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Destiny's Ride

Destiny's Ride

Destiny was looking for a new start, and wound up in the company of the Jackals

Walking in heels sucks. I’d have kicked them off, but the midday sun made that backwater, single lane road so hot my poor feet would have blistered in minutes. I have a car. Well, I had a car until it fucking died, leaving me stranded in the middle of bum-fuck Egypt. 

Okay, so the green fields and forests of Kentucky are anything but desert — but, grass or sand, I was just as alone. 

So, why didn't I call for help? 

Because my asshole of an ex-boyfriend couldn't be bothered to renew the damn Triple-A card, that's why. Any decent guy would have, but no, not him. All he did was play damn video games. 

That's why I left. That and my crappy job at the Piggly-Wiggly. 

Shit, I was twenty-three with a loser boyfriend, a piece of shit 87 Honda, and a job at a place with such a stupid name I hated telling anyone where I worked. Now, all three were gone and I was stuck on this zit-on-the ass-end-of-nowhere road. Looking around, I could only laugh. 


Oh, that's my name, and it was also what I was trying to find. My destiny. I didn't care if it led to money or success. Okay, money is nice, but what I really wanted was a life worth living. One thing was fucking certain: Brad, that car, and that fucking pig weren't the destiny I had in mind. 

I did have my looks. I've never had trouble catching a guy and right about then, I was willing to use my blond hair, tight ass, and tanned legs for all I could get. With my suitcase feeling like a brick, I was hitching a ride to Lexington and didn't care if I had to suck off someone's grampa to get there. 

Ha! Now there’s a thought. Giving head to some old codger all the way up the 460? That would be a ride worth remembering. Hey, dick is dick, and I had no problem sucking one off for a free lift. 

I was all set, right? A pretty girl with long legs and nice boobs, ready to put out? The next car was bound to give me a ride. 

Um, no. 

In the next hour, I saw exactly three. Some bitch soccer mom with a load of kids who went by so fast I was choking on her dust. A fat farmer in overalls on his John Deere. And an eighteen-wheeler that barely fit on the road. 

That last one gave me hope, but as he slowed, I saw that damn, apron-wearing pig on the side of his truck. I pulled my thumb back in disgust and waved him past. I was willing to blow a trucker, but I'd already sucked off too many guys wearing that fucking pig. No way would I do it again! 

Cursing my luck as he rumbled off around a bend, I heard a deep, throaty whine drifting from up the road. A surge of adrenaline flushed in my blood as I squinted against the sun. Off in the distance but coming fast, were a bunch of bikers. Clad in black, they formed up behind the leader, heading right at me. 

Oh, fuck.

My heart clawed its way into my throat and I almost stumbled to the ground as I backed off the hard top and a heel dug into the soft earth. I'd been feeling so confident, but now the very looks I was counting on became bait for these guys. I mean, I’d heard all these horrible things about ‘outlaw biker clubs’ and I suddenly felt vulnerable and exposed. 

I should run. 

The urge was strong, but I froze as the whine of their bikes became an enveloping roar. By the time I’d made up my mind, it was too late. Six mean looking bikers were rolling up and already leering at me through their raised, ape-hanger handlebars. 


My skin was crawling as I considered what might happen next. I was alone on this god-forsaken road with a bunch of leather-clad Neanderthals whom I was sure were going to use my ass for a game of wack-a-mole. 

I must have looked as frightened as I felt because as soon as the lead guy stopped, he held up his hands, yelling, “Hey! Relax, okay? We were just gonna offer you a ride, that’s all. It ain’t like we planned on running you over.”

The man's face was hidden behind a confederate bandana and dark shades. With that stylized, nazi helmet, he looked intimidating as hell. 

I held up my hands, hiding behind my palms. “Hey, seriously, I’m okay. Really, I don't want a ride. I’m just, ah, waiting for my boyfriend. He’ll be along any minute." 

