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There's More than One Way to Skin an Angel - Part 2

You can pet your friends but sometimes there's consequences...

“What notes?”

“Oh c’mon! The notes! You know, the ones you kept sending to me at work, trying to scare the crap outta me!”


“Seriously?” I could see the genuine confusion in Thomas’s face. The dawning realization forced me to ask the question I didn’t want to ask. “You didn’t give me the bra and panty set, did you?”

When he shook his head, I could feel the cold chills creeping up my back to the base of my skull. I was spooked.

Who the hell was trying to fuck with my head? I didn't like this feeling of not knowing who sent me the gift. My fear was slowly growing into anger. It felt good. I can handle anger. Fear just did not sit well with me. Some asshole is gonna get a piece of my mind. I pulled away from Thomas and his delicious fingers. I needed to think. Anger was burning the fog from my brain... But not fast enough.

“Fuck this. I’m going to make coffee. I can’t operate without caffeine in my system.” I slid out of bed, naked, and padded from the bedroom to the kitchen. I tossed the question to Thomas, over my shoulder, “Did you want one, too?”

“I can help.” he purred in my ear, tickling me with his breath. Thomas had followed me out of the bedroom. I could feel his nakedness when he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight.

“Now what about those notes?” he questioned, licking and teasing the hollow under my ear.

“Mmmm… Nothing. It’s nothing to worry about.” I turned to him, kissing him deeply and melted into his arms.

He had other ideas. Gripping my hips, Thomas turned me around and over the counter. The coffee was all but forgotten.

“You’re not helping make the coffee.” I teased him. I felt his fingers slip back into my dampness.

“I never said I’d help make the coffee. I only said I’d help… myself to you.” He thrust forward in one smooth motion and sheathed himself deep inside. I could feel the power as he bottomed out, hitting my cervix. The twinge of pain felt good.

“Ahhh… Easy big boy... Mmmm... Don’t be giving the neighbors a peepshow.” Pointing to the picture window. The sun was shining brightly across the floor, reaching the counter. I had a beautiful view of the courtyard. And my neighbors apartments, if they didn’t keep the shades drawn.

“Oh really?” He pulled away from me abruptly. Thomas yanked my ponytail, pulling my head back and walked me to the window.

“Those neighbors?” Thomas pushed my bare breasts against the glass. With my head at the angle it was I couldn’t see anything except the top two floors of the five storey building.

“Holy shit, Thomas!” I struggled against him. “Anyone can see!”

“I know.” he growled, still holding my head back and my breasts pressed firmly against the glass. He slipped his fingers into my pussy from behind and drew the wetness back, circling my tight rosebud, before repeating the procedure over again until he was satisfied.

I closed my eyes and felt myself groan when he popped his cock head through the tight muscle of my asshole.

“Mmmm... You don’t get to cum until I tell you to. This is your warning.” I heard rather than felt him yank my hair back roughly. He slipped all the way into my ass at the same time.

Holy shit! That hurt! I thought to myself. Oh fuck, that’s full. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt. Fuck! Anyone can see me. My mind was racing, but my body totally betrayed me.

“Oh Angel. You hot little bitch. You’re fucking getting off on this!” Thomas exclaimed. I was pushing my ass back in time with his thrusts. The cool window had my nipples hard and I could feel my pussy juices leaking down my inner thighs.

“Don’t cum. Not yet. Not until I tell you to.” he warned me again. But I could feel the heat building. The thrill of having anyone see or watch me having sex tickled my exhibitionist side; not that I knew I had an exhibitionist side. He was doing things to me I would never do on my own. And I liked it.

“Oh fuck Thomas! I can’t help it! I’m gonna cum!” I warned him.


“Don’t you dare!”

I couldn’t help but jump. The heat of the slap warmed my ass cheek. It broke me from my reverie.

“You can’t cum yet. I’m not finished with you.” he growled deeply into my ear. His hands snaked towards my neck and shoulders, before dropping down and gripping my breasts.

Thomas wedged his hands in between the glass and my hard nipples and pinched viciously making me cry out in a pleasure/pain mixture. It hurt, but it heightened the pleasure at the same time.

“You fucking whore. I’ll punish you if you cum before I tell you to.” Again, he hissed at me through clenched teeth. I could feel my pussy clench at his words. I was used to getting my own way. The things he was making me experience were driving me over the edge.

A sudden fear washed over me with the sound of someone knocking on my door.

“Answer it, Angel.” Thomas pulled away from me and sat down on the couch.

I tried to grab a blanket to cover myself. I kept one on the couch for chillier evenings but Thomas took it from me.

“Just like that, slut. Now answer the door.” he grinned wickedly.

I felt nervous. What the fuck was I thinking? Answering my door naked, after being fucked against the window where all my neighbors could see, no less? I had to be fucking crazy.

“Do it. Or I won’t let you cum.” he whispered.

I swear, Thomas could read my thoughts. He smiled and leered at me as I tentatively peered through the peephole.

“There’s no one there.” I explained. I felt relieved. For a second.

“Then you’re lucky. Open the door and check to be sure.”

Bastard! Now he was just being cruel. Sunday mornings the hallways come alive with people running errands and making plans before and after church. I was going to get caught and I knew it.

“Bend slowly at the waist, dear. I can see something on the floor.” Thomas suggested. I really think he was enjoying this too much. But then so was I, even if I didn't want to admit it to myself.

A large yellow manila envelope waited on the floor outside my door for me. I couldn’t see anyone in either direction. So I took my time bending over. I slid my hand up my inner thigh. I knew Thomas could see my fingers lightly grazing my puffy lips.

Bitch? Slut? Whore? Well, if he was going to call me those things, I was going to add Cocktease to that list as well. I spread my lips open and showed him my wet and throbbing pussy. I almost forgot about the envelope while teasing Thomas. I had two fingers inserted deep in my snatch and my thumb on my hard little button when I heard one of my neighbors doors open.

I giggled at the thought of being caught and quickly grabbed the envelope and closed the door. I turned and saw Thomas stroking himself.

"You're wicked, my little Angel. Come show me how wicked." He stood and motioned to his heavy hanging cock. I wanted to wrap my mouth around one of his balls and slowly suck them. I knew I was good at giving head, but again, Thomas had other things in mind.

"C'mon babe. You can take it all. Take it. Oh fuck... " he groaned. I'd quickly dropped to my knees. My lips covered his helmet and my tongue was swirling and slobbering all over it before I plunged him deep into my throat. I hummed to myself to stop the gag reflex and ease him deeper. Thomas's hands gripped my hair, holding my head in place. His hips bucked, driving him deeper into my throat. I could feel the tears running from the corners of my eyes before he pulled away.

"Oh... shit... I gotta stop. What's in the envelope?" He stopped so abruptly, it took me a few seconds to realize he asked me a question. I'd almost forgot about the envelope.

"I'm not sure." I quickly ripped it open. The pictures were of me in many compromising positions. There were some with an ex-boyfriend and even the guy I picked up from the bar last month.

"Holy shit!" I could feel the color drain from my face when I looked at the last two photos. What the hell was this? And why? Why would anyone want to take photos of me like this? Again, my mind was flooded with questions. It was a picture of Thomas and me last night and another from this morning!

"Nice to see you're limber." Thomas joked, "Who's the photographer?" as he shuffled through photo after photo. He hadn't noticed the last two photos, yet.

Another knock at my door, broke through my line of thought. Jesus! What now?I managed to grab my blanket from Thomas and cover myself before opening the door to a FedEx delivery man.

"Uh... Excuse me... Miss... uh... I have a package for you."

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