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A Married Lady Gets a Hall-Pass

A married woman is given a one week hall-pass to be with the man she has desired for years.

The tension rises with the sun. All throughout breakfast you can feel it rising as you steal glances at me between your family’s conversation. You can’t believe I actually said yes to a trip with your family but none the less I am here. You never knew how incredibly painful it could be to know only one wall separated me from you at night.

After breakfast, we decide to spend the day with your family on the beach. Your entire skin tingles with the desire to reach out and grab me. But you hold back because others are watching. You take me out into the ocean and work up the courage to hold my hand as we jump the incoming waves. A shiver rolls through your neck and down your body. You can’t be sure if the shiver is caused by the shock of the icy water or the touch of my hand.

Your urges grow stronger and you can’t imagine not being able to touch me more. Your mind races with all the dirty fantasies you've kept for so long. You know you shouldn’t but you can’t help thinking of all the things you would love to do to me. Images of gags and your jar of zip ties come to mind. You push it aside as you feel the sensation beginning in your swimming trunks. This cannot happen with your family right outside the water. You rush to get your thoughts in order. You know you only have this one week before we must return to the real world. One week in paradise.

After a full day of sun and swimming, you know that you are ready to close the gap between us. You lightly brush the hair from my ear. “You have 10 minutes to gather your things and meet me in the outside shower." Startled by your intensity and immediate change, I quickly gather my towel, cover-up, and beach bag.

When you reach the shower, you notice my swimsuit is already hanging outside to dry. You struggle to swallow as your breath hitches. The moment you’ve been waiting for for so long is here. You wonder, “Is she ready? Are her tastes really that rough or will I hurt her?”

You hear the water begin to flow from the shower head and feel the water spray on the tops of your toes and feet. Your body takes over and reaches for the handle while your mind goes blank. You stare as you watch the water sliding down my hair onto my breast following the path down my stomach. You slowly close the gap between us. You grab my face and interlock your fingers behind my head resting your palms on my cheeks. You kiss my forehead and breathe in my scent as the water cascades over us. My breathing becomes rapid and ragged. You notice the intensity of my heartbeat and feel my breast slightly tickling your chest. I wait for your command.

You lose all control. You wrap my hair around your hand and pull my head back. You greedily kiss and suck my neck causing goosebumps to appear on my skin despite the warm water.

“May I freely touch you?” I ask.

“Yes, please do!"

I rush my hands up and down your chest and back. I stop once my hands fit the perfect curve of your ass. I grasp your ass to help steady myself as your kisses make their descent. Your mouth finds my breast and you torturously suck and nip my nipples. You reach under my legs and snatch me up into the air. Your cock throbs with the increase of blood flow. My back slams into the wooden shower wall as you hold me up. We both watch as you slowly introduce your cock into my feminine fold.

Just the slightest pressure of your cock at my entrance forces a deep moan from inside me. Once you reach full depth, I nod to you. Before I can finish nodding you thrust into me, bouncing me up and down on your cock as my legs dangle in the warm air. The warmth of the shower and the smell of the salty air are too much for me. I can feel my clit pulsing. I grip your back and make deep marks into your skin in an attempt to ground me. I want a raw and physical claim that this moment between us was real.

Your balls slap the skin at the entrance of my ass as you continue to slam into me. My movements match yours as I wrap my entire body around your chest. The feeling of my breast squeezed against your chest causes your orgasm to build.

“You promised to take my virgin ass,” I remind you.

Instantly I am dropped to my feet and your hands wrap my hair tightly into your fist. I feel dizzy as you spin me and bend me over. I feel your finger preparing me for the width of your cock. I flex my hips to meet your finger. In one moment your finger is out of me and replaced with the head of your cock. You grip my hip with one hand and my hair with the other to restrict my movements. I feel my orgasm warming in my belly. You feel my body tense as you press your cock in my ass.             

“Relax,” I hear you say.

Immediately I feel my tension subside as I allow only the pleasure to fill me. The tightness of my ass squeezes your cock and you begin thrusting into me. The intensity of it all causes me to cry out. You quickly cover my mouth with your hand and press down.

“Shhhhhhh... little one, you have to be quiet!” you instruct.

Unable to hear you, I continue to moan. You realize it's pointless and mentally remind yourself to keep my mouth covered. I feel your grip tighten on my mouth as your orgasm builds. You lift my torso up to join yours as you allow your body to release into my ass. Your orgasm causes mine to take hold. The water does little to mask my sounds and what's more, we no longer care about the sounds anymore.

Once we recover I begin to wash the sweat and salt water from the beautiful body that not five seconds before made my own body sing so loudly.




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