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More Than a One-Night Stand

Stephanie could literally wring her sexual core out of her thong if she had wanted.
The Balcony

Stephanie stood on the balcony of her high rise apartment looking out through the dark night, the lights of the big city her only view. The silky sheer black shawl, the only thing she was wearing, blew around her as the gentle breeze of the late night opened it, exposing her nude body to the darkness around her. She was trying to clear her mind by staring out into the night. It was not working. The same thought she always had was still there. It had already been instilled into her brain. It was now a fixture.

Stephanie wanted true love. Her thirty-two year old body was tired of the one-night stands. Her latest conquer lied asleep in her bed as she stood on the balcony in the night air pondering if she would ever find a man to truly love her. She was certain there was one out there. There had to be somewhere in the lights of New York City.

With her mind still jumbled as it always was, Stephanie turned to go back inside her lush apartment she had worked so hard to achieve. She was one of a very few that had worked her way up to producer of a national television show at such a young age. It afforded her comforts of luxuries that she thought she would never have. The apartment, the Jaguar sitting in the parking garage, and basically any amenities she wanted, but it never brought her true fulfillment. All that was around her were trophies that filled the big hole inside her heart. She never would be complete until that man, “the one,” entered her life and made her truly whole.

As Stephanie made her way through her room to the shower, she looked at the lump under the covers sharing her bed. She shook her head almost in shame. She was not proud of what she was doing and knew if she continued with her sexual actions, she was going to end up in a place she would not want to be.

Stephanie entered the shower and cut it on. She was hoping the initial jet of fluid would jolt some sense into her. It never did. Just like standing on her balcony in the night air never worked. She knew she was using her body just to bed some guy she met in one of New York City’s sophisticated clubs. She knew she was dishonoring herself as well. Stephanie was not proud of that, especially with thoughts of true love winding through the many cells of her brain. It was something she could not help though. In a way, she got off using her slender body as a man magnet. And that was essentially what it was. Men flocked to her five-foot eight slender frame with her thirty-four B cups that showed prominently through whatever top or dress she decided to wear. Stephanie was also sure he long wavy brown hair that landed across her shoulders was a high point. It also helped to have her long tanned legs exposed. Yes, Stephanie realized she was a daunting creature to the opposite sex. She used her sensuality completely, but still, she felt empty inside. Even in her conquests.

Stephanie stepped out of the shower, dried off, and walked naked back into her room. As expected, her bed was now empty and she was again alone. It had become a ritual; something she could not help. Well, she could help it by using any of the toys in her bottom drawer, but none of them felt as good as the real thing. Stephanie’s sex drive craved a real cock and that is why she wanted true love. She wanted to share herself with the real love of her life; where in the world he may be.

Across Town

Across town, Raymond could not stop thinking about Stephanie. The moment he had seen her with the headset walking around the early morning show like she owned it, he knew Stephanie was the one for which he had been searching. The way her tailored suit hugged her every curve as she walked from camera to camera, giving orders into her microphone intrigued him. He watched the exposed bareness of Stephanie’s long smooth tanned legs from under the suit’s skirt strut across the floor in long easy strides, her high heels clicking on the stage’s sub-floor as she went. He was in awe of how perfect her stems were and literally wondered how they would feel wrapped around his naked body as he fucked her. Raymond hardly could control his composure for the interview he was giving on the city’s water pollution as Stephanie walked back and forth.

Like her, Raymond was alone. He often thought he would end up a bachelor, especially since he was thirty-five and sometimes spent his nights with a woman that only satisfied his one need. Raymond never got anything out of it other than another fuck, but he knew when he saw Stephanie, it was different. There was something there that sparked more than a one-night stand.

