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The Limitations of an Online Relationship

They met in an online, sex chat room. It was Andrea’s first visit and she almost left thirty seconds after she created her profile. Six private messages popped up on her screen.

Hey beautiful. Want 2 fuck?

I’m 9 inches and ready to go.

Hard and hot 4 u.

Hi, Baby. A/S/L?

Do u cbr?

Gonna cum all over you.

“What am I doing?” Andrea said aloud in her empty apartment. This was sleazy. Maybe not as bad as going to bar and picking up a random stranger, but close. Nonetheless, she was here because she would never have the courage, much less the allure, to pick up a random stranger. This level of sleaze was the best she could do.

She pushed her glasses up on her nose and watched two strangers chatting in the open room. They must have been exhibitionists because they went back and forth, describing how he bent her over a table and was screwing her, possibly up the ass. It was so badly spelled and punctuated; she had trouble following it. There was no hope for getting excited by it.

Every once in a while, a private message popped up but nothing that piqued her interest. Until:

Are those your lips?

Her avatar was a close-up of rose-colored lips. Andrea’s pouting lips. Her roommate from college had taken the photograph as part of an art project. The picture reminded her that at least one part of her could be considered sexy.

The message came from the user GamesWePlay. Something about his name gave her a thrill.

They are, she typed back.

Someone should be kissing them.

Andrea’s breath caught. She became acutely aware of her mouth.

Or biting them, he added. Would you like that?

Her nervousness almost got the better of her. She nearly closed her whole browser. She made herself breathe. It was the internet. Nobody could harm her on the internet. It was the safest sex ever.

Andrea managed to type, I would.

What else would you like?

Andrea hesitated. She typed and erased. Typed and erased. She knew that he could see that she was trying to respond. That at the bottom of his chat box, the alert 'ShyOne is typing' kept flashing. She actually flushed, even though nobody could see her.

You’re new at this, aren’t you? he finally asked.

That made it a little easier.

I am. I’ve never been here before.

Would you like me to help you?

God, yes. She needed all the help she could get.


What are you wearing?

Sweat pants and a T-shirt.


Andrea let out a breathy laugh. Of course.

What kind?

She peeked even though she didn’t really need to. She only wore one kind of underwear.

White cotton briefs.



That’s naughty of you.

She smiled. It really wasn’t.

Take off your T-shirt, he typed.

Andrea toyed with the bottom of her shirt. Heat wasn’t just in her cheeks any more. Quickly, before she could change her mind, she pulled her T-shirt over her head.

It’s off.

Good girl.

Andrea supposed that she could have found that patronizing but she didn’t. She felt praised, proud, and primed.

How big are your breasts?

If he had called them tits or boobs, she probably would have frozen. But, because he didn’t, she could still imagine that they were having something of a polite conversation.


No. Not like that. Describe them to me.

Andrea traced her hands lightly over the bare skin of her torso. Her nipples hardened. She put her hands over her breasts and lifted them. It wasn’t anything she had ever done before. Breasts were for someone else to play with. It was a new thrill.

More than a handful. Pale as milk.

Your nipples?

There was a pulse now in her groin. An insistent pulse.

They’re pink. Bigger than quarters and so sensitive. They get really hard.

Are they hard now?

This time she didn’t hesitate.


Pinch them.

She did as he said and felt the thrill between her legs.

That was nice, she typed.

As soon as she sent it, she felt lame. But he didn’t seem to mind.

Good. Take off your sweat pants.

This time Andrea shimmied right out of them. She sat in her living room, the couch rough against the back of her legs, her skin sensitive to the movement of the air.

They’re off.

How do you masturbate?

Her lips parted. But, she was more aroused than shy.

With my fingers.

Do you own a vibrator?


He didn’t answer right away. She wondered if he was taking off his pants. She wondered if there was anyone in the room with him.

Touch the outside of your panties. Are they wet?

Obediently, she slipped her fingers over the cotton between her thighs. It was soaked. If she had been wearing tight pants, it might have leaked through.

They’re very wet.

Don’t take off your panties. Get on your knees so that you can see the computer screen. Tell me when you’re comfortable.

Andrea slipped to the floor on her knees. She put the lap-top on the couch.

I’m on my knees. I can see the computer.

Would you like to cum?

His bluntness made her hesitate, but, again, her arousal overcame it.

I would, very much.