I was blathering like a fucking idiot and, as I was about to turn and head off into the brush, he pulled off his helmet and bandana, letting this long mass of sexy blond hair spill out like golden silk. His scowled turned to a wide flash of teeth as he raised his arms, palms upward, shrugging in doubt. 

“Your boyfriend? Is that the best you can do? I don't think some punk is just gonna come running out of the bushes to save you." 

He and his guys cackled like hyenas and my cheeks flushed with fear until his eyes softened and his grin turned to a more even smile. “Look, I’m Rance, that’s Rondo, Jed, Knobbie, Dutch and the old guy on the Fat Boy is Retro. Would you mind telling us your name? Then maybe we can all be friends." 

"I'm Destiny.”

"Destiny?" He smiled. "Well, Destiny, we are the Jackals. Nice to make your acquaintance."

His suddenly friendly tone lessened my fear and I began to hope I'd misread him. "So, you guys aren't like, real bikers? You're more like those insurance salesmen who just like to ride and shit?" 

Rance pulled off a glove and laughed into his palm. "See this patch?" he asked, almost growling as he pointed at a black-on-white silhouette of what looked like a rabid dog. "I'm the President of the Jackals MC, Knoxville chapter, so no, we aren't insurance salesmen. We’re a real, full-time motorcycle club, but don't worry. We don't make a habit out of hurting little girls." 

"No?" I ventured meekly. “Then... what do you want?" 

Rance's smile just about exploded across his face. "We just thought we'd offer you a ride before one of those nice country boys around here turned out to be Jeffrey Dahmer. Come on, you’ll be safe with us, and we'd be glad to take you. I can promise you this, we won't be boring." 

There wasn't much I could do. I was afraid of upsetting him, and I did need the ride. So, with a quick and resigned nod, I accepted his offer. Greeted by whistles and catcalls, I climbed on the seat behind Rance. It was all really playful, but as much as I'd never been shy with guys, this was different. The guys I knew were normal, small town boys who wouldn't dare lay a finger on my ass unless I wanted it.

Among the Jackals, I felt... I don't know, like I was on the menu, but in a good way. I was blushing terribly by the time Rance gave me his helmet. "You ever ride before?" 

"No," I yelled over the engine's roar. "but I've always wanted to." 

"You're gonna love it. Just hold on to me and keep your feet on the pegs. Otherwise, just lean into the turns. Let the bike guide you and everything will be cool, got it?" 

With my suitcase safely stowed on the back of Knobbie's bike, we were flying down the road, flanked by five of the scariest guys I'd ever known. The faster we went, the harder the wind blew through my hair, wildly whipping it around me. I could feel the speed deep inside my gut. The powerful thrum of the bike vibrating against my thighs, and the feel of a man's back against me, a bad boy type tough guy no less, had me turning into a hot mess. 

As the black top raced under us, I began to feel a rush of pure joy and I tightened my arms around Rance, snuggling comfortably against him. 

"Where were you headed, Destiny?" 


"You a coed or something?" 

Not yet. I'm just tying to find the real me. The University seemed like a good place to start."

"That makes sense. We’re still a long way off. We're gonna make camp tonight, then we can drop you off tomorrow if that's what you want." 

Making camp? Like, sleeping outside? I wasn't sure about that, but the purr running through me overrode my concerns. There is an amazing peacefulness to riding, and the farther down the road we went, the more comfortable I became. It didn't hurt that the constant vibration on my thighs was making me wet as the morning dew. By the time the sun began to dip, my panties were soaked. 

My legs were also stiff as hell, so I took a short walk while the guys lit a fire. By the time dusk was turning to night, the fire’s glow could be seen above the tall grass. The cramps in my thighs had gone, but the lingering vibrations from Rance's bike were stubbornly not playing along. 

Riding on the back of Rance's hog had been like sitting all day on my vibrator. My pussy was so fucking hot I was just itching for cock. 

