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The Laundry Mat

Sometimes quick angry sex is the best

Another shitty day and another shitty job. I hate doing laundry, and this time was not going to be any exception, or so I thought. I had already separated everything out and started my washers when she walked in. Carrying a large bag and fighting the door.

I jumped up to help her and was given a very angry look and she snapped, "I can take care of myself, I don't remember asking for your help."

"Sorry I just..."

"Well don't, I don't need you or anything with a dick," She bit again.

I was a bit stunned. All wanted to do was help. So back to my washers and out of her way. For some reason I was having a terrible time keeping my eyes off of her, at the same time making sure she didn't catch me looking. Hard telling where she would strike next and I didn't want it to be me again. She was a very petite girl, maybe 5 foot tall, dark black hair, and deep blue eyes, her skin was almost white, or as they say in the romance novels that my last girlfriend loved so much, alabaster. Her make-up was very dark and gothic, but it didn't hide her pretty face and eyes, as much as I believe she wanted it to. She was wearing a black lacy top and tight black jeans. Her body was very nice, with pert little tits and nipples that could poke your eye out. I felt that familiar tingle in my jeans.

As I was lost in my own imagination, I forgot to watch for her to look up, and the next thing that I know, she is up and walking my way.

"Is there something you want to say to me, asshole, or do I just give you something to gawk at," she said before I had a chance to even brace myself.

"I'm sorry, I was just......"

"I know what you were just .... and I'm not interested, got it?" she glared at me.

A glare that made my tingle vanish as well as anything else that had started there. She then walks back to her seat and watching her ass my arousal starts right back up. What can I say, you can't fight the hormones. We both kept our distance and continued to take care of our respective laundry.

The night continued and soon we were the only people left in the building. She was finishing up her laundry and started looking my way, this started to worry me, considering our last little talk. I'm not sure, but I think I saw a little smile. Then she starts to walk my way. This time I'm gonna be prepared.

I started with, "Listen, I'm truly sorry for what ever you're pissed off about but I didn't cause it and I ain't gonna be treated like shit."

She softened, "I know, please forgive me, my prick of a boyfriend just dumped me and took all my money. I didn't mean to take it out on you, I really am sorry."

Suddenly, she seemed like a different person. She actually had a smile and a twinkle in her eye.

"That's ok, I shouldn't have been staring, sometimes I just don't have any control over my ....... well, you know," I said with a smile of my own.

"Yeah I know, your dick does most of the thinking, and I'll bet I know what it's thinking. I guess I should have looked at you a little closer, nice package," she says looking at my crotch and the bulge that again gave away my intentions.

"Well the little head does the thinking, sometimes too much," I shot back, trying to keep myself calm and collected, which wasn't easy with the hungry look in her eye.

"Listen, maybe I can make it up to you somehow," she says with a sly little grin, putting her hand on my chest. "I think I can make you forget just how bad I was too you."

She slips her hand inside my shirt and finds my nipple, which she pinches and strokes until it looks more like hers, ready to jump off my chest. Not wanting to let this opportunity pass I wrap my arms around her and pick her up, pulling her close to me and covering her lips with mine. Her tongue darts deeply into my mouth and entangles with mine. She sucks hungrily on my tongue as my hands start to explore her lovely little tits, pulling and teasing her nipples. Her hand drops down to my crotch and struggles to open my fly. I sat her little ass down on one of the washers and lifted her top over her head, we were in the back of the laundry and anyone that came in wouldn't see us right away, I am licking and sucking on her nipples as she removes my cock from my pants.

"Oh, God your cock is so hot," she lays her head back as I bite one of her nipples.

Laying her down I undo her jeans, and tugggg. Down they come and she is wearing the smallest set of silky panties I have ever seen. I bury my face into her panties and lick at her pussy through the soft material. She lets out a low growl, and pulls my head into her tightly, and starts to move her hips so that her clit is rubbing along my tongue.

Suddenly she sits up and pushes me back, then swings around so her head is hanging over the front of the washer, at the same time she pulls me back to her and slides my cock deep into her mouth. pulling her panty crotch to the side, I return to licking her cunt and adding my fingers to the game, rubbing and pinching her clit between my thumb and finger. Next I push my other thumb up against her asshole.

She lets my cock fall from her lips and says, "YES … Do it, stick it in my ass, FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR THUMB!”

Her mouth engulfing my cock again and she sucking HARD while playing with my hanging balls. She starts to cum and shake all over the washer.


Stepping back I lift her up and turn her around, setting her ass back on the washer. As soon as she hit the washer, I slid my cock deep into her. She throws her arms and legs around me and holds on tight. I start to bounce her up and down on my cock as I lick and suck on her nipples.

“ OOOOHHHHH harder, please I am soooo close,” she begs.

Still buried deep inside her pussy, I kneel down in front of the benches that are between the rows of washers. As if she understands what is next, she turns around and lays across the bench with her little ass high in the air, Pulling down her panties, I again push my face into her crotch and lick her ass and pussy, the juice from her cunt all over my face. Slipping my tongue into her ass and getting the hot hole as wet as possible.

I take my cock and push it up against her asshole and slowly push it in. When the head slips into her she starts to whimper an begs me to fuck her harder. I slide out and quickly push back into the tight hole. This time I stay and start to push in deeper, a little at a time. The pace quickens and she opens up to take it all in. At last I am pounding hard into her ass and she is screaming,

"FUUUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!! I am cumming ....... please …. cum with me."

That was all it took, I started to pump my cum into her ass and let out my own scream.

"AAAAAAAAarrrrgggghhhhhh, I"MMMMM cccuuuuummmmmiiinngggg!”

When the spasms had died down, she pulled away from my cock, turned to me and took it into her hot little mouth. She sucked and licked until every drop of cum was gone. She then throws her arms around my neck and pushes me back onto the floor.

"That was incredible, you fuck like a horse," she says kissing my lips and tonguing my mouth. "Why don't we go to my place and see if we can keep this up for a couple of days."

We stood up and started to gather our clothes when we noticed a little face at the window. A old man had seen us from the sidewalk, how much we never knew. He smiled, gave us a thumbs up and walk on. We hurried to her apartment and carried on until neither one of us could move. I'll never hate doing laundry again.

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