Would you like me to help you?


Ask me.

She typed and erased again. Typed and erased.

Just ask me, ShyOne, he prompted.

She took a deep breath.

Please, help me come.

Good. Touch yourself through your panties.

Andrea spread her knees and her sex parted. She drew a finger over the material and the warm wetness pressed into her. She used two fingers.

Does it feel good?

Andrea had to stop to type.


Touch yourself under your panties. Only stop if I ask you a question. Understand?

I understand.

Andrea slid her fingers into her panties and parted herself. Even with the fluid that had seeped into her underwear, she was still wet. Wetter than she could ever remember being. Suddenly this sex chat thing seemed like a very good idea.

She slid her fingers over her flesh. This wasn’t going to take long.

You’re on your knees with both hands between your legs, correct?

Andrea nearly groaned when she stopped touching herself to answer.

That’s right.

As quickly as she could, her hands went right back to work. She hadn’t ever started masturbating at this level of arousal. How could a stranger - one that she couldn’t even see - do this to her?

I’d like to tell you what I would do to you if I was there. Would that be all right with you?

This time she audibly groaned when she stopped her touch to type an answer.

Yes. Please.

Her hands hurried back into place.

You’re on your knees. I’d stand over you, watching you masturbate. I’m imagining your arms squeezing your breasts together while you touch yourself. I might even play with your nipples until you were flushed and sweating.

Andrea thought that dirty-talk while she masturbated would just be a turn off. She couldn’t have been more wrong. She almost felt his light touch on her breasts. Her fingers went faster.

When you were very turned on, I’d take out my cock.

Calling it a cock made Andrea tingle. She whimpered a little and the sound of it aroused her even more.

I’d pull your head back by the hair and run the tip over your lips, all while you were still touching yourself. Would you open your mouth for me?

Andrea wanted to curse. Instead, she brought slick fingers to her keyboard.

I would.

I’d tell you not to stop touching yourself. Then, I’d hold your head with two hands and fuck your mouth.

Andrea moaned aloud.

Are you close?

Andrea was breathless.

I’m so close.

You’d feel my dick at the back of your throat and I’d make you gag on it. But you’d love it. I’d know because of how your body shook. I have a feeling that you’re a good cocksucker, ShyOne.

She was right at the edge. She didn’t feel humiliated. There was almost a pride at being supposed to be good at sex. Her legs opened wider.

The orgasm was glorious. Her face fell forward onto her keyboard as her hips twitched and jumped, trying to prolong the pleasure. She hadn’t ever felt anything so intense. Not alone and not with someone else.

She looked up at the screen and realized that she had accidentally sent the message:


Was that you cumming? GamesWePlay wrote.

Andrea smiled. Her body was a warm, glowing thing.

It was.

God, you’re adorable. I’m glad you had a good time, ShyOne. I did, too.

Her heart jumped. She had just had the best orgasm of her life with a stranger on the internet. He could disappear as easily as logging off.

Don’t go, she typed.

What is it?

Fear that he would leave overcame her shyness.

Can I see you here again?

I’m around.

It was too vague. He didn’t really want to. Andrea went from sexual high to self-esteem low in the matter of a heartbeat.

All right, she typed.

He didn’t log off, though. So she waited for him to. She tried to tell herself that the orgasm was what she came here for. She got what she wanted. She shouldn’t be disappointed.

After a long pause, he started typing again.

Thing is... I don’t do online relationships. There doesn’t seem like much of a point in getting attached to someone you’ll never meet.

Andrea bit her lip.

I understand, she typed.

Another long pause. But, still, he didn’t log out.

I’ll tell you what. Show me you’re a real woman in the real world and we can meet here a few times.

The proposition made her warm. Blood started to flow back to all of the places that made her throb.

How can I show you? she typed.

Another pause.

Send me your panties.

Andrea flushed.

Take them off right now, he continued. Put them in a zip-lock bag and send them to this Post Office Box. If I get them by Friday morning, I’ll be here on Friday night. Deal?

He sent the address of his Post Office box. It was in the same city where she lived. She gave a furtive look around her apartment, as if he was watching her. But, that was ridiculous. There were a million and a half people in the city and surrounding area. It was just a coincidence.

It’s a deal, she typed.

GamesWePlay did log off then. Andrea stared at her screen for a minute before pulling her T-shirt back over her head. It felt good against her hard nipples. She wrote down the PO Box address and stood.

