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The Perfect Storm

A couple rediscover each other during a spring storm.
The weather had been perfect for days. Perfect blue skies with big fluffy white clouds. George and Carol had used the time to work on their yard. Bushes had needed trimming; flowers were ready for planting, and winter debris needed to be removed. All that remained after two days of hard work was mowing the lawn. That could be done the following day which was predicted to be yet another beautiful day. Exhausted after a day of hard work, they went inside and Carol made a salad while George took some steaks out to the grill. They ate mostly in silence, then settled in; Carol reading a book while George watched the game on TV. After a bit, Carol went to bed and fell asleep. George drifted off on the couch.

This seemed to happen a lot lately. Not that they had any problems they could define. But other than the occasional perfunctory sex, it just seemed like they had no time for each other anymore or just didn't take the opportunity when they could. There was always something to do, somewhere to go, or some other chore that took priority.

The rumble of thunder woke George up. He looked at the clock. It was 6 am, but no light shown outdoors yet. He went to the window and looked out. Dark nasty looking clouds filled the skies. The thunder was almost a constant noise. He could see clouds in the distance brighten as each bolt of lightning struck high in the air.

The wind was picking up and he could smell the rain in the air. It was blowing in their direction and would soon reach their area. Suddenly, a huge bolt of lightning made its way from the clouds to the ground. A few seconds later, the deafening clap of thunder reached his ears. Perfect, he thought, a storm! So much for mowing the lawn.

He went into the bedroom, figuring to get another hour or two of sleep. Then he would get up and take care of some items that needed to be done inside. Maybe, the storm would pass soon and he could mow the yard this afternoon. As he crawled into bed, Carol stirred, turning onto her side. George moved into her.

Carol: Mmm, I moan slightly as you move close to me. It feels so nice. The warmth of your body. The feel of your skin on my skin.

George: I love the feel of her body against mine. Why had we grown so far apart? Why had we not been taking time to do this more often? Life’s day to day chores had taken over and we had forgotten the most important one of all. The job of caring for each other. The chore of making time for each other. The task of loving each other as we had once done. I gently begin to caress her.

As I lay there, my body begins to react to his touch. Tender. Loving. Gently caressing me. His fingers running softly along my body. A yearning was growing inside me. My mind waking from its sleep state. It had been a long time. Though we had tried to make time for each other, it had become a routine. Somehow, I knew today would be different. It felt so... wonderful.

I hear the sound of the rain beginning to hit the roof. Beating gently against the windows. Soothing. Better than music. I can see the silhouette of her body against the little light coming from the window.

I turn and face him. I look in his eyes and see his desire. Feel my own desire rising as well. I feel his cock pressed against my leg. Feel the hardness growing in it. Feel the hardness also growing in my nipples. I wrap my arms around him, pulling him close.

I reach over and run my hand on your body. Feeling your backside. Our chests pressed together. Slowly looking into your eyes. I feel the fire building inside me.

I move my lips to yours. My gaze holding your gaze. I see the fire building in you. I feel my own fire building as well. Our lips touch softly. I part my lips. Your tongue meets mine. I probe deeper into your mouth. Tasting, wanting it all.

I feel your delight. Your warm tongue in my mouth. I savor the taste; the feel. Our tongues are entwined. I want more. Yearn for more. Probing deeper into your mouth. Our tongues playing together. Feel our juices moving back and forth. I hold your head, prolonging the kiss.

I reach between us. Feel your manhood getting hard against my thigh. Taking it gently in my hand. Softly stroking. Rubbing it against me. Teasing you, giving you just a hint of what is to come. Your touch is sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I reach down to your breast and touch your nipples. I roll them between my fingers. I think about sucking on them. I break our kiss. Move my mouth to your neck. Gently kissing it. Nibbling at it. Softly sucking your skin.

I tilt my head to the side, loving the feel of your mouth on my neck.

I move down to your breast. I kiss it and feel the hardness of your nipple as I take it into my mouth. Sucking hard, then just holding it there. Use my hand to massage it. Sucking. Running my tongue around softly.

God, I love when you suck my breasts. I had almost forgotten what it does to me when you do that. I feel myself getting wet. Mmm. My hand begins stroking your cock a little harder. I can feel it pulsing in my hand; responding to my touch. I want it inside me. but first I want to feel you grow, to harden to my touch.