Gee, there I was, alone on a warm night with a campsite full of horny bikers. What would I do? After spending the last year with Brad the Nintendo king, what do you think?

Right, mom, I would never fuck a bunch of bikers in the middle of a country field... Bullshit. This girl was getting laid that night. Mmm, I couldn't fucking wait.

Pausing long enough to tie my top up under my boobs, like Daisy Duke, I strutted back to the firelight, just in time for Retro to flip on an old ghetto blaster that looked like something my dad used to own. 

Hard chords from Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive blasted through the night. When Knobbie, who must have gotten his name from his bald dome, handed me an ice cold Corona, my idea of a perfect night for a gang bang was all set to go. 

"Thanks, Knobbie," I yelled over the music, laughing as I brought the long neck to my lips. The beer was ice cold and it tasted incredible after that long ride. It was odd because we were in the middle of nowhere. "Where did you get a cold beer way the hell out here?" I asked, raising the bottle and shrugging as if to say, ‘what the fuck?’ 

Retro smiled his huge, grizzly bear grin and, from his seat by the fire, kicked the saddle bag on his Fat Boy. The lid popped open, revealing that the whole thing and probably the one on the other side, was a portable ice chest stuffed full of brews. 

"Retro's the man," Rance exclaimed from the other side of the fire. "He don't go nowhere without his sudds."

"Damn, you guys think of everything," I responded. "Now, its a party.” 

Oh, my God. the cold beer tasted so good. It was a warm night, and I deliberately rolled the bottle over my exposed cleavage, enjoying the feel of the cold glass on my skin as the guys watched me play. Realizing that all their eyes were on me, I drew it out, making sure my cleavage was nice and wet. After being ignored by Brad, being leered at by a bunch of sexy fucking hunks felt amazing. I loved every minute. 

The pounding beat of the music penetrated my skin, charging me with energy as if it were an electrical current. I downed my bottle as the guys counted down, loving the cheers I got when I threw the empty away. When Retro tossed me another, I began to sway my hips, dancing in the firelight as the guys whooped and whistled. Their catcalls only made me hotter, and even though I knew where this might go, I couldn't stop. 

Fuck, yeah, guys, if y'all want to pull a train on me tonight, just come here and drop me in the grass. I'd love to fuck every one of you.

Yeah, I was in heat that night. Knowing how tightly my short Daisy Dukes cupped my heart-shaped ass, I rolled my hips, twirling at the waist as I danced. My long legs and midriff were bare, hinting at the nudity I hadn't yet decided to show. Even so, I could feel them all feasting on me with hungry eyes.

It made me feel like a total slut. God, what a feeling of freedom that was. I wanted them to want me and I teased them all like I was some kind of titty-club stripper. After running my hands over my boobs, I unzipped my shorts just far enough to give them a quick peek at my panties. All I needed was a fucking pole and I might have stripped naked right there in that field. I was having a ball, and turning my back, I bent over, giving all of them a nice view of my butt while I slipped my hand between my thighs

By then, the guys were spraying me with beer, raining it over me in a cold, sudsy froth. I felt it running down between my boobs, and my legs were glistening in the firelight. I hadn't eaten in hours and the beers had me loose and relaxed. I knew I was winding the guys up, but I didn't care. For once, I was the center of an alpha pack’s attention, and I loved that they all wanted to fuck me. 

It was exhilarating. Fingering the top button of my top, I took a deep breath and then opened it up, flashing the guys with my bare breasts. I was about to toss my top away when I felt Rance grab me around my waist.

"Rance, oh, my God,” I screamed, kicking my feet as he easily lifted me in the air and flipped me over his shoulder. “Wait, Rance, stop. What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm keeping you from getting gang-banged, darlin'. You belong to me, and I don't share my ole lady. Now, say goodnight to the guys cause you’re comin’ with me." 

His old lady? Did that mean what I thought it meant? 