When she got to the kitchen, she slipped out of her panties, folded them, and put them in a quart-sized freezer bag.



Andrea was both eager and nervous for Friday to come. What if her panties hadn’t made it in time? What if he just kept her undergarments and didn’t show up?

She tried to calm herself down. If he didn’t show up, she would masturbate on her own like usual. She was only in that chat room because she was tired of orgasming by herself in her silent apartment. She had been tired of trying to dream up the scenario that would give her release. Now, she had some fresh material thanks to GamesWePlay, whether he logged in or not.

Nonetheless, when she sat down in front of her computer Friday night, she couldn’t stop the butterflies in her stomach. Andrea really hoped that he showed up. She couldn’t remember the last time she wanted something so much. It scared her.

He wasn’t on the chat list when she logged in but she waited. And finally, after more than twenty minutes, she saw GamesWePlay enter the room.

Your avatar is distracting, he wrote by way of greeting.

It was the same one as before. The rose-colored, pouting lips.

Would you like me to change it?

No. I’d like your lips around my cock. But, tonight, I’ll have to settle for your panties.

The words worked on her like an aphrodisiac. He had her cotton underwear wrapped around his erection. She could see it in her mind’s eye.

You got them?

Yesterday. I like how you smell.

Uncomfortable heat came into her cheeks. Of course, he would sniff her underwear.

I’m glad, she managed to type. It was true, too. She would have been mortified if he hadn’t.

What are you wearing tonight?

Same as before. T-shirt and sweat pants. Panties.

What kind?

White cotton briefs.

You need to go shopping before we chat again. I want you in new panties with a brand new vibrator.

The thought of buying a vibrator, either in person or online, was almost too scary to contemplate. She hadn’t ever used one because she couldn’t bring herself to buy one. But, if the choice was between buying one and not seeing GamesWePlay again, she would find the courage.

I'll get them.

Take off your clothes. All of them.

She quickly did exactly as he said. In a moment, she was undressed, the air conditioning giving her a chill.

I’m naked, she typed. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. Fluid smeared the insides of her thighs. She throbbed.

I am, too.

The thought of him nude gave her a surge of want. She wished that they were in the same room.

If I were there, he typed, I’d make you beg me for sex. I’d use my tongue all over you.

Just the way he talked to her gave her electric thrills. It made her want to try to do the same for him.

Would you let me suck you? she typed. She wanted to write “suck your cock” but she was already fevered hot. She couldn't bring herself to be that forward.

My, my. Is my little one coming out of her shell?

She liked that he called her his.

I’m trying.

I would definitely let you suck my cock. I think I'd love the sight of you on your knees, looking up at me.

That sounded kinky. It also sounded so hot she might just explode from the thought of it.

Tell me more about you so I can picture you, he continued. How tall are you?

I'm small. Just a little over five feet.

What’s your eye color?

Brown. I wear glasses, though.

She felt like he should warn him, lest he start imagining her as someone attractive.

I love glasses on a woman.

Andrea stared at her screen for a moment. Surely, he was messing with her.


I’m starting to think you’re the hot librarian type.

Her heart sank. She could just let him think so, but her conscience wouldn’t let her.

I’m not hot.


I’m not.

Who says so?

She hesitated. She was naked and vulnerable. This was the last thing she wanted to talk about. Still, it seemed very unfair to him, letting him imagine a girl that didn’t exist.

I do. I have a mirror.

He answered quickly.

You have lips I would never get tired of fucking. I’ve been imaging your breasts for days. Don’t ever say you’re not hot again.

She was a little taken aback.

If you say so, she typed.

I do. Are you on your knees?

Quickly she fell to the floor.


Spread your knees. Put two fingers inside yourself.

Andrea never penetrated herself while masturbating, but she did exactly as he told her to. It was awkward but wonderful. She could tell where pressure gave her a thrill. She got even wetter.

Does that feel good?

She withdrew her fingers.

So good.

Imagine it’s my fingers fucking you. Add another one.

Her hands returned to their work and went faster. Awkwardly, she added a third digit.

I'd love to have you on your back, spread, watching your face while I pound you with my hand.

She hadn’t even touched her clit and she felt the rise.

I’ll bet you make delicious sounds. Are you a moaner or a screamer?

