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Pulling down her panties

Pulling down her panties

A trip to the supermarket has unexpected consequences
Lisa was waiting in the early afternoon sunshine. Her body still covered with a little perspiration, initially from her soccer training and then her hot shower. It was quite warm for the early autumn and she had changed back into her regular clothes – beige woollen skirt and grey cardigan. She had her pink bra on underneath and matching panties, which were her boyfriend’s favourites. They had been together a couple of months and he had expressed a liking for them, on more than one occasion. She sent him a quick text, while she waited for her lift. She was due to meet Matt later and just had to do a bit of shopping for a party she had planned the next day.

It was her Mum’s 50th two days later and this was her way of saying thanks for everything and was a surprise precursor to the main event, on the day itself. Don, her Mum’s partner arrived after a few minutes in his white van.

“Sorry, have you been waiting long?” asked Don. “The traffic on the ring road is a nightmare.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s not like it’s raining.”

“OK, so where is it, do you want the big supermarket or…?”

“No, it’s OK; the one down the High Street is fine. I only want a drink and some nibbles.”

“OK, well I’ll give you a hand.”

“Ah right, thanks Don.”

Don and Lisa’s Mum had been an item for a couple of years and while it felt weird at first, Lisa had come to see him as a de facto father. Being 19, she was mature enough to accept things and see stuff in perspective. He was a good man and had done a good job with Lisa’s bedroom, putting her new shelves up and painting the walls just how she wanted.

Lisa was something of a tomboy at heart but was attractive enough, with her long red hair and cute splash of freckles at the sides of her nose. She rarely wore make up and didn’t follow the latest fashion. Soccer were her life, the latter a welcome diversion from her demanding law studies. She was in the second year of her degree and wanted to get herself a nice job with a law firm and with hope, get into chambers. Studying in her home town meant she was near her Mum, who was always on hand to advise. She had opted to share a house with her fellow students though, rather than live at home. As much as she got on with her Mum and Don, she needed do the whole student thing and anyway, they needed their space.

“I’ll just park up and I’ll find you,” said Don, dropping Lisa off outside the supermarket.

“OK, see you in a minute!”

Lisa entered the shop and placed her one pound coin in the slot of the first available trolley and headed inside. She began to browse the aisle with the potato chips and pretzels and threw a few packets into the trolley. She remembered she needed to stock up on provisions for the week and thought that she might as well get that, while she was here. Afterwards she went down the wine aisle and picked up a mini-crate of four bottles. Her trolley was getting a bit full and not wanting to squash anything she put the wine in the little partition at the front. It was then that Don joined her.

“Thought I might find you down here!”

“Ha ha! Ooh actually, I want to get Mum a gateaux. I was going to go to the cake shop, but one of those celebration cakes will do, what do you think?”

“I’m sure she’ll be over the moon,” said Don. “Not many daughters would go to so much trouble.”

“I know, but it’s a big birthday and I want to make it special.”

Don smiled and put a friendly hand on Lisa’s shoulder.

“What do you think Don? One of these or the pink one?”

“Pink for a girl…”

“Yeah and it’s got the nice silver bits on too.”

Her trolley almost full to brimming, Lisa made for the checkout. She unloaded, while Don packed the stuff into bags. The checkout lady, it turned out, was an old school friend of Don’s and he switched to auto pilot, packing things not quite as Lisa would have liked. She wasn’t so OCD to make an issue of it though. Lisa paid with her card and they headed out of the shop. Just as the automatic doors opened, an alarm sounded. That had happened before though and she continued out, onto the shop forecourt. Suddenly Lisa felt a hand on her shoulder. She and Don looked round and a stern lady store detective, in a dark uniform was pointing an accusatory finger at Lisa's trolley.

“I must ask you to step back into the shop please, Madam.”

“What is it!”

“I have reason to believe you have taken something, without paying.”

“No I haven’t I’ve got my receipt look!”

The woman looked at the chitty and then at Lisa, unimpressed.

