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A Ghostly Seduction

A Ghostly Seduction

This is a fantasy I've started having recently.
I'm seventy-one and my wife, Anya, is seventy-six. I love names and hers fit her so very well. It was Russian, originally "Aniya" and meant merciful. She was that for sure. She'd taken mercy on me and said yes when I'd asked her to marry me.

I don't believe in hating but I hated Alzheimer's with a passion. I'd had to put her in a care facility six months before this happened. I was lost without her, just stumbling along bumping into things. We'd been together for over forty-three years and I didn't want to continue alone.

All that calmed me then was walking in Our park. There's one about a half-mile from my house and I pretty much walked there every night rain or shine, relaxing among the trees and bushes. My favorite place then because it had been Ours.

Anya and I'd walked there many times, every now and then going to Our Spot and having some really wild sex. She liked to blow me then lay flat on her stomach in the grass and let me screw her brains out from behind. It didn't happen all the time and we varied it a lot but whatever it was we'd loved it.

It was a lovely little glen. Ferns everywhere, moss in the trees and when the moon was full it was lit like an arena. Very private and quiet, all we could hear was the shushing sounds the wind made in the trees and bushes.

We'd played a game sometimes. "You find me and I'll do whatever you ask," she'd say, and when I did, she would, whatever I asked. That was usually the only time she'd let me do anal because that wasn't her favorite. When I did she seemed to really enjoy it though, and she'd always hid in the same spot too. The same when I'd hide for her.

I was playing the game in my mind that night, sneaking around Our bush, being very quiet. I could smell her that night. My favorite perfume was Opium and it had always excited me. I'd been smelling it recently when I went there, just a hint.

But she wasn't there then and never would be again. I stood looking, with tears on my face remembering the last time. I did find her then and I did get her on her stomach and I fucked her from behind until she came very hard.

She got loud sometimes and I'd had to put my hand over her mouth to keep anyone form hearing her. That excited her more and when she finished she'd turned her head and said, "Why don't you put that bad boy in my ass. I know you want to and you haven't cum yet." I was still in her, just not moving, but when I heard that I exploded with the most intense orgasm I'd ever had.

I live in that memory sometimes and will never forget It. The last time I had physical sex with her. When I die I hope I'm seeing that.

We tried it once more but she was very confused by then and didn't enjoy it. She was scared and worried about being caught and just couldn't. After that I just never tried again.

It took six months and almost destroyed me watching her just slowly die mentally. Scotch and pot became my new lovers, and I was deeply in love. When she didn't remember me any more the kids and I found a place for her and I came close to ending it then. I felt like I'd already fallen off a cliff and ought to just finish the task.

I visited her two, three times a week, but all I could feel was a huge void, a black hole that I just wanted to fall into so I didn't have to remember what she'd been. Didn't have to think any more. Anya was in there somewhere and I desperately wanted to join her. I told her that many times.

My kids and grand kids kept me from actually ending it. They never left me alone. I'd finally pulled myself together enough that they'd let me move back home and I started doing the nightly walks trying to remember everything I could about her.

That night while I was standing and looking I decided to lay down and re-live the last time. I pulled my shorts down about half way, lay back in the soft grass, closing my eyes and moaning softly as I took my cock in my right hand and started.

This brought back many memories and in a minute I could almost feel her there. Her smell, her voice, soft, just a whisper and I was very aroused.

As I kept it up I'd started to leak and that made it slicker, sexier. I could hear the wind in the bushes and pictured Anya creeping up on me, crouching over me and watching. I could feel her breath on my cock as she leaned in and could hear her breathing get shorter, more excited.

I'd stroked harder, faster, squeezing my eyes tighter because I didn't want the image to go away. I'd seen and felt it many times and I was living it again. She was there, breathing on me, fondling me.

Then her hand shoved mine away, closing hard around my cock. Her mouth captured the head and my back arched, bringing my ass a foot off the ground.

I felt my cock jam into her throat, her hand squeezing me until I'd thought it would break and she'd swallowed very hard. She pumped her mouth up and down fast, grabbing at me with her throat and I'd erupted like a volcano, a super-volcano. I shot six or seven powerful streams down her throat while my hands were ripping grass out by the roots.

