehow I know that my pussy will win and get the cock it wants. 

The day continues as normal and seems longer than ever. I smile every time I walk past your office, hoping that you see me. Sometimes it’s even pointless me walking past as I'm going the long way round, but it's fun teasing you. Eventually the office gets emptier and emptier as people leave for their New Year celebrations. I should be heading home too, but there could always be a chance a late emergency might happen.

Just as I think it is time to go there's a knock on my door.

"Come in," I say and then I look up to see you enter, smiling as always and shutting the door behind you. 

"Can I help you Matthew?" I say as you walk round my desk. 

You turn me on my chair and pull me up and to you, pulling me against your chest. Before I know it you’re kissing me and your tongue is slipping into my mouth. 

My brain suddenly kicks in and I stop kissing you and try to pull away. "Matthew, we shouldn't be doing this anyone can walk in!" 

You grin wickedly and whisper, "If your pussy is not wet I'll walk out right now, but if it is I want you bent over your desk!" 

I’m not sure what to say as of course my pussy is wet and you know it. You turn me so that I'm facing my desk and push me down on to it and then I feel you lift me up so I'm on all fours on my desk. You’re lifting my skirt and my brain is screaming, telling me to stop you, but I can't. 

Your hands slide up my legs and over my bum. Without realising, I slide my legs further apart for you and I feel your hand run over my knickers, pushing them into my pussy, just making them wetter. 

I can sense the pleasure in your voice as you moan, "I knew you would be wet for me.” Before I can reply your fingers have pulled my knickers to the side and your face is buried in my pussy. 

I do my best to hold my moans but all the while pushing my pussy back against your face and grinding it against the movements of your tongue. Then your thumb is running around my clit in circles, making it harder for me to hold the moans. With all that's going on and with the possibility of getting seen I'm so close to cumming. You know my arousal well so you slide two fingers into my pussy and start fucking me with them. As I tighten around your fingers you work harder and then feel me cum over them. I lean forward and cover my mouth with my arm to stifle my moans. 

You help me off the desk and we kiss passionately. You pull me close and I feel your hardness poking me, wanting to get out and be sucked. I caress your chest and then my hands move between us so that I can unzip you, slide one hand in and pull your big cock out. I stroke it teasingly a few times before I start to kneel down in front of you. Suddenly you stop me and bend me over the desk once again. I know what's coming and I should stop it, but I can't and don't want to. 

You pull my knickers off, ripping them but keeping hold of them. Then you tease my pussy with the head of your cock, both of us slick with juices and you remind me to be quiet as people are still outside. Then I feel your cockhead pushing against my pussy, pushing yourself into me. I feel the head enter me and stretch me, then slide all the way in. You lean over me with your hands gripping my still clothed breasts, but you can feel my hard nipples pointing out through the material. You are still holding my knickers as you slowly start to move in and out of me with long slow strokes. I push back against each one, forcing you deeper. 

You start to breathe heavily in my ear as I let out moans of pleasure, quite forgetting where I am. As you start to build up a rhythm, your strokes get faster and harder, and my moans get louder each time. Then I learn why you’re still holding my knickers because you tell me to open my mouth and as I do you push them in, gagging me. I can taste my own juices from my panties and unable to hold back any longer I start to tighten around your cock and cum all over you. 

You start moving harder and faster behind me with your balls slapping against me and hands gripping my hips. You make your last long hard strokes and you start to cum, filling me up and making me cum over you again, both breathing hard with you laying on my back as I am over the desk. As our bodies relax, you slide out of me and pull the knickers out my mouth. I watch you as you get dressed. 

Before you leave I sit back in my chair in case someone passing by my office sees us. You have a naughty grin on your face and you smile and wink at me, saying, "Don't worry Angie, everyone has left already. Happy New Year!" 

I sit there open mouthed as you walk out the door.

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