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Tiny Dancer

(W is for Winona) Winona's skating coach helps her with her motivation

Winona frowned as she skated back towards the center of the rink. The Olympic tryouts weren't for another 3 weeks, but her coach, Rebecca was tyrannically working her day in and day out. Rebecca was an Olympic silver medalist only 10 years older than Winona, but her career had been tragically cut short by an injury, forcing her into coaching early. Winona sometimes felt like she was feeling the brunt of Rebecca's desire for vengeance at what fate had given her. Winona was drenched with sweat as she approached center ice. Ice rinks were by their nature cool places, but hard work was hard work regardless.

Winona thrust her hands in the air and waited for the playback to start. A moment later, the music filled the auditorium as Winona began her routine for the umpteenth time. She skated over towards the front and propelled herself into a double axel and then transitioned into a spin, drawing her outstretched arms inwards.

"Damnit, Winona, you're not concentrating! What goes after the double?"

Winona stopped and lowered her head, "I'm burnt, Rebecca, I can't do it."

"Burnt! You don't know burnt. The only burnt part about you is going to be this routine, burnt into your brain! You're not getting off this ice until you do it right! The tryouts are only 3 weeks away. You wanna watch the Olympics on TV or what?!"

Winona cursed under her breath. She hauled herself back to center ice. The music began again, and this time, she concentrated hard and made it through without any major gaffes. She stuck her final pose as the music stopped. Rebecca was furiously scribbling away on her note pad.

She finally looked up and said, "That's better, but that's not saying much. You've got to do a lot better than that if you want to make the cut. I know you can do it, and I want to see better tomorrow."

With that, Rebecca turned and left. Winona skated over to the exit door of the rink, sat down on the bench and traded her skates for her street shoes. She was too tired to change out of her sweaty workout clothes, instead deciding to just drive home and collapse in a heap. She was tired. Not just physically tired, but mentally and emotionally exhausted from the weeks and weeks of training. And she knew it was only going to get worse. There were three more weeks of training before the tryouts, and then two years of work to prepare for the Olympics. She closed her eyes.

She had no idea how long she had sat there when she was snapped back to reality by the doorbell. She wasn't expecting anyone. She stood up and went to the door and opened it. It was Rebecca. Winona blinked. Rebecca had never visited her before - she didn't even realize Rebecca knew where she lived. After standing dumbfounded for a moment, Winona invited her in.

Rebecca followed Winona into the front room and motioned towards the couch, "Please sit down, Winona."

Winona took a seat and looked at Rebecca as she spoke

"Winona, I see a lot of myself in you. I think that's why I was picked to be your coach. I know you think I'm being hard on you. But I've been there, and you haven't. It's going to get tougher. I'm not sure you realize how much tougher."

At this point Rebecca closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"When I was in your shoes, my coach found a way to motivate me. And so now, I'm going to use it to motivate you. Stand up."

Winona stood up with a puzzled look on her face. Rebecca traded places with her and sat on the couch.

"Take off your clothes."

Winona blinked, "What?"

"You heard me. Everything off."

Winona wasn't sure what to make of this. Rebecca had been in the locker room while she was changing before, but this was different. Still, Winona pulled her T shirt over her head and then did the same with her sports bra, allowing her perky breasts to spring free. Her hands trembled slightly as she grabbed the waistband of her sweatpants and pulled them and her underwear down to her ankles and then stepped out of them.

She stood back up. She was a petite girl with short brown hair, but with an athlete's build. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed owing to her need to wear close fitting costumes. She stood straight in front of her coach and looked at her quizzically.

Rebecca opened up her purse and reached in and took out a small round headed wooden paddle. Winona's eyes opened wide and the color drained from her cheeks when she saw it.

Rebecca said, "Now, come here and get over my knee."

Winona didn't move. She just stared at her coach and her jaw dropped open.

"If you want to be in the Olympics, you'll do what I say, Winona. My coach spanked me, and I'm going to spank you. Now come here."

Winona nervously shuffled over to her coach and lowered herself over Rebecca's lap.

"Now hold still, Winona. This is going to hurt, but you'll feel better. Trust me."

She patted Winona's ass cheeks with the paddle, then asked, "Are you ready?"

Winona gulped and shuddered, then closed her eyes and said with a meek voice, "Yes."

Rebecca whipped the paddle down across the middle of Winona's ass, making a meaty splatting sound. Winona started to raise her head, but before she could cry out from the first stroke, the second one landed on the bottom of her left cheek, as Rebecca began a fast cadence of punishment on Winona's ass. Winona kicked her legs and wiggled across Rebecca's lap as the spanking continued, as Winona's cries quickly transitioned to sobs. It only took a few seconds before Winona relaxed somewhat, her sobbing more continuous now as she reacted to each spank less. Rebecca saw this and stopped spanking her pupil and started rubbing the fire away from her bottom. Winona calmed down while her coach caressed her burning nates. As she did, she ran a hand up Winona's back and under to find her breast. Winona moaned softly and shifted over Rebecca's lap. Rebecca's other hand moved between Winona's thighs, urging them apart while her other hand lightly pinched her hard nipple. Winona spread her legs apart and Rebecca ran a finger down her slit, first getting it wet with her juices and then running it up to her clit. Winona moaned louder and thrust her pink ass upwards towards the pleasure-giving hand of her coach.

As Winona's moans got more urgent, Rebecca's hands urged Winona to turn over and sit up on Rebecca's lap. As she raised up, Reecca's mouth met hers and their tongues intertwined, as Rebecca's hand dove back between Winona's thighs and to her hot, wet pussy. Winona started to pant and Rebecca inserted first one, then two fingers into her cunt, running them in and out.

Without warning, Winona threw her head back and in a high pitched, breathy voice said, "oh, yes, yes, God, yes!" and came, her thighs churning.

As she sat on Rebecca's lap panting, Winona slowly came to her senses. She started to feel her burning ass once again and stood up and rubbed it. Rebecca stood and held her in her arms.

Winona spoke first, "I can't believe... I don't..."

Rebecca put her finger over Winona's lips and said, "It's ok. I know. My coach did this for me and now I think I understand better than I did when I was in your place. I remember now how lonely it was training, and how that hurt. Just know that if you're feeling unmotivated and down, I'll be there to help, however I need to."

They kissed again, Winona looking up into Rebecca's eyes. Rebecca broke away and said, "Now, get some sleep. Tomorrow comes early and it's going to be a long day."

Winona half smiled and nodded and Rebecca turned and let herself out. Winona stood for a moment. Her mind was calm, and her fatigue caught up with her. She yawned and walked into her bedroom and climbed into her bed and fell asleep quickly. Her dreams that night were of her on the top step of the Olympic podium smiling proudly as the national anthem played for her.

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