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Wedding Interrupted 3 : Model Client

Hurting after the events of his failed wedding, Curt visits a new client and has unexpected fun

As I entered my office, my eyes fell on the image of the woman who had left me a little more than a week earlier. The picture of Julia on my desk had been taken at a company party the previous winter. My then-fiancée looked gorgeous in a tight little black dress with her hair and makeup done to perfection. Just the way she should have looked at the wedding that never happened.

I was returning to work after a vacation that should have been my wedding and honeymoon. Instead, it had been a one-week recovery leave as I wrestled with my fiancée calling off the wedding at the last minute. Finally, I had decided I would be better off shuffling money and reviewing investments than moping around the house.

Putting my briefcase down, I picked up the picture and gave it a closer look. The ring that she had returned to me a couple days earlier was on her finger. That visit had been brief and bitter. Neither of us was really ready to discuss the whole affair yet and she had left with both of us in tears. With a sigh, I put the picture in a drawer and settled in at my computer.

When I logged in, I was once again greeted by Julia, this time in shorts and a tank top, taken when we were hiking a couple years before. Hiking had been a big part of our relationship and one of our favorite things to do for a date. We had even first met while hiking with friends. I switched to a generic wallpaper of some mountains but couldn’t shake the smiling, pretty face from my mind. Trying to escape Julia, I opened my email and started reviewing messages.

Jack Roberts, my boss, appeared at my office door half an hour later, just as I was finishing up my email. We had been working together for several years, with Jack being a mentor and friendly advisor as well as my supervisor.

“Welcome back, Curt. Sorry to hear what happened,” he said, “Wish I could have been there but we were out of town at a family wedding.”

I sighed, “It’s okay, Jack. I’m starting to get over it. I think.”

“If you need more time, you’ve got it. You weren’t supposed to be back for another week anyhow.”

“I’m good. Better to focus on work than on pining for Jules.”

“Your call,” the boss said with a shrug, “Vic wants to see us in his office.”

Vic Chancellor was VP of Customer Services for Maitland Wealth Management. While I had worked for the company for six years since graduating from university with a business degree, I had normally only interacted with the executive team socially. Anything work-related had come through Jack. A summons from Vic could be either very good news, or very bad.

“What’s up?” I asked as we walked down the hall to the executive wing.

“Not entirely sure. Something about a major new client, I think. A celebrity, or so Marge seemed to be hinting.”

“Hm. This could be interesting, then.”

“Maybe. Have you heard from Julia? Last I heard, she still hadn’t resurfaced.”

“She dropped by on Friday. Returned the engagement ring and her key to my place. We didn’t talk much, though.”

“Bet her Dad’s pissed,” Jack, who knew Julia’s father socially, said, “I know I’d hit the roof if one of my girls pulled something like that.”

“I wasn’t there though I’ve been talking to Al. There was apparently quite a blow-up when he first saw her a few days later, but things have settled down now.”

Jack chuckled and shook his head.

We reached the VP’s office and his assistant ushered us right in.

The woman in one of his guest chairs caught my attention right away. She was very pretty, with full red lips and piercing blue eyes. Dark blonde hair was neatly cut to a perfect line along the nape of her neck. She wore a dark red skirt suit over a neat, slightly translucent, white blouse whose neckline flashed just a hint of cleavage. The hemline of the skirt was well above the knee and the woman’s legs were as beautiful as the rest of her, long and lightly muscled. It all added up to a very attractive picture. Strangely, this woman seemed familiar though I could not for the life of me figure out where I had seen her before.

“Come on over and join us, guys,” said the VP, “Glad to see you back after what happened, Curt.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said as Jack and I sat down, “What can I do for you?”

“Curt, Jack, I’d like you to meet a major new client of our professional managed wealth program. This is Angela Mackenzie,” Vic said, gesturing to the woman.

“Please to meet you, Ms. Mackenzie,” I said holding out a hand. I was still trying to figure out why she was so familiar to me.

“You, too, Curt. Call me Angie, though. I’m not a very formal person,” she said as we shook hands.

“Are you at all familiar with Ms. Mackenzie, Curt?” asked the VP as Jack shook Angie’s hand.

I shook my head.

“Can’t say that I am, sir, though I’ll confess that she looks vaguely familiar,” I replied.

“Perhaps the name ‘Angie Mack’ rings a bell,” Angie said with a smile.