I was shocked as hell but laughing deliriously, waving goodbye from his shoulder as he carried me through the tall grass into the darkness beyond. I was pretty much stuck as he carried me a-ways off from the fire. He had that total ‘manly man doing manly things’ vibe going full bore and honestly, it was pretty fucking hot. Still, I was glad I’d held onto my top when he sat me down in the grass. Holding it to my breasts, I sat with my calves folded under my thighs as he came down in front of me. 

“So, I’m your old lady, now? Don’t you think you should have asked me first?”

It was dark, but there was just enough moonlight to see that ultra-confidant smirk appear on his surprisingly boyish face. “Look, If I hadn’t claimed you, you’d be getting banged by all five of them by now.”

He had to be kidding. I mean, I wouldn't have minded him taking me away if he wanted me for himself, but to drag me off just to ruin my fun? Fuck his chivalry. Who the hell did he think he was? I already had a daddy, and he certainly didn't look like Rance. 

I was annoyed as fuck as I slipped my top back on. “Shit. You must not think too much of your friends.” 

Rance leaned back, legs outstretched and rested on his arms. “Come on, Destiny. You might as well have had 'fuck me' tattooed on your ass. Do you really think you can tease a bunch of guys like the Jackals without making them think they can do whatever they want to you? That might work with those country boys, but guys like the Jackals won’t just let you walk away.”

Buttoning my top, I rolled my eyes, scoffing at his concerns. “This may surprise you, Rance but I do know how guys think. Did you ever consider that maybe I wanted to get laid? Why the hell do you care, anyway?”

Now, there are times when you know you've just said the wrong damn thing and, when his eyes narrowed and became hard, my stomach instantly knotted. 

"Would you rather I put you back?" he replied, ice in his voice. "I'm sure the guys would love to take turns on your ass." 

When he started to rise, I scooted away, squealing as I raised my hands in surrender. “No! Don't get up. It’s okay. I’m... ah, I'm happy to be with you now that I'm here, okay?"

Flashing a satisfied grin, he settled back and popped a stalk of grass into his mouth. "I kinda thought you'd see it my way,"

Damn, he looked so fucking cocky. He was sexy as fuck, though, and I couldn't help but laugh. "Un huh. It figures. You must be all that and a bag of Cheerios." 

I don't know where the hell that came from, but Rance stopped chewing on that stalk and just stared as if he'd just seen me for the first time. "Wait, what? Cheerios? What hell does that mean?" The way he was looking at me was so cute I burst out laughing and he did, too.

Scooting over, he took me into his arms and I just melted into him. It felt so natural, and the leathery smell of his vest made my mind swim. Lifting my chin, he kissed me hard, sucking my breath away. I was already hot enough to fuck all five of his friends, so I didn't even bother pretending I didn't want him. 

Nuzzling his chest, I ran my fingers over his leather cut as his hand slid up my inner thigh. The little piece of frayed denim that made up the crotch of my shorts was barely an inch wide and I spread my thighs wide as his finger slipped beneath and flicked my panties aside. 

I don't think I’d ever been so wet, and my belly clenched when his finger dipped into me. That single touch set me on fire, and I crushed my mouth to his, biting at his lip as his finger curled upward, brushing over my clit. 

Fuck, sitting there in the tall grass while getting fingered by this bad-assed hunk, was such a fantasy I might have rubbed one out on any other night. One thing was for sure, I had no doubt my vibrator and I were going to drain a bunch of batteries reliving this one. My kitty was purring at his touch, and each time he got near my clit, I tried to hunch toward him, rolling my hips and growling into his mouth. 

He was stirring deep inside me, plunging his fingers in and dragging them back out until I was ready to beg him to let me come. I was dying to take off my shorts and to slip out of my panties, but even that short pause without his touch would have been unbearable. 

With my forehead pressed to his, I saw a smirk rise on his lips. He knew exactly what the fuck he was doing and I wasn't about to complain. Ripping my top open, I rose high on my knees and offered a bullet-hard nipple to his mouth.

