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Heads or Tails

A charismatic stranger strikes up a deal with Marianne.
The nightclub was packed with revellers, all of them in high spirits, all of them dressed to impress. It was the time of night when everyone had got into the swing of things and being New Years Eve, the positive atmosphere was almost tangible. The partygoers on the dance floor seemed to be moving as one; the electric ambience charged no doubt by the mix of dub-step beats pulsing out of the speakers. Out of the array of beautiful women wearing next to nothing, it surprised him that it was her who he noticed first.

She wasn’t remarkable. There was nothing striking or immediately eye-catching about the girl behind the bar but for some reason she caught Ryan’s attention. Her hair hung down her back, in a glossy chestnut ponytail and she seemed to be doing little more than people watching, her expression not giving anything away as she polished cut glass tumblers. She was pretty in an understated way, Ryan thought to himself as he watched her from the other side of the room. Definitely pretty, with those wide eyes, high cheekbones and that heart shaped face. She was dressed simply, in a grey tank top and black jeans, yet somehow she still looked like the best dressed girl in the entire club.

Ryan debated with himself on whether to approach her. It wasn’t as if he had anything better to do. After a day of divorce talks with his wife’s lawyer, he’d planned on getting a drink or three, joining in the New Year festivities, before crashing back at his hotel. But right now, he couldn’t be bothered. The girl behind the bar seemed like a much more appealing way of wasting away his hours. After a couple more minutes of deliberation, he stepped out of the shadows and made his way across the room.


“Hi, I’m Marianne. Can I get you anything?” The voice that disturbed Ryan from his daydream was soft and sweet, and even though he’d been expecting it, he still couldn’t help being surprised that the girl was actually standing in front of him. She looked even better up close; that much was for sure.

Ryan cleared his throat, “I don’t know, Marianne. What would you recommend?”

She frowned, and for the first time he had the chance to admire her eyes, those silver-grey irises, framed by naturally long lashes. “A drink?” she said and at his nod she smiled. Ryan barely heard her suggestion as he watched her speak, his eyes unable to draw away from her oh-so perfect mouth.

After a couple of minutes, she placed a cocktail glass in front of him and topped it up with champagne, “There! One New Year’s Eve cocktail.”

Ryan took a cautious sip. “What’s in it?”

Marianne watched warily as he drank a little more. “Brandy, ruby port, orange juice and champagne,” She hesitated. “There’s a pomegranate version you might prefer.”

“It’s fine,” Ryan lied, as the liquid burnt down his throat. “Delicious, in fact. But I reckon I’ll stick to beer.”

Marianne grinned knowingly. “It’s OK. And just so you know, I got that recipe off the internet, so rest assured; it is not one of mine.” She set down a pint of beer in front of him and gestured at the open magazine on the bar. “Whatcha reading?”

“Just another apocalyptic prediction,” Ryan said dryly. “February fifteenth apparently. Some asteroid from space is supposed to crash into the earth. I doubt it’ll happen though.” He scanned the article. “Yeah, see here, NASA say that the chances are practically zero.”

“No surprises there.” Marianne leaned over to glance at the article and Ryan couldn’t resist looking down her top. She really was perfect.

“I was hoping it’d end on the 22 nd ,” Marianne admitted, after a moment of silence. “Would have saved me from the Family Christmas at any rate.”

Ryan grinned. “It can’t have been that bad! Seriously, I told my family I was gay so they’d stop nagging me to get into another relationship. They spent the entire day staring at me like I was a different life form.” He smirked at the memory. “I swear my grandma’s planning to disown me. Yours can’t have been worse than that.”

Marianne shook her head. “It was. I mean, Christmas is always bad, but this year was just…” She paused for effect. “…horrendous. I can put up with the tasteless turkey and the billion calorie puddings but there comes a time when things go too far.”

“Drama queen,” Ryan leaned forward, resting his elbows on the bar. “If you’re done hyping it up, what actually happened?”

“Well I ate burnt turkey, met my father’s latest lady-friend who, by the way, is two years younger than me, and made small talk with a bunch of random third-cousin-twice-removed-relatives. Then I went home in a taxi whose driver refused to turn off his foreign radio station and upon arriving at home found a message on my answer machine from my ex-boyfriend who is now dating my ex-best-friend.” She took a look at Ryan’s open-mouthed expression. “Bad enough for you?”

“Well,” Ryan said after a beat. “I can see why you were looking forward to the apocalypse.”

Marianne smiled almost wistfully. “It’s like things go wrong on purpose. I spent four years with that guy and all for nothing!”

Ryan shrugged. “Reminds me of my wife. I never forgot a single anniversary, bought her flowers every Friday and guess what I ended up with? A nice fat stack of divorce papers.” He shook his head. “That was when I realised I was doing everything wrong. I was playing the game all wrong. Just like you are.”

Marianne frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Look,” Ryan leaned closer towards her. “The point is that you got stabbed in the back. By the boyfriend and your best friend. And to be perfectly honest, it’s your own fault.”

Marianne’s mouth dropped open. “What, my fault?”