It sure did. My mind went back to my first year of university when a poster of a sleek, toned and tanned model in a tiny silver bikini had adorned my dorm room wall. Angie Mack had been very popular in those days, the pinup girl of choice for young guys for a year or two. I had even had the Playboy with her famous nude shoot in it secreted in a drawer under some clothing. Scans of those pics still popped on the Internet occasionally.

“That name does,” I said with a smile, “The model, right?”

“And actress,” she added, smiling back.

“I recall seeing a lot of your pics back in my high school and university days. Never dreamed I’d actually meet you, though,” I said, “So what brings you to Maitland? And to Eversham, for that matter?”

“I was born in Eversham, actually,” Angie explained, “Left when I was sixteen to pursue my modelling career. After losing my husband a few months ago and selling my fashion line, I just decided it was time to come home and regroup a bit.”

“And she brings with her a large portfolio from both the sale and her husband’s estate,” Vic cut in, finally getting down to business, “Which is where Maitland Wealth comes in.”

“To be precise, Curt,” the model took over, “I have about nine and a half million dollars in assets and cash that I need to sort out and turn into a plan for my future. My prime modelling days are behind me and my acting career has never really taken off, so I need to turn this into some kind of income stream.”

“And I’d like you to be the principle on her account, Curt,” said Vic.

Jack and I glanced at each other in surprise. This was not what either of us had expected.

“Me? Work on an account that size?” I responded.

“We were very impressed with your work on the Howell estate, Curt. Right, Jack?”

Jack raised an eyebrow but nodded.

“And that was a good four million in the end, wasn’t it?” Vic answered.

“It was, Vic,” confirmed Jack.

“You won’t be alone of course, Curt,” the VP went on, “Jack will be there for you as always. And you’ll have Vince in taxation and Louise in estate planning as experts. But I want you to pull it all together and work with Ms. Mackenzie on implementing the plan.”

I was a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of leading such an important project. The resulting bonuses would be worth it, though, not to mention getting to work with a well-heeled celebrity. The fact that Angie was still as attractive as when I had drooled, and worse, over her Playboy spread more than a decade earlier was icing on the cake.

“Sir, I’ll trust your judgement on this. Glad to have the chance to work with you, Angie,” I said.

“I’m looking forward to it, Curt,” she answered with a sly smile and a slight wink.

Was she flirting with me or just being friendly? In the wake of my recent breakup, I tried not to read in too much.

“Excellent. I’ll get Angie’s contract and other paperwork signed off and then she can come down to your office to get a workplan together, Curt,” said Vic with a big smile.

I knew there would be big commissions and fees involved so his delight was unsurprising. After a round of handshakes, my boss and I got up to leave while they finished off the paperwork.

“You’re moving up fast in the world,” Jack said with a grin once we were out of earshot, “Vic likes you if he’s giving you a file like this. A lot.”

“So I can tell,” I responded, “But I’m not sure I deserve this much confidence yet.”

“I am surprised he chose you over our more experienced advisors. But you can do it, Curt. And I’ll be there when you need me.”


“You are so thorough, Curt,” Angie said later after we spent half an hour reviewing some of the basics.

Vic had brought her down to my office himself after all the paperwork was done. After reiterating how he thought I was the right guy for the job, the VP had left us to discuss my initial review of her account.

“Your records are pretty good, Angie. Still, this is really only a summary. We’ll need to go through all the files you gave us to get the full picture. Might take a couple weeks at least before we’re ready to meet again.”

“Take all the time you need. I still have income from other sources for now. Residuals from movies and that sort of thing. So I’m not at risk of being poor.”

“No, not from what I see here.”

Angie sat back and stretched. That pushed her bosom out rather nicely, giving me an eyeful of what had once been described as the “best boobs on Earth.” Her bra size, I recollected, was claimed to be a 34D. I swallowed hard and forced myself not to stare.

“You said you saw a lot of my work back in the day,” Angie said, changing the topic, “Did you have any of my posters yourself?”

I blushed and smiled.

“The famous one, the silver bikini,” I answered honestly.

“I think I made my first million off that image,” she said with a chuckle, “Not directly, but because of the publicity it generated. That and the Playboy spread.”

“Yeah, I … saw that one, too.”

“They said it was very hot selling issue, if I remember correctly.”

“Given how many of my friends had it, I’m not surprised.”

“Just your friends?” Angie asked, her eyes looking into mine.

I blushed even more but admitted, “Me, too. The shot of you lying on the beach blanket was my second favorite after the bikini poster.”

“I was naked in that one, wasn’t I?”

“Very. Though you were posed to hide the … private bits. The rest was on full show, though.”