Don stepped in.

“Really, I’m sure there’s been a mistake, I packed everything.”

Then Lisa burst in, her face red.

“Oh no the wine!!!’

“Indeed…” said the store detective, seriously.

“Where was it? I thought you had put everything on the conveyor,” said Don.

“I did, I did. It’s in this little part at the front. Oh shit, I’m so sorry… I’ll pay for it obviously," she said, turning to the woman.

“It’s a little too late for that!” the woman said. “Would you come with me please?”

The store detective was about 30, her blonde hair loosely tied into a little bun. Though not stunning, there was something about her. She was the kind of woman men liked, particularly with the uniform. Her skirt was knee-length and her jacket done up with little gold buttons. Her appearance was finished with dark grey pantyhose and black, standard issue shoes. Her demeanour gave her an aura of authority and she had a sharp, matter of fact way of speaking.

“Where are we going?” asked Lisa.

“Don’t worry,” said Don, we’ll sort this out.”

“We’re going to the office,” said the uniformed woman.

Lisa felt self-conscious, passing the other shoppers, as if she was a criminal or something. Then the magnitude of the situation hit her. What if…? In her line - training for law, she couldn’t have so much as a parking fine. Any kind of misdemeanour was a no no. She contemplated the worst case scenario. If it went badly, she would kiss her career goodbye. Her heart began to thump in her chest and she felt giddy.

“Through here please!”

Lisa with her trolley and Don, were shown through into a little office. It was painted white with a single desk and chair and a TV monitor with a split screen, divided into four images of the shop. A number of pens and pencils; a kettle; a cup and a telephone sat on the desk, otherwise it was un-cluttered.

The woman picked up the phone and began to key in a number.

“Who are you ringing?” asked Lisa, nervously.

“The police.”

“No! No, please don’t!”

“Surely, there’s no need for that,” said Don. “This is clearly a genuine mistake.”

The woman re-placed the receiver, before she had finished dialling.

“That’s what everyone says.”

“The thing is,” said Lisa. I’m at university. I’m studying law. I want to practice law and I can’t… I can’t have one blemish.”

Lisa began to weep. Don put a comforting arm around her.

“Look, you’ve made your point. She’s sorry. Can’t we just pay and leave?”

“If it were so simple,” said the woman.

“What do you mean?” said Lisa, sniffling, her face showing her distress.

“I mean, we have a situation here. I have to do my job. You’ve attempted to steal alcohol.”

“I know that’s how it looks," said Lisa. “But I didn’t, I just forgot it!”

“Not good enough.”

The woman reached for the receiver again.

“No! Oh Don, say something!”

“I don’t know what I can say, Lisa.”

The woman hesitated and replaced the receiver and sat on the desk, with one leg lower than the other.

“Maybe we can resolve this a different way,” she said.

Her manner changed as if someone had pressed a button and her voice suddenly became soft and soothing.

“You two? Partners are you?”

“Us? Don’t be silly,” said Don. I live with her Mother. Lisa’s my stepdaughter.

“When you say resolve it another way…?" Asked Lisa.

The store detective sat with her back to the wall and pushed the phone to one side. Her body language had become very relaxed and she ran her hand up and down one leg, absent-mindedly.

“I mean, perhaps we can deal with this, how shall I say, more imaginatively.”

“Can you be a bit more specific?” asked Don. "Do you want us to pay for the wine or not?”

Don ran a hand through his hair, which was flecked with grey and he furrowed his brow as he spoke.

“Oh, you still have to pay. I just wonder how you can make amends.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lisa.

The woman began to play with the buttons on her jacket as she spoke.

“I think you two can show me just how sorry you are about stealing the wine. If you do a good job, I’ll take the money and you’ll be free to go.”

Lisa thought there was something menacing and inappropriate about what she said, and her new softly spoken voice was unnerving.

“Can you just tell me what you want us to DO?!!” asked Lisa, suddenly irate.