I gasped, my eyes shot open and I was immediately slammed back into reality. It was not Anya! I was staring at an incredible brown breast. She knelt by my head, leaning over with my cock in her hand and mouth.

Her breasts were pressed against my chest, big, hard nipples boring into me. I could smell her, Opium mixed with sex and I couldn't quit coming. It felt like it went on forever.

When I finally stopped she slowly pulled her mouth off, cleaning me with her tongue, then sat up with a smile. She looked young, maybe twenty five or thirty and she was quite beautiful.

Her skin was dark but not black. I'd had some very strong fantasies about black women but had never been with one. I later discovered that it was a caramel color, her hair darker and both had reddish tones I liked. She was spectacular sitting there. Big breasts with darker freckles all over them, and very hard nipples.

Her eyes sparkled with reflections from one of the pathway lights, a slight smile on her face. She sat there, my cock in her hand, slowly stroking me. I was still very hard and oozing, very slick, and she'd rub the head with her thumb as it came up over it. I laid there so stunned I couldn't talk or think.

I was absolutely speechless. We just sat, looking at each other for five or more minutes then she got a huge smile on her face.

My first sound was a laugh. When she'd smiled the light highlighted her eyes and teeth. All I could think of was a Cheshire Cat and I wondered how I'd explain it if she asked. When she smiled wider and laughed I quit worrying about it. I started to sit up but she put her other hand on my chest and gently held me down.

She finally said, "I heard you. I've seen you before, walking, crying, and wondered what caused such sadness. I can feel it in you now. Can you tell me what it is?" Then she'd started softly kneading and rubbing my chest and stomach, still stroking my cock with the other hand.

I still wasn't sure I could talk and she'd continued, "When you vanished I came looking and heard you moan. I whispered to see if you were OK, but you just moaned again. When I sneaked through the bushes I brushed against one and thought you'd heard me as it rustled."

"When I saw what you were doing I was shocked but only for a second, then I couldn't take my eyes off you. I've never seen a man do that. I've never been with a white man and I was mesmerized watching your cock almost glow in the dark, like a ghost, as you masturbated."

She continued with, "When I decided you hadn't heard me I carefully took off my shorts and top then just knelt there and watched you. By that time it looked like you were ready to cum and I was very excited myself. I decided that I wanted to help you and make it as good as I could. Maybe get you out of some of what bothered you. Maybe help me too."

I said, "Thank you. I was living in a memory and didn't hear you. I thought it was my mind being very vivid again," smiling at her. She smiled back and just kept stroking and rubbing.

"I need to get up," I said. She removed her hands and stood to help me. I'd felt weak as a kitten and needed all the help I could get. I hadn't had an orgasm like that since the last time with Anya, over a year before. Looking at her bent over, her breasts hanging close to my face, swaying as she'd moved was very enticing.

When I was up she'd had to help me with my shorts too because my fingers didn't want to work. She turned to get her clothes and I saw where she'd dropped them. Running shorts, a jog bra and a pull-over top. She'd still had her shoes on.

When she was done we walked out on the path and just strolled and talked for an hour. I'd walked many miles with my wife like this under other beautiful moons. When we sat on a bench she took my hand into her lap and held it tight.

I could feel the heat from her on the back of my hand and she'd seemed to be pressing it in. I didn't know what to make of this. I was still trying to figure out how to apologize for what she'd seen, even knowing that she'd helped me with her hand and mouth. I don't like taking advantage of anyone and that was how I'd felt.

When we got up she'd pulled me to her left and we walked along holding hands. I tried to let go once but she'd just held mine until I finally clasped hers. When I did she smiled and walked a little closer to me. Then I told her about Anya.

I learned about her too. Her name was Lindsey, she was thirty and a Wiccan, an African witch. This kind of startled me but I'd always been interested in that. She told me she could feel the spirits of people and she liked to walk in the park "hearing" the spirits talk to her. I'd never believed in that.