“Did you like looking at my tits?” she asked, emphasizing the last word and leaning in so that her neckline revealed more of the flesh beneath.

My eyes became glued to the sight of her boobs nestled in a lace-trimmed white bra. As my excitement grew, so did my nervousness. I was a pretty upfront, honest kind of guy, but was not about to tell Angie to her face that I used to stroke off over her nude pictures.

“This is getting a bit … inappropriate for a client relationship, isn’t it?” I stammered, but then in a whisper added, “But what straight male didn’t?”

I winked at her and she winked back. Straightening up, she smiled.

“Look, perhaps we can have the next meeting at my place,” she said, getting up to go, “It’s more private and comfortable. And I think I might have some more files that I forgot about.”

It was not unknown for advisors to meet with clients on the client’s premises. In fact, some of our best and wealthiest clients preferred it that way. So, no one would question me going there. However, given the exchange that had just happened, I found myself questioning the wisdom of doing so. On the other hand, this was not a client I wanted to antagonize. Succeeding with her might make my career.

“Sure, that’s fairly common with clients of your stature,” I answered, “I’ll call you to set a date once we make some progress on these files. You’re living out at the old Barwell property, right?”

“Yes. I am looking forward to seeing more of you, Curt. I think we’ll work very well together,” Angie said as she got up to leave. The way the model said “together” made me shudder a little, though I wasn’t sure if it was from excitement or nerves.

I rose as well and we shook hands. Even touching the model formally sent a little thrill through my body. Then Angie turned and headed out the door. My eyes fell, admiring how the model’s tight skirt show off her shapely behind, another attribute that I had admired back then.


“You’re going to be working on Angie Mac’s portfolio?” my friend Lily said over dinner that night, “Hell, I got off over her and I normally prefer guys.”

I chuckled.

“Yeah, who didn’t get off over her, eh? She’s still pretty hot, too. Flirted with me a bit,” I said.

“Don’t get a swelled head, Curt,” Lily responded with a grin, “She probably just figures that flirting will get you to do a better job.”

“I can think of worse ways to tip me.”

“Me, too, but are you really ready for what might happen if it is more than that?”

“Bedding a woman I fantasized about for a couple years of my youth? Especially after what just happened? I could handle that. Not that it will happen, though. I’m sure she’ll keep things professional and I certainly want to.”

“That horse has left the barn, as you said in another situation not long ago. If her flirting with you is so blatant, that suggests things may not stay as professional as you think,” Lily warned, “Be careful, Curt. Your heart is pretty fragile. I see signs of it all the time.”

“At most, it would be a fling, Lil. I can’t see me falling in love with Angie. It’s just lust.”

“Lust and love aren’t strangers, you know. Remember me and Alan. As I said, be careful. I’ve had to help you pick up the pieces once already this summer.”

“I’ll be careful, Lil. I promise,” I responded, pondering her reference to a guy who had broken her heart in our last year of university.

We hugged, then turned back to dinner and other topics of conversation.


Angie’s place was spectacular. I knew of the Barwell Estate, as did most Eversham locals, but had never been there before. The two-storey mansion was something of a landmark in the countryside north of the city, dating to just after the First World War. It sat on several hectares of land; some of it open or turned into gardens, some of it forested. Many locals thought it should have been bought by the city and turned into a park or historic site, but it had nonetheless remained in private hands through two sales in my lifetime.

When the door opened, I found myself confronted by the sight of Angie in a short, flowery sundress with a button-up front. Her long legs were on full show and the scooped-out neck showed a rather immodest amount of cleavage. If her background as a model hadn’t been clear in Vic’s office a couple weeks previously, it certainly was now.

“Hi, Curt,” she sang out, “So nice to see you again. Come on in.”

My client led me to a little lounge at the back. A sliding door, obviously added by a modern owner, opened onto a large swimming pool that was also, rather obviously, a modern addition to the place.

“Want a drink?” Angie asked as I settled into a chair, “I just got my husband’s wine collection unpacked and stored in the cellar. Or I just made a pitcher of Long Island iced tea?”

“It’s supposed to be a business meeting, so maybe something without alcohol,” I suggested.

“Oh, come on. We’re not at the office, let’s kick back a little,” Angie responded in a cheery voice, touching my arm lightly. The touch of her fingers excited me a little, but I tried to ignore it.

I suspected Angie had already had a glass or two. Either that or her personality was naturally incredibly vivacious and flirty.

“Okay, I’ll have a glass of the Long Island,” I said as I opened my briefcase and took out some files.