The pinch of his teeth seared into me, making my thigh's quake as my orgasm stalked me from deep in my belly. Holding his head to my tit, I sucked my lip as his fingers teased far enough from my clit to keep me on the edge. 

"Come on Destiny. Don't hold back. Let it happen. I'm dying to see you come,” he commanded, fucking me fast with two, ridged fingers. 

Oh my fucking God, he was banging me unmercifully, and I silently begged for one little flick on my clit... 

It was then that his fingers pressed down hard on my button, swirling around it in the pool of juice he'd created. "Oh, fuck!" I gasped as my orgasm rose from my core. It seemed to be coming for an eternity before it hit, and I held him as tightly as I could when my thighs began to quake. My head rolled back and my body arched in ecstasy as I was swept away in the rush of coming all over his fingers. 

Somewhere in the midst of it all, I realized I was screaming, and in the back of my mind, I was relieved that Retro's blaster was still pounding classic rock across that field. My heart pounded and my skin became slick as this indescribable pleasure pulsed through me. 

As my moment waned, I became limp in Rance's arms and he lay me down in the grass, caressing me, and lightly rubbing my nipples as my breath began to return. I could barely speak, so I said nothing as he unbuttoned my shorts. With a lift of my ass, and a quick tug, he had my shorts and panties in a crumpled pile at my feet, next to my top. 

My mouth began to water when he stood and unbuckled his belt. Rising to my knees, I pushed his hands away and fingered the top button of his 501's. 

"Are you sure you want to do this here? After all the noise I made, they may have heard me."

"Shit, Rondo's got no fucking shame. He's probably been watching since we left. You were okay dancing for them by the fire. I say we give him a show worth his time."

Settling in at his feet, I ran my finger over the impressive bulge in his jeans. "I'm game if you are." 

Anticipation glowed in my heart as my fingers descended down that line of buttons. A moment later, his jeans were puddled around his boots. Kneeling there, butt-assed naked, with my knees digging into the soft earth, I pulled his boxers down until his erection popped up, bouncing just inches from my face. Letting his boxers fall away, I licked my lips as I wrapped a fist around his shaft. I pulled his foreskin back and sucked on the very end of his cock, dragging my teeth over his ultra-sensitive glands. 

A sudden nip on the end of his cock caught him by surprise, and I smiled mischievously as he clenched his teeth. “Fuck, Destiny," he laughed. "Are you gonna suck it, or are you planning on biting it off?”

"Oh, I'm going to suck it. Giving head is kind of my speciality. Let me know what you think."

It feels different sucking cock outside, Even with the tall grass, anyone who saw Rance standing there would know what I was doing. That, and the sounds and smells of that field, made me drunk with desire. I felt the cool wind caressing my back and flowing between my thighs where my juices were drying. It was perfect, and I brushed his glans with my lips, moistening him and making him wet enough to suck. Opening my mouth, I slid him in, gliding his turgid head right over my tongue. 

Call me a slut, but I suck a mean cock. Despite his admittedly impressive size, I took him right down my throat. It was a risk. I mean, I definitely wanted him to fuck me, but he was such an alpha male that I wanted him to earn it before he got a shot at my cunt. Getting him to blow his load like that would have taken him down a peg, and I'd have my own little victory before I surrendered my pussy. Holding him deep, I buried my nose in his pubic hair, licking at his balls and sucking hard until my eyes began to water. 

He was rock-fucking hard, and I held his legs, waiting for that little tremble in his muscles that would tell me he was about to come. I waited and waited, sucking him hard while my mouth was filing with spit. Drawing back, I plunged deep again, sucking him fast until I was almost gasping for breath.

Most guys would have lost it from that, but Rance just brushed the hair from my cheek. Easing me back into the grass, he kicked away the tangled bundle his jeans had become. He pulled of his shirt. 

