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Special Assistance

A passenger with a vision impairment turns on the charm during his layover
The steady mechanical chant of the escalators echoed in the cavernous loft, peacefully separated from the hustle and bustle on the other side of the automatic doors. Endless shades of glossy grey soothed my weary eyes as I ascended, leaning heavily against the climbing handrail. I still had ten hours to go on my epic journey home, but at least the comfortable chairs and complimentary alcohol of the premium lounge offered merciful respite for nearly four of them.

Half a dozen steps up ahead, the pretentious chatter of Corporate Barbie and her Ken doll grated more than it should. Fatigue and the last of my patience was no match for the thoughtful nods and pursed lips that accompanied the fruitless preparation of their impending business trip. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. These over-educated twenty-somethings were all the same.

From what I could make out from the curve of her skirt, however, the young brunette did seem to have a nice ass. I wasn’t quite old enough to be her father, but still too old. I sniffed the smirk off my face as I fished my boarding pass and membership card from my breast pocket.

When we reached the top, the go-getters strode off the escalator ahead of me and clopped off to the right. They waved their credentials at the reception staff in a well-practiced gesture, gaining unfettered entry through the frosted glass doors. I followed close behind, mimicking the manoeuvre and hoping for a similar result.

“Excuse me, Sir,” a curt female voice challenged from behind the black desk. “Can I please see your boarding pass?”

I threw my head back with a groan, exasperated. I should have known I was never going to make it. My short-sleeve, check shirt and black cargo pants didn’t fit in with the sleek corporate uniforms of my fellow high flyers. To say nothing of my white cane.

I started towards the desk, but quickly became entangled in the rope line marking out a small queuing area. Black nylon ribbon strung from black pedestals on a black floor: I had no chance of seeing it. But truth be told, I hadn’t fared any better with the black barriers against the white floors downstairs at check-in. At least I didn’t knock any over this time.

The fierce independence that had led me to rebuff an escort up to the lounge only minutes earlier evaporated with the last of my pride. Defeated, I stood rooted to the spot. My shoulders slumped with a sigh, and I slowly closed my eyes in surrender.

An urgent clip of heels on the shiny floor trotted out from behind the desk. “Here, let me help you.” The voice was huskier than the first, and much younger.

I handed over my documents with a tired smile. She slipped them from my left hand and gently guided me a couple of steps away from the barrier. As she took a second to review my details, I couldn’t help but notice the delicate scent of her perfume. It was intoxicating.

“Mr Hawke, you’re travelling with us on Five-Seven-Seven to Perth?” she half croaked.

“Yeah, at twelve-fifty.” I held my watch up to my nose, still not believing it had only just gone eight o’clock.

“Is there anything I can do to assist you while you’re here?” she offered.

I hesitated a moment before answering, “Actually, yeah, thanks. I haven’t been here before. If you could show me around a bit, that would be great.”

“Of course I can,” she beamed, swivelling in beside me to face the entrance. “Would you like to take my arm, Mr Hawke?”

I didn’t need to of course, but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to grab hold of this lovely young woman. “Oh, thank you,” I smiled, tentatively taking her proffered elbow. I was immediately struck with the tactile sensation of her smooth skin, and the slender muscle tone of her arm. “And please, call me Will.”

“Okay, Will,” she giggled as we set off through the frosted glass doors. “My name’s Anna.”

“Lovely to meet you, Anna,” I gushed, making an extra effort to swing my cane so that I looked the part. Any excuse to keep a hold of her.

I was sure Anna noticed my less than honourable attention. Her bold red lipstick betrayed her smile, but she otherwise didn’t respond as she led me through.

The shiny, dark floor continued into the lounge proper, with countless settings of low, black couches. A sparse scattering of business suits squeaked in their leather seats as they furrowed their brows at their Financial Reviews on our way past. Others up ahead, silhouetted by the floor to ceiling windows, fussed about clinking crockery and operating percolating machinery at the self-serve coffee bar off to the right.

“Um…” Anna struggled to find the words, “Do you mind if I ask how much you can see? Ah, I mean, you’re partially sighted, right?”

“Yeah,” I smiled warmly back at her. People were often awkward when asking me about my disability, so I always made the effort to put them at ease. “I can see a bit, mainly just shapes and bright colours. You know, high contrast?”

“Uh-huh,” she breathed, genuinely interested.

“All this dark furniture on a dark floor…” I cocked my head back at the leather couches. “It’s really hard to see. But up close though, I can make out a lot more detail.”

“So, can you see me?” She stopped as we came to a junction where the black leather area opened out onto an enormous space that seemed to run the full length of the terminal.

Keeping my attention on her, rather than the impressive architecture, I let go of her elbow. It suddenly dawned on me that I was only ever asked that question by younger women. I was too tired at that moment to figure out what it actually meant, and just answered, “Yeah. I can tell you have short blonde hair, and you’re wearing a white top...” My eyes scanned down her nicely curved body. “And a navy blue skirt. Although, it might be dark grey…”

“No, you were right,” she jumped in, with a smile in her slightly cracking voice. “My skirt’s French navy.”

“Hmmm.” I looked up at her face to see her carefully studying me, and continued, “And you’ve got a pink scarf.”

“Actually it’s fuchsia,” she teased.

“Yeah, I’m a guy,” I scoffed. “There’s no such thing as fuchsia. There’s just pink.”