Angie disappeared for a few minutes, then returned with a pitcher and two glasses. She poured the drinks over ice, passing one to me before settling on a big armchair. Her short skirt looked like it was at risk of flashing me a view of her nether regions. I politely glanced away until my client had shifted to a more modest position.

It didn’t feel much like a business meeting that afternoon. I was sitting with a gorgeous woman on comfortable furniture sipping Long Island iced tea. Yet, we did somehow get through my agenda and some additional business she had turned up while going through more boxes of her late husband’s files.

“God, that’s a lot of information,” Angie moaned after nearly two hours.

“Not nearly as much as I had to go through to digest it down to this,” I responded with a laugh.

“That’s what I pay you guys big bucks for,” she answered with a wicked grin on her face, “Are we done?”

“We are. I’ll need to review the new material but from what I see on a first examination, there isn’t much new, just better documentation of some of it. Except that hotel in Vegas. That is big and new.”

“The hotel?” she said, astonishment in her voice, “Yeah, I know. Grant’s accountant was supposed to sell it back before my husband died, but apparently, it slipped off their radar. Rather suspicious oversight to my eye.”

“How’d he end up with it, anyway?”

The model sighed and explained, “That was one of Grant’s silly pet projects. Fancied himself becoming another Donald Trump, I think. It’s the only one he bought before the accountant and I talked him down.”

I laughed.

“Sounds like a fun guy to be married to.”

“He was. I miss him dearly but I’m trying to get on with my life. How about you? Married? Girlfriend?”

I took a deep breath, then explained, “I got stood up at my own wedding a couple weeks ago. She emailed me the morning of the ceremony to say she was calling it off.”

I regretted saying it almost immediately. Discussing my private life with a client was something I would never consider normally, but Angie and the drink had relaxed me and put me off my guard.

“Oh my fucking god,” Angie gasped, “Are you serious?”

“Very. I was actually just back to work from what should have been my honeymoon the day we met.”

“Dumb fuck of a girl if you ask me,” she said with as shake of her head, “Leaving a handsome, smart guy like you? Was it another man? Or a woman, maybe?”

“No, apparently not,” I replied, “She had some kind of sexual awakening and decided she needed to keep her freedom longer. Rumours of wild parties and group sex have reached my ears but I’m not sure how much of it is true.”

“I had a period like that during my heyday in the modelling game,” Angie said, sounding a bit wistful, “Some wild parties to be sure. Lots of promiscuous activity with both men and women, sometimes both at once. Meeting Grant is what ended it, though.”

I sighed.

“No use crying over spilled milk as my mother says,” I responded, “I’m just trying to figure out my life without Julia now.”

“You’ll get there. I’ve had to change my life plans around a few times. Grant dying was just the latest curve.”

I yawned.

“Anyhow, I love your place, but I should be going I guess.”

“No rush. I like talking to you, Curt. It’s a bit warm in here, though. Maybe we can move outside if all the business is done.”

“Sure. Do I get a refill on my drink, too?”

“Of course,” she said, “Help yourself.”

I refilled my glass from the pitcher and we walked out to the pool deck.

“This is beautiful, Angie,” I said looking around the grounds.

“It is. I was surprised by how inexpensive it was.”

“I saw that. Not sure why they let it go so easily.”

I turned my attention back to Angie and froze. She had slipped off her dress, letting it fall in a heap around her feet. In its place, she wore a silver string bikini very like the one from the poster I had recalled. In fact, other than putting on a bit of weight and having a tattoo of a cat on her left thigh, Angie really hadn’t changed much from the woman on the poster.

“You like?” she asked.

“My God, is that it?” I gasped.

“No,” Angie responded with a laugh, “It’s a replica I designed for a friend’s swimwear line.”

“Looks great on you still.”

“Doesn’t it, though? I’ve tried to stay in shape. It’s not easy at my age, though. Now, how about a swim to cool off?”

“Um, I don’t have a swimsuit here.”

Smiling, Angie walked up to me. Taking the knot of my tie in her hand, she loosened it.

“I don’t usually wear one out here either. It’s very, very private,” she said, her voice dropping to a whisper.

Stepping away from me, Angie reached behind her back. The top of the bikini went limp as she untied the back string. Whatever resistance I might have raised to this died quickly. I swallowed hard, but slipped my jacket off and tossed it on to a chair. My tie followed, then I began unbuttoning my shirt.

