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Home Coming

Home Coming

Fourteen months is a long time to wait

It had been a long fourteen months. A number of milestones had passed while he was gone. A birth, an anniversary and several birthdays had been missed. Sadly, a death had also occurred.

I had met and married a fighter pilot. Before we married, we had discussed, what I had felt was at length, what military life would be like. He belonged to the Air Force, and when they said go, he packed up and left. But I soon learned, it doesn’t matter how much you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, you are never quite prepared for the reality. Deployments are difficult for anyone, but being only twenty years old, alone and with a new child made it even more overwhelming. His homecoming dates had already changed countless times so my heart skipped a beat when I read his email this time.

I read and reread the email… “Hey babe, it’s real this time. I’m on my way home. We are packed and waiting to fly to Germany in about an hour. We will be there a day or two before heading state side. Will let you know as soon as I know when I will be home. “

I would not allow myself to be let down yet again, so I was cautious with my anticipation and excitement. It seemed real, but I knew my mind would not rest until I had him in my arms; felt his arms around me. Security was quite tight around flight operations for obvious reasons. No one, not even families, knew when fighter squadrons were flying until the last minute. I’d been down this road before, but for some reason this time the email seemed different. At fourteen months, other wives said it had been an unusually long deployment. And this was the first time he actually said they were leaving. Maybe my mind was just grasping at straws, but I could always hope.

The next few days were going to be the longest of my life. All I wanted was to have him home safe and wake up next to him and let the weight of the constant worry lift off my shoulders. It’s hard to explain the emotion; how you never lay your head down without your cell phone on your pillow; never turn on the news because you don’t want to hear it.

Nick and I had agreed that I would not tell anyone until he let me know they had arrived in Germany. Once there, the odds of him not making it home in a few days were almost zero, so we agreed that would be the best time to tell the rest of the family. Finally late Monday evening, I got a call saying his squadron had landed at Ramstein Air Base. They would be debriefed for two or three days after which plans to fly home would be put in place. I put in calls to both my parents and his. And then it started.

I love my mom, and Nick’s mother was becoming like a second mom to me. They are both genuine ladies who love their families dearly, but both of them had a tendency to be, shall we say… a bit overbearing. They started planning a small welcome home party for our families, but it quickly turned into a full blown community event. Invitations went out to high school teachers, ex coaches, friends of his family, friends of my family and people neither one of us hardly knew. It was a snowball totally out of control. Neither woman consulted Nick or I on even the smallest detail.

I was feeling like my wants and needs were being totally ignored and I was pretty sure Nick would not be too pleased either. I did not expect to approve or disapprove every little detail even though I was the wife. It was her son, and she had every right to make his homecoming special in her way, but it seemed even my own mom had more of a voice then I did. They could have at least asked for my occasional opinion. But rather than stress myself even more, I reconciled myself to the ordeal with an attitude of “grin and bear it”.

The one thing that I had put my foot down on was meeting the squadron at the base. I had insisted that my son and I would be at the base alone when Nick arrived. I really didn’t want a large contingent of family and friends for our initial reunion. At least that request was granted though I sensed there was some reluctance, especially on the part of my mother-in-law.

Finally after three days in Germany, Nick emailed me with his ETA on base. If everything went according to plan, his squadron was to arrive at approximately 13:00 Thursday afternoon. It felt surreal, but all I could think about were my own “welcome home” plans, and holding in my arms again. And I was anxious for him to hold his son for the first time.

The night before his arrival my mother and mother-in-law were busy preparing. Welcome Home signs, yellow ribbons and banners were everywhere. The house I grew up in, and was living in temporarily, looked like an overdone five year old's birthday party.

Nick and I spoke the night before his departure. We were both excited yet nervous. The invitation list for his homecoming was not popular with either of us. Nick told me, knowing his mother, he assumed there would be a party and that it would be flamboyant. As I hung up the phone my heart was racing. I still couldn’t believe it was real and in my mind I thought there had to be some evil joke before I saw him.

I don’t think I slept an hour altogether that night, just tossing and turning. A mix of anxiety and excitement kept me awake. I worried that being separated so long had changed our relationship. Or that having a child changed everything. Would he be the same? Had war changed him? Had becoming a mother changed me? I had talked to so many other wives in his squadron who warned me of an emotional change in their husbands post deployment. I was afraid of the unknown. It was such a strange emotion in that for all these months all I wanted was this damn deployment to be over and now I was afraid of what it would bring.

I finally nodded off near daybreak only to be awakened by my phone buzzing with an email. Nick’s squadron was making last minute preparations to take off from Germany. I jumped out of bed with my mind suddenly swimming with details. Jesus, I had not even thought about what I was going to wear. It was becoming more real and I would be hugging him in just a few hours.

