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Hotel Rendevouz

Love can hurt in more ways than one....
Hotel Rendevouz

(This is a Lush Stories Site Story. If You're reading this on another Site This story has been STOLEN!!)

“Send her up,” I told the receptionist on the ‘phone.

I rise from the bed and check my appearance in the miror. The charcoal grey suit looks sharp over my Cedric Hoff white shirt. My pale blue silk tie sets off the pinstripes. My long dark hair falls around my shoulders and I’m wearing sunglasses. This and my cavalier goatee beard make me look like a rock-star who’s up on a charge. In a way I am, I suppose. I like the look.

As I await your arrival I move the bedside table toward the end of the bed and place the armchair beside it. The floor-to-ceiling window is behind the chair. It’s daytime.

I place an ashtray and a bottle of champagne and one glass on the table. You knock on the door and I rise to let you into the room.

You’ve dressed as I asked you to, in a navy blue business suit over a white cotton blouse. You’re wearing tan coloured tights over black heels. Your shoulder length hair frames your beautiful face, all chocolate eyes and burgundy lips. You are stunning and I have to stifle an admiring sigh. The vision of you makes my breath catch in my throat but I give no indication that you have pleased me. That is not part of this game.

I don’t speak as I turn my back to you and move to sit in the armchair.

“Sit on the bed,” I command, casually lighting a cigarette. And you do.

It takes all my resolve not to react as I look at you, but I don’t, merely drawing deeply on my cigarette and issuing a bored sigh. I see a tiny flicker of hurt in your chestnut eyes that registers in my mind like a streak of forked lightning. You can see me against the window in sillouhette but my silent staring behind the dark glasses makes you nervous and you drop your eyes.

“Pull your skirt up and part your knees for me,” I say.

After a second’s hesitation you raise your ass from the bed and your hands lift the hem above your thighs. I notice that you’re not wearing tights as I had thought but tan hold-up stockings with a lace top. Clever girl.

The raised skirt reveals a perfect pussy mound tightly wrapped in snow white cotton.

Crossing my legs so you don’t notice my hardening cock I reach forward and pour myself a glass of champagne.

“Unbutton your top, SLOWLY,” I whisper.

Fumbling with the small buttons, your painted fingernails unfasten the shirt as you are bid. Leaning back in the chair I observe you as you reveal a half-cup white lace brassiere that lifts your pert tits in perfect presentation.

Your eyes meet mine and search for something but all you see is your whorish semi-clad self, reflected in my glasses. I watch you become more nervous. savouring your discomfort, the sensation sour yet sweet in my soul as you wait for my next instruction.

“Take off your jacket and blouse and reach behind and unfasten your bra. I want to see your tits”.

“I can’t,” you murmer as you nervously look up at me.

I flinch though my face remains a mask, my lips pinching in an expression of displeasure.

“It buttons at the front,” you hurriedly offer, “I can unbutton the front…”

A tiny piece of my heart dies at your discomfiture but you will never know that. I wave my hand carelessly and light another cigarette.

“Whatever,” I say. “And don’t speak again…”

You uncover the upper part of your perfect body, shrugging aside your clothes and I’m powerless against the deep sigh that issues from my chest. I have never beheld anything so beautifully vulnerable. But you don’t want my adoration, at least not yet.

Your rosy pink nipples are hard now and elongated. I ache to take them between my teeth but content myself with a sip of wine.

“Touch your breasts,” I order.

Your eyes closing, you move your hands to caress each creamy globe, a tiny gasp escapes you as you begin to arouse yourself.

Breathing heavier now, I watch you stroke yourself, swirled in the blue smoke that floats on the light streaming through the window.

As you pinch each sensitive tip in turn your bottom begins to move on the bed in small circles. I can smell your arousal. You need to be touched there, underneath the now damp cotton, but I will not permit that, not yet.

I loosen my tie and rise from my chair and approach you. The sound makes you look up at me, wide eyed and almost fearful but I place my hands on either side of your face and my thumbs gently close your eyes.

Turning your head upward I feather my fingers along your cheekbones and down your jawline as your hands continue to grope your tits. I run my fingers through your silky hair.

Your mouth is open and panting now as I place one hand at the back of your head and pulling your hair roughly I force your pretty, flushing face further upward. You moan softly, half pleasure, half discomfort as I force my thumb into the corner of your mouth.

You begin to suck hungrily on my hand. Unable to help myself now I release your hair and unbutton my pants at my crotch which is inches from your face. As my engorged eight inch cock falls toward your lips I pinch your cheek hard and you open your mouth in a protesting cry of pain. I silence you as my cock head enters your lips, your own reluctance betrayed as your tongue swirls hungrily around my swollen purple orb.

Attempting to get more and more of my thick shaft into that hungry throat your head rocks forward and backward but the pressure of my fingers on your face prevents you from enveloping me fully.