Raymond sat in his leather chair in his downtown apartment across town sipping on a glass of scotch watching some crime show that really did not appeal to him. He was not concentrating on the plot; however, since Stephanie was deep inside his brain. All his thoughts centered around Stephanie. It was hard for him to concentrate on his work as the public works commissioner as well. He thought the scotch would help ease the images of her in his brain, but it did not. Raymond was getting tired of the same repetitious feeling jumbling his mind almost every second of every day. He even thought rubbing one out to her would help take the tension away, but it never did. Even as he blew his load, thinking of what Stephanie hid under that skirt he saw her wearing, it never took his mind off her. Of course, it felt good to let it go, but he’d have rather it been inside Stephanie. Somehow, he had to make an excuse to see Stephanie again.

Female Producer

Stephanie slid the thong slowly across her freshly shaven legs until the lining touched her smooth pussy. She felt the thin strip fall between her butt cheeks and pulled down the front to position it into place. Then she took the matching bra and carefully covered her breasts so she could put on the rest of her ensemble. After that was done, she looked in the mirror and did her make-up, brushed her long dark hair, sprayed on some perfume of her choice and headed to work.

The early morning show Stephanie produced had ended thirty minutes ago. She was in her office returning phone calls and watching the playback of what she had produced yet again. She was in the middle of writing notes down when her secretary came through the intercom, “Stephanie, Raymond Overlander is here to see you.”

Immediately, Stephanie felt the corners of her mouth turn upward as she said, “Send him in!”

When her office door opened and she saw Raymond standing inside it, she could not believe the feeling inside her. It was also the first time, in a very long time, she felt her pussy get instantly wet. She was very surprised and hoped she did not show her arousal to him.

“Raymond, how nice to see you again! Your interview last week was a big hit. Interested in doing another one?” Stephanie asked and smiled.

Raymond smiled and decided he was not going to drag out why he was there. He was going to get right to the point.

“I’m more interested in doing you,” Raymond said as he clicked the door shut.

Stephanie stood there in shock, but yet pure adulation. This time, she felt the wetness between her legs actually begin to pour. She could not move because she felt the slickness of herself coat her pussy lips and was afraid if she moved, she would leak right on the floor. The lining of her thong was already soaked.

Stephanie stood still and watched Raymond approach. She had feelings traveling through her she had not felt since she did not know when. They were feelings she knew could last a lifetime. As he took her body into his arms, she immediately melted inside. The feelings jumbled together to make her emotions all aflutter. When his lips covered hers, Stephanie felt the warmth flow through her body like never before. It was a new warmth. Not like the empty feeling inside as she lied on her bed letting some guy she had just met take her. No, the feeling was more and she could not help but wonder.

Raymond tasted the sweetness of Stephanie’s lips and the stirring of his thick cock inside his pants. It was not the same feeling he got with a woman he hardly knew. This was a deeper feeling that was making his cock rise slowly, making him feel it elongate delicately. He had not had that feeling since his first love away at college, except the feeling went deeper. Raymond knew that Stephanie was the one.

Stephanie stopped herself from wanting to clear off her desk and letting him take her right then and there. She knew she had too. Even though she could feel herself wanting to give in, Stephanie knew it would not be the right place or right time for her first time with Raymond. It had to be special.

She pulled away from Raymond and said, “Not here. Not now.”

Raymond looked at Stephanie and could see the glow in her eyes. He smiled and said nothing. He let his action speak for itself.

As Stephanie turned to sit behind her desk, she could not help but look at the bulge that had formed inside his pants. She could tell that he was thick and long and would fit nicely into her wet crevice. As she sat, she felt the moisture that had formed inside her pink sexual lips escape and land on the already damp lining of her thong, soaking them all the way through to the outside. She knew that she had leaked her inner core onto her leather chair. Stephanie was thankful it was not cloth and would not stain. All she had to do was wipe it clean.

Raymond stood in front of her as she sat, and Stephanie watched his cock inside his pants subside. He looked at her and said as she looked up to him, “I know you felt what I felt. We both know what is going on here. We are both adults. Stephanie, this is more than another conquer for the bed. It’s more. Much more. I tasted it on your lips and felt it inside you as I held your body just now.”