Andrea pulled reluctant fingers away from herself and laid them on the keyboard.

By myself, I moan. With someone else, I’m quiet.

You’ll moan for me. Because when I know you're really hot, I’ll stroke your pussy.

Andrea touched herself while she penetrated herself. Her breath came out like high-pitched whimpers.

Three fingers working your g-spot from the inside while I tickle your pussy. Oh, yes, little one. You’d moan.

Her fingers flew. She didn’t blink. His words were as important as her touch. Suddenly, the orgasm was on her. Her greedy hole sucked her fingers. Stars streaked past her vision. She shook and trembled to the end.

I came, she typed.


What about you?

I’m stroking myself with your panties.

She flushed. But she was a smart girl and was starting to get the hang of this.

You said that you wished they were my lips.

You have no idea.

I’d love for you to come in my mouth.

I cum a lot. Would you swallow?

Andrea couldn’t believe that she was starting to get excited again. She felt much less shy than she had two orgasms ago.

Every drop.


I’d lick you clean.

Andrea felt inordinately dirty. The fingers of one hand slipped between her legs again. She typed with the other.

Then I’d get on my hands and knees for you. Suck you hard again. Beg you to have me.

Her hands flew and before she could stop herself, she came again, trembling and shaking, this one almost as hard as the first one.

See what you did to me? GamesWePlay typed. I messed up your pretty panties.

I could send you another pair.

You can send me one of your new pair.

Andrea nodded, even though he couldn’t see her. New panties and a vibrator.

When can we meet again? she typed.

Sunday? Will you have everything by then?

Andrea flushed very hard. She wasn’t going to be able to get a vibrator online by Sunday, but she desperately wanted to keep the date. Which would mean going to a sex toy shop. She knew where to go, though she’d only driven past.

I will.

Buy the panties, take a picture of them and send them to my e-mail, so I know you did it.

He gave an e-mail address.

I’ll send it tomorrow.

She liked the idea that she would communicate with him before Sunday, even if he didn’t write back.

Good. Sleep well, little one.

Then, he logged off. Andrea was warm, satisfied, and even a little happy. She only pulled her T-shirt on and that was all she slept in that night. It felt very wanton.


Getting the new panties wasn’t any trick. She went into a lingerie shop. All of the workers were female. All of the customers were, too. She decided against thongs as too daunting. Instead, she got some lacy boy shorts and bowed bikinis briefs. Not one pair was in white. She thought GamesWePlay would like that.

And while she was at it, she got a couple of pretty bras, too.

The vibrator was a whole other matter. She parked in the parking lot and sat in her car staring at the “Adult Video” sign. For twenty minutes, she watched men enter and leave. She only got out of her car when she saw a couple go in. The guy had his hand in the woman's back pocket; she was giggling like there was nothing less intimidating than a sex shop.

Andrea took a deep breath, pushed her glasses up her nose, and got out of her car. When she entered the shop, a little bell rang, like it was a bookstore.

She looked around. Dirty books were in front of her. Dirty DVDs were to the left. Andrea went to the right. The first thing she saw was a dildo too big for any human orifice.

“Can I help you?”

Andrea looked up to see a younger man. He was smiling. He didn’t look like he planned to judge her.

“Vibrators?” she practically whispered.

He took her to a wall display. There were little ones and big ones. Ones you could wear and ones that would penetrate. Ones that were over a hundred dollars and ones that were under twenty.

She picked a pretty purple vibrator with twelve settings. And then, on a whim, a metal dildo that also vibrated. When she took it up to the counter, she was in line behind the couple.

“ long as it’s fully submersible,” the woman said.

“We’re headed to Cancun,” the guy added. She smacked him.

Andrea watched them with some wonder. Even when she was with her last boyfriend, he would have never been this affectionate in public. Actually, he would have scoffed at this couple for being so demonstrative. But now, outside of his influence, she found it rather sweet.

And freeing. She didn’t know that she felt restrained until now.

The couple moved along. Andrea put her purchases up on the counter and made herself look the cashier in the eye.

“Do you need batteries to go with this?” he asked in the friendliest way.

Andrea blushed but she still managed to answer. “Please.”

He added a set of AAs and AAAs.

"Maybe two of each," Andrea said in a low voice.

He nodded and obliged.