I look down to see your hands now frantically kneading your tits, those long nipples pinched between painted fingernails. I take my hands away from your face and you sink forward to take me deep within your hot, hungry throat. I can’t help but moan, though this is not part of our game.

I can smell you now, the rich ripe and tangy scent of your pungent arousal filling my senses.

Glancing down at your parted legs I see that you still haven’t started to touch your wet pussy.

“Why don’t you have your hands in your knickers?” I groan.

You release me from your lips with a molten plop, those shining brown eyes looking up and penetrating my soul.

“Because you didn’t tell me to to,” you whisper.

I recover, remembering the game.

”That’s right, you slut, I fucking didn’t, did I,” I snarl, “Now turn around, kneel up on the bed and pull up your fucking skirt.”

Scrambling instantly and eagerly up on all fours you perch yourself so that your knicker-clad ass is thrust invitingly upward and your face is buried in the bedclothes. You're panting quickly and loudly now. With one hand you pull your skirt up high above your waist and then return to to attempt to remove your soaked snowy panties.

I roughly take your questing hand and pull it forward so that both your arms are streched above your hidden face. You moan. With the flat of my other hand I wallop your cotton-clad bottom savagely, just once, a resounding Slap echoing in the room...

“WAIT!” I shout, my spank rewarded by a wail of pain. “Wait, you little tart,” I whisper as you sob into the bedcover.

After a moment of watching you shake I reach down and tear your panties above your right hip, leaving the tattered and soaked garment to slide down your left leg. I wipe the wet middle panel between my thumb and fingers as it falls and bring the moist taste of you to my mouth. You are nectar. As if I was imbibing a drug, my body spasms as I swallow your essence. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever tasted.

I pull your torn panties down from your dripping cunt and form a cone of fingers on my right hand. My left hand splays over the cleft at the top of your ass and I nestle my thumb at your rosebud and enter suddenly. You shudder as my invasion brings another muffled wail from you which subsides to low moans as I rotate my thumb gently inside your tiny ass. Now gripping your pretty bottom like a bowling ball I hold you firmly there as I prepare to give you what you’ve really come here for…

Reaching forward with my right hand to touch your swollen clit I feel a shudder pass through you as you abandon yourself to what’s about to happen. I tease you for a moment there before I draw my fingers back to the entrance of your beautiful auburn pussy, now open, moist and demanding. I slowly insert my middle three fingers into your wetness as my thumb and little finger glide into the groove under my invading hand. You scream wildly as I firmly push. But I do not stop.

Withdrawing slightly to coat my fingers in your honeyed juices I thrust forward again, harder this time as my knuckles broach your lips. By now I’m ignoring your passionate screaming. I twist my hand and with a screwing motion insert my arm wrist deep into your belly. Your juices further soak my arm as the tips of my fingers touch the round dome of your cervix.

I move my arm back momentarily and bring my marauding fingers together to form a fist which I slowly rotate within your depths. The shudder that courses through you like an electric shock causes both your pussy and your ass to spasm around my squirming wrist and thumb as you cry out in a shattering orgasm.

Both parts of your most secret places suck and milk upon me as if endeavouring to draw me even deeper within you. Your whole body is shaking, your raised ass is quivering, your head is rocking in the mess of blankets under your groaning face and above your tossing hair I can see the splayed fingers of your outstretched hand clenching and unclenching....

Your shaking and sobbing gradually subside and when I am sure you have quite finished I remove both hands from your being with a liquid sucking sound. This time your moan is not one of passion but of abandonment. You push your ass towards me as I leave you....

Pausing for a moment to collect myself, I lean forward and lie across your spent heaving body, my face buried in the damp hair at the nape of your neck, your arms still stretched out over your head.

“Are you okay, Darling?” I whisper.

“I’m fine Baby,” you softly murmer, “I’m fine…. Thank you....”

When I believe that you really are I raise your ass and postion my straining cock at your open pussy. I fuck your cunt roughly and quickly and I am not gentle. You are hot and wet and welcoming, still tight enough to hold my thrusting tool in your molten silky cavern. I do not hold back. Your loud passionate panting brings me to a violent climax that pumps streams and streams of hot come into that violated belly as I cry out.

It is only what I deserve.

I carry you to the bathroom after you’ve slept for a bit and bathe you in the large tub.

I’m gentle and I take my time. I soap your breasts and watch you wince as I slide my fingers beneath the water, between your widely parted legs to caress your bruised and punished pussy.

You belong to me.

I rinse your hair with a jug of hot water and leaning down to brush the strands from your face I kiss you deeply and with a tenderness that causes you to break the embrace and gaze at me knowingly with those chocolate eyes.

“It shouldn’t bother you that it hurts me…” you whisper, “I like it that it hurts me…”

I smile but I don’t answer, I just kiss you again. Because what bothers me is that I’m beginning to like that it hurts you….


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