Your touch feels so nice. You have control of it right now. Slowly stroking it and making my desire grow. I work my hand into the valley between your legs. I feel you getting wet, your juices beginning to flow. Your skin radiating warmth. I want to make this moment last.

I need this now. My body aching for it, realizing how much I’ve missed you. Feeling each other. Enjoying the moment.

Slow and gracefully, I move to the other breast and begin to massage it. Moving around, slowly working up to your aureola.. I feel them swelling. Your nipples becoming engorged, I feel your heart beat getting faster; your breathing deepen.

I feel it building. Yesss, it feels sooo good. I can barely stop myself from cumming. Breathe, control it. Focus and let my body enjoy this for a while. Tell myself, to not let go right now. I lower my hand reaching for your balls.

Now I use both hands to work your breasts. Squeezing from one hand to the other. I see your breasts swell. I lower my face and breathe on the nipple. Warm moist air; another breath then extend my tongue and lick around your aureola, not allowing your nipple the contact. It’s so hard, wanting to give you everything right now, yet wanting this feeling to last.

Ohhh. Loving the feeling, all adding to the pleasure as my nipples harden and swell in anticipation. I feel the coolness when you breathe where your tongue has dampened my skin. Aching for you to take it into your mouth, but enjoying what you are doing,

My tongue rolls around again, and the pressure of my tongue on your aureola has your nipple flexing toward my tongue. The nipple is so hard and waiting. Slowly, I pull my tongue back and breathe again on your tit.

The feeling is exquisite, teasing. Promising more to come, but arousing by itself. My hand begins gently massaging your balls. Rolling them, gently in my palms. Squeezing softly, just hard enough so you let out a soft moan. I hear myself moaning as well. Mmm.

My balls swell under your touch. Massaging and squeezing them. I finally lower my mouth onto your nipple and suck it. Taking it in deep into my mouth.

My hand moves back to your cock. I take the head between my thumb and forefinger, rubbing it softly. Feeling my finger against your slit. A drop of pre-cum flowing out. I pull my hand to my mouth, tasting you. So sweet. I love the taste. Before returning my hand, I wet my palm with my tongue, and then wrap my hand around you. Stroking you softly.

I watch you enjoying the taste of my juices. Feel the warmth of your hand. Enjoy each stroke of your hand. Mmm ... so nice.

My hand just barely touching you. Moving all the way down the shaft, then slowly back up, back to the head. More pre-cum leaking out. I rub it all over your head. I can feel your shaft swelling, pulsing. Growing in response to my touch.

I turn you over so you are on your stomach. I begin massaging your shoulders. Kissing you down your back. Softly caressing your skin.

Mmm, yes. I reach out, stretching my hands to the headboard. I hold tight, not tied. But your captive none the less.

I can sense now that you have given me control over your body. A control I will keep until you climax. Until your body is totally spent. I straddle your body. Work on your shoulders.

The tenseness in my body is fading away. Relaxing. Knowing what you are planning. What we have been missing. I give you the control. Give you my body.

My cock is lying on your back as I work your shoulders. I move down a little to work shoulders and upper back. Reaching down your side and feeling your breast. My hands circling your back, reaching down to cup a breast when you roll slightly to your side. Then going lower on your back, feel my cock now tracing the split between your two moons.

Pushing my hips up slightly.

Feel my balls making contact due to your thrust, then slide slightly lower, and massage your lower back and cheeks.

My breathing is getting heavier; you are in control.

I raise a knee up and pull your legs apart; move my legs between yours.

I spread my legs wider, feeling you close to me; my pussy is dripping juices all over.

Now seeing your moist skin between your legs, I continue to massage your moons and work down to your thighs; work the back side of your thighs and slowly to the inside, then back up to your hips.

I am more relaxed than I have been in a long time, yet so aroused; my entire body tingling, quivering in anticipation. Letting the enjoyment, the pleasure, fill my senses; giving you the control. I know by your touch that you know this and have taken over, sending waves of electricity through me.

My hands move up again, brush your lips and feel the wetness. You are so silky and smooth.

My soft moans are getting louder now as I yearn for the touch of your hands on me… in me… touching me.