As I undressed, Angie undid the neck string of the bikini, letting the top fall to the ground. Her tits had, perhaps, a bit more sag than in the Playboy spread but still looked spectacular naked. She smiled at me and reached down, gently tugging on the strings holding the tiny bottom. It fell to join the rest of her clothing on the deck. Her pubic mound was smooth and hairless, unlike in her old Playboy spread where she’d had a neatly trimmed bush. My cock was now twitching in my pants, eager to get out. By this point, my shirt was off and I was fumbling to undo my pants

“You look even better out of your suit, Curt,” Angie said, then walked slowly towards the pool.

Angie disappeared into the water as I finally got free of my pants and briefs. Nervous and naked, my cock semi-erect, I walked over the edge of the pool and sat down. As I slipped into the water, Angie popped up and shook water out of her hair. She looked even sexier wet. The water was nice and warm, so I dove under and swam a bit, finally popping up in the chest-deep middle part of the pool close to her.

“Wow,” I gasped as I brushed water from my eyes, “I haven’t skinny dipped in a long time. Probably a couple years.”

“It’s the best way to swim, I think. The water feels so nice on my bare skin. That’s part of why I wanted to live out here. The privacy.”

“Good call, then.”

The model moved closer to me. Her breasts were just out of the water and her large nipples were erect, chilled, perhaps, by the afternoon breeze. Or was she getting aroused, too. Under the water, Angie’s hand encountered my half-erect cock, brushing it lightly.

“I think you like swimming with me,” she said quietly.

Nervously, I touched her under the water, running a hand up the outside of her thigh to her hip, then her waist. I moved closer, emboldened by her lack of resistance.

“I do. It’s like a dream come true in some ways,” I replied, my voice shaky.

“You did more than look at my pictures, didn’t you?”

“You expected otherwise?”

Angie grinned. Her hand touched my cock again, then my balls, a light caress that was just a little more than a tickle.

“I am very aroused by the thought of you lying on your dorm bed masturbating to me,” the model said with a smile.

I lightly caressed Angie’s back. Our faces were now very close. Slipping both arms around her, I pulled her close. My stiffening cock pressed against her belly. The model offered no resistance, just put her arms around my neck as my mouth pressed to hers and my tongue slid past her lips.

“Wow, you know how to kiss, Curt,” she said after a few minutes of making out.

“You’re good, too.”

“As good as you imagined?”


We kissed again, then I slid my hands up and around her body to her tits. Slowly, I explored them with my fingers, enjoying how the large soft mounds felt before taking her hard nips between fingers to gently pinch and roll them.

Under the water, Angie’s hand found my cock again. Now I was getting close to full erection and she wrapped her fingers around it and slowly stroked it to further life. I moved my hips a little, enjoying the feel of her hand on my aroused penis.

“Sit up on the edge,” Angie said quietly.

Smiling, I obeyed, sitting on the edge of the deck with my thighs open. Angie moved in and kissed my cock’s head before taking it between her lips to suck it. As she sucked, her tongue gently stroked and swirled around the head.

“Oh God, Angie, you are good at this,” I moaned as she took more and more of me in her mouth, nearly deep-throating me.

Leaning back on my arms, I closed my eyes, lost in the sensation of her nimble lips and tongue working on my cock. I felt a climax rise up from my balls, flooding my body with pleasure as I blew a load down Angie’s throat, a load that she swallowed handily.

She released me and I slipped back into the water with her. We moved into shallow water, and then the model turned and bent over to lean on the deck. I knelt behind her and ran my tongue up and down her slit a few times, running teasing circles around her clitoris at the bottom of each pass. Then I slid my tongue in between her soft lips, tasting the musky flavour of the model’s core while I used a finger to lightly massage around her clit, which was swelling to life from the attention.

Angie soon let out a loud cry and a gusher of her juices ran out on to my tongue. I lapped it up eagerly, filling my mouth with her taste while I kept working her clit until she made me stop. Standing up, I let Angie straighten and turn to me, then I pulled her into my arms and French kissed her, giving her a taste of herself on my tongue.

“I feel so good right now,” I whispered.

“Let’s get out of the water. I want to get comfortable so we can enjoy some more,” Angie responded.

She climbed out of the pool and I followed. Taking me by the hand, Angie led me away from the house to a little screened gazebo on the edge of a hill behind the pool area. The inside was mostly filled by a good-sized day bed adorned with pillows. After closing the screened entrance to keep the bugs out, Angie climbed on the bed.

“Come relax in my little nest,” she said, patting the mattress beside her.

