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Mourning Routine

She delivers pleasure while he continues to cyber with another girl
Mourning Routine

She ran her tongue along the smooth skin as she stroked him. Her mouth pulled as she sucked her way up and then back down his length. Her mouth drew him deep and then deeper still into her. On her knees before him, she performed the task designed to please. Little drips of spit ran along him as she sucked on his member. Plopping noises as she drew back the large head coming free from her suction, she drew her tongue along the length and watched him shudder and look at her before returning to the monitor where another girl focused her web cam on herself and typed suggestively to him.

Sucking harder, the whole length of him buried in her mouth, she strove to exert herself, to draw him away from his computer. Swallowing, she focused on him, providing him with the stimulation she knew he liked best. Lazily he rested a hand on the back of her head while she bobbed there. She thought maybe she had his attention finally and glanced up. No, there was the other girl still there, another window was open on the monitor, and she could see herself as she sucked him. Instinctively she tucked a piece of hair back that was out of place and lifted her chin a little. Then she looked back at the job she was doing trying to forget the audience.

His hand fell from her hair and she heard his mouse and keys clicking as he responded to the girl online. She continued sucking and pleasing, hoping that this time he would enjoy it enough to be a participant in what she was doing. This time it would be good enough. This time she would receive her pleasure also. Drawing him deep into her she sucked, licked and swallowed his length. She exerted skill born of long practice and genuine enjoyment.

It started that way. She used to love to come up to him while he was occupied online. To draw his pants down and expose his semi erect cock was all fun. It was a way to show just how much she enjoyed him. She would kneel there before him and stroke him with her mouth till neither one of them could stand it. Then either she would fuck him with joy and abandon or perhaps continue to suck till she swallowed all he had to offer her. Either way was a great way to start her day and she loved being the one to make him feel great.

The changes had grown slowly. First he would show her to some of the girls he talked to. This was fine and even a turn on. She would exert herself to make a good show and the other girl would share something with them. It was exciting and fun. Then he would chat with the girl while they watched.

Down and the back up she worked using all the tools at her disposal. Her fingers lightly dancing over his balls while her mouth worked on his cock, not so lightly. She smelled his cigarette and tasted his precum. He reached down and squeezed a breast. She gasped with the pleasure of his touch through her shirt and made a slight moan.

“Mmm, I think you should stand up and bend over” he said. She licked him one last time and then stood up. He immediately replaced her mouth with his hand and pecked out a message to the girl on the screen. Pulling her panties down with her pants, she stepped out of one leg. She placed her hands on the floor, presenting him with an unrestricted view of her pussy. It was pink and freshly shaven. He rubbed his cock up and down one more time watching the girl on the monitor as he typed one last message then stood up behind her. She left her hands on the floor as he stepped up behind her and placed his cock in her pussy. He grasped her hips and thrust into her.

The feel of his hands as they bit into her hips recalled better times. Her pussy was still wet despite her frustration. It still excited her to be filled by him. She leaned back and enjoyed the feel of him thrusting into her. His cock thrust in and filled her. The feel of him was exciting. He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him so they tight together. Her hair and breasts both hung down and swung with each deep thrust he gave her. One of his hands was on the small of her back pressing down as the other pulled her back. He grunted as he thrust into her. She could feel the excitement start that still came each time he fucked her.

“Yes, o yea” he muttered as he splashed his cum deep into her. His hands held her hips still as he shoved his cock deep one last time. Then he pulled it back soft and drenched with their mingled juice. She knelt down in front of him, and sucked it into her mouth. The taste of pussy and cum was still as good as it always was and she licked and sucked gently knowing he was very sensitive. He reached down and drew his pants back up, waiting till she was done before drawing them back into their position.

“Much better,” he said with a smile at her, and then picked up his mouse again.


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