Stephanie looked at him and could not lie. “Raymond, the way you just held me, the way your arms enveloped me, the heat that I felt as my body was so close to you, was something I have never felt with another man. I’ve been alone way too long and I now know where my heart lies. I’ve always heard about love at first sight. Now I believe it.”

“Well, let me give you that love. Let me see you tonight. I promise, it will be more than a one-night stand,” Raymond responded, and reached across her desk to brush his finger across Stephanie’s cheek.

Again, Stephanie felt her leakage evade her God-given cavity and land on her soaked thong. She smiled and said, “Meet me here at seven. I’ll be ready.”


Stephanie sat behind her desk and watched Raymond exit. She felt the heat inside her body travel all through her, including her extremities, not to mention what was between her legs. As soon as her office door was closed, Stephanie stood up slowly, felt the heaviness of the wet thong covering her smooth pussy, and went to lock it. Immediately, as she stood behind the door after having locked it, she hiked up the black skirt she was wearing, enough to reach under and pull the thong off. She knew she could not go through the rest of the day with an arousal soaked undergarment covering her sexual entry. As she pulled the thong off, she felt her engorged pussy lips with her finger. They were hot and slick and could not wait for the night to arrive.

Stephanie could literally wring her sexual core out of her thong if she had wanted. It was that soaked with her inner core. She tried to remember the last time she had been that wet. In her night time conquests, she had only been wet enough to let a cock slide inside her. Her mind kept thinking and finally she deduced it was when she was eighteen and a senior in high school during study hall when she last soaked her underwear. She smiled at the memory and thanked God that she had been wearing black jeans that day because when she arrived home after school, they were also wet in the middle. And it was all because of her high school sweetheart that senior year. Just as Raymond had brought on the flood by holding her, her high school sweetheart had brought it on with dirty comments as he sat behind her whispering in her ear. It was a good memory and she was now glad she met Raymond.

Stephanie tossed her thong in the trash can beside her desk as she made her way to sit behind it again. Before she sat, she took a couple of tissues from the box she kept on her desk and wiped the leftover sexual residue from her now subsiding tender folds of flesh. She too, tossed the tissues in the trash, pulled her skirt back down, and sat to do some kind of work while she waited for the evening to come.

Raymond traveled back to his office and tried to concentrate on what he had to do. It was hard knowing that he was going to be with the woman he now loved this evening. He could not wait for seven o’clock to arrive.

The Perfect Evening

Stephanie was out the front door of the station’s complex at five before seven. She went to her Jaguar and put her things in it and as she closed the door, she heard a car driving up. She looked and it was Raymond pulling beside hers. She smiled as he stuck his car in park and got out. Stephanie watched as he walked around the front of his Mercedes and to the passenger door to open it for her. She was very impressed in his actions to woo a woman. He did not need to however. Raymond had already wooed her.

The evening was perfect and now it was going to get even better. The dinner at the lavish French restaurant was very filling, but what Stephanie was looking forward to was about to happen. She told Raymond to drive to her apartment. She was ready to have him inside her. She wanted to know what it felt like to make love to the man with whom she was going to spend the rest of her life. Stephanie wanted Raymond to see her naked body, see what she had to give him and make him know how much she truly loved him. It was going to be a special night.

Stephanie knew that Raymond had no idea she was not wearing anything on underneath her skirt. She realized he had not noticed what he had done to her earlier in the day and why she had to remove the thong and throw it away. Now, as she rode in the passenger seat of his car, she felt her pussy getting wet again and she knew just what she was going to do when they entered her apartment. She knew she was also leaving a wet spot on the seat of his car, but it was worth him finding. Maybe he would not even notice as she exited after he parked.

Finally, they reached her apartment complex. She sat while he got out and walked around to the passenger door. Stephanie began to shake nervously as he opened it. Carefully, she stepped out, trying to conceal the damp spot she had made on his car seat. She was successful in doing so and smiled at the task. Now she could actually show him for real when they entered her apartment door.

Knowing what she was going to do when she had it unlocked and inside, made her even wetter. She could feel her inner goodness flow right out and she knew she was dripping. Once the door was open, she led Raymond through it so he could watch her close it. There, she was going to let him see what he was doing to her.

