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There's More than One Way to Skin an Angel

Forget the furry handcuffs... This secret admirer has great taste!

It's written in big, black letters on a piece of card stock. It's the second one I've received this week. The first one had three little words on it: I WANT YOU

I called a friend of mine and told her what was going on. I asked her if any of our friends were pulling a practical joke, cause I wasn't finding it funny.

I was a single, young, professional that lived alone and things like this gave me the creeps. The second note kind of confirmed my thoughts about a friend pulling a joke on me. Lord knows I deserved it, but I usually kept my pranks on the up and up, and tried not to scare the hell out of anyone too badly.

"Are you sure no one's said anything about this Lou? Cause this is getting weird. I think I'm going to go borrow Jessica’s rottie dog to keep me company this weekend."

"Angel? Maybe it's some secret admirer! Oh, how exciting! You know, you've been alone too long. You're seeing conspiracy theories on the news... " I could hear the teasing in her voice.

"And your husband needs to pay more attention to you so you can stop reading those trashy romance novels!" I rebutted.

We chatted a bit more before promising to meet up for breakfast with the girls. She'd call half and I'd call the rest to set it up for Saturday morning.

I made a few more calls to clients that afternoon and finished with my work for the day before hitting my favourite sushi place. I had a great book at home I wanted to read and I felt like sushi tonight.

I walked in and placed my order to go. Ordering a cold cider while I waited, I pulled the two pieces of card stock from my purse.

I WANT YOU and TRUST ME... What the hell was that supposed to mean?

Mulling the two statements over in my mind, I sipped my cider. I felt a shiver of apprehension. Who was it? Was this one of my ‘childish' guy friends playing a prank? Or was it serious?

"Miss? Your order is ready." The bartender placed my bento box on the bar beside me.

Reaching for my purse, I asked the bartender, "How much do I owe you?"

"Nothing Miss. Its already been taken care of." He waved my money away.

"Pardon me? Who paid for this?" I questioned him.

"I'm sorry Miss. It was paid for before you came in." Was his only explanation. Shrugging, he walked to another customer, dismissing any more of my questions.

Leaving the restaurant, I paused and looked around outside before stepping onto the sidewalk. Nothing out of the ordinary to my eyes. No one watching me, and I didn't seem to have anyone following me as I made my way home.

I made it home in one piece and settled in for the evening with a glass of wine, my sushi and my book and prepared to get lost in the words and forget about my day. I went back to the kitchen after I was done with dinner and to refill my glass when I noticed an envelope on the floor at the door.

White, heavy cardstock. Ragged edges, just like the notes I received at work. My heart was beating treble time as I picked it up off the floor. Opening it, there was the same writing in big, black heavy letters.


Now what the hell was that supposed to mean? Just for me? I flipped the card over but there was nothing on the back. I looked through the peephole but could see no one outside. Double checking the deadbolt and locks on my door, I turned to walk back to my bedroom.

A polite tapping at my door made me jump nearly out of my skin. I hurried back to look through the peephole again but this time a white box leaned against the wall across from my door. Fumbling with the locks, I flung the door open to look down the hallway trying to catch a glimpse of anyone that had dropped off the note or package, but to no avail.

FOR ANGEL was printed in the same black lettering on a note attached to the box with a red silk ribbon.

Gingerly, I retrieved the box and made my way back inside. Double checking all the locks on the door once more, I checked all my windows and dropped the shades before looking at the box lying on my kitchen counter.

I stared at it for a full ten minutes before abandoning the thought of opening it and went to bed.

Morning came and I arose cranky and tired. My dreams were vivid and in full color. A jumble of senses, colors and feelings. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what happened but one look at my sheets and it seemed I had tossed and turned all night. No wonder I didn't feel rested.

I splashed water on my face to wake myself up, vigorously brushing my long hair back into a ponytail, twisting the strands around and securing it into severe bun. My friends liked to make fun of my librarian hairdo. I kept telling them I didn't run to impress anyone, and I hated my hair swinging around in my face. Besides, it was Saturday morning. My favourite day to run. I always stopped at a little café for breakfast on Saturdays over on the other side of town. It was my guilty pleasure. I could stop, have breakfast, drink my blessed coffee and then continue on my way.