Anna laughed and playfully touched my forearm. “You’re terrible.”

I narrowed my eyes at her and leaned in closer, only too happy to continue flirting. I caught the smell of her perfume again, together with her lightly minted breath. “I can see that your eyes are blue.” I paused a moment, letting my words hang in the sweetly-scented air. Then I figured I might as well go for it. “And I can see you have a very pretty smile.”

She held my gaze, tilting her head to the side. It was a definite what-the-fuck expression, complete with a raised eyebrow. But her smile was still there. If anything, it was a little broader than before.

“Too much?” I grinned, trying to raise an eyebrow of my own to mask my niggling embarrassment.

“Come on, you,” she laughed. Anna grabbed my left hand with hers, guiding it to her right arm, just above the elbow. We set off with a lot more confident purpose than before, Anna obviously seeing through my helpless-blind-guy routine. Still, she let me hold onto her, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Anna cleared her throat intermittently over the next few minutes as she explained the features in the main area of the lounge, pointing out the various amenities. “I’m so sorry about my voice,” she coughed. “I went to the Coldplay concert last night with some girlfriends. We got a little carried away singing along with the band.”

“Really? Coldplay?” I chuckled incredulously as we came to a standstill on the red, patterned carpet by the windows. “I didn’t figure them for the scream-yourself-hoarse kind of group.”

“Hey, they were awesome!” She was cheerfully indignant. “It was such a good show. Kylie Minogue came out for the encore and sang a few songs with them and everything.”

“That’s pretty cool,” I offered. “But still, Coldplay?”

Anna looked away briefly, then tilted her head and sheepishly admitted, “We might have gone out clubbing a bit after the concert.”

“There we go,” I laughed, “And on a school night no less. Way to go, Anna.”

“You only live once, right?” Anna giggled. She leaned in, briefly pressing her shoulder and hip against me before offering her elbow once more.

We strolled down the length of the lounge, passing a couple of staff busily stacking glasses behind the bar. The bar that didn’t open until one o’clock, a good half hour after I had to head down to my plane. Any notion of me drinking my body weight in complimentary booze was dashed with an evil, albeit sexy laugh.

“Gee, I thought I was bad,” she teased with another giggle. “It’s eight-thirty in the morning, Will.”

“Hey, I’ve been up for over thirty-five hours now,” I whined, instantly becoming aware of the scratchiness of my eyes. “It’s still Wednesday night as far as I’m concerned.” Although it was apparently Friday morning.

“Oh, you poor thing,” she cooed. “Where did you fly in from?”

“New York.” I looked over at the buffet. Judging by the smell of toast and yoghurt, it was still set up for a continental breakfast. It was the last thing they had force-fed us on board, and the last thing I felt like eating.

“You didn’t get any sleep on the aircraft?” Anna asked with genuine concern.

I shook my head, still distracted by the sharp-elbows crowd shovelling in as much free breakfast as they could get their hands on. I had hit the wall all of a sudden. “Huh? I’m sorry, Anna. What did you say?”

Anna gave me a soft smile, complete with a husky, little hum. She asked me again about my flight, and I explained how I hadn’t been able to get any sleep on the plane. The Chatty Cathy I had been seated next to hadn’t stopped to take a breath since we left New York. And to add insult to injury, there was some sort of security scare in Los Angeles during our stopover, and I couldn’t get off to escape her.

“And when she did finally fall asleep,” I continued, rolling my eyes, “She started snoring her head off. It was like sitting next to a wood chipper the entire way across the Pacific.”

Anna laughed so hard, she actually snorted. She immediately threw her hand over her mouth in embarrassment as I guffawed loudly. “Oh my God, I can’t believe I did that!” Barely composing herself, Anna smacked my upper arm. “Shut up, you!”

We shared a moment of sparkling eye contact, before my failing eyes were drawn to the bold contrast of her red lips smiling away from a perfect set of teeth. I gently gripped the smooth skin of Anna’s arm and she tucked it into her side, allowing me a fleeting touch of the taper of her waist with the back of my hand. Whether it was chemistry or fatigue, I wasn’t quite sure. Either way, I caught myself becoming enamoured with her as we pressed on with the tour of the lounge.

The worn plastic ball on the end of my cane scraped against the hard floor as we walked on past the service counter. Anna suggested that I should check to see if I could get on the earlier flight home to Perth and maybe save myself a couple of hours waiting in the lounge. When I explained that there weren’t any business class seats on the earlier flight, she offered to check the availability in economy.

“Fuck that!” I spat, causing Anna to laugh at my irreverence. Then pressing my lips together thoughtfully, I admitted, “Besides, I already asked downstairs at check-in. Economy’s full too.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. But at least you get to spend some more time here with us.”

“Yeah, I was thinking of pushing my flight back a day or two…” Then I finally registered the flirtyness of her tone. But my brain failed me, and all I could do was finish the sentence, or something approximating it. “Um…ahh…yeah, you know? Um…rest up in a hotel or something.”

“Well, if you decide to stay in Sydney a little longer, we can certainly help you with that,” Anna giggled knowingly as she led me farther on down to the end of the lounge. It was a sleek, Spartan bar area, gleaming with shiny, black surfaces and stainless steel. It was all but deserted by the swarm of morning business travellers. The only sound, save for the bonging flight announcements over the public address system, was the clop of Anna’s heels and the smooth scrape of my cane.