Stephanie smiled at Raymond standing in front of her. She did not say anything as she leaned her back against her apartment door and let her hands fall to her side. She felt the fabric of her skirt with her fingers and began to scrunch it up into her hand. Stephanie watched his expression as she felt the skirt gently ride up her smooth thighs. She could feel the hem of it get closer to exposing her smooth wetness to him. As he watched her raise the skirt, she watch the bulge in his pants become larger, especially since the hem was almost ready to reveal her pussy.

And there it was. Stephanie revealed to Raymond her hot wetness, spreading her legs slightly. She held up the hem of the skirt and let him get a good look at her tender slit. She was not expecting what he did. Immediately, Raymond sunk to his knees and brought his face close to her personal division. Stephanie moaned as more of her inner goodness flowed from the depths inside and showed itself in droplets of desire.

Raymond stared at Stephanie’s ruffled flaps that were showing their aroused state. He could smell the sweet aroma that permeated his nostrils as he sniffed in her sexual core. The scent of her was mesmerizing and intoxicating. Raymond’s mouth watered as he continued to stare at the curled flesh that perforated in perfect slick desire. He placed his hands on her hips where her skirt was hiked up and slowly, he took his mouth and pulled on Stephanie’s labia and heard the moan escape her lips as he did. Raymond could taste her juices as he nibbled on her pink flesh. She was sweet and her inner pussy lips were hot.

Stephanie leaned back into the door more as Raymond gave her pussy a licking. She felt his tongue slide in between her rippled lips that had puckered and showed themselves in hot arousal. Stephanie had always loved how her inner labia would become profound and exit her tender slit that usually formed the most perfect line between her legs. This evening, however, Raymond brought her inner labia out and he was now having a feast on them.

Stephanie let her actions speak for herself as Raymond continued to slurp in the goodness that flowed from her inner depths. She felt the heat inside her body rise with each pass his tongue made through her hot fold of pinkness. She could feel the pressure building inside her as he found her hot pink clit that had made itself known, coming uncovered and prominently showing its wet pink hue to him for a taste. As she felt Raymond cover her clit with his mouth, the tingling sensations shot through her body and the pressure began to break her erotic seams. She could not hold it inside much longer.

Raymond flicked his tongue fast over Stephanie’s clit and listened to the tones that sounded from her vocal chords. He could tell that he was bringing her to an orgasm orally and he could not wait until it was unleashed. But first, he wanted to get her fully naked. He had a plan. He wanted to bring her to orgasm with his mouth and then once she did, he wanted to plunge his hard cock deep into her orgasming cavity. He wanted to feel the pulses of her on his hard long cock. He could only imagine the hot wet slickness of Stephanie’s pussy surround him.

Raymond stopped sucking Stephanie’s pussy long enough to pull her skirt down. She stepped out of it and as Raymond went back to licking her slit, she began undoing her suit’s top and before she knew it, she was naked with her bare back against her apartment door.

Raymond looked up and saw Stephanie’s bare breasts jutting out, so plump and firm. He leaned back and began removing his clothes, letting his garments fall on the floor beside hers. Before he commenced again with tasting her inner goodness, he covered her breasts with his hands and massaged. He felt her hard erect nipples against his palms as he slunk down to taste her again. He continued massaging her medium breasts as he began where he had left off between her legs. Stephanie’s clit was still hot and hard, and he loved how every time he flicked his tongue over it, she shuddered. He knew that her orgasm was getting closer.

Stephanie began to moan louder and louder and feel the pressure inside her body build to the point it could not build anymore. Then it happened. With a deep resonating sound, she let the orgasm consume her. Raymond felt the pulses of her clit on his tongue as she let the orgasm go. He then covered her pussy lips once more to taste the sweetness that was going to flow out of it. Once he tasted that first drop, he knew what to do.