Fuck me! 

Standing over me like a tattooed Adonis, he knelt down, taking me by the hips and urging me to my knees with my ass exposed to whatever he wanted to do to me.

"You're beautiful, Destiny." he murmured as he caressed my flanks. "This ass is pure perfection."

His touch was warm and carried just enough urgency to drive me wild. I could hear the soft fwap as he stroked himself, and I imagined him becoming even harder. Visions of him stretching my asshole flashed in my mind and, for the first time, I actually wanted to be fucked in the ass. 

"I'm all yours, baby," I cooed. "You can take me any way you want."

"I plan on it, darlin'. This ass is just screaming to be fucked." He leaned forward as he spoke, and pulled me back until his thick head brushed over the cleft in my ass. It was an intense sensation, and my stomach fluttered as I felt his hot skin began to part my cheeks. I was sure he was going to spear me open right there, but he pushed his cock down a bit, finding the moist entry to my sex.

"I'll get that ass later, Destiny. Right now, I just want to fuck you hard." With that, his grip tightened on my hips and he thrust hard, drilling me deeply until I was completely stuffed with cock. 

After everything that happened, the satisfaction I felt as he slammed into me was fantastic. The pinch of his fingers digging into my hips, the brute force of his thrusts slapping into my ass and, oh my God, the way his fat cock pummeled my cunt — it was all raw, hot, and just what I needed. 

Bent over like that, being fucked from behind with my knees grinding into the grass and my fingers clawing at the earth, it made me feel like we were a part of nature. Each time he drove into me, the grass tickled my boobs like nothing I’d ever felt. 

“That’s it, Destiny. Your ass is so nice.” There was gravel in his voice and that made my knees weak. I felt him rise up, gaining leverage to give my ass the ride of my life. 

“Uhh, yes, Rance, fuck me harder. I want to feel you come inside me, baby. Let me have your fucking cock.”

I had already come but that didn’t matter. Being ridden by a man like him was so much more powerful than anything Brad ever did. I basked in his dominance, and I longed to hear him grunt as he emptied his balls into me. Each thrust made me wetter, and I was sure my juices were splashing all over his cock. 

There are times when a guy just feels larger than he looks, and although there was nothing tiny about Rance, his cock seemed to get even thicker inside me. His pace began to change, becoming erratic as his lust began to peak. He was drilling me hard, and then pausing to hold deep in my cunt, only to pull back again and stab me with rapid thrusts. He had me panting. and grinding back at him until I’m sure my ass was red. 

I was ready for him to come and buried my head in my arms, allowing him to take me completely. Expecting his grip on my hips to tighten even more, I was surprised when he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me back up.

“Unh, fuck!” I screamed as he arched my back, holding me up as he slammed into me with all his strength. Something snapped in my mind and then I was shaking uncontrollably as I came all over his cock.

My whole body was spasming, and I felt him stiffen and drive deep as he flooded my pussy with cum. Holding me there, he pulsed his seed into me until he finally began to wilt. Exhausted, we fell together into the grass — and slept through the the warm Kentucky night.

Arriving in Lexington the next day, our first stop wasn’t the University as planned, but a little hangout called Jimbo’s Tattoo and Pawn. Retro and the guys headed to the bar in back while Rance introduced me to Jimbo, who turned out to be sort of a local celebrity. Sleeved in tats, he was a bull of a man with a smile as warm as the night I spent with Rance.

After showing me a dizzying number of beautiful design samples, Rance and I settled on an intricate Tramp-Stamp pattern with the words, Destiny’s Ride emblazoned in the center. 

I left a life of being ignored and found one more exciting than I’d ever believed possible, all because I accepted a ride from a bad-ass named Rance, and a club of bikers called the Jackals.


Authors note: I again want to thank JWren for his magnificent editing on this work. I run out of ways to express my admiration, so allow me to simply say thank you.



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