I slide my finger along your slit, parting your lips, then slide up to your clit, coating it with the nectar flowing from you. I bring my finger to my mouth to taste your juices, then slide my head down to your knees and work my way up, kissing one thigh, then the other.

Oh God, yesss! My hips move up, seeking you… your mouth… your tongue; waiting and wanting… anticipating. I know what is coming. My breathing is coming in pants; I feel the wetness dripping down my legs.

The scent of your sex is so strong and exciting; it takes all my control not to plunge into your pussy, not to take you hard and fast.

I feel your mouth moving closer, so close! I shudder. My brain is screaming… begging for you to take me; needing you desperately, but only a moan escapes my mouth.

My nose brushes against your lips and feels the wetness as I breathe in the scent. I lick up and down once again, then my tongue finds your glorious channel and sinks deep inside, getting a full taste of you.

“Please”, I finally scream as your tongue enters me and my body shudders almost instantly as the orgasm strikes. “Ahh” I yell, ”yesss!”

I pull out my tongue and as it moves up to your clit, I replace it with two fingers, pushing them inside you as my mouth consumes your hard swollen nub. Your juices soaking my fingers as I twist them in and tug them out. I feel you tensing as the onset of another orgasm nears. Soon I will fill you with my cock, I will feel your walls squeezing me… but not quite yet.

I want more… want you in me, filling me. I am so ready for you. I hear myself begging “Please take me now. I need it… need you.”

I get up on my knees behind you and rub my aching cock in your juices.

I thrust my hips back to meet your shaft.

I feel your thrust and move to enter you. slowly so that we feel each sensory receptor being triggered.

Pushing, cheeks high in the air, yearning for you.

I work the head around and feel the opening and hold your hips as I penetrate, wanting you badly now.

My moaning grows louder, my pussy aches as I feel your hardness enter me. I can wait no longer. I need all of you now. “Make me cum", I beg.

I plunge into your pussy, so slick with your juices, hard and fast, my cock all the way into you. I stop for just a moment, feeling you squeeze me; letting you feel the fullness.

I feel the throbbing of your swollen shaft in me as you stop moving momentarily. I so need the feel of you cumming inside me.

I can wait no longer. I begin to pump my cock in you, pump it like a piston in an engine. Stroke, stroke, stroke.

My hips move against you with each hard stroke, your heavy balls slapping into me. My walls close around you, trying to hold you, keep you deep inside me.

Stroke, stroke, stroke.

I feel each pulse of your cock… so strong. I can no longer hold back as the feeling builds from deep inside me. Screaming, “I need you, want you, now!”

I feel the cum welling from my balls, ready to explode into you as I pull your hips and ass against me on each downward stroke. I hear you scream. I whisper back…”I need you, want you…now!”

Fuuck! My body jerks in a massive explosion as I succumb to you, my hips meeting your thrusts; wanting you deep inside.

I take one hand and reach down, run my finger from my cock up to your clit and roll around on it, putting pressure on your clit as another thrust goes inside you.

I moan “Please…cum in me.”

My cock pulses and warm cum enters.


I am holding your hips tightly and thrust again as another shot enters.

My hips are moving faster, pushing…demanding more; feeling the heat of your cum, wanting every drop.

Pushing in again and again, filling you with shot after shot, delivered deep inside you. The ache in my balls easing as they empty into you.

Mmm. My pulsing walls squeezing you, milking you. My body spasms slowly subsiding as we roll gently to one side. You are still inside me, filling me…connected to me still.

We spoon, my cock holding my cream in you. I wrap my arms around you, pulling you in close and holding you tight.

So nice to be in your arms; I feel you slowly relaxing, you cock growing softer. As you slide out of me, I turn and move down your body. I want to taste you, taste us...your cum and my nectar. I want to clean up every last drop. I run my tongue over your balls, up and down your shaft, licking you clean.

My body quivers under your touch…so nice. My tongue licking our combined juices, cleaning you ... sucking your well dry.

I slide back up your body, move my mouth over yours. I want to share our taste with you.

My tongue swirls around yours, tasting us. Our bodies melted into one as well, our heart beats in sync as they slow down together. Our breathing slowing together and as we drift off to sleep, I think to myself, it was a perfect storm after all.

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