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A Morning in Dublin

An impulsive day in Dublin provides a surprise for all involved.

You’ve gone into Dublin very early. You had stuff to do, but now that is all cleared and you are at a corner of St Stephen’s Green. There’s a hotel, The Sherbourne, a Victorian ‘Grand Dame’ it’s described as and it is, all polished wood and brass.

You pop in – well a girl has to after all that coffee!

On the way out, you see into the breakfast room, to the left of the main door on your way out. Breakfast is winding down, there’s a group of four business folk talking through their presentation and a mature man with greying hair, sitting alone reading a paper.

Suddenly you fancy a breakfast. An impulsive indulgence. Well, this morning has been driven by impulse. So you go in and sit at a table for two directly in front of the lone man. He smiles at you, a warm welcoming smile and then returns to his newspaper.

There’s something.

You order a full Irish! You think he also knows there’s something up. He looks over now and again. You ease your skirt up. A little at a time. You know you shouldn’t do this – a whole breakfast – how naughty can you be today?

The breakfast comes quickly and you enjoy it. He is looking whenever you look down to eat. You finish and push your chair back and cross your legs. That skirt is now dangerously high.

Why had you done it? It just seems like a day to take risks. No panties. He’s looking and you cross your legs the other way.

“I know it’s rude, but there’s an article on the front page of your paper – do you mind if I look,” you hear yourself say.

“Not at all, feel free.”

He starts to stand to bring the paper to you but you beat him to it and get to his table. You sit opposite him avidly reading nothing. A stocking clad foot slips out of your shoe and brushes his shin. You look up. No reaction. Your foot goes higher. He smiles.

You finish the nothing article, your foot still engaged.

“Do you like to take risks, follow impulses, live life for the minute?” he asks

“Today, yes.”

“I need to pack, will you help me? We have two hours until I must check out.”

Your foot slips back into the shoe and you stand.

“I’d be delighted.”

You both go upstairs to the first floor. The Philippino chamber maid is cleaning the room next to his.

“'Morning sir, you be leaving soon?” She was obviously hoping to be away early today.

“A little later,” he says and opens his room door. You step in quickly. He follows you in and closes the door.

You turn and push him against the door. Your hand runs up his inner thigh and oh yes, things have started

“You should have told her to wait until the screaming stops!” you say.

His hand slides onto your arse, then down further and under the hem of your skirt. You feel his cock more firmly. His hand rises until he finds your surprise.

“Delightful,” he says

The room has high ceilings and tall windows. The bed is high too, nearly three feet. Maybe he can stand and you can lie back. But then you look into the bathroom – a walk in shower.

Oh yes, sex in the rain.

“In the shower,” you say.

Oh yes. He goes and turns it on, the water cascading down from the large rainhead

You both undress. You’re faster, well there wasn’t much to take off. You sit on the bed just in the hold ups.

“Take my stocking off,” you say and he comes, naked, and kneels between your thighs, starting to roll down one stocking. As he does he kisses your pussy, full on the lips

As each stocking is rolled down the licking intensifies and just as the second stocking slips off a vigorous lick makes you sit upright and gasp. You see he is stiff, hard, so you pass a leg above his head and stand. Taking him by the cock you lead him into the shower.

It is like rain, persistent, warm rain, splashing on your head, shoulders, body. You face him and he pushes you against the tiled wall and your legs grip around his waist. You reach down for his cock again and guide it into your lips …..

He pushes up, all the way in.

God, this is what your pussy had hungered for all morning

He pumps in and out, slow out, hard and fast in. The shower splashes down between the two bodies. Streams of water run down your stomach and over your pussy.

Suddenly you have to suck the swollen head of the hard cock that is fucking you.

“I need to suck you now!” He moves back and your legs slide down him to the floor.

He stands in the middle of the shower and you kneel, taking his cock in one hand, pulling it level and into your mouth. You taste a hint of precum mixed with your own wetness. The water falls on your head, face and his balls. You cup his shaved sack in your hands, feeling his balls slide around inside as stroke under his sack. Good, it all feels so good, all impulse, all now. His head is back, groaning at the ceiling.

Now you need to ride him, impale yourself on that hard cock.

Again you lead him by his cock, this time back to the bed, pushing him onto it, lying face up. You follow on, sitting across him, his cock back where you need it, deep in your pussy. Spots of water tumble off your hair onto his chest and face. You begin to rise and fall, slowly at first, then harder and faster down pushes until you are slamming onto him. His hands go round your waist adding power to the down push.

Is that you beginning shout?

“Fuck me!”

You’re going over, it’s now just his hands moving you up and down. “Oh fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” The tremble shocks up your body from pussy to brain.

You’re being rolled over, he is moving out of you. You’re on your back, he’s standing by the bed and rolls you again, then pulls you across until your legs go down the side of the bed, feet just touching the floor.

Suddenly, sharply, his cock is back in you. He pounds your pussy, just the way you craved for. Fast, hard, unstoppable. Your mouth opens but only a moan comes out. On and on, slapping against your arse. Then a sudden, hard, deepest thrust and his hot spunk flood into you.

Tap, tap. Tap

"Housekeeping... !"

You are lost in your orgasm and he stays pushed deep inside. It wasn’t the maid’s voice you realise. It was a man’s voice.

The card key is in the door. The door is opening.

He pulls out of you, leaving you bent over the bed, bare arse pointing towards the door. You feel the dribble down your leg.

“Oh sorry, I came to fix the leaky tap,” says the maintenance man.


Hi, thanks for choosing to read my erotic story “A Morning in Dublin”. I hope you enjoy it. On a literary note, it is unusual as it’s written in present tense! Rex


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