“Yes. Your fault.” Ryan took a gulp from his beer glass as Marianne settled down to listen to this stranger’s opinion on her Christmas fallout. “You let yourself get too close. Marriage is for fools and so are long-term relationships. Seriously, you should never commit to anyone because when they betray you, and trust me, they will betray you, it causes you unnecessary pain.”

Marianne frowned at him, not comprehending. “So I should just go through life like a female bachelor?”

“Basically, yes.” Ryan’s eyes met hers and he shrugged. “When you commit to someone you’re under their control, always trying to make them happy. So you should never ever commit to anyone.”

Marianne’s grey eyes widened. “But if I don’t commit to anyone, then I’m going to be lonely.”

“Not necessarily,” Ryan said. “Just move on from people quicker than usual. Don’t stay long enough to let them hurt you. Look, if you’d been with your boyfriend for say, a month instead of four years, do you think he would have been anything but loyal?”

“That was just one guy though,” Marianne argued. “What if there is someone out there that I can live happily ever after with? If I stay a singleton, I’ll never find out.”

Ryan laughed. “Look, this is your problem. You’re hung up on the idea of Mr. Right, when in actual fact all men are Mr. Wrong’s. What men want, is sex. Plain, simple sex.” He paused and frowned. “Well, not plain sex, some might be into other sorts of kinky shit, like…”

“Yeah, I get the picture,” Marianne cut him off with a rueful smile. “So you’re saying that I shouldn’t let a relationship last more than one month?!”

“Yes.” Ryan said matter-of-factly. “See, for the first month in any relationship, the guy’s going to be infatuated with you. After that, he deteriorates. He’s not gonna stay hung up on you for the rest of your life. So you’ve got to end it while he’s still in that oh-my-you’re-so-beautiful stage. Leave him wanting more.”

“But don’t you think that’d be kind of… slutty?”

Ryan shrugged. “It is what you make of it.”

Marianne pulled a face. “You know, this really isn’t making me feel much better.”

“What would make you feel better?” Ryan asked and he prayed that she detected the innuendo within his words.

“I don’t know.” Marianne murmured, her eyes flicking down to rest on his mouth. Ryan sat immobile as her grey irises focused unwaveringly on his slightly parted lips. The tip of her tongue came out and wet her lower lip before she looked back into his eyes and asked, “What did you have in mind?”

“What would you say,” he asked so softly, only she could hear. “If I asked you to come back to my hotel room?”

Marianne stared at him. “Are you serious? I’m still thinking that implementing your ‘way of life’ would drop me straight into the ‘floozy’ category of women and now you expect me to go to a hotel room with a stranger?!”

“Think of it as a… trial run.” Ryan said. “If you can handle the no-strings idea after tonight, then we’ll all be happy. If not, you can go back to your happily-ever-after ideals and forget all about me.” He drained his beer and stood up. “Shall we?”

“I never said I was coming.” Marianne reminded him. “Besides, maybe I have plans.”

Ryan laughed. “Plans? I doubt it.” He picked up his keys and pocketed them. “Relax; it’s a one-off. I don’t usually do this sort of thing and neither do you.” His eyes rested on hers. “One guilty pleasure, Marianne. You know you want to.”

“You make it sound so simple.” Marianne whispered and he could see the uncertainty conflicting with excitement in her silver eyes. “Like I can just make that decision and go ahead with it.”

“You don’t want to make the decision?” Ryan asked. “Fine.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pound coin. “We’ll let the coin make the decision. Heads we go, tails we don’t, okay?”

Marianne nodded slowly, unsure of exactly what sort of game this handsome stranger was playing. She held her breath as he flicked the coin skyward, both of them watching as it spun in the air and dropped, as if in slow motion, back down towards the ground.


The door of room 221 slammed shut as Ryan pushed Marianne up against it, his hands pulling impatiently at her jeans.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Marianne whispered, her innocently wide eyes staring up into his. “I’ve never done anything like this before!”

Ryan pulled off his shirt and let it fall to the ground. “Yeah, I figured.” He pressed his mouth to hers for the first time and kissed her hard, his lips devouring hers. After a second of hesitation, Marianne’s hands slid around the back of his neck as she pressed her slim body into his, deepening the kiss, their tongues dancing in a silent passion. Ryan’s hands dropped from her arms to her waist, blindly undoing her jeans, his fingers fumbling against the flat of her belly before he managed to push the denim down past her hips.

They broke apart for a second, breathing hard and then, “For a girl that was so nervous about all this, don’t you think it’s funny that I never even told you my name?” Ryan asked breathlessly.

Marianne gazed at him for a moment, a look of fleeting embarrassment crossing her flushed face. “What is it?”


Her eyes lit with humour. “I had you down as a Connor,” She kissed the corner of his mouth. “But Ryan will do just fine.”

“I’m sure he will.” Ryan joked, and he pushed her down onto the soft white sheets of the bed. His thumbs hooked into the waistbands of her jeans and panties, tugging them down her legs until she kicked the items off, her hands reaching forward to undo the buckle on his belt.