“Another closed bar,” I sighed. “Hmmm.”

She pressed into my side and looked up at me, giggling. “Yeah, but you can get a soft drink, or maybe some peanuts,” she teased.

I tried to scowl at her, but I couldn’t help but smile. “Peanuts, huh? Okay, if I can’t pound a few beers, maybe I can hose myself off instead. You guys have got showers here, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Anna breathed with an enthusiastic grin, tugging me back the way we had just come. “They’re down this way.” We set off towards the other end of the lounge, chatting as we went. “So what took you to New York?” cracked her voice, followed by another clearing of her throat.

“Management conference,” I answered robotically. Then remembering to turn on the charm, “I’m a leadership consultant.”

“Really?” She faltered slightly under my bemused grin. “You…um…you seem a lot more…casual than the corporate coaches we get through here.”

I snorted a laugh. Yeah, “I’m hardly going to suit up for a thirty-hour flight home. Besides, my whole thing’s about being true to yourself. You know, being genuine?” I looked down off my left shoulder to see Anna’s sandy blonde bob nodding as we strolled back past the service desk on our right. She hung on every word as I explained the ins and outs of my consultancy to her.

“I actually do a lot of women,” I continued, realising what I had said after the words came out. “Um…I mean, I’m popular with the ladies. Oh, Jesus!” I threw my head back.

The snicker Anna was trying to hold back finally burst out. “I bet,” she laughed.

I sighed, feeling my cheeks burn. “What I meant to say was that I have a lot of female clients.” I glanced back down at her and she wasn’t letting me off the hook, looking back up at me with a big shit-eating grin. “Yeah, that was Freudian, all right.”

There was a deliciously cheeky depth to her giggle, almost evil in fact. I loved it, but I had stomped way too far out onto the thin ice to keep going. We fell silent a moment, exchanging the odd sideways smile as we walked back passed the black leather entrance.

“It’s really interesting watching how people react to your cane,” she said after a while. “It’s like they don’t know what to do. And then they dive out of the way. It’s hilarious!”

“Yeah,” I laughed, only noticing other passengers walking past us at the last second. “I have a lot of fun with it sometimes. It’s great for getting through crowds. I really get away with murder with this thing.”

“I’ve noticed,” she giggled, bumping me with her hip as we passed another buffet and crossed onto some more red, patterned carpet.

“What?” I pleaded with feigned innocence, feeling the prickle of embarrassment spreading across my forehead

Anna led me into a narrow corridor, the echo of her heels on the dark tile filling the space. She guided me past a couple of cleaning trolleys parked up to the left, and pointed out which one of the many maroon doors on the right was the men’s toilets. After a brief exchange with one of the cleaners, she ushered me into an alcove, then through into a small shower room.

Peeling my backpack off my shoulders and dropping it onto the low timber bench, I leaned my cane against the white tiled wall in the corner. I turned to see Anna closing the door behind her. It clicked shut. Then I thought I heard a second click.

Did she just lock the door?

It took a while for my exhausted thoughts to lumber into position, but I soon became conscious of my heart beating in my chest. I stared at her, trying to read the expression on her face. However, the warm yellow glow of the too-few halogen downlights in the small room wasn’t bright enough for me to get a read. As she stepped closer though, I could have sworn I saw her lips curling up in the beginnings of a wicked grin.

“Let me show you the shower,” she breathed, brushing against me and swinging open the clear glass door.

Anna took my right hand in hers. There was a familiar comfort in her touch, and while her fingers were cold, her warmth was electric. She was unnecessarily close, her shoulder against my chest and her ass against my groin. Reaching into the shower cubicle, she placed my hand on the taps, telling me which one was which, before moving my hand over to the toiletries on the adjacent wall.

There was no time to lose myself in the sweet strawberry scent of her hair as she swivelled away to show me the rest of the space. Anna petted a neatly folded pile of fluffy, white towels on her way over to a long maroon counter. The lights above the mirror were a lot brighter than in the rest of the room, illuminating her blonde bob and white shirt as she explained the few other notable trinkets on the vanity. Finally, with the tour complete, she leaned back against the sink and held her forearm across her stomach.

“Thanks,” I smiled, taking a seat on the timber bench. She silently smiled back, or so I thought from the tell-tale flash of her teeth. I held her gaze a moment, then bent down to untie my hiking boots. Wrestling my feet free and peeling off my socks, I was overcome with a comfortable relief. Balling and flexing my toes, I couldn’t help but sigh.

“I bet that feels good,” Anna soothed, almost laughing.

“Oh, you have no idea,” I hummed, eliciting another giggle. When I opened my eyes, she was still just standing there, tapping her hip with my boarding pass.

What the hell is going on here?

My heart rate quickened. The rising tension mixed with my fatigue only served to fuel my confusion. I had stumbled ass-backwards into women throwing themselves at me before, albeit infrequently. But truth be told, I was wrong more often than I was right. She could just be overly helpful. Airline training was notoriously patronising towards people with disabilities after all.

But the possibility…

I stood up, hoping to force a reaction from her either way. All I noticed though, was her head tilting up to keep her gaze on me. I stared back, the silence deafening, and growing worse by the second. I was close enough to see Anna cock her head slightly, her lips twisting in a crooked, little smile. But still, there was nothing, except the rhythmic slap of my boarding pass against her hip.