“Oh don’t raise your voice with me, young lady; I could easily change my mind.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

The woman stood up and walked around the office and then ran a finger along the edge of Lisa’s bum, through her skirt.

“What the fuck are you doing!”

“Easy, easy, it’s OK.”

“Why are you touching me?”

“Has he ever seen you, you know, in the shower or anything?” said the woman, nodding towards Don.


“No?” added the woman, suggestively.

“What’s going on here?” asked Don, his face pink with embarrassment.

“I’m just asking if you ever saw her shower.”

“Of course I haven’t!”

“Will you lift up your skirt. Right up!” said the uniformed woman, pointing to Lisa.

“No, I won’t. This is ridiculous, you can’t do this.”

“I can do… whatever I wish, while you’re in my office.”

Lisa looked at Don, her face a mixture of worry and bemusement.

“Like I was saying,” said the blonde woman. “Let me see you lift up your skirt.”

Lisa looked at Don, but he seemed to be at a loss to know what to do. Tentatively and uncertainly, Lisa inched her skirt up, until most of her lightly-tanned thighs were on show.

“No, right up. To the waist.”

“But I’ve only got my skimpy pink ones…”

“It’s not my responsibility how you chose to dress young lady. We want to see your panties.”

Lisa started at the word ‘we.’ She looked at Don, who was clearly embarrassed and clearly didn’t quite know where to look. She then continued to hitch up her skirt. Her pink panties were revealed bit by bit until her gusset was exposed. Her labia were very obvious. Being hot and clammy after her shower, her panties had been half swallowed by her pussy crack and a slither of pink and few light hairs were protruding. Don gulped, trying to look away but was somehow mesmerized by his first sight of Lisa’s nether regions, albeit in her panties.

“Good. You have a nice bum,” said the woman, walking round to Lisa’s side.

“Look at this,” she said, giving Lisa’s left ass a sharp slap. “Isn’t it a beauty!”

Don refrained from passing a comment. He was doing his best not to, but slowly, ever so slowly he was getting an erection.

“Is that it?” asked Lisa, her face flushed.

“Oh no. Not by a long way.”

“Why, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to bend over the desk and take your panties down. And I want you,” she said, pointing to Don, ”To fuck her until you cum inside her.

“Whooa! Wait. No, this has gone way too far!” exclaimed Don.

“It goes as far as I say it goes!”

“Don. What do we do?”

“It’s your choice,” said the store detective. “You can do this one thing for me or I can follow procedure and phone the cops. What’s it to be?”

Don looked at Lisa, licking his lips, only because they had become dry but at the same time contemplating the demands of the detective. In doing so, his will power was fading, in as much as his attempts to stifle his arousal were failing. He stepped from foot to foot in a vain ploy to hide the swelling in his trousers.

Lisa looked at Don and looked down, aware now of his condition. She also had an awareness that she was short of options. She began to fidget, her hands sliding along the top of her panties.

“Don, what choice do we have?”

“Lisa, you mean… you’re actually thinking about this?”

“Yes. No! I don’t know. I know you love Mum and you’re my stepdad, but…”

“I don’t have all day. I have thieves to catch,” said the woman.

Lisa looked at Don, her eyes dewy.

“Maybe we should just do it.”

“I… Lisa, I don’t know if I can.”

“Don! I can’t get a conviction. It’s my career. Everything I’ve studied for, for two years, gone like that.

Don looked at Lisa sympathetically, his growing cock now making a distinct impression through the cotton of his trousers.

"Anyway, you obviously can!” added Lisa, pointedly.

Lisa turned round and gripped her panties and looked the store detective in the eye.

“We'll do it.”

“Oh good.”

With that, Lisa rolled her panties down and bent over the desk. Don looked at the detective and shook his head in dismay as he started to unbuckle his trousers. He quickly unzipped them and took his cock out, struggling a little to find the vent in his underwear. He looked at Lisa’s plump round ass. His gaze continued down until he found himself staring at her pink, inflamed pussy lips. She looked very damp already, her fine pubic hairs flat, covered in her own moisture. Internally, in his heart he wanted to shrink away, disgusted with his emotions. His cock though, his libido had other ideas. Like it or not, Don knew his cock at that moment was as hard as it had ever been. Even the eyes of the store detective widened at the sight of his eight inches of throbbing manhood.

