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Sweet Lemonade

It wasn't the lemonade stand itself that caught my attention, quaint as it was. What kid sells lemonade anymore? It was the girl watching the kids running it. Although I couldn't really call her a girl. She could have been 16, but her curves clearly had woman written all over them. Curves that her pretty white top and cut jean daisy dukes didn't make any effort to hide. She was bending over to pick a toppled pile of paper napkins from the lawn, and from where I was walking on the other side of the street, I had a good view of her smooth, tanned thighs. I had a sudden mental image of my hands parting those thighs, my tongue travelling from behind the back of her supple knee to the spot where her moist folds waited, plump and inviting. The voice of one of the little girls brought me back to reality. “But there's no one buying!” I could hear the unshed tears.

She was hugging her, stroking bright blond hair that was so similar to her own. Was it a much younger sister? “You just have to be patient!” Her voice was bright and carried over the street like sunshine in the air. She straightened up and I found her suddenly looking directly at me. My cock began to swell; her gaze seemed to give it a life of its own. I mentally tried to coax it back down, promising it a free run later in a not so public place if it would just behave. “You see?” she said. “There's a customer now! Hey you!” She was motioning me over. I crossed the street.

“ Hi!” I smiled my most winning smile. She had a hand on a hip that was cocked to the side, winking slyly. I played along. “This looks delicious! I'd love to buy a glass!” The little girls rushed to fill one for me.

“ Here you go, sir! That will be twenty-five cents please!” they chimed together, a pair of sparrows singing up at me, holding out the cup. I dug around in my pocket and fished out some change.

“ There you are, twenty-five cents and a tip for such excellent service!” I dropped three quarters down on their little cardboard stand. They snatched up the coins and ran for the porch.

“ Grandma! Grandma look!” Their little pigtails were trailing behind them. I only just noticed the old woman that was sitting there, relaxing in the shade of the awning. She oohed and aah-ed over the silver pieces they held out for her to see.

“ Thanks,” said the blond dream beside me. She smiled at me.

“ Don't mention it,” I shrugged a little. “They're cute.” I indicated the scene on the porch.

“ Yeah, a real handful too!” Her laugh was sweet and easy. I sipped the lemonade and did my best not to pucker. It was missing a lot of sugar. “Not sweet enough for you?”

“ Oh, it's great!” I choked. She laughed again.

“ I could sweeten it, if you like.” She was winking at me again. I almost thought I had imagined her words, that quick glint of sly lust in her eyes. My cock throbbed and started to rise again. I gave it another mental beating. A stranger's front yard was not the place for it to speak its mind so openly. She motioned me to follow her and started off across the lawn. I couldn't resist.

“ Where are you off to, Sabrina?” The grandmother paused in her praise for the girls to squint at us.

“ Just going to get more lemons!” Sabrina sang over her shoulder as she disappeared around the corner of the house.

“ With a stranger?”

“ He's a friend from college!”

I almost laughed out loud at this lie, so casually tossed out. What was she really planning on doing? I found myself in the backyard. A lemon tree was growing there, shading the grass. Oh, my lord... She was picking the fruit, stretching on tip toe high into the leaves. Her tits almost fell out of her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. The swell of that tender flesh was calling to me, beckoning. My dick answered, and this time I couldn't hide its obvious interest. She settled back down and looked at me as she made a basket from the bottom of her shirt to carry the lemons. This time there was no question – desire was there in her smile, colouring her eyes. She was flush with it. All I could think was, I am going to fuck her.

She went into the house through the backdoor. I was right behind her. She set her fruit on the counter and turned to me. I had my arms around her in an instant, mouth on hers. She responded in kind, kissing and nibbling hungrily at my lips, her hands pulling at my belt, popping the button on my jeans. A moment of panic froze me. We were in her kitchen. What if someone walked in? But she was on her knees now in front of me, pulling open the top of my pants, and what she was doing was sooo good... I couldn't think of anything but her tongue on my belly, trailing lower, sliding and slipping over my flesh, exploring the feel and taste of my body. Her tongue was sending s hivers across me . It was as if my skin was awash with an electric charge.

There was something I had wanted to do to her from the moment I had seen this hot minx. I pulled her up, a small whimper escaping her, to take her mouth again with mine. As my tongue swept past her lips it entwined itself with hers, teasing and tasting her. My hands reached down to her little white top, which had done a tremendous job holding in those luscious tits, and I lifted it above her head, freeing her. I slowly and deliberately traced a line down her neck with my tongue, licking and teasing the soft skin. She moaned, a low sound from deep in her throat. I continued my deliberate attack on her sexual hotspots, licking and sucking on her earlobe, cupping a breast in my warm palm while my fingers gently pinched and twisted her now hard nipples. She writhed in pleasure, her breathing becoming panting as my tongue worked its magic. I bit down on her ear and her voice became an animal thing, soft and almost growling as she directed me to remove my pants. I happily obliged.

Was this the girl that had been on the curb only five minutes before, helping her younger sisters sell lemonade? There was no doubting the realness of her beneath my hands.