Stephanie felt the surge of her inner spring slowly trickle a warm path from inside her and exit her hot crevice where Raymond’s tongue was waiting. She let the pulse of her orgasm fill her as it did and then in astonishment, she felt her body lift off the floor and her vaginal opening spreading as Raymond punctured her with his long thick cock. She felt her central divider enfold his solidity and let out a yelp as he carried her over to the couch. His cock felt wonderful inside her as her body was lifted upon it. Once her back hit the couch’s cushions, Stephanie felt the thrust of him.

It was the first time that Stephanie had ever had a hard cock inside her vagina as her orgasm pulsed. The feeling was so much more intense as something hard filled her. It was a new feeling, a feeling of fulfillment that her body had craved for a long time. As Raymond thrust his long erection into her warm wetness, Stephanie continued to feel her orgasm thumping through her veins, her heart beating as fast as it could to keep the blood and orgasm going for as long as it could.

Raymond felt his long erection slide in and out of Stephanie’s slick slit with ease. He could feel her orgasm pulling on it as he filled her. He felt her pink partition grip his hard ridges as he slowly pushed in and slowly pulled out. Raymond wanted to feel exactly what he was feeling. He did not want to simply fuck her; he wanted to make love to her. Raymond knew that slow was the way to go.

Stephanie kept her orgasm pumping as she felt Raymond slowly enter and exit her sweet spot. For the first time in a very long time, she felt how wonderful it was to make love and not just get fucked. Knowing this is what kept her orgasm going even as Raymond filled her on his way to his. She never knew that she could keep her orgasm flowing through her while being invaded by the opposite sex. It felt good to her. It was a feeling that she had longed for that completed her. And now that she was actually making love instead of just having another man inside her, it meant much more. Stephanie could not wait for Raymond to show her just how much it meant to him.

Raymond felt Stephanie’s body pour into him as he gradually kept entering her. With each insertion, he could feel his orgasm building, wanting to be released. The pressure of his formed as he plunged deep into Stephanie’s saturated sexual area. As he felt her orgasm still pulling on his hardness, it was quickly bringing him to the point of no return. He could feel the stinging of his spasm enter his spine and begin its trek to his long shaft stuck deep inside her. He even felt his cock get harder as he continued to slide in and out of her orgasming wet orifice. Raymond was not going to be able to hold it off much longer.

Stephanie felt Raymond’s cock get harder inside her. It felt wonderful to feel such a thing. With her orgasm still in full force, her pussy was more sensitive than ever and she could feel every little moment he fit into her depths. When she felt him get harder inside her, her orgasm triggered more fluid release and she felt it flow over him. Her pink walls wrapped around him in a frenzy letting her feel the hard ridges of him even more. Stephanie began to breathe harder and faster as her orgasm built again to its fullest. She was getting ready to have another orgasm on top of the one she had been having all along.

It was more than enough for Raymond. He felt her body begin to spasm and it sent his into overdrive. Immediately, he felt his balls constrict, the tingle of his cum fill the base of his shaft, and as he slowly sunk deep into Stephanie’s now hot soaked chasm, he felt his hot core travel through his long hardness and explode into her. He felt the first long stream of his cum shoot out of the tip of his erection in a force that he had not felt before. It felt like that first spurt into her was just as massive as a full load. But he was not through. He jabbed into her again and the second volley entered her just as hard as the first. He felt his cock pulse the other subsequent ejections into her until he was spent with a sexual flush.

Stephanie could not help it. She subconsciously counted Raymond’s jetting streams of cum into her. She knew when she had counted eleven that he had not released a load in a very long time. The hot spurts she felt inside her were tantalizing gushes that she normally did not feel. She knew the orgasm she released as he commenced his was the reason for that. She was so thankful for being so sensitive at that moment.

Raymond came unhooked from Stephanie and fell backwards on the couch. Stephanie looked at him and nestled her naked body next to his. She felt his strong arms wrap around her in a hug that permeated true love. It felt good to her to be in the arms of a man that truly loved her for what she was and everything she ever would be. For once in her life, she was not a sex toy to just another man. This was definitely more than a one-night stand. This was forever.
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