He held Lisa’s hips firmly and aimed his dick at her slit and pushed. He eased himself inside her hot, wet cunt and groaned as every inch penetrated her. Lisa let out a low, soft howl, the fingers of one had in her mouth. She bit down as she felt his girth go in. She was so wet. She didn’t know why she was so turned on, but she was. Her pussy was steaming hot and her juices just began to flow. They were so profuse, that Don’s cock was glistening with them, as he began to ease in and out. Don's heart was pounding, his body shaking with a combination of intense arousal and an icy disconnectedness; unable to comprehend what he was doing.

“Oh fuck Lisa. Unnghhh! Oooh I’m sorry…”

“Don! Oh yes! It’s OK! Oh fuck… that’s so good!”

Don took a big hank of Lisa’s hair and pulled it as he fucked her. Lisa felt the force of his thrusts and the sensations of having her hair pulled were so delightful. She didn’t want to enjoy it, but she couldn’t help it. It was her Mum’s fellah. She always said that he was a keeper. Now she knew why.

“Hmmmm….. ooooh Lisa! Oh fuck Lisa. I’m so sorry. Oh fuck you’re so good!”

“Yes, it’s OK Don, you don’t have to… ooh fuck!”

Don now had one hand on Lisa’s hip, a handful of her hair and was fucking her so hard that his balls were slapping against her pussy. The store detective looked on. She was licking her lips, willing him to fuck her. Her own vagina was now hot and aching for relief. A relief she would receive later, as she recalled the events. Don closed his eyes and held onto Lisa’s hips firmly with both hands and thrust faster and harder. Lisa’s moans were growing louder and Don could feel her getting even wetter, as her tight young cunt enrobed his dick. Her perspiration, mixed with the scent from her shower gel was overwhelming. Don gritted his teeth as he pounded Lisa’s pussy. She held her hands out behind her and Don held them, her fingers so soft and smooth. Like the rest of her.

Lisa didn’t care about anything at that moment. She was too far into a state of blissful acceptance. Her pussy was being fucked better than she could ever remember. She knew nothing would be the same between them again, but for now, all she wanted was to feel his hard cock inside her and later to feel his lovely creamy goo. She just hoped he would forgive her.

Don was reaching the point of no return and Lisa was about to have another orgasm. The first had been a quiet, gushing one but this one was going to be even better. Her tummy was trembling. Then those trembles became like ripples on a pond. Her pussy was so full of a beautiful aching and she couldn’t hold back any longer. She felt little spasms and contractions in the walls of her vagina, as Don's huge cock slid into her. The dull throbbing of his cock and the persistent aching in her pussy was irresistible. Don’s cock was at its maximum and the veins were protruding from his temple. Sweat was forming on his brow. He knew he had to come. Lisa's fingers dug into the desk, as she felt a whoosh of orgasm.

“Don! Don! I’m come…ing. Oh fuck I’m… Oaaaaw! Oooooo!”

“Yes, Lisa…I can’t hold it. I’ve got to…. Urrrghh! Ooooooh YES!”

Lisa felt Don’s cock explode inside her as her own body convulsed against the desk and his legs pushed against her, his body jerking as he ejaculated.


Fifteen minutes later they were riding home in Don’s van, the shopping in the back. They hadn’t spoken since they had pulled away from the shop, four minutes earlier.



“Mum can never know.”

“Well, obviously.”

“I’m sorry Don.”

“Sorry, why are you sorry?”

“For enjoying it. I just wanted to say. I enjoyed it and for that I’m sorry."

Don put a hand on Lisa’s, comfortingly.

“It’s OK Lisa. It’s OK.”

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