She'd said it calmed her then she could sooth and calm the spirits some times. Sometimes she did them favors and they helped her back. I had a book of tales from the tenth century about "The Grateful Dead". If you did a ghost a favor they would return it, so I understood.

Shortly our legs were brushing against each other as we walked. She'd put my right hand on her waist, her left arm around me and we walked, kind of hugging for a while, talking. Then she laid her head on my shoulder and steered us back into the same clearing.

She let go of me and stepped away, turning to look at me and started taking off her top. The moon was right over us and I could see her dark body against the glistening grass. God she was beautiful.

I watched and when she removed the jog-bra her breasts were fantastic. Big but not saggy. Firm and proud. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She'd reached down, pulling her jog shorts down and the panties came too.

Bending over she'd pulled them and her shoes off. Her breasts hung, swaying and I was so hard by then I hurt. I had to have this woman. My Black Queen. I was seeing her like I had in my fantasies. Perfect, the sexiest thing in the universe. Like Anya had been.

She then told me that she'd felt a woman in the clearing where she'd seen me. She said the woman was very sad because she wasn't herself any more and couldn't remember anything or anyone while in her body. But she'd found her spirit could fly.

She said, "She was very upset because her husband couldn't let go of her and live like they'd agreed to if something happened to one of you. She said she'd help me if I'd help her."

That frightened me. I didn't believe in psychics and what this woman was saying sounded an awful lot like she'd talked to Anya. That wasn't possible though and my engineers mind fought against the idea.

While she was telling me this I saw something. A shadow? It blurred her then got more solid as I watched. A woman? What the hell! It was Anya! What the fuck was going on? Was I crazy? My brain was churning but she was there and she was smiling at me and I could see her, smell her, then Lindsey behind her, and the images mixed.

She'd stepped to me and started to undress me. I couldn't decide who was doing it. They lifted my shirt, kissing their way up my stomach. Licking me, stopping to suck and bite my nipples. Like Anya used to.

Then as she yanked my shirt off with her right hand she grabbed my head with her left and put her whole mouth over mine, jamming her tongue in. Like Anya used to. By then I couldn't separate them, they'd become one.

That really frightened me but I was excited beyond belief. I could see Anya there. Her face, her body. I could hear her voice! I was so happy I just wanted the world to freeze and never change again. I did not want this to end. My life was back and my heart started to beat again. It had been dead for a while then.

But this new woman was there too. The Black Queen I'd fantasized about for years. "Lindsey!" my mind finally thought.

She reached up then, taking my head in her hands and gave me a soft, loving kiss. Like Anya used to. Two souls melding and I was completely whole again.

Then very softly I heard, "I love you Paul. I will always love you and we will be together again. You know that. Now, stop this and go live your life until then, like we agreed." And then, just like that, she was gone again, and Lindsey was smiling up at me.

She'd stepped back and lay down on the grass, spreading her arms and legs and I was staring down, through very blurry eyes at My Goddess. An African Queen laid out for me. My cock was very hard, sticking straight out, jumping every time my heart beat and it was beating very fast. But it was Anya too.

I knelt between her thighs and started licking her very wet outer lips. She wasn't shaved but had little hair and when I flicked my tongue across her clit she'd jumped and moaned. I kept kissing, licking and biting her. Then pushed my tongue in as far as it would go.

She'd shuddered and moaned again and I could feel her grip at my tongue. I started licking faster and slid down to her ass. I slid my tongue around it, pressing in, stroking her clit with my thumb. She shuddered very hard then and clenched every muscle in her body, almost screaming my name and startling me. Like Anya used to.

I scrambled up her body, hurrying to get into her because I was very close to cumming all over both of us. I only succeeded because she reached down and grabbed my cock, putting me at her opening so I was totally inside her with one thrust.

I was feeling Anya again. I slowed and they smiled, taking my face in her hands again. She was so hot it felt like I had jammed myself into a pan of boiling water. It was that abrupt. It did not hurt, it just overwhelmed my senses. In my mind I was fucking Anya again and I just wanted it to go on forever.

