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Writer's Block

Sometimes a writer needs to be inspired.

He was sitting quietly, tapping his fingers on the key without typing.

"What are you doing?" she asked, startling him.

He blushed, and then grinned. "I was trying to come up with an idea for a story for you, but I couldn't decide on a situation to get us naked."

"Why not?" she teased.

"Most of my stories start with something that really happens and inspires me. Nothing inspiring happened today."

"How about this?" she said as she hugged him from behind and started nibbling on his neck.

"That just tickles," he murmured, but he tipped his head invitingly for her to continue. She kissed and nibbled and reached down to pull his shirt over his head. He tried to slide the chair back and turn to her, but she took his wrists and put his hands back on the keyboard.

"Type." she commanded. Her hands slid up his arms and down to caress his chest and stomach. Her lips found his bare shoulders and she gently bit him.

"Type." she said again softly, and she heard the clack of the keys.

She wriggled first one arm and then the other out of her own shirt, barely stopping her quest to taste every inch of his shoulders and neck. She pressed her naked breasts against his warm back, and his sharp intake gave her chills of pleasure. Her hands found his hardened nipples, and she teased them and kissed her way around his ribs to bring her tongue to tease them. She looked up and saw his eyes were half closed as he watched her lips and tongue on his flesh. She grinned wickedly and nipped at him.


His eyes struggled to leave her face, got trapped by her hard nipples burning against his skin, found her eyes again, saw her determination, and finally returned to the screen. The keys started to clack again and she started kissing again. She moved entirely in front of him, letting him slide the chair back. Her breasts pressed into his thighs, her hands caressed his sides, her lips and teeth teasing and kissing. He moaned, but kept typing. She wondered if he could feel the heat of her breath as the fire built inside her.

Without pause, she unbuttoned his pants, and slowly pulled the zipper open, tooth by tooth, as her hand caressed the hardness beneath the fabric. He lifted his hips, and she pulled his pants and boxers down, giggling as his cock pulled loose and slapped into his stomach. Their eyes met again.

"You're not typing," she said.

His nostrils flared as he lifted his hips, but she shook her head and waited. He closed his eyes, took a quick deep breath, and then started typing again. Her whole body rippled with desire from seeing him so affected, and she decided to tease some more. She cradled his cock between her breasts, enjoying its heat and hardness, and leaned forward to nibble and kiss his chest. She nipped him again when he ran his fingers through her hair, and he started typing again.

She allowed him to rock his hips as he fucked her chest, and she nibbled and teased. The typing continued and she kissed her way lower, engulfing his hardness in her mouth. She took him deep, teasing with her tongue, with one hand on his balls while the other worked the rest of her clothes off. She realized he wasn't typing, so she let his cock slip out of her mouth, kissed her way down the shaft, caught his eyes with hers, bared her teeth and set them firmly on his hard shaft as if to bite. His eyes widened and he quickly went back to typing.

She gently nibbled her way down his shaft, licking at the shaft between his balls, looking for a sensitive spot to tease. She kissed and licked her way back to the head, and with a swirl of her tongue, engulfed him again. The way his hips jumped, his quick intake of air followed by a deep moan, reminded her of how she responds to a tongue swirling her clit. As she bobbed her head up and down, she slid a hand to her pussy, to give herself a swirl and a gasp and a moan. Her own wetness surprised her, and suddenly she needed to have him inside! As she slid up his body, her nipples brushed his, and they both gasped.

She exhaled hotly into his ear, "Keep typing."

She deftly lifted a leg over each arm of the chair, and settled herself into his lap. She reached down and guided his hardness into herself, and the reaction was instantaneous. An orgasm ripped through her, winding her into a coiled spring, and blasting the coils out. Her hips rocked up and down. She barely was able to wrap her arms around his neck, and she pressed her lips into his shoulder with neither bite, nor kiss, just the need of the heat of flesh on flesh. Slowly, the waves broke, and she is melted on top of him.

She studied his face. His eyes were closed, with a faint smile of pleasure, and she heard the clack of the keys as he still typed. She lifted her head, and she thrilled to feel him still hard and pressed deep within her. His eyes slowly opened and slid softly across her face to meet hers. His hips started rocking, but he kept typing. Her eyes slowly closed, and the pressure of his cock built within her.

She forgot the game, the pretense, the seduction. Suddenly it was all about his cock, pressing insistently into her, his breath coming harder and harder, his eyes waiting to watch her cum. Her hands compressed into fists on his chest as he rocked her harder and harder and then she couldn't breath and her pussy turned somersaults on his cock. She felt the heat blazing into her and her pussy started flipping the other way and she heard her moans tearing from her throat. She collapsed onto him and melted again.

She loved the way things drifted back into focus. She felt the heat of his hands as they caressed her back, felt the warmth of his lips on her neck as he whispered to her all his deepest secrets. She slowly unfolded herself from his lap, and turned to read the story he had written.

"Hey!" she cried indignantly, "There’s not a single word here!"

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © I used my creativity to write this. I reserve all rights to it. If you use my plots to produce an adult film, I expect you to fly me in to supervise!

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