I lay down facing Angie. Our naked, wet bodies pressed against each other as we kissed repeatedly. Guiding my cock into the nexus where her thighs met, Angie closed them around it, holding it against her moist pussy. Slowly, she began moving her hips, rubbing against the shaft of my cock. My hands began roaming over the model’s body, enjoying the feel of her soft, smooth flesh under my fingers.

Taking the model’s tits in my fingers, I stroked and massaged them, then lowered my head to suck one hard nipple into my mouth. I suckled, and even lightly bit, it. That elicited moans of delight from Angie, who clearly took pleasure in having me play with her breasts. Between her thighs, my cock grew long and hard.

When my cock was back at full erection, I rolled my lover on to her back. After a quick kiss, I raised myself up on my arms and moved my dick into position at her opening. When I looked down into Angie’s beautiful blue eyes, it finally hit me what was happening. The fantasies that had fuelled my lust back in university were becoming real in the most tangible way.

Angie must have known. She smiled and said, “Go ahead. I know you’ve wanted this for a long time.”

Grinning from ear to ear, I thrust into the beautiful naked body that had adorned my wall so many years before. Angie’s pussy was wet and ready, taking me in easily. With my eyes still locked on my lover’s, I began to fuck her slowly but firmly, driving my cock all the way in with each thrust before pulling back for the next. The model moved her hips, meeting my thrusts with her own. Our breathing became shallow and fast; our bodies went from being wet from the pool to being wet with sweat.

“God, this is great. Better than I dreamed,” I said, breathless as I fucked her.

“Want to try another position?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered.

“Get up.”

I did, slipping my cock free. Angie rolled over, then thrust her bum up and out.

“Do it,” she said, “Fast and hard.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Holding my lover by the hips, I drove my cock all the way in and began fucking her as fast as I could move my hips and legs. My cock was slick with Angie’s juices and moved easily back and forth in the soft, warm channel of her vagina.

As I fucked Angie doggie style, my eye fell on the little puckered hole of her anus. Memories of my first anal, which had happened with Lily on my aborted wedding night, flooded back. I dared not take her that way without some lube, but I gently massaged the sensitive rim with a finger.

“You want that hole, too?” Angie asked, “Go ahead. You’re probably wet enough from my pussy.”

“You sure?” I responded, eager for that little hole but cautious.

“Yes, baby, I want you in my ass,” she said loudly.

That was enough for me. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pressed the head against her back opening. As slowly and gently as my lust allowed, I penetrated Angie’s ass. It was tight, maybe even tighter than Lily’s had been.

“Oh, that’s good,” I heard myself moan, enjoying the feel.

I began to fuck Angie’s bum with slow, deep thrusts. As I did, I put a hand under her and massaged her clit with its middle finger.

“I’ll bet you love being in my ass, don’t you?” Angie said, sounding out of breath, “God, I love having my bum fucked!”

The model’s talk aroused me something fierce and I began fucking her ass harder while rubbing her clit more firmly and directly.

“Fuck yeah,” I howled as I shot a load of cum into Angie’s ass.

She wasn’t far behind, an inarticulate cry echoing through the little room as her ass clenched around my still spasming cock.

The climax passed for both of us. I stood there for a few minutes with my dick still in Angie as I recovered my breath and my wits. Then I slipped free, a little stream of my cum running out of her as I did. Angie got up and gave me a big hug and kiss.

“You were wonderful,” she said with a big smile, “Best sex I’ve had in a while, I think. I have a nice big shower up in my suite. Let’s go.”

Back in the house, we showered together, soaping each other’s body before finally slipping into a slick, wet embrace and making out under the warm water. Giggling, we rinsed and got out. Angie tossed me a big bath towel, which I promptly wrapped around her. After I rubbed her dry, she returned the favour before tossing the towel aside. We crawled into her bed, where I lay on my back with Angie nestled up against me, her arm across my chest.

“You know, Curt,” she said after we lay there a while, “I think we need to go down to Vegas and check on that hotel. How about this coming weekend?”


“Very. It’s a business and we need to make sure it’s being run properly,” Angie explained, “And maybe give one of the rooms a good tryout. I believe there’s a penthouse suite for the exclusive use of the owner and her guests.”

I smiled and gave her a light squeeze.

“Think we can get a flight that quickly?” I asked.

“I have access to a private business jet service. I’ll call and see if they can get a plane into London International for Friday. That’s close enough that we can meet them there.”

I shook my head and chuckled.

“Okay, I’m in,” I said, wondering if I was doing the right thing but too horny to really care, “This sounds crazy but fun.”

“You won’t regret it, Curt. I promise you that.”






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