She couldn't believe how easy it was. She paid and took her package to her car. She looked at the lingerie bag and the nondescript brown bag with the vibrators, side by side on the passenger seat. She felt triumph, almost. In a single Saturday, she bought panties and a vibrator; she hadn't been struck by lighting. Her embarrassment hadn't caused her to stroke out.

She couldn't get home fast enough.

The first thing she did was lay out all of her purchases on her comforter and snap pictures. He hadn't asked for proof of the vibrator but she included them anyway. She sent the pictures to GamesWePlay in an email.

Then, she put on a pair of the lacy boy shorts and looked at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks peeked out from under the lace. She put on the matching bra. It pushed her breasts up and created cleavage. If she wore this to work, nobody would know, but she would feel so sexy.

A tone from her phone told her that she received an e-mail. Her heart jumped when she saw that it was from GamesWePlay.

Beautiful choices. Bring both vibrators tomorrow night. You deserve a big reward. GWP

She bit her lip. Sunday night couldn't possibly come fast enough.


When Andrea logged into the sex chat, GamesWePlay was already there. It made her smile to think that maybe he was eager, too.

Did you have fun shopping? he wrote

More than I thought I would. I'm in the blue and white striped ones.

I hope that's all you're wearing.

Andrea flushed. It is.

I'm naked. I have my cock in my hand thinking about you.

It gave her a rush. She wondered what he looked like naked.

On your knees, ShyOne.

She immediately obeyed.

I am.

I liked the egg vibrator. Get it. Turn in on.

Andrea turned on the toy for the first time and bit her lip when it sprang to life in her hand.

Did you play with it last night? he wrote.

No. I was waiting for you.

The was a pause before he answered. Her mind went to any number of arousing things that he might be doing.

I'm honored. Touch yourself through your panties with it.

Andrea didn't know what to expect when she pressed the vibrator to the damp, silky material. Her sex jumped. It was almost too much. But then she felt a rush of warmth and wet; her hips swayed into the sensation.

"Oh, God," she moaned aloud to the empty apartment.

Tell me, he typed.

I had to get used to it, she typed with one hand, holding the vibrator to her with the other. It's wonderful.

Don't come.

There was never more power than in those two words. The instant she read them, her arousal doubled. Her body immediately decided to disobey. She had to pull the vibrator away and breathe.

I had to stop, she typed.

Take off your panties.

She did as he said. They're off.

Get the vibrator that penetrates, he wrote. Don't turn it on.

It was a pretty thing. Hot pink metal. Maybe six inches long.

Put it in your mouth.

She did and the metal warmed. It made her mouth water.

Imagine it's my cock.

She moved the toy like she was giving a blow job. The act was arousing.

You're getting it wet before it goes into another hole.

She moaned around the dildo. Her sex started to protest the neglect with little twitches.

God, what you do to me, she typed.

She sent that without thinking. Her sex was hungry. She was hungry. She knew what a vibrator felt like and she wanted to come on it all night. All filters were gone.

What do I do to you? He asked.

She caressed the metal in her mouth with her tongue. A flush came to her cheeks but it wasn't anything like what it should have been. She was almost too aroused to feel embarrassment.

When I'm with you, it's like I'm in heat. You could tell me to do anything.

Put that vibrator in your pussy. Don't turn it on.

She did as he said. At this moment, she desperately wished that she had chosen a larger toy.

It's there, she typed.

All the way in?

She whimpered.


Fuck yourself with it, like I would.

With one hand, she moved it in and out, using the tip to massage herself from the inside. There must have been nerves that connected to other nerves, because Andrea swore she felt pleasure in the top of her head and the soles of her feet.

I think I could almost come from just this.

She had to keep fixing her typos.


She moaned again.

I won't.

That's me fucking you. On my knees, face-to-face with you, my cock inside you while I bite those pretty lips.

You're right, she typed. You'd make me moan.

You're fucking right I would. I'd like teasing that little pussy. Making my shy woman say the most filthy things.

Her body insisted on rising.

I had to stop again, she typed.

Poor girl. I wonder if it's frustrating.


Turn on the vibrator inside you.

She did. Her body clenched on it and got warmer. She moved it in and out of herself easily. The shaft of the toy was slick.

Her hands shook but she still managed to type.

That's the most amazing sensation.

If I were there, I'd use my mouth on you. I love making a woman come that way.

The thought of his touch was almost overload. I'm so ready.