Anna held her ground, confidently looking into my eyes. She made no move. She offered no hint.

With the pulse in my ears finally matching the slap of my boarding pass, I was losing my nerve. It was all I could do to hold my tongue and not say anything stupid. I had pissed away more than a few golden opportunities in the past with my dry wit. Not this time if I could help it. With all the courage I could muster, I began unbuttoning my shirt.

Anna’s lips parted slightly with an audible intake of breath. Her blue eyes darted down to my fingers, then back up to my own hazel eyes. If her expression changed, it was too subtle for me to see it. But as I reached the last button, I noticed that my boarding pass had stilled.

Barely managing to keep a straight face, I shrugged off my check shirt and dropped it in a heap on the bench. I turned back to Anna to see that she, too, was struggling to keep her smirk under control. When her eyes lowered to continue her inspection of my torso, I sucked in my belly.

Anna huffed a laugh, mercifully breaking the tension. “You’re such a dag!”

“Dag?” I laughed back. “I haven’t heard that in a while. Aren’t the kids saying noob now? I read that newspaper article.”

“Cool story, bro,” she teased with a giggle. Then thickening the air with tension, Anna bit her bottom lip as she once again cast her eyes across my bare chest.

I hooked my thumbs into the elastic waist of my black cargo pants, making sure I had my underpants along with them. But I hesitated. The uncertain anticipation was palpable. I doubted I actually had the brashness to take the next step. I felt myself begin to tremble.

Anna looked up at me expectantly, still biting the side of her bottom lip. I could hear her breath, shallow and quick. And then I heard the nervous slap of my boarding pass once more.

While I was still unclear as to her intentions, I at least knew she wanted to see more.

What the hell?

Giving her a smug grin, I pulled my pants down over my hips and pushed them down my legs. I stepped out of them and scooped them up to drop on top of my shirt. My heart was pounding. In the excitement of the moment, my cock was partially erect. It hung low and thick, thankfully putting my best foot forward, so to speak.

Anna made no pretence about keeping her gaze locked on mine. She unabashedly stared at my cock as I stood completely naked in front of her. She let her arms fall by her sides, then lifted one to chew on her index finger. I felt my cock twitch under her inspection, my arousal growing. She looked up at me with her mouth hanging open, then back down again.

I presented myself to her as long as I dared, but eventually I faltered under her scrutiny. It was amazing how self-conscious I became exposing myself to another person like that. In the absence of any signal, I retreated to the shower, pulling the door closed behind me and turning on the water. Of course, the clear glass screen offered no protection for my modesty.

As I adjusted the temperature, I glanced over my shoulder to see Anna staring at my ass. I stepped forward, hiding myself under the flow. The warm water poured over me, revitalising my weary muscles in an instant. As the spray beat down on my face, its gushing white noise completely washed out my confusion.

Then it suddenly hit me with crystal clarity. I smiled into the shower head, remembering my own advice for my indecisive clients.

The worst decision you can make is no decision.

Thoroughly rinsed and satisfied with myself, I stepped back and made a show of studying the toiletries on the shelf beside me. “I’m sorry, Anna,” I called out. “Can you please tell me which one’s the shampoo and which one’s the conditioner?”

I watched her through the mist on my side of the shower screen. Anna paused a second, before laying my boarding pass on the maroon counter and stepping over to me. I couldn’t see the look on her face until she swung open the glass door. Even then, I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, only that she was looking into my eyes. She took another step closer and began to reach across me into the shower.

“Oh, careful,” I smiled in my cheekiest tone. “I’d hate for you to get your shirt wet.”

She gave me a bemused smirk, her lips pressed together and her eyebrows arched. Then slowly, her smile began to spread across her face. “That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?”

With my best Cheshire grin, I watched Anna take a step back and remove her fuchsia scarf. Immediately, my heart tried to thump its way out of my chest. My cock, too, stirred, beginning to lift away from my thighs.

Anna’s teeth disappeared behind her red lips as her expression became more sultry. Still holding onto her scarf, she undid the buttons of her white, slim-line shirt. Then turning around, Anna peeled it off her shoulders and laid both carefully on the vanity. The delicate contours of her back tapered perfectly into her navy pencil skirt, and her tanned skin contrasted beautifully with the white straps of her bra.

She turned quickly and strutted over to me, the roll of her hips more pronounced than I had noticed before. Her bra was filled to capacity, with the soft light of the shower room casting heavy shadows in her cleavage. She tilted her head and smiled as she reached the shower. Then licking her lips, Anna reached back across me for the shampoo.

Anna smiled brightly up at me, her blue eyes ablaze with mischief. Her breasts pressed against my chest, the pliable flesh bulging out the top of her bra with the pressure of the contact. Droplets of water sparkled on her skin as they dripped onto her squashed mounds. And from the corner of my eye, I could see the spray of the shower coating her outstretched arm in a wet sheen.

“Here you go,” she whispered, taking my hand and placing one of the tiny bottles in my palm. “Here’s the shampoo.”

“Thanks,” I gasped, feeling the end of my growing cock brush against her skirt. Then, almost instantly, I let the shampoo drop, causing Anna to giggle at the sound of the plastic bottle bouncing on the tiled floor.

Fuck it!

I pounced, cupping the side of her face and drawing her up to me. With a fleeting glimpse of her eyes closing, together with her full, red lips gaping open, I mashed my mouth to hers. We kissed passionately, devouring each other in a frenzy. Our tongues danced, warm and wet. And the taste of her: so wonderfully fresh.