I called my best friend whose husband was a fellow pilot in the squadron. I had to know what she was wearing. She had been through this before so I just wanted to ask her what was the norm. She laughingly told me “Sweetie, ask him tomorrow and he won’t have a clue what you were wearing, unless maybe if you show up naked.” Looking through my closet I found a deep navy knit dress that I know he always loved. It was snug enough to be sexy but conservative enough to not look out of place.

After showering and, uhm… grooming, I slipped on a navy bra and panty set that I had purchased just for the dress. Prior to dressing though, I glanced at myself in the full length mirror on the back of our bedroom door. After having his baby was my body still ok? Would he be disappointed? I was a runner and had lost all of the baby weight but I still was not confident my body had returned to its pre-baby days.

I had purchased the cutest little blue suit for our son. It was very Air Forcie looking and I knew Nick would love it. I felt a tug of emotion as I was dressing him thinking to myself how magical it was going to be for Nick to finally meet his son. I wiped away a couple of tears and tried to gather myself emotionally. For some reason dressing our precious little child brought me back to the night we conceived him. My mind took me into a daydream recalling that special evening.

Nick had been sent on a short TDY to San Diego for some kind of joint training with the Navy. It was what is known as an accompanied duty so I was fortunate enough to be able to travel and stay with him for at least one week. We had only been married for a short time and our desire for each other was still quite ravenous. We had discussed having a family and agreed we both wanted kids very much. But we weren’t exactly in a position, financially or otherwise, to start a family right now. Between the uncertainties of his being deployed somewhere, and the fact that I was trying to make it through nursing school, a child was the last thing we needed.

Nick's entire training group was granted leave for the weekend I was there. Saturday night the entire group met at a small local pub near where they were stationed, and, as you might imagine, this was a pretty rowdy group. I don’t hold my alcohol well now, but at that young age it only took a couple of glasses of wine to lower my inhibitions. Nick knew better than to keep me out too late and we left the small bar and grabbed a cab back to the hotel where I was staying for the week. My recollection was that we probably made fools of ourselves in the cab because we were making out and our hands were all over each other. I’m not sure which of us was hornier, I just knew I needed my man!

I was drunk, giddy and had on this cute little floral sundress that I knew drove Nick nuts. I planned my evening well in advance and had on a matching powder blue bra and thong. The cab finally reached the hotel and Nick threw some money at the driver and said keep the change. We stumbled to the room and I fumbled with the key card, finally getting the door open.

We weren’t in the room more than twenty seconds before Nick pushed me onto the bed and was kissing me passionately and deep. The weight of him on top of me felt marvelous. Our tongues danced and the kiss grew more frantic and frenzied. Suddenly I felt Nick push a hand between us and cup my breasts. My nipples were on fire and I could feel them swelling against the thin cotton of my bra. My hips were pressing up to meet his and my fingers were pushing through his short hair. I felt Nick’s lips slip from my lips and run down one side of my neck. He was kissing and licking, while my head thrashed from side to side. Suddenly I felt his hot breath spread across my neck as he whispered “Nic I need to fuck you so bad.” Hearing this sent a jolt through me and I whimpered back “Yes babe … Fuck me … Fuck your baby.”

Nick rose up off the bed and quickly started to pull off his clothes. I wasn’t far behind as I lifted my hips to pull my sundress up and over my head. I tossed it aside and quickly pulled my thong off. My hand naturally went down and was rubbing my clit as I saw Nick push his boxers off. God he was hard and the whole tip of his cock was glistening in the dim light. “Come here baby and put that in me” I moaned. It didn’t take much encouragement and before I knew it he had climbed on the bed and pressed his rigid shaft deep inside of me. I gasped as I felt the thickness of him enter me. My fingers took responsibility for my own pleasure as I rubbed my clit frantically. Nick began to fuck me missionary hard and deep. As he thrust his cock in and out of my drenched pussy he reached up and pulled my bra aside. His fingers pulled and squeezed on my hard nipples. Jesus, he filled me so nice. I was close and my hands reached up to grab his strong forearms.“Ohhhhhh fuck Nick, I’m gonna cum all over your cock” I yelled.

His pace quickened and I could feel my climax building. My hips bucked up to meet his rhythm as my body began to convulse and suddenly my orgasm overtook my body. Nick was still slamming his cock in and out of me and the room was filled with the sound of slapping skin.   