All right, little one. Turn on your bullet. Fuck your pussy and imagine my tongue doing the rest.

Andrea turned on the bullet vibrator and held it to herself. With the vibrating penetration, her sensitivity was muted. She pressed the toy into herself, rubbing while massaged herself from the inside.

She couldn't have predicted the wild intensity of the orgasm. It started in her belly and seemed to build to a hot, white point of pleasure. She didn't just moan; she cried out. Her body gripped the vibrator. She felt like she came for a full thirty seconds.

When she finished, she withdrew the toys from her and steadied her breath.

That was unbelievable. Thank you.

There was a longer pause than she was used to.

I wish I could have seen it.

You made me yell.

Again, the pause was too long. She bit her lip and typed. Are you still hard?

Yes. I'm about to get a shower. I'll think about you.

Do you have to go so early?

I do.

Something wasn't right.

Is everything OK?

Everything is good.

When can I see you again?

This time there was a very, very long pause. Andrea started to watch the room to see if GamesWePlay had signed out. Finally, a reply popped up.

You know how cybering works now, ShyOne. You don't need me to help you along.

It was like a punch in the gut.

You don't want to meet up anymore?

It's not that.

Then what?

I told you how I feel about online relationships. I want to see you cum. I want to hear your voice. I already think way too much about a woman I'm never going to meet. I need to cut this off.

Don't. I think about you, too.

It's enough for you. It isn't for me.

Then, before she could type anything back, he logged off. She stared at the list of names, barely able to believe it.

Andrea pulled her t-shirt over her head. She scanned the screen again. Would she see him come back? She waited there for hours to see if he would log back into the chat, but GamesWePlay was gone for the night.


Andrea visited the chat room every night for a week. She scanned the named for hours and hours, hoping to see his. She didn't.

She wore her pretty panties and bra to work, but it didn't have the zing she hoped it would.

She tried to hook up with other people on-line, but nobody chatted like GamesWePlay. Sometimes they were just too blunt and other times they were hardly literate. Each night, she ended up masturbating alone in her bed, like she always had before, albeit with better tools. And, with better fantasies.

She missed GamesWePlay much more than she should have.

It had her asking herself some difficult questions. Like, exactly why didn't she want to meet up with someone she clearly clicked with? The answer was fear. What if he didn't think she was attractive? What if he walked out on her the minute he saw her? Wouldn't it better to hold on to the fantasy than shatter it with reality?

GamesWePlay would say no.

Finally, after seven days of thinking about him, she decided her answer was no, too.

She wrote him an e-mail and sent it to the address he had given her. She hoped it still worked. Then, she waited.

In less than an hour her e-mail dinged.

Where and when? he wrote.

The quick reply gave her hope. She sent an address. Her heart hammered. Five minutes later, she had a reply.

I'll be there.


Andrea was taking a huge leap of faith. Meeting a man she knew from a sex chat, privately, like this. She wore one of her pretty panties and matching bras. But over it, like usual, she had her blouse and a skirt that covered her knees. She wore the high heels rather than the flats, but she didn't feel like she was being misleading.

When she arrived to the hotel, she checked in. It was a nicer place. Not the nicest the city had to offer but four star, at least. She checked into her email using the hotel Wi-Fi and sent one last message.

Room 312. There's a key at the desk for Mr. Games.

The reply came within three minutes.

Five o'clock sharp?

Yes. Please.

I can't wait.

Neither could she. At four fifty, she sat in one of the comfortable plush chairs and took a deep breath. Carefully, she wrapped a silky scarf over her eyes and glasses. It wound around her head three times. She was careful to avoid leaving a gap; she didn't want to cheat.

Then she sat back and waited.

Ten minutes was longer blindfolded. Or maybe he didn't come at exactly five. When she heard the key card in the lock, she jumped. For the millionth time, she chastised herself for taking such a chance. But she waited.

The door opened and closed. She heard footsteps. "It's me," he said. There was a southern pull to his words. His voice was deep. "Your friend from online."

Andrea took a long, deep breath.

"You wanted to meet, but if you don't want to stay, I won't be offended," she said softly. "I know I'm not much to look at. And maybe you won't want me to know who you are, after all."

Footsteps approached.

"I told you to cut it with that shit," he said. His language was rough but his voice was kind. "There isn't one thing wrong with you."

"I'd understand if you want to go," she said firmly.