I lost myself in the kiss, every soft, wet caress a dream to my exhausted senses. Still holding her head, my left hand found the silken curve of her bare waist. Her hands slipped across my chest and stomach, one of them finding a hold around my cock. It was an agonising tingle that filled me with warmth, well above that of the hot water.

Pulling Anna’s lithe body close to me, I squeezed her tightly, trying to wring out every last drop of pleasure from her. Her mewling whimpers startled into a squeal. I had accidentally dragged her too close to the spray.

She pushed against me and took a step back, still keeping her lips locked to mine and her hand around my shaft. I was all but dragged from the shower by my cock. Letting go of her for just an instant, I wrenched the taps off on my way out, only managing to reduce the flow to a fast, splattering trickle before they were out of reach.

Getting my hands back on her tiny waist, I drove her into the maroon vanity, with her heels scuffing backwards on the dark tile. Anna grunted into my mouth as her ass squashed against the counter. My arms encircled her, my hands roaming all over her naked back. Anna threw hers around my neck and ground her pelvis against my aching cock. I revelled in the smooth contours of her skin, and traced the delicate groove of her spine from her bra strap to the waistband of her skirt.

My lips were tingling, almost numb. Shifting the angle of my kiss, I caressed the top of her ass through her skirt, before resting my hands on the soft flare of her hips. I clawed at the French navy with my fingertips, slowly lifting the hem up her thighs as it bunched in my fingers.

Anna’s digits combed through my dark, wet hair, driving me to distraction. Eventually, one of my hands lost the tenuous grip of the folds of her skirt. Breaking away, I snorted a frustrated sigh. Anna giggled, obviously realising what I was up to. She kissed me again, softly, sweetly. Then she cocked an eyebrow, goading me to continue.

I dropped to my knees, then tried to sit back on my heels. “Oh, fuck!” I groaned as my kneecaps shifted painfully on the hard tile. I knelt back up into a comfortable position, my eyes drawing level with her navel. “Hmm, you have a belly button piercing.”

“Yeah,” she giggled down at me. “It’s onyx. I got it in Mexico.”

I placed a soft kiss on the dark jewel, set exotically in gold. “I love Mexico,” I breathed, kissing the Aztec piercing again, together with the taut flesh surrounding it.

Laying my hands on the outsides of her knees, I slowly slid up her thighs, gathering up her skirt as I went. Anna’s silky smooth limbs were flawless: the perfect combination of soft and beautifully toned. I tried to experience every tactile sensation, truly feeling her. There was something so intimate about the touch.

The sexy anticipation of more and more of her thighs becoming exposed as I caressed her took my breath away.

My grip widened. Her legs softened. And the bunched navy fabric lifted up over the apex of her hips.

Despite the pain in my knees, I fell back down on my heels. The sharp, white triangle of the front of her panties was too tempting a prize. I had to lower myself to get the best possible view. Clumsily slipping and sliding on the wet floor beneath me, I left her skirt behind, precariously piled at her waist. My nose brushed the gusset of her underwear as my fingers gently traced the outline of her hipbones.

I kissed her mound through the white cotton, and deeply inhaled her scent. Through the delicate aroma of her perfume, there was an earthy authenticity to her. I was dizzy. My heart thundered so wildly, I was shaking. It was all I could do to hook my fingers into the waistband of her panties.

Anna gasped, causing me to look up between the white globes of her cleavage. She turned, spinning on the spot to face the mirror. As she did, my right hand grazed across the front of her panties, while my left brushed the naked cheeks of her ass. She was wearing a G-string.

I flushed with warmth, nearly overcome by the vision. I snatched at the elastic waistband and pulled it down over her spectacular backside. The thin strip of fabric peeled away from between her cheeks, almost sticking, before joining my hands on another caressing rub down the full length of her legs. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the feeling of her calves so much, but the smooth muscles slightly flexed in her black heels surprised me.

Lifting her feet one at a time, Anna stepped out of her panties. She stood, still facing the mirror, me uncomfortably sprawled on the wet floor behind her.

I had an overwhelming urge to hold her damp panties to my nose, but the sight of Anna’s naked sex just inches in front of my face erased the notion. Placing my hands on her ankles, I once more caressed my way up her impossibly long legs. I was in awe: the feel of her; the sight of her; the smell of her. God! Even the sound of her laboured breath through the spattering shower was enough to drive me crazy.

Massaging the backs of her thighs with my palms, I let my thumbs venture around between her legs. The tension grew as I moved higher, getting closer. So much so, I think we both held our breath when my hands rose over the soft curve of her ass. I pulled at her cheeks, my thumbs causing deep depressions in her cleft. I got the briefest glimpse of her sex before her navy skirt fell, obstructing my view.

“Hmmm,” I hummed with some curiosity.

“What?” Anna looked down over her shoulder self-consciously.

“Your skirt,” I smiled up at her. “It has red on the back of it.”

“Yeah,” Anna giggled, turning back to face the mirror. “It’s our new uniform.”

I brushed the hem back up over her ass. “Ooh, and there’s some more fuchsia.”

“Huh?” She was confused, twisting back around to try and find the pink that wasn’t in her skirt.