"OH hell!" the thought just hit me. I was supposed to be meeting the girls for breakfast this morning. I could always go to my little breakfast spot tomorrow then. So much for my usual Saturday routine.

Now I had the dilemma of going for my run and meeting them or just skipping it altogether and being lazy and driving. Ah, what the hell. I'll just make it a shorter trip than usual. I loosened up my bun and went with a ponytail instead. I'd save myself the trouble of the girls bugging me about my severe hairstyle.

Tossing my sunglasses on top of my head, I grabbed my keys and froze. The package was still on the kitchen counter. Untouched and unopened. It didn't seem so menacing in the morning light.

"I wonder what's inside?" I said to no one in particular. My curiosity was piqued. Just a quick look couldn't hurt.

I untied the ribbon surrounding the box and gently pulled the lid off. The first clicking noise or anything and I would be out the door as fast as I could possibly could run. It wasn't a very large box to begin with.

I'm going to hell and PETA's gonna take me there. I thought to myself. I held up the package and saw the fur bra and panty set I had received.

It was gorgeous and so soft. I giggled outright at the thought of a movie I recently saw. The character is stoned out of his mind off a "Jeffrey"(ahelluvajoint, lets say) and could only calm himself down by stroking and petting a fur covered wall. Pet the furry wall. Ha! Now I understand. It is relaxing!

I rubbed my face against the fur and felt the softness. I had to try it on. Just for a second. Then I'd put it back in the box. No. I had to go meet the girls. I didn't have time for this right now. It'll be here when I get home.

I grabbed my keys and headed out the door to meet everyone for breakfast.

Returning later in the afternoon, I had been sidetracked to go hunting antiques at a flea market with the girls. I was now the proud owner of a Duncan Fife sideboard. An impulse buy, but I reasoned that it was a wise investment. I couldn't turn it down at that price and it matched my dining room set. The gentleman selling it was going to deliver it that afternoon so I better make some room for it.

I smiled again when I saw the box with the furry bra and panty set sitting on the counter. It couldn't hurt to try it on now. I slipped into the bedroom and relieved myself of my clothes, and slid the soft panties on.

"Pet the furry wall." I said, giggling to myself. Slipping the bra on I wandered over to the mirror to take a look.

"Yup. Animal Rights activists all over the world would be painting me in a second!” Who knew it would look and feel so good? I twisted and turned admiring the set. Whoever sent them to me had great taste. It wasn't that trashy faux fur stuff. It fit well and looked great and totally played on my sense of touch. I was still pondering over the thought of some poor bunny or squirrel losing its hide when the doorbell rang.

"Oh blast it! The delivery guy is here already?" Grabbing a shirt and a sarong, I quickly buttoned and tied them covering up my anonymous gift.

"Hang on! I'll be right there!" I called, tripping over my feet in my haste to get to the door. I flung the door open and told the gentlemen over my shoulder to follow me as I rushed back to the dining room to clear a path for my newest addition. Pushing and shoving smaller pieces of furniture out of the way, I made room in no time and was proudly polishing it with a cloth when my neighbour down the hall, Thomas, walked in.

"Wow! That’s a beautiful piece. Did you just get it, Angel?"

"Yeah, the guys just delivered it. I went to the flea market with a couple of friends and I couldn't pass it up. It completes my set." I explained, while rubbing a lustre into the beautiful mahogany.

"Well damn! You went shopping without me. And I have a new movie if you wanted to watch it. It has that same guy in this one. You know... the Jeffrey!" he laughed, holding the DVD case up for me to see.

"Oh!" I giggled, "I was just thinking about that movie today. Where did you want to go? Your place or mine?" I gave him a big wink and swished my hips. He scowled and laughed, slapping at my ass with the DVD and called me a flirtatious tramp.

Thomas and I had become fast friends after I moved in three years ago. We usually spent every other weekend together puttering around town. We both loved good wine, corny movies and hot spicy food and my love of antiques and his penchant for old books would make us a perfect couple, except for the fifteen year age gap and that we treated each other like siblings and not prospective lovers.

A quick run through of my fridge and pantry turned up the makings of dinner. And with the generous donation of shrimp from his fridge we would eat very well tonight. A nice bottle of white wine rounded out the meal and we settled onto the couch to eat, drink and be merry.