"What if I want to kiss you? Would you understand that?" his voice teased and it made the warmth flood her cheeks.

Andrea's lips parted. "Do you?"

She felt his warmth before she felt his touch. His mouth pressed firmly against hers. He sucked her upper lip and bit her lower lip. It thrilled her to her toes.

"Oh," she whispered.

"I like the blindfold. It's kinky," he said, that playful quality still in his voice.

"It is?" she asked in a tentative voice.

"It makes me want to do things to you," he said. The drawl kept it from sounding threatening.

"Like what?" Andrea whispered.

Hands rested lightly for a moment on her knees, under her skirt, before sliding higher. Before playing a finger over the material of her panties. Andrea squirmed a little in her seat.

"Like seeing if you wore your new panties for me. You did, didn't you?" he asked.

"I did." He voice was barely a whisper. It shook. And, yet, she had never been more aroused.

He removed his hands from under her skirt and played with the 'V' of her blouse collar.

"Like seeing these milky white breasts that are more than a handful," he said, still sounding playful.

He plucked a button And, then, another. In a moment of fear, Andrea brought her hands up to stop his. She felt a tongue slide over her knuckles.

"Tell me to stop," he said. Lips on her fingers. Her sex thrilled.

She shook her head.

He felt the movement of air as he opened her blouse. Rough hands scooped her breasts out of her bra cups. Callused fingers chafed her.

Her breath came in rough pants. Her fingernails bit into her palms.

"You are quiet," he commented. His tongue lapped at her nipple. She couldn't help a small whimper. "That's better," he purred.

His lips were back on hers. She kissed him in response, hoping he could feel how aroused she was.

"I want to see your lips around my cock," he whispered. The shock jolted through her and then the arousal caught up.

He took her hand and placed it against rough material. Denim. He squeezed her fingers until she couldn't help but feel the solid erection. She heard the rip of a zipper.

Skin against her lips and an unmistakably male smell. She hesitated. But her need won. She opened her lips and he slid his erection into her mouth. All the way to the back until she gagged. It made her wet and throbbing, the feeling of being used.

"That's right." He put a hand in her hair. "I can't even tell you how gorgeous this is."

He pumped into her, holding her head with two hands now. His breath came unevenly. His erection only got harder. Andrea sucked and drooled.

Then, he pulled out of her with a pop, without giving her any notice. He fumbled with the scarf around her eyes. Finally, he untangled it and tossed it aside.

She looked up through her crooked glasses and saw heated blue eyes. A lean forty-something man in jeans and a work shirt. Salt-and-pepper hair. Nobody she'd ever met before looking at her like he could eat her alive.

"I wanted to see your eyes," he said gruffly.

He pushed his erection into her mouth again. This time it was slow; it didn't stop when she gagged. Her eyes watered when it slipped into her throat. She hadn't even taken it all. She looked up at him. It seemed to make him hotter.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet ass," he said, keeping the slow, relentless pace in her mouth. "It'll be a hell of a lot better than that pink vibrator."

She hadn't known that giving a blow job could be so arousing. Her new panties were soaked. Her nipples never softened. When he pulled his hard cock out of her mouth, she felt a little deprived.

He yanked her to her feet and gave her a hard kiss. Then, he bent her over the bed and peeled her panties down. He lifted her thighs and thrust into her, forcing as much of himself into her as he could. Then he pulled himself all the way out before thrusting all the way back into her, again and again, splitting her every time.

Her breath was fast. Her orgasm was close. He reached between her legs and stoked her. She cried out when the sensation broke over her. She clutched handfuls of the bed sheets and twisted under him. For minutes, she was a wordless, mewling, thrashing, senseless thing.

Then, he stilled, stiffened, and cried out on his own. She pushed back on him, helping him pump into her. Finally, when nothing more could be gained from friction, he withdrew and fell on the bed next to her.

For a moment, there was no sound in the room but heavy, humid breathing. He rolled towards her and stroked one of her bare breasts.

"I'm Adam, by the way," he said, offering a smile.

"Andrea," she said softly in reply. "It's a real pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise," he said, laughter in his eyes. "So, Andrea, do you think I could tempt you into going out to coffee with me?"

She bit her lip and he watched her do it. "I think so. If you promise we can do this again."

"Oh, I can pretty much guarantee that... ShyOne."



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