I leaned forward, kissing the plump, pink lips of her pussy. Lapping at her folds, I burrowed my tongue through her slit until I found her sweet hole, and the gently tangy syrup within.

“Oh!” she moaned in pleasurable realisation. Anna leaned forward over the vanity, tilting her pelvis up to grant me better access.

I gorged on her, licking, sucking, and nibbling like a man possessed. I tugged at her pretty labia and shoved my tongue as far as I could inside her, Anna’s husky, breathy moans spurring me on. I couldn’t get enough.

Eventually finding the restraint to withdraw from her tight canal, I slid my tongue lower towards the top of her pussy. The angle was awkward, and I couldn’t detect her clit at the apex of her slick folds. Undeterred, I frantically flicked at where it should be with the tip of my tongue, more often than not eliciting a writhing moan.

Her soft thighs gripping my face, her neatly trimmed pubic hair prickling my lips and tongue, her tight opening fragrantly suckling at my nose: I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe my luck. But more tempting still, the perfect pucker of her pretty, little asshole right in front of my struggling eyes. I became fixated.

Licking back up through her slit, I probed my tongue back into Anna’s cunt. With each jaw-aching thrust, I made sure the tip of my nose touched her star. I could feel Anna rocking back to meet every plunge, seemingly unaware of the contact with her anus, or better yet, not bothered by it.

I was getting carried away. I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to taste her. Every last bit of her.

My heart thundered. I was overcome. Tentatively, I touched my tongue to her puckered, little knot. Then I licked at it more confidently.

“Oh my God!” Anna gasped.

Still holding her cheeks apart, I withdrew my tongue and whispered, “You like that?” Before she could answer, I placed a gentle kiss on her asshole.

“Ooh, that’s so fucking dirty,” she groaned through gritted teeth. “Mmm, I love it!”

I continued rimming her, tickling her forbidden opening with the tip of my tongue. It was so wonderfully filthy. I had barely met Anna half an hour earlier, and I was already working my tongue into her asshole.

Another monumental flush of heat washed over me, and my entire body throbbed in time with my pulse. I wanted more. I needed more.

Flexing my tongue, I poked the tip into her pretty, little pucker. Her tight knot resisted my advance, but nothing was going to keep me out. I stabbed my way in. My jaw and the muscles in my tongue strained uncomfortably against her ring. Still, the intensity of the moment exploded with every extra millimetre I gained.

“Oh!” Anna rasped, lost in the lusty abandon of the experience herself. She was a moaner, and I loved it. Her sounds of ecstasy were a beautiful harmony with my breath and the staccato splatter of the shower behind us.

I felt Anna’s nails scratch against the stubble on my chin. I pulled back a second to see what she was doing. She had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit. The sight of her masturbating only inches away was incredible. I was mesmerised.

Her fingertips glistened as they slid back and forth through her slit. Then she reached farther around, dipping her index finger into her vagina. It was soon joined by her middle finger, and she pumped both in and out furiously. There was nothing else for it, except to resume licking her asshole as she finger-fucked herself.

The pace of Anna’s moans increased. So, too, did my breathing. I managed to get my own hand onto my cock, indulgently smearing my pre-cum over the bulbous head as we worked together to drive her over the edge.

“Oh, fuck,” Anna grunted. Her whole body tensed, her ass clenching against my face. “Oh, God, yes!”

Almost by osmosis, I felt the wave of her climax wash over me in a mixture of relief and satisfaction. It was such a beautiful thing. I wanted to sit back and bask in the glory of her orgasm. I wanted to watch her enjoy the moment. Let her come down.

But I was too far gone myself.

I frantically stumbled to my feet behind her, the pain shooting through my knees and ankles. I stifled a laugh, amused at my feeble weariness. Steadying myself with a hand on her hip, I fumbled with my cock at her blossoming pussy. The kiss of her wet folds on my head was divine. Every touch: a blissful tingle.

Anna gently gripped my shaft from between her legs and guided the head to her opening. Feeling the soft cradle of her inner labia, I leaned into her, sinking my length into her molten core. Her gooey warmth gripped me as I sheathed myself inside her. I was lost. We both were, moaning in unison.

Euphoric as it was to be buried to the hilt in Anna’s pussy, it wasn’t enough. I needed more.

Despite being pressed hard against her soft ass, I thrust my hips forward, stabbing my cock that last little bit deeper. It caused Anna to grunt, the husky somewhere between pleasure and pain. She threw her left forearm up against the mirror to steady herself against my onslaught, her palm slapping against the glass, her fingers splayed. But her right arm stayed pressed against her side as she reached under herself to keep working her clit.

Tightly clutching Anna’s soft hips, I fucked her like an animal. I pounded into her with reckless abandon, slapping into her bouncing ass over and over. I stared down at her perfect bell-bottom. My shaft glistened with her arousal as I withdrew on each stroke, but only for a second, before I rammed it back into her. Every time I hit home, I ground myself deeper, sometimes feeling her cervix, sometimes not.

“Oh – God – yes -” Anna grunted in time with my thrusts. “Fuck – me!”

I grunted back with each digging spasm, too busy staring at her ass to articulate a meaningful response. The view of my shaft sliding in and out of her was sadly inadequate. My imagination had to fill in the detail. Still, a sexier sight I couldn’t remember.