With her hands on my shoulders she pushed me down to the floor and I found myself sitting on the cool tile, back to the cupboards. Only inches from my face she was stripping the rest of her clothing, sliding off the little shorts, the miniscule bit of cobwebbed lace that was her g-string. I took off my shirt, watching her hungrily, admiring her daring and lack of self-consciousness. Sabrina was no shy flower; she knew what she wanted and she was going to have it. I leaned forward to nibble at her pussy lips, to lick them open. I wanted my mouth on her, on those moist folds, feeling them swell with pleasure beneath my tongue, but she moved away. On the counter she cut a lemon in half then reached for a bottle of honey. My stomach did a little flip flop of anticipation.

She sat down on my lap, straddling me. My cock, thick and full of pumping hot blood, strained to get closer to her wet opening but she kept herself only close enough to tease it's head, poor thing. I wrapped my arms around her middle, trying to pull her closer. She rubbed the cut side of the lemon on her nipple, slowly circling the soft pink aureola with astringent juice, then she took the honey and drizzled it over the same place. It dripped slow and sticky to her belly below. She wanted my mouth on her there, I knew, but instead I lifted her slightly so I could lick the trail of honey from her flat, sexy tummy. Taking my time, I followed the sticky golden line and took her luscious, soft breast into my mouth, sucking it clean. My tongue washed away the sweetness and tang, swirling around and teasing her nipple until it stiffened further. She pressed into me with a groan, her hips rolling, and my opportunistic dick saw its chance and slid just past her lips as she came down. Inch by inch, I slid into her easily. I could feel a bead of her own juice running down my shaft. She was wetter than I could have believed but I still was not fully buried in her, where I wanted to be. She lifted herself a bit, continuing her tease, then came back down again. My teeth grazed her nipple in my mouth. She gasped.

She pressed the lemon to the other nipple, squeezing it gently. Its juice misted us both. The scent of lemon perfumed the little kitchen. She drizzled her honey again and I abandoned one breast for the other, again licking her clean. When there was nothing left on her nipple and she was writhing in my lap, I lifted my hips and sank my cock deep inside her, my hands on her hips pulling her down. Her cat-like spine arched, her eyes flew open at the sudden pleasure of being filled. She braced her hands on the cupboard door behind me and took up a rhythm with her body, an undulation that rose and fell in time to my thrusts. Her skin was flushing and I watched as her eyes glazed, loving the ride I was giving her. I held her on, one hand on the small of her back, helping support her, the thumb of my other hand pressing against her clit and rubbing in tight little circles. She wasn't going to last much longer; I could feel it in the tensing of her body, the sudden burst of wetness where our bodies combined. I could feel myself tightening in response. Her lithe frame pressing into me, her gorgeous little pussy pumping faster and faster, everything felt so good. Her inner muscles clamped down on me suddenly, beating around my cock, a breathless palpitation. She was cumming, arms wrapping around me, teeth sinking into my neck, hips coming down harder than ever.

When she was almost finished, I lifted her suddenly and easily. Her eyes widened, startled, but she was pliant in my arms as I turned her around. On her hands and knees on the tile, she peered over her shoulder at me, questioning. Her sides rose and fell as she panted, and I could see between her parted legs the still pulsing flesh of her pussy, wet and beckoning. I answered her unspoken question by coming to my knees behind her and burying my tongue deep into that oh so inviting hole. Her hot juice filled my mouth, tart as lemon, and she continued to cum, whimpering. I delved into her well, flicking and reaching deeper and deeper. When she was on the verge of another full climax, I pulled my tongue from her and drove my aching rod in its place, pounding hard. The reaction of her body was beautiful, the curve of her as she arched, the sweet wail that broke from her lips as she came again, fingernails scratching on the tile in front of her. I fucked her hard, my cock head aimed for her g-spot on each downward stroke, causing wave after wave of spurting wet ecstasy. At the same time I could feel myself only moments away from exploding. She ground her wriggling bottom against my bucking hips and triggered that release. My cock seemed to shoot its load for ages. I came inside her, pulled out and continued to shoot thick white globs of semen over her tight ass and smooth back.

Finally we came to a rest. She sat back into my arms, both of us panting and damp with sweat and cum, and I held her for a moment, kissing along her neck. A sound came from the front of the house suddenly, a door opening, and she was up in a flash, pushing my clothes into my hands. We dressed in a hurry, struggling to pull our clothing over the sticky evidence, and then she was pushing me out the back door, her eyes laughing silently as she put a finger to her lips. I walked away, adjusting myself as best I could on the street, the scent of lemon following me. My head was reeling. I replayed the event in my mind as I went and my cock sprang back to life at the memory of her dripping and drizzling that warm honey all over her nipples. I had a silent word with my free-spirited appendage, warning it to lay low or I would never walk along this street again. It behaved in an instant.

As I turned the corner, I glanced back. The girls were running around on the lawn, screaming and laughing, watched over by their grandmother. Sabrina was coming out of the house, carrying a pitcher of fresh lemonade, and I thought to myself as the scene disappeared from view, how much I would love to taste that again.

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