I hadn't occurred to either of us that I wasn’t on the pill and in the heat of passion we totally forgot a condom. It wasn’t until, I saw Nick’s face grimace and I heard his deep groans that I realized he was going to cum inside of me. For some reason this snapped me into reality and I looked up and gasped “Nick! You you don’t have a condom on.” It apparently didn’t bring Nick back into reality as quickly and I felt a rush of warmth deep inside of me. Suddenly Nick pulled his cock from me and the balance of his ejaculation splattered across my belly. I was breathing deep and hard and my hand slid down through the thick cum on my belly. I giggled as I reached down to my pussy and could feel his seed leak from me. “You filled me up down there baby.” It was the first time we had had unprotected sex and while it worried me a bit it felt so warm and good.

I was looking down at our son, the product of that night, and while we hadn’t exactly been ready to start a family, I teared up as I realized that Nick and our child was the greatest thing in my life. I pulled a couple of tissues from the box, tried to dry my eyes and finished dressing little Mario. My little day dream left me needy and damp. “God” I thought to myself “I need him now.”

It would still be awhile before the squadron was due to arrive, so in an effort to fill my time and distract my mind I decided to make a large welcome home poster to take to the base homecoming. After clearing the dining room table I wrote in large red and blue letters “Welcome Home Daddy”.

The minutes seemed like hours, the hours like days but finally it was time to leave for base. I loaded our son in the car seat and took off for the twenty to thirty minute drive to base. The entire squadron’s family and friends were to meet at a reception hall on base. Once there, we were shuttled to the airfield. It was a hot summer day and the air conditioning in the shuttle barely kept the interior bearable. I thought to myself thank God this is a short ride.

Once at the air strip I chatted with a few of the more senior wives. They had been down this road before and while they were obviously excited it was, in one of their words, “just another deployment” and told me “sweetie, you will get used to these”. Mario was the center of everyone’s attention and it kept my mind distracted from the anxiousness I was feeling.

Finally after what seemed like hours on the hot asphalt, one of the commanding officers announced the squadron was near and had requested permission to land. Within minutes you could hear the rumble of jet engines as the entire squadron circled the airfield prior to their approach. One after another the fighters landed and taxied to the large open hangers where the crowd had gathered. My heart felt like it would jump out of my chest as I held our Mario close. One of the more senior wives had handed out small handheld USA flags and as each jet taxied past the crowd it was a blur of red, white and blue with wives, children, and family anxiously awaiting their loved one. There was a multitude of signs and banners welcoming each member. We were barricaded well behind the airstrip and hangers so it was hard to determine each individual pilot so I held my poster up with one hand, grasping Mario in the other.

Each plane methodically parked and pilots began to ascend from their cockpits. The pace of the pilots clearing their planes was painfully slow but finally the first of the squadron approached the roped area where all of the families were corralled. As each pilot approached they were met with teary eyed wives, children and family. I swore to myself I was not going to cry, but clearly that wasn’t going to be possible. As each family welcomed their loved ones I was less and less capable of holding back tears.

Then it was my turn. Far in the distance, I saw my husband rise up out of his cockpit. As he climbed down the ladder he was met by officers from the base. I thought to myself, dear God do they have to shake his hand now. I watched as he approached, pushing myself to the front of the crowd. When he spotted me his pace quickened until, baby in hand, I jumped into his arms. We kissed for what felt like an hour, but in reality it was nothing more than a few quick pecks. We hugged and he hugged and kissed our child for the first time. I didn’t want it to end. We kissed again and again. The feeling of him holding me close was so overwhelming I could not hold back tears and I wondered why I had even put mascara on. It was amazing how being in his arms melted away the months of tension, fear and loneliness.

Nick held his son for first time as we rode the short shuttle back to the reception center. A short ceremony ensued. I was like a teenager at prom. I could not take my hands off of him. Of course, being the military, there was an abundance of pomp and circumstance, but thankfully the command kept things short and dismissed the men.

We left the reception center and made our way to our car. After buckling our son into his car seat we climbed in. I insisted on driving, teasing Nick that he hadn’t driven in fourteen months. I leaned across the console and kissed Nick deep and passionately. This was not the peck of a kiss we had on the airstrip. This was a real kiss. I plunged my tongue into his mouth as my hands ran up and down his back. I moaned through the kiss, “I want you, I want you right now”. I felt his hands cup my breasts through the tight knit and I could feel myself grow warm and damp with desire. I whispered across his lips “Ohhh baby I missed you so much”. I felt his hands entangled in my hair and my breathing was quickening. I broke from the kiss and looked at him. “Babe, we better stop this now or I’m not gonna be able to stop at all.” I giggled as I started the car and said, “Your mother and mine have been quite the busy duo. I think we had better get this silly party over with and get down to the real homecoming.”

