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A Friend's Visit Turns Into Much, Much More (Part 2)

A friend who suprised me when she stopped by took it to an entirely different level the next morning

Eliza was just a friend and had stopped by the day before when I wasn't feeling good. She totally shocked me by giving me the best blow job ever. It was something I had fantasized about her a million times. After she finished, she crawled up on my sofa with me and we fell asleep.

As I woke the following morning, I thought I was having a dream because my cock was hard and felt great. I opened my eyes and saw Eliza lying on my chest, her big brown eyes looking up at me, and she had that sexy, evil grin that I loved seeing.

It was then I realized I wasn't having a dream, but it was Eliza stroking my cock, and it felt incredible. Realizing what was happening, my eyes opened wider and I couldn't help but moan a little. I loved the sight of her on my chest looking up at me with those big eyes, an almost innocent look, which made her stroking me even hotter.

Eliza smiled that big gorgeous smile and quietly said, "Well good morning honey, sorry if I woke you up, but I just couldn't help myself."

That said, she continued to slowly stroke my cock and there's no doubt it felt amazing. Feeling her naked body against me as I was waking made it even more incredible. I could feel her breast against me and her legs were draped over mine. She was running one of her feet up-and-down my leg which reminded me of the stockings I still had on from last night.

Eliza said, "I know I mentioned this yesterday, but you wearing these stockings turns me on so much, it just makes me so horny."

Just like the day before, hearing her say this just totally drove me crazy.

Eliza continued this for several minutes, softly, slowly stroking me while looking up into my eyes. I ran fingers through her hair, which I loved, and my other hand held her tightly against me. I pretty much could've done this all day, as every part of it felt incredible.

She stopped stroking me, though, and slid up so that our heads were level with each other. She pulled me on my side to face her, and immediately started to kiss me extremely passionately. We probably kissed for ten minutes, constantly shifting between soft kisses that barely touched the lips and passionate, intertwined tongues and everything in between.

I could feel her naked body against me, her delicious breasts pressed against my chest and my hard cock up against her. But we continue to kiss and kiss and kiss. There was just something about the kissing - the combined incredible sense of passion and sensual love that kept it going and going. Our hands roamed, mine in her hair and on her ass that felt so good. She trailed her nails up and down my back, driving me absolutely crazy.

The events of yesterday afternoon and this morning were already enough to pretty much blow my mind. Eliza had taken our relationship from flirting friends to sexual partners and I loved it. But what she did next took it all to a whole new level that I really couldn't even believe what was happening.

"Do you remember what I told you one time that I always fantasized we would do?" Eliza asked as the grip on my cock seemed to change just so slightly to ensure I would notice. I looked at her just a little confused because there were many things she might've said this about. Nonetheless, she rolled her eyes and smiled at me, and then said "Let's see if this helps you remember".

With that, Eliza said nothing else but simply started to climb on top of me. Quickly, she had straddled me, facing my feet, and next thing I knew her delicious pussy was just an inch or two from my lips. At almost the same moment, I felt her lips go down on my hard cock. She slid down a little more so that her pussy reached my mouth. She immediately started bobbing up and down on my cock while grinding her pussy against my face.

"Mmmm 69... " I mumbled.

She briefly stopped sucking to reply, "Exactly, I thought you might get the hint."

There's always something so surreal about being in this position. I could feel Eliza sucking on my cock, her hair on my legs and her breasts hitting me each time she went up and down. Then, of course, was the view I have fantasized about so many times before. As I looked up, I could see her sexy ass on which I placed both my hands. My tongue slid back-and-forth, alternating between lightly licking her pussy and pressing against it with as much pressure as I could put on it from underneath. I absolutely love this view.

As Eliza started to moan more and more, she was slurping as she sucked my cock making it very wet in her mouth. I could tell she liked the way my tongue played with her pussy so I kept doing it exactly the same way.

She moaned more and more and pretty much couldn't continue sucking me. I could feel her orgasm was getting closer as she started grinding her hips against me and moaning even louder. Suddenly, her body convulsed and I continued to lick her as she came, until finally she begged me not to and lifted her hips up so I couldn't reach her pussy anymore. She was delicious.

Eliza turned around on top of me until she was facing me. She passionately kissed me for a few seconds and I felt her start to lower her pussy onto my cock. She sat up so that I could see all of her body and then slowly lowered herself on to me. There's something incredible about that feeling, going up into her pussy with my cock as hard as it's ever been. She stopped when it was all the way in, and sat there with the sexiest look on her face looking down at me.

She leaned forward and started kissing me again just as we had earlier. I slid my hands all around her body until they found her hips. With my hands on her hips she continued to kiss me then she started to rise up and down on my cock. Between the passionate kissing, her sexy body, and the feeling of her riding on my cock, I wasn't sure how much longer I could last.

Eliza suddenly sat up all the way and took both my hands and put them on her breasts, something she knew I would love. Eliza started to bounce on my cock like nothing I could've imagined. I was holding onto her breasts the entire time. It was incredible.

"Please cum inside me," Eliza started to practically scream. Hearing her say this was so sexy, and the feeling of her wildly bouncing on me became too much and I followed her command and spurted inside her. Eliza stopped bouncing, and just sat there with a look on her face that told me she was enjoying the feeling of my cum up inside her.

She collapsed on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her held her. It was such an incredibly sexy ride and holding her like this was so sensual. We actually fell asleep like that, with her on my chest and my cock still inside her.

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