You would think after eating such a spicy dish I could stay awake, but I think the wine took its toll. I awoke to watch the final scene and the credits rolling down the screen. I looked over and found Thomas watching me with a big smile on his face.

"What are you looking at, goofy?" feeling a little embarrassed. I wonder if I snored, or worse, passed gas! Dammit... that’s not cool. I felt the blush creeping up my face.

"Is it cold out? Cause you were talking in your sleep." The look of pure mischievous delight crossed his face as he leaned towards me.

"Uh no. Why?" Oh crap, what did I say? "Uh, what did I say?" I asked suspiciously, trying to hide my embarrassment behind it.

"Not much." he smiled slyly, "But those sure look warm and cozy."

While I was sleeping, my sarong had split and revealed the edge of my panties. Fur and all. I'd forgotten all about my anonymous gift and that I was still wearing them.

Sliding a hand up my leg where the sarong had parted, he felt the soft fur. I felt the warmth burning in me as he continued to run his fingers over and across the soft panties and between my legs.

Being a smart ass, I giggled and asked him, "Are you trying to write the alphabet?"

I gasped when he slipped his finger underneath and into my wet, sopping pussy. Sliding a second one in, I melted. He used his other hand to pull me closer until I was nearly on his lap.

"You fucking tease. I've been watching you for years parade around in front of me in the sexiest outfits. Your fucking yoga pants give me a hard on every time I see you in them."

Sonuvabitch! This was all making sense now... No wonder I couldn't see anyone in the hallway when he dropped off the package. He went and hid in his apartment!

I heard myself moan into his mouth as he crushed my lips with his. His fingers worked their magic, I was a mass of sensation and desire. Our tongues tangled sensuously together raising my temperature and doing funny things to my stomach not mentioning what his fingers were doing to my pussy.

"I thought... we... discussed this... kindaaah... thing... already?" I breathlessly questioned him between gasps and deep kisses. His thumb found my engorged clit, and was playing an unknown, but erotic, rhythm making me squirm and shiver against him.

His reply? To pick me up and carry me to the bedroom. Placing me on the bed, Thomas pulled his sweater off over his head. With a knowing grin, I undid the buttons to my shirt, revealing the matching bra to the panties that he got for me in the first place. I might as well show him how good they look on me.

"Holy shit. That's one hot fuckin' outfit Angel!" His pants quickly joined his sweater on the floor.

"Me Tarzan, you Jane?" He joked while hooking his fingers into the waistband and relieving me of my panties. "I want these off. Like yesterday. Fuck that, like three years ago. I've been wanting to see, taste, smell and own this ass forever."

Talk about making a girl feel wanted and desired. His tongue sent me right into the stratosphere. He played with my throbbing pussy, soaking the sheets as he expertly found and pushed every button to rocket me higher and higher.

I grabbed the sheets, trying to hold on to something as the pleasure began to build. Thomas slipped a finger into my wet and wanting cunt, and I felt myself spiralling out of control and into obliteration. I had no words except, "Oh god!" quickly followed by, "Ohhh fuckin' hell!" His fingers found my sensitive rosebud, teasing, stroking, and finally sliding me into another orgasm, even stronger than the initial one.

I turned to Thomas's smiling face.

"Feel better?" With a flick of his fingers, he undid the front clasp on the bra. His fingers traced slowly over and across my quickly, hardening nipples, sending small shockwaves through my body. Igniting me from within. I felt delicious.

Completely satiated, I wanted to return the favour. I also wanted to wipe that shit eating grin off his face. You know... that superior, smug smile a guy gets when they think they've done a great job. Maybe it was my competitive streak flaring or a hidden need to one-up him, but I thought to myself, Oh yeah? I can do better!

Flinging a leg over his hip, I pulled myself up into a straddling position across his chest. Rocking my hips back, I rubbed myself down his chest and stomach. I could feel my damp pussy leaving a trail.

"You like my ass?" I had his hard cock wedged into the cleft of my ass as I gyrated and twirled my hips.

"Ohhh... my... " was all Thomas could say when I lifted myself up and slowly sank his erection deep into my wet slit.

"What the hell! Ohhh Wow! Nevermind... " I pulled up and off him abruptly but sank my mouth over cockhead. I saw him toss his head back when I ran my tongue into the crevice and around the head of his deliciously hard cock.