I'd stopped, just looking at her and I still couldn't separate them, they were both there. She stroked my cheeks with her thumbs then, pulling me down to kiss her. I stroked in and out, her clenching me and moaning very load. We'd done that for several minutes when she reached down and pushed me lower until I was nestled into her ass.

She looked up at me and I heard Anya say, "Put that bad boy in my ass. I know you want to and you haven't cum yet." I slammed into her so suddenly and hard that she clenched her teeth, grimacing. Then her face relaxed and she smiled. Lindsey was beautiful, but she was Anya too.

She grabbed my body with her arms, pulling me close and shouted my name again and came very hard. I came instantly. I felt like I was emptying everything inside me into her right then, and went away.

I do not remember the next few minutes. I've tried but they're gone from me. When I came to I was still on top, my cock slowly moving in and out, her clenching me with her muscles.

She was cradling me in her arms, stroking my head. Whispering to me, just telling me it's OK, that I'm safe and she's there to protect me. Like Anya used to. I'd started to believe in all this by that point and I fell deeply in love with her.

We got up and dressed then she sat us cross-legged, facing each other and told me the rest. She'd talked with Anya many times over about a month. They'd discussed a lot but mostly me. She'd told her I was killing myself by just giving up. She could sense me and had told Lindsey that without her help I'd die.

Lindsey'd watched me and they'd worked out a plan to seduce me into just caring again. Anya'd told her several women had been attracted to me but I wasn't thinking about women. That I'd always been attracted to black women so that would help. That she'd have to shock me to get me out of it.

She'd told Lindsey if she helped with me that she'd help Lindsey with anything she could. They then set me up so Lindsey could get me to fuck her. She also told her that she'd never given me a threesome but wished she had so she'd be there too. The Opium and all the other little mannerisms to capture my attention were Anya's idea.

Lindsey then told me this wouldn't happen again and all my recent hopes were pretty well shredded by that. She said she couldn't, something to do with her witchcraft, but that she'd loved every second of it.

That Anya was there, in her head as it happened directing her so it WAS a threesome. She also told me Anya'd said to tell me this made up for the last time when she'd been so confused. Lindsey also told me she'd never had anal sex before but with Anya there, guiding her, she'd enjoyed it.

I cried very hard after I heard that, sobbing and shaking. Bawling my eyes out and Lindsey held me again, tight, and whispered those sweet nothing's to me, calming me. When I was able to think again I realized that I'd changed. I felt lighter, free now I knew it was OK to go on, I'd been told to, so I did.

Lindsey'd introduced me to a woman from Kenya a couple months ago. Her name is Fathiya, actually a Swahili name that means Triumph. She's forty-five, darker than Lindsey and I'm already in love with her.

We walk in the park now! Seeing Lindsey there often and we smile and talk. Sometimes we talk about that night. We laugh a lot and she still calms me. I see Anya a lot more often now too. I read to her and just sit with her for a while. I know she's in there some where. I bring my new girlfriend and she talks to her too.

Lindsey's visited Anya several times. I'd watched them the first time and could see the connection happen. Anya's face had relaxed, then she'd smiled and turned her head, looking directly at Lindsey. She never did that with me any more.

I found a quiet corner and just cried until Lindsey found me and hugged me. I will love her for the rest of my life, but I don't watch them any more.

Anya usually smiles when she's talking to Fathiya so I think she likes her too. Sometimes they seem closer to each other and that makes me happy, but some times I wonder. I now believe a lot more happens in life than we're aware of some times.

We're happy and all my kids accept her so life is good. We'll never marry but that's OK. I have her and that calms me, but sometimes she seems, different? She wears Opium all the time now and some of her mannerisms are slightly different. She's changing and she touches me more, hugging and kissing me. A lot like Anya used to.

Sometimes it scares me but I just close my eyes for a minute and I'm safe and happy again. Then I open them and Fathiya is there smiling at me and it's even better. I'm not hiding in that dark cave, waiting to die any more either. I'm going to have to talk to Lindsey about this.

Life IS good.

All because I was seduced by a spirit and a witch.

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