We laughed and talked during the short drive home as my husband leaned back and talked to our son. He was enamored with him and it brought a warmth to me knowing our child was bringing us even closer together. I know I was beaming from ear to ear but just in that short drive I felt like he had never been gone. However, as we approached the house it was embarrassing. You would have thought he had been gone for fourteen years.

Yellow ribbons and large banners adorned the house. As I pulled into the drive I saw his mother sprinting out of the house. Before Nick was barely out of the car she had him embraced in a deep hug. The two of them were close and frankly she had become one of my best friends over this difficult deployment. If you could contrast two totally different people, approximately the same age, it would be my mother and Nicks. Nick’s mother had a devilish sense of humor, drank a martini every evening, cussed like a sailor and was a pretty good looking lady for someone in her 40’s. My mother, in contrast, was about the most conservative Catholic lady you could meet. In my mother’s mind sex was for one and only one reason and that wasn’t pleasure.

Nick’s father was right behind and what started as a macho handshake ended in a deep hug. “We’re all glad you’re home safe son. We are proud of you” I heard his father say. Walking into the house I found the crowd to be even larger than I anticipated. I passed our son off to my mother after she greeted Nick and I held his arm tight. Good God this was going to be painful I thought to myself. How many times can the poor guy answer the question “Are you glad to be home”. Do people really need to ask that ?

Guest after guest congratulated Nick as I stayed by his side, content just to have him next to me. As the crowd began to thin and Nick was no longer being bombarded with questions I leaned into his ear and whispered, “Come here, I want to show you something in our room.” Prior to and during his deployment Nick and I had lived with my parents in an attempt to save money. I lead him down the hall by his hand and pulled him into the bedroom I grew up in. I shut and locked the door behind him. I had had it. I couldn’t wait. I needed him, and I needed him right then and there.

Nick looked down at me and I could tell the desire was mutual. He whispered to me, as he knew what I was thinking, “We can’t do it right now. Everyone will miss us.” I giggled as I reached for the clasp of his belt buckle. “Well Mr. Airman, then we are gonna have to work fast.” My fingers stumbled and struggled with the buckle of his fatigues, as I rose to my tiptoes and kissed him deep and hard. His fingers pushed through my hair as I pressed him back against the locked door. I felt the buckle to his pants open and my hand slide deep into his shorts. He was already thick and growing hard. I moaned through the kiss “Baby I need you.” As I broke from the kiss I slide down his body to my knees.

As I pulled down his trousers his boxers were bulging with his manhood. I inhaled and took in the musky scent that I so fondly remembered. I couldn’t wait. My hands reached for the waistband of his boxers and tugged them down in one quick motion. His cock sprung from the confines and his head was already glistening with his slick clear precum.

“Mmmmmmmm this is what I have been waiting for”, I moaned as I gripped his thick shaft with my hand. Up and down my hand slid, working him through my clenched fingers like a piston. I leaned down, letting my tongue slide across the tip of his cock, tasting him as my tongue swirled around the throbbing knob. I opened my lips and surrounded his pulsating tip, stroking the shaft and sucking his head. I looked up at him as I sucked the tip of his cock, stroking it with one hand and caressing his balls with the other. As I looked up at him I could see his chest rising and falling with deep breaths. I could tell he was doing everything in his power to stifle his moans as he burrowed his hands into my hair.

I intended to just quickly finish the job and return to the party, but I could feel the warmth in between my legs growing and finishing him quickly just wasn’t going to be an option. I stood up, and pulled my dress up over my hips and leaned over our bed. Looking back, I winked at him and in a teasing and naughty voice I begged him.

“Fuck me babe, fuck me right now!”

It didn’t take much encouragement and I felt him tug my panties aside and his hardness enter me. “Ohhhhhh God yes Nick. I needed you so bad” I moaned. There was franticness about the sex. It was animalistic, driven by months of waiting and want. It was the quickest I had ever climaxed and I drove my face into the bed coverings to muffle my instinctive moans.

I knew he was close. I knew those deep guttural groans. I sensed it from his gasps for air. Suddenly I felt the warmth of his hot seed fill me. His hands gripped my hips to stabilize himself. I could feel wave after wave flood me. Suddenly we both came to our senses and realized we couldn’t disappear for long. I stuffed a wad of Kleenex in my panties, pulled my dress down and tried to quickly settle myself. I giggled when Nick pulled his fatigues up and I saw the lingering bulge. I flicked it teasingly with my finger and said “Hey big boy … you better let that settle down before joining the party.”

I winked at him and slipped out of the bedroom, made my way down the hall and back into the dining room where the party continued. Suddenly Nick’s mom bumped into me from behind. I remind you, she was a character of sorts. She leaned over and whispered in my ear “You two just couldn’t wait, could you?” and she giggled.


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