Ryan stepped back slightly. “I’ll do that,” He said hoarsely, “You take your top off.”

Obediently, Marianne crossed her arms and took hold of the hem of her tank top, pulling it off over her head in one smooth movement, leaving her completely naked. Ryan paused to drink in the sight of her body, his eyes lingering on her tight curves as he felt himself grow even harder behind the stiff denim of his jeans.

Marianne stood up, a smile hovering around her lips. “Maybe I should do that.” She worked quickly to undo his pants, sliding the zipper down before Ryan took over, dropping the material to a heap on the floor, his boxers following soon after. Marianne’s cool fingers traced up the thick length of his cock, her hand wrapping around it firmly, moving up and down at a teasingly slow pace.

Her mischievous silver eyes sparkled as she gazed up into Ryan’s hazel ones, her lips curving upwards in a sexy little smile. The moonlight streaming in from the midnight-blue sky cast a glow upon her flawless body and at that moment she looked to Ryan, like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Pushing her back down onto the bed, he bent over her, kissing her again, with more urgency this time, his lips hard as they trailed down her neck, biting and sucking across her collarbone. His hands ran down from her shoulders to her firm breasts, his fingers rough against her smooth skin as he teased her delicately pink nipples into hard points, his efforts rewarded by her soft moans echoing in his ears.

He straightened up then, his eyes clouding as they travelled down past her stomach to the smoothly waxed skin of her pussy, and he let out a breath he hadn’t even realised he’d been holding. “You really are something, aren’t you Marianne?” The beginnings of a frown crossed her face but before she had time to respond, Ryan spoke again, more coolly this time, “Get on your knees.”

Marianne moved accordingly, her legs shaking just a little, whether out of excitement or apprehension, Ryan wasn’t quite sure. He moved behind her, running his finger lightly down the length of her spine before pausing at the small of her back.

“You want it don’t you?” He whispered, and he leaned forward, trailing silent kisses down her back. “You want me to fuck you, right?” His mouth moved further downward until his lips rested in place of his finger, his breath warm against her skin. “Say it.”

“Yes.” Marianne hardly recognised her own voice, it was so low and needy but it gave Ryan the confirmation he needed and she felt his finger travel down past the curve of her ass before it moved back and forth across her wet slit. He pressed harder, teasing her clit with his finger before he slid it inside her warm tightness, expertly stimulating her.

All too soon though, he withdrew and the next thing Marianne felt was his solid cock slamming hard into her, making her cry out in surprise. She lurched forward on her knees as he bottomed out inside her and paused to catch his breath, giving her precious time to adjust to the feeling.

Ryan took a hold of her long ponytail as he pulled her head back so her ass was pushed further up towards him and she felt him pull out slowly before pushing back in, building up a steady rhythm. His hands moved to grip her narrow hips as he thrust in and out, harder and faster, spurred on by her moans as she fought to balance herself. Over and over again, their bodies crashed into each other’s in a frenzy of wild lustful abandonment, not caring who heard or even who saw past the open curtains.

Ryan’s fingers were digging painfully hard into Marianne’s hips as he held on to her, his breathing raucous and uncontrolled to her ears. Every time he slammed home, she could feel her pussy spasming uncontrollably, sending shocks of pleasure through her entire body and she couldn’t help being amazed at Ryan’s ability to keep up the relentless pace. His arm slid around her waist, pulling her body up against the hard length of his torso and she could feel their sweat mingling, could hear his rough grunts in her ear as he fucked her powerfully, showing no sign of weakening.

She felt his mouth drop to her neck, kissing it hard as he continued pounding into her, his lips and teeth biting at her soft skin, intensifying all the sensations coursing through her body. His hand dropped down to her wet clitoris and he rubbed it hard with his forefinger, until she came, her cries of pleasure spurring him on as he continued fucking her. His finger continued circling her overly-sensitive nub, rubbing it as before, his cock slamming repeatedly into the depths of her hot tight tunnel, his free hand twisting her ponytail around so he could kiss her passionately.

Marianne’s body shook with the force of Ryan’s thrusts as her mouth connected with his. She could feel her orgasm building again, shocks of desire shooting through her veins like sparks, her breath catching unsteadily in her throat.

“I’m gonna come,” Ryan groaned hoarsely into her ear. “Fuck…”

His words prompted forth her climax and she held on tight to the rocks in her consciousness as the waves washed over her, so full of pleasured lust that she felt sure she was going to pass out. Somehow though she hung on and was faintly aware of the stream of obscenities issuing from Ryan’s mouth as he came hard, groaning out his release. She could feel his heart pounding against her back as they collapsed down onto the bed, the smell of sweat and sex heavy in the room.

“Well,” Marianne murmured a while later, having caught her breath. “I think doing this sort of thing is definitely a new year’s resolution of mine.” She smiled, satisfied. “I am so glad that your coin landed on heads.”

Ryan shifted above her and she winced slightly as he withdrew, rolling onto the bed next to her, his eyes meeting hers. “It was a double-headed coin,” He confessed, a lazily content grin spreading across his face. “Works every time.”

The End

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