"Shush." I teased. Looking up at his face, I sucked and teased and rubbed him in all the right ways. I could see Thomas watching my every move when I pulled my lips off the spongy head. I'd felt his balls tighten and twitch but I didn't want him to cum too soon. I had other plans for him.

"How dirty do you like to get?" Smiling at him, I continued to stroke and tease him with my hands. Occasionally dropping my lips over the head of his helmet for a quick swirl of my tongue.

"Ummm, I like, ohhh wow, ummm, whatever you want, ohhh or doing is fine..." He was having difficulty trying to put a sentence together. Good, I know how he feels.

Reaching into my bedside table drawer, I produced a bottle of lube and applied it liberally to his cock. Lubing up a finger, I slowly sank my digit inside me, prepping the way.

"Be good and go slow," I warned, "It's been awhile."

I positioned my wanton asshole on the head of his dick and sank slowly and carefully down on it. Relishing in the slight pain and feeling of fullness, I accustomed to his girth wedged in my most secretive spots.

Thomas rotated his hips and reached for my sensitive nipples. Giving them a twist, I gasped in pleasure.

"God it's so tight. So fucking tight! I never knew you were such a kinky bitch. What other secrets are you keeping Angel?" He grabbed my long ponytail with both hands and pulled my head back.

"Ahhh... I have lots of secrets." His thumb found its way to my sensitive clit and proceeded to rub me in all the right ways.

"Hang on. I want to own your ass and I can't in this position Angel." Thomas grinned at me menacingly. Flipping me off him and onto my stomach on the bed, he manhandled me towards him and the edge of the bed.

"Now this is mine." He said with a slight growl. I felt him push against my rosebud again and felt his cockhead break through.

I felt my breath forced out in a long drawn out sigh as he slowly sank himself deep within. I could feel every pulse and twitch when he paused the last inch.

“I’m going to cum, Angel. Hold still a minute.” he growled, when I rolled my hips. A quick slap on my ass made me wriggle my hips a bit more to spite him.

“Should I mention how I love the feel of you in my ass?” I teased him.

“Bitch!” he hissed through clenched teeth, “I’m close to cumming. And I’m not ready to finish… yet.”

“Mmmm… “ I chuckled, “That’s okay. I‘ll let you recuperate. At your age, I understand.” I looked over my shoulder and winked.

“Fuck! You dirty minx. You’re going to have difficulties walking when I’m done with you!” And he proceeded to show me. The recuperation time was surprisingly short.

A few hours later, I awoke, tired and sore but definitely satiated. I could see the sun glinting off something in the window in the building beside me. The spear of light was shining right through my bedroom window and in my eyes. I moved to make myself more comfortable. I could hear Thomas’s breathing shift, letting me know he was awake.

I had questions for him. I rolled over and propped myself up. I let my fingers tease and tickle their way down his chest to his stomach, and further, just to see just how awake he was.

Once I had his undivided attention, I asked, "Sooo... " pausing for effect, "Did we not discuss this a long time ago? Ya know... the becoming lovers thing?"

"No... You discussed this. I had no say in it. Typical pushy broad. Why do you think I always open the door for you?" he grinned, snorting, "Because I'm a gentleman? How else can I watch your ass going up the stairs? That's a prime view!"

"Ha ha ha! Wow! You're such a pig! Who knew you could act like a typical guy?" I teased him. "I thought you WERE a gentleman. All this time I was thinking you were a 'Nice Guy' when you weren't. DAMN! How did I misjudge that?" slapping his chest, I licked my lips and smiled.

"You really gotta learn when to shut up and just let things go with the flow." Thomas pulled me closer and slipped his fingers back into my pussy.

"I'll take that advice." I purred into his ear, "Now shut up and kiss me."

Before we continued, I had to ask one more thing, "Wait... How did you know I was going to want sushi?"

"Oh c'mon! After three years, I know you usually order out on Friday nights. We had pizza last week. Good guess, hmmm?" Leering, he continued him ministrations, making me squirm.

"Well did you have to get so creepy with the ‘Secret Admirer’ notes and everything. You were starting to freak me out a little." I gasped when his fingers grazed my clit.

He looked confused for a minute and replied...

"What notes?"

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