Tearing my eyes away, I lifted my gaze to the mirror. I tried to make eye contact in the reflection, but Anna’s face was blurred out by the fog from her breath. I huffed a laugh through my own fevered panting. My own exertion was beginning to take its toll. Ultimately, however, it was my impending climax that forced me to slow my pace.

“Oh, yes.” Anna managed to string her words together more fluidly. “Fuck me, Will. Fuck my dirty, little cunt.”

“Oh God!” I gasped, clenching every muscle in my body to try and hold back the tide. Her husky dirty talk pushing me to the brink. To say nothing of the firm grip of her pussy.

An agonising eternity, and I finally managed to swallow my tingling orgasm back down.

Puffing with relief, I opened my eyes to see Anna looking over her shoulder at me. “Too much?” she giggled.

I playfully smacked her ass, eliciting a squeal and more devilish amusement. Then slower than before, I resumed fucking her. This time, sawing the full length of my cock in and out of her sopping cunt. Her giggling returned to beautiful husky moans, and my eyes returned to her ass.

With my right hand full on her buttock, I inched towards her crack. My index finger found her puckered, little knot first, and immediately, I tried to burrow it inside.

“Ooh, dirty boy!” Anna flinched at the intrusion, halting my progress.

“You only live once, right?” I teased with a breathless chuckle.

Anna laughed, then watched me suck my finger into my mouth and coat it with a thick layer of saliva. She inhaled sharply as I pointed back down to her backside. My finger easily slipped past her tight ring. I twisted it back and forth as I fucked her. Her moans filled the shower room, and her fingernails scratched against my balls as she frigged herself.

Again, I was overcome with wanting more of her.

I withdrew my finger from her rosebud and sucked it into my mouth, along with my middle finger. Then steadying her by the shoulder, I worked both slicked digits back into her hungry, little asshole. I plundered her steamy core, feeling my own cock in her vagina through the thin, fleshy membrane.

Anna bore down, nearly breaking my fingers off inside her. Her entire body was racked with heaving spasms. And her groan through her tightly clenched teeth was deliciously guttural, albeit unintelligible.

Painfully wrenching my fingers free from Anna’s gaping asshole, I wrapped my arms around her and dragged her away from the maroon vanity. Scuffing across the tiles, we collapsed backwards together onto the timber bench. Her slicked thighs slipped open on either side of my lap, my cock still buried in the warm, wet glove of her pussy.

She leaned back against me and found my mouth with hers. We kissed deeply, sucking at each other’s tongues with an intimacy beyond the reality of our acquaintance. Anna cupped my balls, gently kneading them. It was an intensely warm feeling. I held her close and fondled her breasts with my left hand, peeling back the cups of her bra to reveal her soft globes.

Her boobs felt amazing. They were beautifully soft handfuls poking out the top of her bra. I pawed at them, squeezing and pinching her rock-hard nipples, and delighting in the puckered Braille of her areolas. I broke away from the kiss and briefly got my mouth on one of the engorged nubs, sucking at it greedily.

“Oh, fuck yeah. Bite it!” Anna growled. “Harder. Harder! Oh, yeah,” she whimpered, “That’s it.”

She ground herself into my lap, then awkwardly tried to get her feet up onto the bench on either side of me. One black heel clapped onto the timber on my left, but the other flailed uselessly to my right. I hooked my hand under her thigh to help her up. Once in position, she was fully impaled, her bony ass digging into my groin.

With her legs splayed wide apart in an obscene squat, Anna began to bounce herself up and down on my cock. We were at the wrong angle to get a look at ourselves in the mirror, but I could imagine the vision in my mind’s eye: her creamy legs spread wide, still wearing her shoes; her jiggling breasts trussed up out of her white bra; her navy skirt nothing but a bunched band around her waist; and her perfect, pink pussy gorging on my shaft, glistening with our lust.

I wasn’t going to last long.

At that angle, her snatch was so incredibly tight. Anna rode my cock for all she was worth, her naked cunt engulfing my length over and over again. The slopping slap of our sex reverberated off the tile in a rhythmic drumbeat.

She threw her head back against my left shoulder. Her lips were so full and beautiful, hanging open with her tortured, gasping moans. Her bold red lipstick was smudged, making her mouth look so unbelievably sexy. I just had to touch it.

Completely carried away, I lifted my right hand to her face and held my index and middle finger to her lips. Anna slurped them into her mouth without hesitation. She cradled them with her tongue, the soft, wet pillow contrasting with the sharp hardness of her teeth. It was so filthy, the way she sucked my fingers like a cock as we fucked. The fingers that only moments earlier had been buried to the webbing in her ass.

“Oh, you’re such a dirty girl,” I gasped, kissing her cheek. Another intense flush of warmth washed over me. I was a runaway train. “You love it, don’t you? You love being so slutty? You love just letting go and fucking some guy you’ve just met?”

“Uh-huh,” she hummed around my fingers as I fucked her mouth with them.

“Oh, I love that. I love how real you are.” I thrust up into Anna’s pussy in time to meet her crashing down into my lap. Then, all of a sudden, I passed the point of no return. “Oh, shit,” I gasped, “ I’m going to come!”

Anna’s muffled moans reached a crescendo as the deep tingle built in my core. I fought it as long as I could, trying to prolong the ecstasy. I held my breath. I squeezed her as tight as I could, her breasts mashing beneath my forearm.

But I couldn’t hold it.

I exploded deep inside her. It was an absolute torrent of blissful release. Bucking in involuntary seizures, I filled Anna’s womb with my seed over and over. Each spurt seemingly gushed from my cock with as much force as the last.

Anna squealed with the feeling of my cum bathing her pussy. The sensation seemingly enough to set her off on her own orgasm.

She fell into my lap, so completely impaled on my hardness. I felt every muscle in her lithe frame tense and her breath stop. Then she wailed as her body fell limp. My fingers drooled from her mouth, and I held her tight, just in time to feel Anna’s body spasm again with a desperate gasp. And again.

I held her close as we came down. The rise and fall of her heaving chest in time with mine soon gave way to other sensations creeping into my consciousness. The sound of her breath was next, deep and gradually slowing. Then the smell of her perfume, and her sweat, and her sex. Spattering water from the shower soon followed, together with the warm pressure of Anna cradling my balls, still hanging from her pussy.

The taste of lipstick, with a hint of mint and a musty earthiness filled my world as Anna and I kissed lazily. Her gentle whimpers into my mouth were so lovely. There was a softness to her affection at that moment that somehow had more of an effect on me than everything else we had done.

“That was nice,” she breathed, rubbing her face against mine before kissing me again.

“Yeah, it was,” I whispered back. “Are you okay?”

“Uh-huh.” Anna caressed my face with hers in another sloppy Eskimo kiss. Then she whispered sheepishly, “Can you help me down? I think I’m stuck.”

We both giggled as, one at a time, I hooked her slender legs just above the knee and gently lowered her feet to the floor. Her heels clopped onto the tile and I rubbed the top of her thighs to help her get the feeling back. Anna placed her hands on mine as I massaged her, humming softly to herself.

“Feel good?” I kissed her ear.

“I could stay here all day,” she cooed.

“I wish you would.” I kissed the corner of her mouth and flexed my cock in her pussy.

Anna snorted a laugh and smacked my thigh. “You’re terrible!” Then bracing herself on my thighs, she leaned forward and slowly stood up. She was a little wobbly on her legs, but truth be told, I was more focussed on the delicious tickle of her snatch slipping off my shaft.

She gingerly stepped over to the towels and picked one off the pile. Turning to face me, she held the fluffy, white bundle between her legs. Watching her wiping my cum from her pussy was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. There was something so primal about it. She was marked, claimed somehow, and it was my seed that was leaking from her.

She stared back at me as I watched her. But again, she was too far away for me to read the expression on her face. I imagined her wrinkling her nose, but I couldn’t tell. I did see her blonde bob tilt to the side, and then another flash of white between her red lips. “Oh my God,” she chuckled, “You’re still hard.”

For some reason, I felt my cheeks warm with embarrassment. I felt like an object, almost disempowered in her presence somehow. But that wasn’t it. It wasn’t that I was without. It was that Anna had so much power. She was in control. She owned it. And I loved it.

“Well, we’ll have to do something about that,” she taunted. I could hear the mischievous excitement catch in the back of her throat.

She strutted towards me, swinging her naked hips with the ominous clip of her heels. Stepping between my legs, she swept my knees apart with hers. Anna dropped the folded towel at her feet. She held my gaze a second, then knelt down onto the towel.

“Smart,” I grinned, lifting an eyebrow.

Anna huffed a small giggle and sat back on her heels. Staring into my eyes, she grabbed my cock at the base and bent forward to take it into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” I sighed, revelling in her oral prowess. The way she sucked my fingers before paled in comparison to what she was doing to my cock.

I gently combed my fingers through her short blonde hair as she bobbed up and down on me. Her mouth was so wonderfully warm and wet. And the view of her heart-shaped ass hanging out from behind her bunched skirt was amazing. However, I wasn’t up to the task. I hadn’t stayed hard, I’d just taken time to go down.

“Nawww,” Anna pouted with a smack of her tongue when she felt me soften in her mouth. She looked up at me warmly, her eyes filled with patient kindness.

“Sorry, I’m not a young man anymore.” I shrugged in defeat.

Anna knelt up to bring her face level with mine. Then brushing my hair with her fingers, she teased with a giggle, “You’re all right, Salt and Pepper.”

“Hey…” I tried to protest, but she cut me off with another kiss. This time the taste of our combined cum was most prominent. God, it was good.

She steadied herself with a hand on my thigh, then traced her fingers across my wet skin. “Hmm, you’re going to need another shower.”

I looked down at my lap, glazed in her pussy juice. “No way. I’m never going to wash you off me.” I reached up and cradled the side of her face, and I kissed her again.

Anna giggled into my mouth. As she pulled back from the kiss, she turned her face into my palm and sniffed. “Maybe you should wash your hands though,” she smiled.

Realising that I was cupping her face with my right hand, I quickly brought my fingers to my nose. I could still smell her ass on them. I chuckled, “Oops, sorry.”

Anna definitely wrinkled her nose at me this time as she returned the laugh. She stood up and pulled me to my feet with her. Leaving her to get dressed, I approached the vanity and began washing my hands. She ducked down beside me to retrieve her panties from the floor and stepped into them.

“You know what?” I mused while watching Anna’s reflection pull her white panties into place, and smooth down her skirt over her hips. “Maybe I will stay in Sydney a few days.”

Anna’s head snapped up, a big, beaming smile spreading across her face. She had been busy poking her breasts back into her bra. “Certainly, Sir. I can definitely help you with that.”


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